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I have also not noticed this at my QTH either... but it could be that Ray is at exactly the right distance from, for example, Holland, to get a combination of E and F skip from the same station, simultaneously, this can make signals stronger or weaker, depending on phasing and refraction paths.... and considering we are talking about two completely different ionospheric layers, they could affect the signal in complex and sudden ways. It could be other factors though.


I am hearing Doppler-like effects and it is noticeable when listening to AM with a synchronous detector on several signals in the 48 meter band, so it's not just one station's VFO shifting; they are all doing this. With the use of the synchronous detector, you will hear a momentary distortion of the signal, as the effective carrier frequency shifts and as the PLL goes out of lock briefly, then comes back into lock after 0.5-1.5 seconds or so. I assume that SSB or CW would go through something similar.

I noticed this now too. Universally mediocre reception in Norway, Poland and central Italy at the moment; average SINPO ~22232.

Many signals are going up and down like mad camels !

I just started listening now, at 1720 UTC and I haven't noticed anything unusual, but, again, I'm late to arrive at the party. When you say "going up and down", is it anything like aurora flutter?

UPDATE: I am hearing Doppler-like effects now, 1737 UTC.

Pop and C&W music. ID at 2106 UTC. SINPO 43444 on an SDR in Norway.

TX off the air at 2112 UTC.

Pop music. Announcements in English and Dutch. SINPO 53444 on an SDR in Norway.

2029 - ID and email address.
2031 - Talking Heads, Psycho Killer
2035 - XTC, Making Plans for Nigel
2141 - Checked back and TX was gone.

Excellent reception in Norway. SINPO 55545.

(Sorry, KaySeeks, I had to shake your post to clean the forum)

No problem.

Spanish vocal and accordion music. (Possibly Mexican.) Exact freq is 6275.96 KHz. SINPO 55555. Excellent reception in Norway.

1927 - Edith Piaf,  Je ne regrette rien.
1929 - Doris Day, Que Sera, Sera.
1952 - Greetings to HFU in English and a listener in (Friesland) in Dutch.

Hi Johnny!

At 1805 UTC, I have their carrier on 6284.96 KHz, with another carrier on 6285.17 KHz. The modulation is definitely associated with 6284.96 KHz: 1) both sidebands are symmetrical around 6284.96 and 2) tuning to 6285.17 USB results in "Mickey Mouse" modulation.

SINPO 22232 on an SDR in Norway.

1818 - The interfering carrier on 6285.17 KHz is gone.
1820 - 1940s music.
1824 - Missed the ID but recognize the announcer's voice.

Cow moo between songs and ID at 1814 UTC. 1816 - Theme song from Ghostbusters.

ID at 1913. Listened from 1818 until 1921 UTC. Noted their VFO drift as well.

Sounds like a relay of an internet radio station. Pop music. Good signal in Austria. SINPO 54455.
0812 - Stand By Me
0815 - Foreigner
0821 "Three-One-Nine" over a song
0825 - ID

ID I have been hearing today.


Their recorded IDs are getting more creative since the last time I listened to them two or three weeks ago. If I catch one, I will post a recording or two.

ID at 1843 UTC. SINPO 55534 with rapid fading on an SDR in Norway.

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