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0059  music just after Wolverine ended.  Perseus crashed and at 0101 when it was back up song was ending into a dialogue between a man and a boy (indistinct), 'Fool on the Hill' - Beatles. 

Sudden increase from S4 and barely distinct to S6 at 0105.

0028  'A New Day Yesterday' - Jethro Tull, 'Brand New Day' - Van Morrison, 'New Coat of Paint' - Tom Waits, ID, 'New Delhi Freight Train' - Little Feat.  Sounds iike "new" theme.

S5 here

Thanks for the show.

0234 Jazz w/ organ, 0258 song ended, 0259 next piece started - probably same organist and ensemble (no Shazam ID of songs), jazz / rock fusion guitarist w/ extended piece, animal sounds at 0326, sfx and moo's, 0328 off.

S6 w/ noisy signal.

Thanks for the music!

started in LSB then jumped to USB.  series of comedy phone calls w/ energetic gossip and bored listener, 0235 LSB, call continues w/ gossip.  Jumped to 6900L, more gossip, pause, another call.  0245 off.  Indistinct peskies under.


Everything gone after 0245 here - 6930, 6935 and only peskies on 6900L.

0052 Mostly indistinct music.  Signal came up enough at 0100 to hear ID and into 'Sleeping Bag' - ZZ Top, then slowly deteriorated again.

S6.  Mostly poor to very poor.
Thanks for the broadcast in these conditions.

Poor conditions; R=3, G4 magnetic storm.

0019  music, indistinct OM talk, sfx, indistinct OM, music, repeated indistinct phrase sfx and voices over sfx - all too indistinct to tell what is actually going on. 0036 "bork, bork, bork, bork, bork. Bork." looped for  a few minutes, off 0038.

S6 in considerable noise.

0307  blues, 0235 abruptly off, back 0310 w/ mellow guitar (out of the room a few minutes) 0318 'Dead and Gone Blues' - Peter Crosby, 'Makin' Shapes' - The Elloquent Jims. 0320 pause. 'Little Miss Sassy' - Sweet Georgia J. 2 SSTV, (1st poor - "WLR" 2nd "WLR Wasteland Radio"), 'This Time I'll Let It Slide' - Christian Anderson, 'Meet Your Back Home' - The Tap Room,

S7 - good signal.

Thanks for the music.

0137  ROTC commercial, brief audio from story or movie, 'Purple Haze' - Johnny Jones & The King Casuals, sfx. into program of beats and tones, sfx, clips of movies, looped voices, etc.  0126 ID repeated several times into more Sycko madness.

S7 here.

0048  'Stray Cat Strut' - Stray Cats, 'Fields of Fire' - Big Country, YL ID, 'They Don't Know' - Kirsty MacColl, 'You're Not the Only One I Know' - The Sundays, 'Incommunicado' - Jimmy Buffett, ID, 'Passionate Kisses' - Mary Chapin Carpenter, 'Heart Like a Wheel' - Kate & Anna McGarrigle, "Radio Vixin International. Thank You and goodnight".  Off 0116.

S6, clear

Thanks for the show.

0229 'Dr. Who' Theme, percussive electronic music (didn't ID) - I was in and out of the room - 0237 back to electronic music (Shazam didn't ID).

S6 with lightning QRN.

0107 - 0201 Mostly barely audible and very noisy (QRN) conditions.  0201 ID and eQSL offer befor pin strike sfx., 'Take the Long Way Home' - Supertramp, 'The Way You Do the Things You Do' - The Temptations, 'Tha't the Way I've Always Heard it Should Be' - Carly Simon, ?, 'Go Your Own Way' - Fleetwood Mac.  "Way" theme for the music tonight.

S7 - 8 at 0236.  Good audio but still lots of QRN make listening difficult.

Listening off and on since 0116.  Mostly hearing talking although can't understand the topic.  0138 came up enough to tell 2 men were talking about British radio, then faded back down. 

Walked away to do something else and came back at 0219 to their being off.

S6 - 7 but noisy with fading.  Overall very poor reception.

0103 Rock music ... can't make out much else with poor, S4 signal.

2358  4 waterfall images of line drawings of cicadas over musical loop, no cicadas for a few minuets then  0012 - 1 Cicada, 2 indistinct sets of few words by OM.

S6 here.  OK signal.

0209 pop style music (unfamiliar & no internet here). 0212 ID & protonmail e mail for eQSL.

Noisy S8 here.

DXPEDITION near Mauston, Wi.  HF+ Discovery & 70' random wire.

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