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They won't....

The FCC had a poor record of collecting fines, even back when they were a few thousand dollars... and the US Justice Department, who would have been their primary means of collection action, had better things to do...

Millions??   This is a CROCK! 

Even if they had the means, which they probably don't, they would hang onto their money and skip town!

They will probably fold the station, and restart as another name and frequncy---
but if they are selling advertising and actually making money off their operation,
they may continue for a little longer--- using remote unmanned sites,
where there is no one who can be arrested....

One of these days....................

thank you for your research

Huh? / Re: Rude mushrooms!
« on: September 05, 2023, 0544 UTC »
I got a pizza today, sausage, mushrooms, and peppers. I opened the box and said, "Hello, mushrooms!", not a peep out of them. I tried again, no response. Why do Zeeky's mushroom's talk and the one's from the local pizzeria don't? Is it something about him that makes them open up to him? Is he the Doctor Phil of the fungal world? If anyone has a clue, please let me know. I thank you.

You want 'talking mushrooms' ??

I am satisfied just to eat them, when I can afford them....

Talk is not necessary...

Another SWL'ing rip, and nothing new under the Sun, of course. https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-395376A1.pdf   At this rate, FM piraters might have to do what shortwave pirates have done, 'gorilla warfare' style of broadcasting. Go mobile, broadcasts at a temporary location, and get-out. It's been done before.

Whoever did that ??


Huh? / One Dog or Two Dogs???
« on: September 05, 2023, 0539 UTC »
I do wish I could have another dog now,

but I have thought it would not be fair to the dog, or to me, right now...

(I understand they can be very expensive, especially Vet bills,
so I am a man without a dog...)

The FCC has relegated enforcement of us 'old guys' to the bottom of the barrell....

Nice of them, but commercial AM-FM broadcasters don't give a shit about what is going on, on shortwave frequencies---
since very few Americans listen to shortwave radio anymore....

Hell, AM and FM broadcasting stations are losing out to streaming and the internet now,
is that not true??

"Broadcast radio" on the commercial bands is doomed to die a slow death--
the youngsters are tuned in to something else

Soooooooo--- they might as well give over some of these bands to 'amateur broadcasters'--
but the NAB and other capitalist pigs will never permit that to happen.....

"Pirate Radio" remains one of the issues that is neither "far-left" nor "far-right"
The Establishment of both political wings remains committed to total state control,
of what remains of commercial radio

I feel like I just posted something along these lines recently, yet here we are again...

The pirate loggings boards are for loggings. If your post is not specifically about a transmission you heard, with details, it should not be posted there. 

The HFU message board has a wonderful feature that lets you... get ready for this... modify a post! You can go back and edit your post, adding additional details. You don't need to reply again to the logging thread. And again... and again.  There may be a very small number of cases where multiple posts in a logging thread are warranted. And of course in non loggings threads where there is a conversation, ideal. But for loggings threads? In general you should make one and only one post.

There's a sticky topic at the very top of the loggings board that shows the Official HFU Approved Logging Message Topic Format. Here it is if you can't find it: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,8448.0.html

It should be followed. EXACTLY. This even means using the correct case for month abbreviations, modes (AM/USB/etc.) and so on.  The correct spacing between words. Why so apparently pedantic? A few reasons:

It makes it easier for people to find the correct logging thread, so they can add to it, rather than starting a new one, which then needs to be merged.

It makes it easier for people to search for logging threads, to find info about past transmissions.

Logging info is often used to generate reports on pirate activity, and a consistent and coherent format makes this much easier to accomplish.

A gentle reminder that public speculation about the location of pirate stations is frowned upon. Now, of course, this doesn't mean very vague things like "I think this station is in Europe, or I think that station is somewhere on the west coast". It means mentioning the state, etc. Common sense stuff. 

This (and some other things) also pertain to what should not be included in loggings on the HFU.  Obviously if one operator is outing the QTH of another, don't post that location in your logging. Likewise, we're trying to keep the HFU (ideally) PG rated. If an operator goes on a psychotic obscenity laced rant, you don't need to quote his exact words. And should not do so.  Likewise, use some common sense when it comes to SSTV images. If it's pr0n, don't post it.

Postings that violate these reasonable standards (and others not listed here, there's so many forms of bad behavior that we cannot enumerate them all) will get deleted. As might your user account.  Note that this may even pertain to those who for example post, announce or otherwise promulgate the locations of stations outside of the HFU. If you're that much of a menace to the hobby, you may not be welcome here.

I applaud your efforts to herd cats here, Chris...

Carry on, amigo!

General Radio Discussion / Re: All right, fess up! :-)
« on: April 29, 2023, 0421 UTC »
It's me and Marie's brother, Donnie. We transmit his early 70's hit "Puppy Love" to repel Sasquatches. So far it's working.


General Radio Discussion / Re: HFU Discord Server
« on: April 29, 2023, 0417 UTC »
Also a reminder for anyone who has not yet joined, our HFU chat link is:


Hope to see you there.

Thanks, Beerus...   I made a soliloquay late at night.....   cheers!

There are number of stations that will pop up out of blue after being inactive for awhile, WJFK is one that springs to mind. Solid Rock Radio turned up after years of being off the air last year. Some stations have two or three different ops using the same station name. I did Radio Al Fansome, but so did two other guys that I know of, there may have been more. A lot of stations use id's that are infectious and work like a ladder conspiracy. There's a Ramones song called, "Do You Remember Rock n' Roll Radio" that ends with a 60's era sounding Boss DJ announcing, "This is Rock And Roll Radio. Stay Tuned For More Rock And Roll", it sounds so slick and it's so easy to lift, I've heard several stations using it. I know I did. I don't know who the others were, and by putting this in a public forum there's a decent chance some wannbe or existing pirate will read this and do it again?

Pirate radio is all about having fun from the op's viewpoint. Some heathen might put his studio back together and "Whammo!" the Voice of The Epileptic Catfish is back on the air. It's tough to say who is active and who isn't, they could also be using revolving station names and transmitters. I always had a minimum of three stations going at any one time, one primary station, a secondary one, and one that I used every few months for special things. Most ops I knew had several stations going at once, we sure joked about it a lot. I think the late George Zeller wrote ,"There are 30 to 40 pirate stations and 4 transmitters." which was very close to the truth.

That may help and it may not, but it's a guide to the op's side of things and why stations pop up and disappear. One major reason stations go silent is these folks have lives. Things come up that are more serious than playing radio. It may be long term, or they might be back in a short amount of time, you just don't know.

At the moment I'm wondering if Bud Bigly is doing ok? He was on the air regularly for a few months and he's been MIA for a few weeks. If anyone knows anything PM me.

There is at least ONE station that was inactive for 20 YEARS----   but then came back with incessant broadcast on multiple frequencies for many years, and created "Sunday night" as a pirate radio institution to equal Friday and Saturday, singlehandedly !

I will name no names.... lol

Howdy, Pigmeat!   Glad to see you still rambling around here...


After "one year", they are certainly no longer "active"---

until they become "active" again!


General Radio Discussion / Re: Pirate listeners younger than 30
« on: April 29, 2023, 0338 UTC »
That would be nice...

Howdy, Andy  :)

Nice work, amigo...

I hope that "someone" will soon add more stations back to the list....
if he can tear himself away from his online girlfriends long enough to do it!


Church pirate stations give 'cover' to the rest of us--- and they have GOD ON THEIR SIDE!!!!

Every church should have their own little FM station, and apply to The Lord for their station licenses !


PS Howdy Corq, old friend!   glad to see you still in the mix here,
and all the rest of you on this thread, of course....

I asked him about it and he said the amount of posts using the wrong format means he cannot get useful results. Sad that people canít do such a basic thing as following the format, itís not hard.

No it isn't, but to be fair, I'm not sure it's the most intuitive format either. But never mind. The board has a ton of mods, so I wondered why they couldn't correct the post headings as they appeared? That seems to me to be the best solution. If you've ever been in a position where you have had to help people with their incorrectly entered data, you come to realize that it's just human nature that this stuff doesn't get done right and someone on the back end needs to be there to fix it when it happens. That's just my own opinion.

Maybe the moderators could 'correct' the subject lines, when they have the time-- there are many mods and they have the power to do it--

and many of the posters are becoming old and confused, LOL.  The next log I post will probably be done incorrectly,
and I will not be insulted if a mod puts it into the correct format...

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