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0335  Atmospheric music.  "Outhouse Radio.  Automatic Voice Identification" by robotic voice.  More atmospheric music.


0220 'Odorono', Tattoo', 'I can see for miles' into program of all music by The Who.  At one point, thought I heard something about Radio London.  0309 clear ID for WDOG.

S8 throughout.

0042 'Lead a Normal Life' - Peter Gabriel, ID, 'Soul Shakedown Party' - Bob Marley


0028 Mellow blues.  Unable to ID songs however.

S6 with S5 static floor.

0023 Howling dogs for ~ 1 minute and off.

Tried for CM a few minutes ago and only a small het here.


S5 just above the static floor here.

Has come up some, but have not been able to make out synth YL IDs (only mention of "radio), 'Crystal' and 'Do you know' by Fleetwood Mac.  Man announcer with something about "all Fleetwood Mac".

Different OM's voice at 0249 with some talk and numbers ending "50" into Michael Coleman's 'Black Magic Woman', so not the internet station any more.

S5 here.

Going well in Madison.  Thanks

Nice Blues.  Thanks for the music.

0144  Caught the end of The Who's 'Ordorono' then off.

S7 with a good signal here.

0108  "High" themed songs including 'High Noon' - Frankie Lane,'Standing on higher ground' - Alan Parsons Project & The English Chorale, 'High Hopes' - Frank Sinatra, 'The Tide is High' - Blondie w/ IDs & some offers for an eQSL for identifying tonight's theme.

S6 but in and out of a high noise floor.  Lots of lightning static tonight.

0149  Repetitive techno music.

S6 here

0233  0148 Barely audible, 0202 'Dream on', 'I don't want you to miss a thing'  both by Aerosmith, indistinct talk into more music just above static floor. 0222 'Don't fear the reaper'.  Jumped to 6955 U and continued 'Don't fear the reaper', clear ID.

6950 U was poor.  6955 U is much better - fair at S7.

Listening off and un to unId techno / atmospheric music.  0155 'When the Lips Fly High' - Axxess & Patrick Mimram, UnId music thereafter again.

S7 - 9 here.  Fading with lots of QRN.

0110 Music, although with noisy signal - lots of QRN, so unable to tell much else at this point.


0113 suddenly improved with: 'Summer Dream' - Seals & Crofts, UnId song, "Summertime Blues', OM talks (indistinct), synth YL w/ apparent ID (or maybe a near copy ballsmackerradio at proteinmail.com ?), 'Summer of 69' - Bryan Adams, 'In the summertime' - Mongo Jerry ...apparently a "Summer" themed program.

0052  "What do you do with a drunken sailor", synth YL with incomprehensible perhaps ID? or something else, 'Black Betty' - Ram Jam, pause, start of 'Barracuda' by Heart then long pause after intro.  ~0201 "I am Zeeky.  I am goat. I love goats. I'm into Zeeky and I love goats." etc.

S7 here.

0041 Last few bars of a song, DJDW with an ID, talk about song, Memorial Day program, intro. next song, ID into song.

S9+ here.

0233 Old style vocal quartet music. 'Atomic Power" - Buchanan Brothers, 'Jesus hits like the Atom Bomb' - Lowell Blanchard

S7 here.

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