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Huge S9+ signal in the Boston burbs. Radio Garbanzo and old Hilo HI drop.

Very variable signal perhaps due to my antenna whipping around in the wind. Peaks to S8 but a lot of fast fades and local noise this morning.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6974.9 AM 2202 UTC 21 DEC 2022
« on: December 21, 2022, 2203 UTC »
AM signal playing music, almost sounded like the Dropkick Murphies, then into a voice ID (??). Signal is not strong in the Boston burbs and the audio may be a little low.

There was a pretty clear "UNID TONES" ID in a computer YL voice a minute ago. Then something said about carbon based life forms, then back into ambient electronic music.

Still going but barely perceptible above the noise floor now at 1509z.

Noted here in the Boston burbs playing electric guitar Christmas music at 1229z. Not very strong here, just above the noise, S1-S2 signal strength.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 2124 UTC 14 DEC 2022
« on: December 14, 2022, 2124 UTC »
Ambient/ethereal music noted on 6950 USB at 2124 UTC, no ID.

AM sign-on with "Spaced" by Aerosmith at 2039 UTC. Very good S9+10 signal and nice audio in the Boston burbs!

2039z - "Spaced", Aerosmith
2043z - "Woman of the World", Aerosmith
2047z - Signal peaking at S9+30!
2049z - Ion Radio ID, into "On Your Way Down", Little Feat
2054z - "Roll Um Easy", Little Feat
2100z - "Ten Years Gone", Led Zeppelin
2107z - Ion ID, into "Titties and Beer", Frank Zappa
2115z - "Hawaii Five-O", Dweezil Zappa
2117z - "Everywhere", Fleetwood Mac
2121z - "Tango in the Night", Fleetwood Mac
2125z - Ion ID (phonetic) and off

I caught the 1720 AM transmission by Undercover Radio. S5-S6 signal in the Boston burbs. Some moderate fading. The deep announcer voice was a little difficult to discern in the noise.

Some notes from the recording:

0055z - Announcer talking about Uncle Hal (?)
0057z - Announcer talking about questions in the back of your mind..
0044z - Laurie Anderson, "Gravity's Angel"
0049z - Laurie Anderson, "Excellent Birds"
0105z - Laurie Anderson, "The Puppet Motel"

Receiver setup was NetSDR with 325' skyloop.

Peskies / UNID "Bahstahds" 6282 USB 1320 UTC 13 DEC 2022
« on: December 13, 2022, 1336 UTC »
"Bahstahds" (northeast USA accented English) noted this morning on 6282 KHz USB, casual conversation about a new fiber optic cable being laid across one of their fishing grounds, and miscellaneous stuff about fishing. Terminated at about 1330 UTC "to go get them up" (the crew?). This frequency has had similar USA fishermen ops in the past.

S9+ with Armin van Buuren, as noted above. Unce unce unce

North American Shortwave Pirate / WDOG 6955 USB 2148 UTC 7 DEC 2022
« on: December 07, 2022, 2148 UTC »
Very strong USB signal with vintage report on smoking hashish, and then into Incense and Peppermints by Strawberry Alarm Clock, then a WDOG ID at 2150 UTC. S9+ in the Boston burbs.

The audio was dropping out but I heard a pretty clear Cloudsplitter ID at 2038 UTC. Good S8 signal in the Boston burbs.

The RF Workbench / Re: Heathkit DX-40 tube transmitter
« on: December 04, 2022, 1359 UTC »
The first question I can answer confidently for you. Yes, you can transmit outside the ham bands with the DX-40. Unlike modern transceivers with digital control that can prevent you from doing so, the DX-40 is a simple radio from a different era, at a cost efficient price point. A crystal for just below the 40m band (or above the 80m band, say) should work just fine for you.

Audio will be a different story. What you have there is a screen modulated transmitter designed primarily for CW. AM was achieved with a high impedance microphone like a D-104. Wiring the headphone output of an MP3 player to the mic jack may modulate the radio to some degree, but it may not sound great. It certainly won't hurt to experiment but watch out for ground loops on the audio, etc and you may find you'll need to pursue some kind of impedance matching audio transformer, or a different way to modulate the radio entirely.

Also, when working on equipment of this vintage be extremely mindful of high voltages that are present, and that can remain present even when the radio is OFF. Take precautions to bleed power supply caps before working on the radio.

Nice S9 signal at 1537 UTC with a skit about woodchucks eating toilet seats at the nature preserve.

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