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0051  Instrumental tune, pause then another.  Mellow rock.

S5 here.

2138 End of song, DJDW talking about requests, ends w/ ID, mellow Indy music, prepared ID, more similar music, prepared ID, sim. Music, DJDW - talk ending w/ ID 2336 (return from dinner), "Your Love" - Squirrel Power, prepared ID, "Gimme Something" - LARRYS, DJDW w/ announcing last songs, "I'm the only show in town", ID, appreciating listeners, ID, "You make me feel good" - TTRRUUCES ... program continues like this. Enjoyable music and talk by DJDW until he went off when I was out of the room.

Started out barely audible and finished S7 with good audio.
Thanks for the show.

0033 Interesting conceptual electronic music. "Bitter Taste" - Bill Joel, synth YL w/ maybe a slogan and ID but I couldn't make out what she was saying.  Another Electronic music piece.

0057 ID in the midst of a section of echos.

S7 Good here with low QRN / QRM.

Barely audible music.

S5 in noisy conditions with K=7.

0308 Techno music.  Synth YL at one point.  0323 off at end of a song. 

S5 here.

0222  In for about 5 minutes with techno music then faded out.  Back at 0242, then abruptly moved to 6925 AM at 0244 and continued same song.  Continuing techno.

S 4 - 5. Seems better on 6925.

0301 Josiah preaching ... wandering through a variety of topics including a disagreement about dogma ... "following Yahweh is what is important.  What he thinks doesn't matter."  something about water, "inheriting the land", etc.

S4 and just comfortably audible here.

0245  "Public Menace, Freak, Human Fly", "Neckbone". 0248 hit the wrong button stopping the song, then IDed and into "Even Superman shot himself".  All music by Powerman 5000.

S7.  Good Signal.

Thanks for the show.

0133 "Pneuma", ID," The Pot" - music by Tool

S5 and clear.

"Baba O'Riley" - The Who.

S3 fading in and out.

1102  Playing clips of old phone calls (not really audible here except for words or phrases), announcer more clear with IDs between. 2 men talking, ID ... program of phone clips and IDs.

Generally poor - just above static floor.  Announcer was much more audible.

Seems to me this was the format of a pirate many years ago when it was possible to listen in (illegally) on phone calls.

0140 "The Devil Does Drugs" - My life with the thrill kill cult, OM w/ long advice to YL suggesting she use drugs especially LSD and marijuana w/ Easypal over, another pro drug piece looped and echo, "Cocaine" - Eric Clapton, SSTV, "Cocaine Blues" - Johnny Cash.

Solid S6 here.

Thanks for the show.

0212  Man with preaching cadence.  Sounds like Josiah, however very weak, so can't be sure.

S5, just above static floor.

0118  "Pretending" - Joe Bonamassa, SSTV ("If it's in stock we have it"). Chicken clucking, "From out of the barnyard, bouncing off the ionosphere this is Thunder Chicken Radio", pause, "Yeah yeah.", off.

S7.  Good. 

0141 Program of electric blues, synth YL I coudn't understand, 2 SSTV (didn't decode here) "Cat blues" Luther Allison,

S6.  Good signal.

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