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General Radio Discussion / Re: Garage Door Opener Damaged by HF RF?
« on: December 31, 2022, 0321 UTC »
My only experiences with HF transmitters and garage door openers had to do with the transmitter making the garage door open when we did NOT want it to do so..... lol

also, there was a lighted china display cabinet, whose lights would flash in time to whatever music was being broadcast on the HF-AM transmitter-- I solved that problem by unplugging it. lol

As far as damage caused by an HF transmitter to garage door opener frequencies, it is not likely-- but proximity to transmitter antennas, and the power being used, can play into it....  it is not impossible, either....

However, Ultra-- in this case I don't believe that there would be "partial damage" which would only affect the "range" of the remotes--
I believe they would either work, or not work, entirely--- like one band of a radio shack SW receiver that I accidentally burned up when opening the transmitter up on an antenna in close proximity to the receiving antenna-- in that case, I could actually SMELL the burning in the shack--

Anyway, I think the suggestions of 'interference' that others have made here are more likely correct...

Huh? / Re: Someone who will remain nameless...
« on: December 26, 2022, 0314 UTC »
I presume the message was sent by a living being--- or is it come from beyond the beyond ???

Glad to see you still here, old friend...   ;D

I was so sorry to read of the passing of AL, I could not respond at the time...

Fact sheets, brochures, field operations manuals, etc., are reflections of policy, not the actual Code of Federal Regulations. It's not at all unusual for fact sheets and FOMs used by agencies to deviate from the CFR. They often attempt to assert authority they do not actually possess. My agency's FOM often departed from the CFR, usually stopping short of contradicting the actual regulations. There's a lot of bluffing in federal regulatory enforcement. Don't help them by tipping your hand just because they bluff or call.

If the FCC actually has the authority to inspect "radio equipment" under any and all conditions, on private property, there's nothing to stop any regulatory agency from inspecting your home, without probable cause, warrant, etc., to be sure your non-existent sweatshop is operating within OSHA and Dept of Labor regs; that your non-existent recycling center is complying with EPA regs; etc.

Don't get me wrong -- I support reasonable federal regulations designed to protect people from actual harm, and to preserve the common resources in the environment. There's plenty of history to show how unregulated private industry and individuals have abused employees, wrecked waterways and slaughtered wildlife nearly to extinction.

But federal regulatory agencies enforcing civil regulations specified in the CFR do not possess special privileges to flout the Bill of Rights. And any attempts by the FCC to assert the authority to inspect an alleged radio station in a domicile or building where there are no licensed amateur radio operators should be peaceably opposed on ethical grounds. Let the courts sort out the facts.

This ain't the UK where, for decades, OFCOM used detection equipment and triangulation to locate homes with televisions and radio receivers to be sure they're paying taxes for the privilege of being an audience member.

If the FCC shows up asserting the right to inspect your home, place of business, vehicle, etc., for "radio equipment," and you are not a licensed amateur radio operator, ask to see the warrant. If they don't have one, politely thank them for their time, perhaps apologize that they made a trip for nothing, and bid them farewell. If they show up with federal marshals, warrant in hand or not (it's very unlikely marshals will accompany inspectors without a warrant), it's up to you whether to continue to assert your rights to privacy in your private property.

Beyond that, the usual next step is to appeal to the federal regional office and/or magistrate of the federal district court. I've attended some appeals (again, not FCC cases) at which the person cited chose to represent themselves, and sympathetic magistrates actually coached the appellant through the process. OTOH, there are other magistrates who lean the other way, toward heavyhanded enforcement, so it's a gamble to appear without legal counsel.

I think folks will find this entire page to be relevant, from the horse's (insert appropriate body part) itself:


Here are some very relevant sections:

Both licensees and non-licensees must allow an FCC Agent to inspect their radio equipment. Along with the privilege of possessing a license come responsibilities such as knowing the applicable rules, including allowing the station to be inspected. Licensees should be aware of the Commission's right to inspect. Equally important, FCC Agents are allowed to inspect the radio equipment of non-licensees. Non-licensees include those individuals or entities operating in accordance with Part 15 of the Rules. Non-licensees also include those who should have a license to operate their equipment but have not obtained a license and are operating without authority.

Q: Well then, if I am a low-power broadcaster and don't have an FCC license, they need a search warrant, right?

A: Wrong again. The FCC agents have the authority to inspect all radio equipment; even if you do not have a license, the FCC can still inspect your equipment. Section 303(n) of the Act gives the FCC the right to inspect all "stations required to be licensed." This language covers your low-power radio station. The FCC agents are inspecting the equipment, not searching your house.


They may have the "legal authority" to enter your residence and inspect your equipment under all those different scenarios----

HOWEVER----   unless they are backed with GUNS and FORCE, you can prevent them from entering your residence, with your verbal refusal!

(The legal issues are a matter to be adjudicated by courts, at a later date!)

I speak as someone who has been 'allegedly' busted by the FCC--
I denied the supposed 'crime', and would not allow any inspection of my alleged 'equipment'-
and the FCC agent was alone... so he delivered his 'verbal warning', and went away.

The word 'authority' has no meaning unless it is backed up by lethal force....

(Now, in the case of US licensed ham operators, YES, they can later take away your license for your refusal to permit 'inspection' of your station--
but with that understanding, you STILL don't have to let them 'inspect' you,
unless they employ lethal force which you cannot resist...)

(FCC Agents are only "bureaucrats"--- they are NOT 'law enforcement officers'--   they can't arrest you for supposed crimes, and are most likely not armed-- they only attempt to persuade you to incriminate yourself!!)

Of course, if they were to arrive accompanied by Federal Marshals or local law enforcement, that is another matter entirely--
but is almost entirely NEVER the case...

The FCC's long-range direction-finding network can pinpoint you a lot closer than "+ or minus 100 miles"--

more like plus or minus 5 miles, if it is all working....!

(within 100 miles might have been accurate in the 1980s, when I myself was tracked to having possibly been in the wrong state-- but the technology here has been improved, as with everything else)

Of course 5 miles does not pinpoint a pirate location, but that is where  the mobile units step in---
the trick for them is to be pre-positioned before the station again comes on the air, and have enough time to pinpoint it at close range...

(their most difficult problem is to be pre-positioned, or "choose" to have any units 'pre-positioned'--   they can't bust you from 100 or 200 or 600 miles away...)

From a shortwave pirate's perspective, your difficulty is to not attract their particular attention, and most importantly, to not become "predictable".
I happened to fail that test, just because I loved to broadcast so much-- lol

(when my shortwave pirate 'The Crystal Ship' was first busted in 2011, it seemed that the agents were pounding on the door within about 5 minutes of the transmitter being turned on  ((although in my specific case, they may have been aided by 'rumored reports' of an actual address-- but the FCC does not operate on 'rumors' without actual technical targeting confirmations)).   

One way or another, they had been standing by very close to my residence...

General Radio Discussion / Merry Christmas, all my old friends...!
« on: December 26, 2022, 0225 UTC »
It would appear that I have been long asleep, but I was merely very much awake, someplace else! 

Glad to see old friends Captain Morgan, Outhouse Radio and Radio Free Whatever active in the Christmas loggings!  (I did not search further back today, sorry if I missed anyone... )

Please take care, amigos--- although the current weather would seem to give some comfort for safer operations, LOL!   It will be cleaned up soon...

It took my 2 days to dig myself out-- and my car is covered with snow again already--- but in Michigan, it appears to finally be over!
sorry for anyone on the east coast-- especially in western New York.... winter sucks!

Anyway, I am still alive and well--- and thanks to Chris, logged in again here--- although I have been lurking all that time, somehow my computer decided to lose my login creds, and it had been so long I could not remember my own username correctly!   LOL   (the "space" between John and Poet screwed me up, lol)

I will begin again commenting upon some other matters I see going on here now, and paying more attention

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwanza, winter solstice, whatever you want to call it-- or nothing at all--
I believe in religious freedom-- and freedom from religion, if that is your preference...

And I still believe in 'The Crystal Ship'!---   the very small 'claim to fame' of my own life!
(Last night I amused myself by listening to some of my own old shows, in particular the 60s "Flower Power" and the "Bubblegum Express" show, which was created for a Christmas Day show for 2013 or 14 ??   Anyway, Christmas is candy, yes?

Love you all!

Glad to see you on the air, Outhouse!

Back on again? I think it is saying "No fried fish today, The fryer is broken". Something like that, hard to tell since it is a synthesized voice  :)

Fried fish is bad for you anyway.,

yes, but damn it is good on the tongue....

Huh? / Re: A Bud in the Park
« on: July 31, 2020, 2357 UTC »
A Budweiser.   I thought maybe it was about the other kind of bud...

Huh? / Re: You Were In Radio, When!!!!!!!!
« on: July 31, 2020, 2348 UTC »
They were still using carrier-current AM in dorms at Michigan State University in the early '80s.  I dated this girl who was a disk jockey at one of them... and she actually appears in an old TCS promo "where the rock is always hard, and never stops coming" which she also helped to write. lol.    Damn, what was her name ??  lol

Huh? / Re: Curious
« on: July 31, 2020, 2344 UTC »
I think they are rather less likely to get bused with no IDing.  In such a case, the FCC would have to do a full DF just to identify the station each time it was on the air-- instead of knowing that "this is station X, which we have previously DFed to X area..."

With no ID and no "personality" to the station, there would seem little point for the FCC to try to chase after them.  They have enough to do already.

Can't say as I've ever heard this... but I don't understand what it is supposed to do...

I picked up some of this too, the #16.  It was here the 2nd day after I ordered it.  amazing speed.

Huh? / Re: Simplest Tx
« on: June 25, 2020, 0839 UTC »
  I decided to make an effort to let go of as much of my anger as I could, long ago.  It was an unhealthy emotion, I could feel it making me ill and aging me-- so I had to consciously move away from it.  Eventually I was able to negate the  effects of what had happened, so it really didn't matter anymore.  The fact is that being busted led me to produce much better shows than I think I ever had before,  that were also permanent and repeatable recordings, instead of the throw-away live stuff I had always done...

   I eventually felt that Pat had really not been entirely responsible for his actions any more, that he probably had suffered some brain damage in that motorcycle accident he had sometime around 2005-06 when he got hit in the head...  It should have been clear to anyone who followed his public posting activities around 2011-2012, there obviously was something wrong with his head...  so after a number of years, I just felt sorry for him, mostly.



Synthesized IDs are quite popular with stations, but are extremely difficult to decipher under poor, or even sometimes average, listening conditions.

There's an interesting paper here that discusses the problems older listeners have with understanding synthesized speech. Much of it has to do with missing frequency content:

I suspect the same problem plagues shortwave radio, due to interference, and the narrow bandwidths we sometimes have to employ.  (Not to mention the fact that there's a lot of older listeners) 

This is not a criticism, just a tip - if you want listeners to be able to figure out your station name, make it as easy as possible. This includes having a clear ID, spoken by a real person.  :)

I did an awful lot of audio processing on the few that I had made, to make them more copyable--  running them thru the amplifiers, and high and low pass filters on "Wavepad" and then testing them through a transmitter. 

I had used an ATT website to create the originals, but I remember now that they were very muffled and unreadable the first time they ran on the air, until I had worked them over.

You are certainly right, none of the voice synthesizers I used made fit copy for broadcast without considerable reworking of the audio.

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