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European Pirate / Re: KR1 6290 AM 1124 utc 14 Jan 2020
« on: January 16, 2020, 0956 UTC »
Hello again, Ray,

I am a bit of a ferret, so I have dug deeper into the problem re KR1's e-mail address.

First, my Yahoo e-mail address was gotten by me while I was living in China, around 2004.
Likewise, my Chinese e-mail address.

Second, I have had REJECTION problems when sending e-mails from my Chinese e-mail address to pirates
from just three out of thirty, including KR1.

So, as far as I am concerned, KR1 is out of kilter.

Anyway, KR1 can do as it pleases.

My advice to all dxers wishing to contact pirates who have been identified as having had problems
with their e-mail addresses of the kind mentioned above is that an initial e-mail with the subject
the frequency of the transmission and nothing else typed should be sent. That is a good way to test
if the pirate has an e-mail address that rejects your e-mails. It also means you aren't wasting time
typing at length to no avail, kinda like having being sent on a fool's errand.       

European Pirate / Re: KR1 6290 AM 1124 utc 14 Jan 2020
« on: January 15, 2020, 1850 UTC »
Thanks for your input, Ray.

You always try to be helpful. That's great.

I had dealt with the aforementioned problem previously by forwarding e-mails from my Chinese e-mail address to my Yahoo e-mail address. Then from my Yahoo address to KR1's e-mail address. At that time, I was not e-mailing MP3 files to the station.

Not so long ago, another poster mentioned that the KR1 address had rejected his e-mail. At that time I tried sending e-mails with and without MP3 files from both of my e-mail addresses, with rejections too.

Right now, I can confirm that the way I had previously used, ie the two-stage process, works with e-mails that I send both with and without MP3 files attached, provided that the megabytes of the attachments do not exceed around 15 megabytes per e-mail sent.

  KR1 is aware of the problem now, that's for sure.

European Pirate / Re: KR1 6290 AM 1124 utc 14 Jan 2020
« on: January 15, 2020, 0508 UTC »
Hi Ray,

I heard the broadcast and tried to contact the station using my Chinese e-mail address, but my e-mails were rejected. However, I also have a Yahoo e-mail address. As I'm using unsupported browsers, I had to wait a fair few hours before trying to contact said station via my Yahoo e-mail address. It worked. So, there is problem with KR1's e-mail address, which terminates as dot nl.

By contrast, I am able to contact Radio Monique using either of my two e-mail addresses and it is noteworthy that Monique's e-mail address is also of the dot nl variety.

I have alerted Bart Steenman, the flagship presenter of both of the aforementioned stations, of the problem with KR1'S e-mail address. I am sure he will troubleshoot on my behalf as I happen to know from personal experience that he is very happy whenever he receives e-mail correspondence, especially if MP3 audio files of his programmes are attached.

My good deed for the day has now been done, so I will retire to my lounge now to enjoy a well-earned couple of bottles of beer.

Cheers and beers to all you dxers out there.     

European Pirate / Re: Coast FM 6230 AM 0757 utc 04 Nov 2019
« on: November 05, 2019, 0001 UTC »
on 6230.0-
0757 ID at once, ads        0842 music, ID       0900 ID, news
etc.. music and frequent IDs, disurbed by strong peskies on 6230 USB
(Why do those peskies transmit on 6230 only when Cooast FM is there ?)
1516 still the same situation

D/E/F/G/It/Sp : Dutch/English/French/German/Italian/Spanish
Balanced wire antennas, wire lines and ATU
Ray, western France.

Would those peskies follow Coast FM if the station changed frequency to another frequency within that band, especially 6305 Khz?

Worth doing, methinks!

I hope the station operator immerses himself/herself in this thread.

Don't get annoyed! It's better to test than one ton from the generator. Someone is seriously preparing for broadcasting. We wish him good luck!

I'm disappointed; not annoyed.

However, I have now adopted a more optimistic view. The station will be called Radio Mama Mia to link it to that song, which will be the first and the last song when the operator broadcasts.

Mama Mia is two words and is Italian Speak for an exclamation of astonishment in a positive way. I recall the expression being used in movies made in America in English.

However, there could be some confusion as to the spelling of Mamma, 3 m's or two m's, so PILOTSPEAK can be used to clarify matters, and to ensure listeners who come upon the station without knowing about this board or PIRATE CHAT will still be able to e-mail the station.

Urban Dictionary: Mamma mia
https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Mamma mia
Mamma mia. "Mamma mia" is an Italian expression, who denoting various kinds of emotions: surprise, fear, rejection, joy.

Urban Dictionary: mamamia
It's a misspelling of the Italian interjection "mamma mia!", which literally means "oh my mother!". It is used by italians in quite tha same way as English use the expression "oh my God!", except ... Italians do NOT say "mamma mia!" when they're making love with their girlfriend!

Meaning of "Mamma Mia" by ABBA - Song Meanings and Facts
Sep 21, 2017 · Mamma Mia is one of the most popular songs performed by the legendary Swedish pop band ABBA. The lyrics of the song are about the demise of a romantic relationship and the pain of having no other option than to let one’s significant other go despite the …

That said, I'm disappointed in my previous disappointment being misinterpreted as anger.

Radio Voulez Vous?

Another song by ABBA.

Another new station?

However, my French is diabolique, so I dunno the meaning.

Good signal. Not very interesting program  ???

posted Brian.

I'd even go as far as to say a very boring programme!

Mama Mia is not among Abba's better releases, I'd say.

I hope that 'station' reads this and improves its programmes.

We can live in hope of better programmes to be aired by said station in the future.

That said, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Yep, poor now via the Leiden SDR.

I figure the skip has changed markedly and suddenly.

Logged: via sdr located in Leiden
SI O: 34 3 PLUS
Signal strength meter: mainly S5-S6, peaking S7 at times
Fading: slow and slight
Modulation level: good
Audio quality: good
COMMENT: no announcements aired so far; station is RPI
as the music played corresponds exactly to the tracks that
I had heard during a previous transmission from the station
on the 60 metre tropical band.

European Pirate / Re: Cupid Radio 6275 AM 2218 UTC 12 Oct 2019
« on: October 13, 2019, 0129 UTC »
Thank you, Ray.

(As you had posted the station's e-mail address.)

Great reception via an SDR in Italy.

Pamela has gone off air about a couple of minutes ago.

European Pirate / Re: Radio Merlin Int. 6305 AM 0804 utc 12 Oct 2019
« on: October 12, 2019, 1021 UTC »
Logged: via sdr receiver located in England from 1015 UTC
Mode: AM
SIO: 344
SDR’s signal meter: mainly S5-S7,but S7 plus at times
Fading: moderate
Modulation levels: good for both music and announcements
Audio quality: good
Hostess: Jackie Frost

Logged: via sdr receiver located in England
Mode: AM (Narrow) 
S I O: 2+ 4 3 
SDR’s signal meter: mainly S5, but peaking S6
Fading: moderate and slow
Modulation levels: good for both music and announcements
Audio quality: good
Comment(s): barely readable
                    rock music       
                    one station ID aired so far

European Pirate / Re: Radio Deltracks 6390 AM 1521 utc 09 Oct 2019
« on: October 09, 2019, 1805 UTC »
RX Reports "Radio Deltracks"


CoolAM Radio - Shortwave

André is quite right; he's definitely cool. : :)

I had submitted my RX Report for the transmission YOU have mentioned, and I have already received an informative e-letter. :)

(I had been listening via an SDR in Eire.) 

European Pirate / Re: Radio Deltracks 6390 AM 1638 utc 07 Oct 2019
« on: October 08, 2019, 2237 UTC »
Howdy Jock!

Just saw your HFU posting!

Few days ago - I noticed the emailaddress on
an Italy DX site - so I guess it should functioning...

You can check the Italian site



CoolAM Radio - Shortwave

Thanks for your clarification, André. :)

Unfortunately I am unable to check the Italian site, which is rather uncool. >:(

That is because the link includes the word 'blog'.

European Pirate / Re: Radio Deltracks 6390 AM 1638 utc 07 Oct 2019
« on: October 08, 2019, 0712 UTC »
RX Reports "Radio Deltracks"


CoolAM Radio - Shortwave

Hi André,

Is schilderjos@gmail.com the e-mail address of Radio Deltracks for the submission of reception reports?

The reason I ask is that I reside in a country subject to Internet restrictions that prevent me, among other things, from accessing Wikipedia,
by which means I would have been able to determine the current contact e-mail address of said radio station as far as is 'known' by this board.

A pity for me because I was extremely impressed by the kind of music they had broadcast, and wanted to praise the station for that,
in addition to receiving confirmation of reception by e-mail.   

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