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2019 - background noise, like an open microphone on a SSB transmitter. This is underneath "The Buzzer" of course.

1953 - Beatles, "You're Gonna Carry That Weight". SINP) 34333 on an SDR in Switzerland.

SINPO 34343 on the northwest Ireland SDR.

1757 Urge Overkill, "You'll Be A Woman Soon" (redo of Neil Diamond's version)
1759 ID

Peskies on 5800 USB.

Multiple English IDs at 1840 UTC "This is Jingle Radio, the voice of radio stations around the world...."
and giving email address but saying not to expect a QSL.

Heard at ~1856 UTC as well and again just before signoff at ~1908 UTC.

Audio recording from the UK just before signoff: https://voca.ro/18PGitQkfqy7

A bit of 80s pop then waterfall image, followed by TX off at 1858 UTC.

6205 is not one of the licensed frequencies, 6205 was relaying another programme,

OK, so it is a legitimate station relayed by a pirate.

I logged it here earlier: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,92575.msg295519.html#msg295519

Not really a pirate in my opinion since it has been licensed/permitted in Finland for 20 years.

Website says they should be on 6170 KHz but they are here instead. SINPO 44344 in UK and Eire on a few SDR that I checked.
Not a smooth program production with many music breaks and dead air.

1735 UTC - Hold The Line
1738 UTC - C'mon Eileen

S9+ in SW England with pop.
ID at the top of the hour. "Broadcasting from the east coast of Ireland, this is Radio Sovereign."
0809 UTC Bruce Springsteen, "Tunnel of Love"

I checked around various receivers and the signal is weak outside UK and Eire. Daytime absorption is in effect but also they may be using NVIS.

Rock music. Deep fades on a Swiss SDR.

Likely Zenith Classic Rock but waiting for ID. SIO 343 in northwest Ireland.
0800 UTC - pips for the top of the hour. Even more likely to be Zenith.
0802 UTC - ID

Listening on northwest Ireland SDR. Very weak most of the time.

0745 UTC - Re-do of David Bowie "Starman". Pro-sounding announcement between songs but signal is too weak to understand or identify the language.
0754 UTC - TX off or signal lost.

2046 - playing US jingles, etc. from probably the 1970s, followed by ID. S9+10 to +20 on an SDR in Austria. Great reception.
2245 - checked back now, 2 hours later. Signal is much weaker and with rapid flutter QSB (similar to aurora flutter).

2026 SINPO 24222 on an Austrian SDR. Just above the noise most of the time.

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