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SINPO 35333 on Twente. (-70 to -75 dBm)

1430 “I’m a Skat Man”
1436 Dutch song with yodeling.
1449 “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?”. Signal has improved to Twente. Now 45444.
1454 Metallica.
1459 Announcements in Dutch. I think there was an ID in there for “Bach60”. (I’m sorry to not be up to date on active stations’ names.)
1500 “The Ace of Spades”.

ID and email address at 1923 UTC. Frequency is drifting. Interference on the LSB. SIO 323 in the UK.
Pop music.

1803 - Andean flute music with orchestra accompaniment. SINPO 35344 on an SDR in Germany.
1807 - Announcement recognizing UKDXer. I recognize the ops voice though no official ID. Occasional CW QRM on 6292.
1814 - Billie Holiday
1833 - The Great Pretender (remake)
1840-1853 - Expressions of dismay over current UK politics, economy, creeping fascism.
1853 - Portishead
1858 - Neil Diamond
1901 - "This is Panda Radio on shortwave."
1907 - EasyPal waterfall images
1908 - Close down

Listening via a UK SDR. Inital ID from the Europirate chat.

Rammstein, "Feuer frei!" at tune in.
ID at 0813 UTC.
Neil Young, Heart of Gold at 0831.
ID at 0857, "More music, more variety"
0917 "Knock on Wood"

Just happened to catch TX turn on. QRM from 6275. QSY to 6284 while I type this.

1828 - "Caroline"
1835 - "Hang on Sloopy". SINPO 33343 on a UK SDR.
1836 - "Working In A Coal Mine"
1846 - Some spoken words between songs but I missed them.
1849 - ID between songs. "Boy Radio??"
1900 - Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations". I have it on 6283.91 KHz.
1904 - Aretha Franklin ?, then into "My Girl"
1921 - ID and close down announcement. (I'm pretty sure that I got the name correct.) TX off.

last edit by Kayseeks at 1937 UTC on 15 June
edit by Ray :
changing the subject, from 'Radio Altrex ?' to 'Time? Radio' (see below)

Good signal on UK SDRs. Might be related to this from yesterday: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,98413.0.html

1732 - 1980s-style dance music. I have them on 6389.97 KHz.
1739 - Mission Impossible theme song
1742 - "You're listening to the best mix of music from today and yesterday." (without elaboration)
1754 - "Radio Veronica. Fun radio."
1800 - "Gloria" remake
1804 - "All your favorite music 24 hours a day"
1821 - TX off in mid-song without announcement.

SINPO 45434 on UK SDR. (More) exact frequency is 6309.88 KHz.

2135 - Blank carrier
2138 - Pretenders
2141 - ID and email address. Rolling Stones, "Paint It Black".
2147 - "And now, another commercial-free music sweep. (Something) the shortwave bands."
2149 - The Stranglers, "No Mercy".
2151 - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, "The Message".
2154 - ID and email address, "Radio Universe, The Netherlands".
2247 - Abba

SINPO 45444 on a UK SDR. Some hum on the audio.

Country & Western music.

Blank carrier until 1710 UTC. Music started at 1710, then quickly QSY to 6280 KHz in mid-song.

1711 - 1980s electronic dance song. It sounds like the instrumental version of a song that I should know. Very loud (S9+10 dB) on SDRs in the UK.
1732 - ID

QSY to 6274 then 6270 between 1647 and 1648 UTC

I just happened to be looking at 43 meters on a UK SDR just as their carrier came on at 1540 UTC.
SINPO 45554. Usual programming.

1540 -"This is The Vault."
1545 - Billy Idol.

Some splatter from Reflections Europe on 6295. SINPO 43344 in NW Eire.

1758 - Schlager
1821 - gone

edit by Ray : from UNID to Blauwe Panter (ID from ukdxer)

Other / Slavic TV Show Rebroadcast 3799 LSB 2025 UTC 28 March 2022
« on: March 28, 2022, 2030 UTC »
Someone relaying what sounds like some TV talk show or podcast in the middle of the Ham 80 meter DX window. Plenty of mentions of Ukraine.
Audible throughout Europe.  I can't tell the finer differences between many of the Slavic languages so not clear if it is Russian or Ukrainian but it is definitely not Polish, Czech/Slovak or Serbian.

Concluded at 2030 UTC.

Peskies / French Speaking Freebanders 6660 KHz USB 2030 UTC
« on: March 25, 2022, 2043 UTC »
I wasn't aware that the French freebanders are also operating in the 6600-6800 KHz area until I saw this: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,94862.msg301951.html#msg301951

In any case, I'm listening to somebody playing English-language blues music for some others. The others are replying with positive comments: "Putain, Zee Zee Tawp. C'est excellente!" (" Shit, Z Z Top is excellent.") Things like that. Another comes in over the top of the music with his own guitar trying to play the same tune in sync with the original tune.

2050 - "Hoochie-Coochie Man", played by request.

This is on a UK SDR.

I have them on 6275.98 KHz.
Better reception on the Weston-Super-Mare (UK) SDR than Switzerland.
SINPO 34333 in Weston.
1950-1960's tunes.

1913 UTC - ID "One, two, three. This is Misti Radio." Reception improving. S9+10 dB on peaks.
1915 UTC - TX off.

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