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0109  Talk and music right at the static floor. Mostly by an OM w/ some announcements by a YL, a www address given at the end, off 0115.

S5 right at the noise floor here.

2354  music, brief pause, music starts again w/ ID over, 'The Eye of the Storm' (?), 'Happy Trails' - , barnyard sounds, "From the barnyard, bouncing off the ionosphere.  This is Thunder Chicken Radio." Thunder.  "This is the end."


Thanks for the show.

0227 Unidentified electronic music.

S7 here.

0219 Western Classical music, 0230 Der Rosenkavalier, Op. 59: Walzerfolge' - Berlin Philharmonic & Karl Bohm,


0059 'Wildfire' iS. 0100 ID, freq. & pin strike sfx., 'That Small' - Lynyrd Skynyrd

S7 here

2354  Alternate sections by YL & OM, mellow rock music.


Sounds like Sternradio.

Rock music, ID, 'South Side' - Moby

S7 here.

0048  'I'll be Around' - Detroit Spinners, 'Love Come Down' - Evelyn "Champaigne" King, 'Careless Whisper' - George Michael

S7 - noisy conditions.

0024  'Easy' - The Commodores, YL "Yea, easy.", pause w/ chirping which continues over 'Sunday Morning' - No Doubt, pause w/ chirping, 'Peace Frog / Blue Sunday' - The Doors, pause / chirping, Another Park Another Sunday' - The Doobie Brothers, pause, 'Pleasant Valley Sunday' - The Monkees, pause, 'Groovin' ' - The Young Rascals, pause, "You are tuned to Radio Sunday."  'Beautiful Sunday' - Daniel Boone

S8.  Good signal.

Thanks for the show.

Atmospheric music

S6 here

0153 Contra bass OM chant ('The Hamburger Song' per HFU chat), 'Deep Web Song' - Victor Pizarnik, , ID, pause, sfx., 'Hamburger Song' - Big Willy Status, 0200 off.

S5, somewhat noisy here.

Listening since 0007 to weak signal with vague music and talk.  0009 "Stuck in the Middle With You' came up then faded back down.  Nothing more usable for the next 10 minutes before I tuned away.


Unclear signal 0102 until 0113 when signal came up with OM w/ talk incl "Radio Titanic International, music pieces, sfx. extended ID sequence ""This is Radio Titanic International to North America" w/ musical accompaniment repeated.

S6 here.

0025  'Superstar', Yesterday Once More' both Carpenters & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, ID & email address, 'Boiling Cabbage' - Ronald Shannon Jackson & The Decoding Society, 'St. Louis Blues March' - Tex Benke, 'Hey It's Me You Are Talking To' - One O'Clock Lab Band.

0128  MRI ID, UnId contemp. electronic music, ID, 'Tuesday Morning' - Tom Braxton, "Your listening to smooth jazz on Mix Radio International", Texas Radio Shortwave ID and protonmail e mail address for QSL, 'Yellow Rose of Texas' - Joel Diamond Experience, (w/ MRI ID over), 2 MRI IDs, off 0150.

S8.  Good signal.  SINPO 44444.

This on Perseus and W6LVP loop. 

 0158: 'Landmines' - Sum 41, YL "An ID" ID? - hard to tell with synth Y,  'Tighten Up' - The Black Keys, definite "An ID Radio" ID into 'Modern Guilt' - Beck

S7 & noisy here.

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