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0133  After a short pause after RFW ended, 'Lead a Normal Life' - Peter Gabriel, ID, 'Good Times Bad Times' - Led Zepplin,

S7 here.

Flawless change of program.

Thanks for the program.

0037   DJDW complaining about music service he uses which didn't cue right, 'Menace' - Hot Water Music, 'Tokyo' - The Terrys, ID, 'My Dead Wife' - Screaming Females, DJDW talking about music, computer algoism giving him irrelevant information, Go Fund Me page for RFW, ID into 'Mercinary' - Laura Jane Grace, ID, 'Lost in a Dream' - Elephant Stone ... 0103 DJDW talking about last several songs, winding down to end of program.  Asked for some logs to see if the propagation is holding up.  It is!

S6 here.  Good signal.

'Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)' - Looking Glass, 'Domino' - Van Morrison, 'Go All the Way' - Rasberries, 0430 sudden drop in signal - Jim Croce - Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Party Bangaz)' - Party Bangaz, SSTV (Damn Skippy), 'In the Summertime' - Mongo Jerry, 0440 signal drops to S4 - right at static floor here.

S7 here.  Sudden drop in signal to S5 (not much above noise floor) at 0430. 0440 signal barely audible - right at static floor.

0124  'Tell Him' - The Exciters, ID, 'You Never Can Tell' - Chuck Berry, 'Tell Her No' - The Zombies, 'I Want to Tell You' - Beatles, ID, 'Tell Me Why' - Neil Young into a program of "tell" themed songs, 0158 "Echo" ID, SSTV (Young woman  whispering to a shocked looking young man with "Wolverine Radio"), off 0201

S8.  Great Signal.

Thanks for the show.

0205  "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation.  Attention all planets of the Solar Federation.  We have assumed control.  We have assumed control." repeated several times, 'Xandau (Live in London, 1980)', OM - repeat "... We have assumed control." Brief synth YL (unintelligible), "A Passage to Bangkok (Live in Manchester, 1980)', OM - repeat x2, 'The Trees', OM - repeat X2,  UnId song - signal deteriorated about 0230, OM - repeat X2, start of another song, QRM from digital signal and  lost it at 0238.  Moved to 6980 USB due to QRM.  Tuned in 0245 to 'Freewill', OM - repeat X2, pause, 'God Save the Queen' - Queen, OM - repeat, 'La Villa Strangiato (Live at Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands, 1979)', 0300 digital signal for about 30 seconds just above, (signal jumped to S7 - antenna change?) "West coast, this is for you", 'Xandau', "West coast give me some IDs, some signal reports.  2500 miles away." then back to song, 'Goodnight Sweetheart (digitally remastered)' - The Spaniels,   All songs by Rush except where noted.

S8.  Great signal on both frequencies.

0134 Synth YL giving advice for social problems for pirate radio listeners solutions are given, some of 'Loser' - Beck then back to  synth YL #4 solution "work on  your self esteem" back to #3 for a while, 'Self Esteem' - The Offspring, ID (?) & back to YL starting over w/ repeat of the advice ... "#1" into talk about jammer, "this message will be repeated", 'Loser' - Beck, ID, Repeat of program, 'Loser' - Beck, 0201 off.

Initially S6, now up to S8.

Thanks for the show.

0312 'Adam's Apple' - Wayne Shorter, Ann. w/ talk about the music, ID and announcing the next song 'Stolen Moments' - Oliver Nelson.

S7 and noisy but worth it for the music.

Thanks for the show.

0230  'Good Morning Starshine'  - Oliver, ... 'Shining Star' - The Manhattans, into a program of "star" themed songs or groups.

S6 and noisy.

0223  ID & eQSL offer for tonight's theme, rock ballad, 'Sara (Re-recorded)' - Starship, ID, 'Fade Into You' - Mazzy Star,  ... 'Good Morning Starshine'  - Oliver, ... 'Shining Star' - The Manhattans, into a program of "star" themed songs or groups.  // 4032

S8 here.

0153  'My Isle of Golden Dreams / Pua Malihini' - The Makaha Sons, YL, "hilo March (feat. Amy Hanai'alii Gillom & Willie K)' - Kalani Pe'a, 2 OMs with fast moving section incl. web sites w/ ID of KEWE (Native Hawaiian oriented 1240 AM station in Maui) & local news headlines, 'Pua Milo (Remastered)' - Kekuhi, 'Ku'u Lei, Ku'u Ipo' - Hapa, YL (didn't get it), 'Hawaiian Vamp' - Teresa Bright, 'Lovely Hula Hands' - Dennis Pavao, 'Vokaliz' - eNOT, ID for WANK and off 1225. (Had to listen to the recording for the last ID.)

S7.  Good signal.
Thanks for the show.

S6.  Good signal

0048 OM comedian rapidly going topic to topic - meditation, women, etc.  0050 switched to AM, then back to USB, back and forth with different song for each, "Yep, yep, yep" back and forth between AM & USB, lush track of vocals, percussion, tones (no ID from Shazam), same comedian - talking about having fun - New Zealand, cocaine, etc. 0100 contemporary dance music (out of room a while) ... 0115 comedian; jumped to 6925U mid sentence then back to 6960U (someone said "What happened?" on 6925) w/ singing by YL, 'Is That All There Is?' - Peggy Lee, off 0123

S7.  Great signal here.

0325  "Bork, bork, bork, bork, bork, bork, booork," repeated in loop. 0328 borking stopped, dog howling, off.

S4.  If it hadn't been so repetitive, it would have been hard to understand in the noise.

0142  'Love's Made a Fool of You' - The Bobby Fuller Four, DJ with ID and patter announcing 'Sweet Pea' - Tommy Roe.

S6.  Audio is a little mushy.

2340 guitar solo, 'Sweet Home Alabama' - Lynyrd Skynyrd


2152  DJ Dickweed talking and playing Indy music, IDs at 2154 & 2159 during talk breaks.

S5 here in the afternoon.

Thanks for the show!

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