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Also, their transmitter tends to splatter +/- 15 KHz or more, making them a "bad neighbour".  :(

ID at 1704 UTC.

TX off at ~1655

Blank carrier until 1710 UTC. Music started at 1710, then quickly QSY to 6280 KHz in mid-song.

1711 - 1980s electronic dance song. It sounds like the instrumental version of a song that I should know. Very loud (S9+10 dB) on SDRs in the UK.
1732 - ID

QSY to 6274 then 6270 between 1647 and 1648 UTC

About Reflections Europe, for newcomers :

To add to what Ray already wrote, we have typically not reported it here. That doesn't mean it is frowned upon, it just means that we usually ignore it.

Reflexions Europe

Using Glenn Hauser's spelling rules.  :D

Their carrier is on 7424.96 KHz. There is another strong carrier on 7425.00 creating a heterodyne.
SINPO 34343, with the USB turned off.

Announcements and ID in Dutch at 1628 UTC. TX off at 1632.

I just happened to be looking at 43 meters on a UK SDR just as their carrier came on at 1540 UTC.
SINPO 45554. Usual programming.

1540 -"This is The Vault."
1545 - Billy Idol.

1916 - Back on the air after 18 years. 20 Watts. Broadcasting from the UK. Gave an SMS number.  https://voca.ro/1e9sAd8Tj8LZ
1931 - Depeche Mode
1950 - To this point, since 1931 UTC, they have played the first side of Depeche Mode, Music for the Masses. A little bit overmodulated.
2000 - On side 2. The second side will end at ~2012-2014 UTC.
2016 - Close down announcement https://voca.ro/1k6rx4xWHAdY
2017 - TX off

Very distorted audio at tune in. Dance music.
1850 - "This is Whiskey Misti Radio". Less distortion.
1853 - "Good Morning" with Dutch lyrics. Music cutting out a lot.

1817 UTC - Old Radio Prague IS, repeated over and over again. I've heard this station in the past but usually weaker and I never got an ID. Plenty of splatter from Radio Joey on 6272.

Steady S9, SINPO 44344 in NW Eire. Continuous traditional Celtic music. ID at 1807 UTC.
TX off at 1847 UTC.

Some splatter from Reflections Europe on 6295. SINPO 43344 in NW Eire.

1758 - Schlager
1821 - gone

edit by Ray : from UNID to Blauwe Panter (ID from ukdxer)

Other / Slavic TV Show Rebroadcast 3799 LSB 2025 UTC 28 March 2022
« on: March 28, 2022, 2030 UTC »
Someone relaying what sounds like some TV talk show or podcast in the middle of the Ham 80 meter DX window. Plenty of mentions of Ukraine.
Audible throughout Europe.  I can't tell the finer differences between many of the Slavic languages so not clear if it is Russian or Ukrainian but it is definitely not Polish, Czech/Slovak or Serbian.

Concluded at 2030 UTC.

1814 UTC - Sounds like Ukrainian patriotic song.
1815 - music stops mid-song then TX off a few seconds later.

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