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At one point, they were on 6275 and 6290 simultaneously, and at approximately 1420 UTC (?), they stopped the 6290 transmission and moved the 6275 transmitter to 6290 in frequency steps.

SINPO 35333 on Twente. (-70 to -75 dBm)

1430 “I’m a Skat Man”
1436 Dutch song with yodeling.
1449 “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?”. Signal has improved to Twente. Now 45444.
1454 Metallica.
1459 Announcements in Dutch. I think there was an ID in there for “Bach60”. (I’m sorry to not be up to date on active stations’ names.)
1500 “The Ace of Spades”.

ID and email address at 1923 UTC. Frequency is drifting. Interference on the LSB. SIO 323 in the UK.
Pop music.

Announcement in German, but programming is US pop from 1970s-1980s. Restricted music audio is tinny and lacking bass tones.
SINPO 45444 on Weston-Super-Mare SDR in the UK.

ID at 0902 UTC as "Thunderbird Radio".
At 0903, "Radio Thunderbird", so I guess we get to choose?

Sung jingle heard a number of times between songs: "Laser Hits" (I believe), which might be a rename or a new name for "Laser Hot Hits".

Close down around 1918 approximately.

2018 ? (Ray)

1803 - Andean flute music with orchestra accompaniment. SINPO 35344 on an SDR in Germany.
1807 - Announcement recognizing UKDXer. I recognize the ops voice though no official ID. Occasional CW QRM on 6292.
1814 - Billie Holiday
1833 - The Great Pretender (remake)
1840-1853 - Expressions of dismay over current UK politics, economy, creeping fascism.
1853 - Portishead
1858 - Neil Diamond
1901 - "This is Panda Radio on shortwave."
1907 - EasyPal waterfall images
1908 - Close down

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WWCR off the air - any idea why?
« on: August 29, 2022, 2340 UTC »
Wasn't HAARP supposed to do that? Maybe this is a more efficient way to heat the ionosphere.

Burning probably not what we need at this time. Let's think about ionospheric seeding, like cloud seeding. Maybe Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic will rent out their rockets for this endeavor?

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WWCR off the air - any idea why?
« on: August 29, 2022, 2330 UTC »
Speakin' of weird stuff, I keep hearing what sounds reminiscent of our old USSR pal Woodpecker here & there?
Any comments?

Yes, I have noticed this too, though in my case(s), it came down to the receiver mode selection and the passband at the time.

I could see in the waterfall display that the signal was frequency sweeping, perhaps like the coastal radars that are used to track tidal flows and the sweep rate, TX bandwidth and RX bandwidth were just right to make a pulsating sound like the woodpecker in the 1970s-80s while listening in AM mode. If you changed RX mode on the receiver to say USB, it would sound completely different though. It definitely was not the woodpecker. The woodpecker didn't have much frequency sweep rate. (I didn't have a waterfall frequency display in those days but I don't believe that there was much sweep, if any, to the woodpecker.)

The presence of Russian radiocholigans in the 100m band is a fact. This is the "old generation",
 their homophobic behavior is the result of shaping society in a regime where everything new must be feared because you are under control, cultural isolation and language barrier.
 Their own backyard is enough for them, they do not look for foreign contacts and they themselves do not want to give anything to the world. Their monothematic issues are boring for us, just like Greek, Serbian and most Dutch. For this reason, this thread is of little interest.

Kris - you and perhaps Kobalt are the most likely to understand their spoken language. Is what you describe their actual typical content?

It's fun for a DXer to listen for first time but soon it becomes like "heard one, heard them all". Same as Greek or Serbian MW pirates QSOing all the time.

I think that you can argue the same thing about many of the Dutch MW pirates. I've heard the endless hours of carousel organ music enough times that I don't bother so much now.

However, this whole "classification" and "determining who is the audience" process is not without complexities.

Here is a hypothetical but yet realistic scenario for you to ponder. Suppose that same Dutch MW station has announcements in Dutch for the first 180 minutes then after that the operator announces in English, "Thanks to Olaf in Denmark for the nice report....", etc. Oh, OK. Now I guess it's legit for this forum? Or am I confused about what report goes where again? And it took 180 minutes of transmission to change the classification. Are we going to have to move a thread that we started just because the op said one phrase in another language 2 hours later?

Is this whole classification scheme an over complication?

Listening via a UK SDR. Inital ID from the Europirate chat.

Rammstein, "Feuer frei!" at tune in.
ID at 0813 UTC.
Neil Young, Heart of Gold at 0831.
ID at 0857, "More music, more variety"
0917 "Knock on Wood"

Should be Radio Altrex, but that was not typical.

OK. I fixed it.

Seems to have settled on 6274 KHz.

1831 - dance tracks
1833 - Dutch freebanders zerobeat in USB, commenting on music.
1840 - The USB QRM is gone.
1936 - TX Off

Just happened to catch TX turn on. QRM from 6275. QSY to 6284 while I type this.

1828 - "Caroline"
1835 - "Hang on Sloopy". SINPO 33343 on a UK SDR.
1836 - "Working In A Coal Mine"
1846 - Some spoken words between songs but I missed them.
1849 - ID between songs. "Boy Radio??"
1900 - Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations". I have it on 6283.91 KHz.
1904 - Aretha Franklin ?, then into "My Girl"
1921 - ID and close down announcement. (I'm pretty sure that I got the name correct.) TX off.

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