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'Sweet Child of Mine', 'Clocks', 'Mad World' all Gregorian, 0225 off.

S 7-8.

started in LSB then jumped to USB.  series of comedy phone calls w/ energetic gossip and bored listener, 0235 LSB, call continues w/ gossip.  Jumped to 6900L, more gossip, pause, another call.  0245 off.  Indistinct peskies under.


Everything gone after 0245 here - 6930, 6935 and only peskies on 6900L.

'Lead a Normal Life' - Peter Gabriel, "WTF Radio Worldwide" into 'Waves' - Kula Shaker,

S7 here.

Atmospheric music

S6 here

Nice electric instrument - prominent piano jazz throughout (Shazam only identified 'Long Road' - smoke 1 nfly), 0106 Easypal send (not ready here), more piano jazz, "bork, bork, bork, bork, bork, bork, boooork" repeated several times, then some more by a bass voiced OM into a lively tune.

S8 here.  Good audio.

OM talking about people in different parts of the world developing over time from lower to higher civilization.  Music playing under OM.  'Brain in a Fish Tank' - Shpongle, sfx - thunder, roaring engine, SSTV (no decode here), sfx continue roaring w/ indistnict talk, screams, zaps, etc. 'Woodpecker from Mars' - Faith No More, faded down to vague instrumental music. 0258 'Reach For My Desire' - Brian Grey, SSTV, off 0304.

S5 and noisy here.

"ZIHM" repeated from t/in at 0247 - 0250 off.  (Green letters here.)

Mostly fair to good visibility.

YL & OM alt. in German, pause, large increase in signal strength (S6 - S9) with same pair, 'We are Millions and Millions are One' - Laibach, OM (in German), 'Lightspeed' - Pharallx, maybe another piece (or part of the last?), 'Enjoy the Abuse' - Combichrist, 'What's Fair'  - Razed in Black, 0327 music low w/ signal the same strength, 0331 ID sequence w/ synth Male giving it several times then synth YL once, ... (out of room for a while).

'Mars (on River Drina)', 2 IDs then email address each from synth OM & YL, 'Nsk' - both songs by Laibach, off 0359.


'Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)' - Looking Glass, 'Domino' - Van Morrison, 'Go All the Way' - Rasberries, 0430 sudden drop in signal - Jim Croce - Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Party Bangaz)' - Party Bangaz, SSTV (Damn Skippy), 'In the Summertime' - Mongo Jerry, 0440 signal drops to S4 - right at static floor here.

S7 here.  Sudden drop in signal to S5 (not much above noise floor) at 0430. 0440 signal barely audible - right at static floor.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UnId 6955 USB 0233 18 February 2024
« on: February 18, 2024, 0229 UTC »
Comedy sketch about autoerotic masturbation.

S8 for about 2 minutes, then off.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UnId 6950.5 AM 0323 UTC 28 DEC 2023
« on: December 28, 2023, 0328 UTC »
Listening to a barely audible signal which came up at 0323 with brass heavy mellow rock, a man then talks (unintelligable) into another mellow song, likely ID (unint.) into next song, mellow song, "Captain Morgan Shortwave" (sounded like but not at all sure),  slow mellow song, YL maybe ID - indistinct, into more music, OM "This is the real deal" fade to barely audible.  Bits of talk & indistinct music.  Het gone at 0359.

No blues or TV theme characteristic of Captain Morgan, so I'm skeptical if I heard that correctly & haven't heard anything since which has been intelligible.   

S4 and noisy enough for the signal to be barely audible.  Up and down until the signal took a dive at 0345.  Now vague music and talk.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UnId 6925 USB 0516 25 December 2023
« on: December 25, 2023, 0521 UTC »
Jazz version of "Oh Holy Night", 'Darling, Come on' - Brian Grey.

S4 - 5 with fading.

Nice to hear some jazz.

Seems to be a radio play - some talk, mood music.

Poor - fading in and out.

'Ain't No Fool', 'Ain't True Yet', - Gary Tunes, Eric Blues, Red Whiskey & Ricardo Tunes, 0135 signal diminishes to 24343, back up 'Good Timin' ' - Lost in Blues, Sime Tunes, Blues Whiskey & Night Tunes, start of another tune then abruptly off mid song at 0151. 

Back at 0153.

Good signal at S8, although faded down and back on.

Cycle of waterfall images repeating "48, RADIO, bat MRI, bat HFU, bat" then 48 ...

Most images fair to good.

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