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WDOG 6875 kHz AM 02:20 UTC 19 MAR 2023
SINPO 45343 in Northern Virginia. DX-398, longwire antenna.

02:20 UTC Song: Going for the One, by Yes.
02:24 Dogs barking.
02:24 Male announcer: "Time for one more ... on WDOG. Have a good evening".
02:25 Song: Starship Trooper: Life Seeker; Disillusion; Würm, by Yes.
02:33 Dogs barking and howling.
02:34 Off.

Thanks for the show! Please QSL at hhb9000 at hotmail.com.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WTF 6940 USB 0235 UTC 3 SEP 2022
« on: September 03, 2022, 0358 UTC »
WTF Radio  6940 USB 3 SEP 2022 03:30 UTC Copying the broadcast , but through much noise here in Northern Virginia. SINPO 35332

03:33 ID "WTF Radio ..."
Songs, but not copying them.
03:40 Mention of V for Velvet Underground. Song following.
03:41 "Letter W is for Who".
03:41 Squeeze Box by The Who.
03:45 "And the letter X goes to Xtasy".
03:49 "Everybody here is asking why. The letter Y."
03:52 "And finally WTF Radio brings you the letter Z".
03:52 Valley Girl by Frank Zappa.
03:56 Jingle: "WTF Radio Radio".

Thanks for the show! Please eQSL. hhb9000 (at) hotmail.com

Fair reception in Northern Virginia with deep fading. SINPO 35322. 6945 kHz AM

04:14 From East to West, by Voyager.
04:17 The Tide is High, by Blondie.
04:22 I Am What I AM, by Gloria Gaynor
04:25 Born to Be Alive, by Patrick Hernandez
04:28 ID jingle: "... Music Radio".
04:28 I Ain't Lyin'. by George McCrae
04:32 You Can Do It, by Al Hudson & The Partners.
04:36 Angel Fingers, by Wizzard
04:40 Funkytown, by Lipps, Inc.

Thank for the show! Please eQSL: hhb9000@hotmail.com

Shortwave Broadcast / WMLK 7 Aug 2022, 9275 kHz, 20:35 UTC
« on: August 07, 2022, 2120 UTC »
First time I have logged WMLK. Fairly good signal in Northern Virginia, SINPO 45444. Sermon with many mentions of Yahweh and the Assemblies of Yahweh. ID at 21:00 UTC.

WDDR 6960 USB  0059 UTC 07 AUG 2022 SINPO 45343 - Very nice signal to Northern Virginia.

03:35 Music.
03:36 ID as WDDR.
03:41 "Wolverine Show tonight". Taking requests.
03:43 West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys.
03:47 Melissa by the Allman Brothers Band.
03:51 There is No Time by Lou Red.
03:55 ID as WDDR, Drunken DJ Radio.
03:56 A Time for Everything by Jethro Tull.
04:00 ID as WDDR, Drunken DJ Radio.
04:00 Shady Lane by Pavement.
04:02 Instrumental, Midnight Blues by Snowy White.

Thanks for the show!


QSLs appreciated! hhb9000 at hotmail.com

SINPO 45343 in Northern Virginia. Best reception this evening.

23:56 Song: "Are Friends Electric?"
23:58 ID" "This is WDOG ... Back on the air".
23:59 Song: "Consolation Prizes".
00:02 "Here at WDOG we love interval signals". "This is WDOG. Please stand by for programming" repeated.
00:03 Shout outs.
00:03 Song" "Just So Easy".
00:07 ID: "WDOG".
00:07 Song.

Thanks for the show!

SINPO 32331. Interference and noise all but drowning this one out. Barely audible.

23:42 Indiscernable music.
23:44 Big band style song by male vocalist.
23:46 Big band style song by a female vocalist.

Thanks for the show! Wish I had clearer reception.

SINPO 35343 in Northern Virginia

23:18 Song: "Big Iron"
23:21 ID: "You are listening to Radio Genix".
23:21 Song.
23:25 Song
23:30 Song: "House of the Rising Sun".
23:34 ID: "You are listening to Radio Genix".
23:34 Narrative over music: Voodoo Trucker.

Thanks for the show!

Almost not audible via my DX-398. SINPO 45354 on the Washington, DC, SDR.

02:55 Music and sounds.
03:02 Male speaker: "... I hope you like ..."
03:04 SSTV.
03:08 Male speaker: "Now is the time for our next ...  pappa booga ... round and round and up and down". "Round and round and up and down" repeated.
03:10 Scary laughs into song.
03:17 Screams. Drums. Batman theme?
03:19 Instrumental. Guitar.
03:24 "Witch Doctor Head Shrinker Kit". "Shrunken heads for all occasions".
03:24 SSTV.
03:27 Song: "I Put the Voodoo".
03:29 "You don't have music like this at home". "I wonder if you cats can hear me?" "I didn't know the language so I said 'Take me to your leader'".
03:31 Instrumental, marimba or vibraphone.
03:24 Song: "Night Mares" by John Lowell.
03:36 Song: "The Voodoo Man" by The Kings Five.
03:38 Male speaker and spooky sounds.
03:39 Song.

Thanks for the Halloween show!

Peskies / UnID 6925 LSB 02:00 UTC 31 OCT 2021
« on: October 31, 2021, 0220 UTC »
UnID 6925 LSB 02:00 UTC 31 OCT 2021. SINPO 35343 on my DX-398. SINPO 55555 on the NA5B SDR.

Animated conversation going on among two to three individuals with much chuckling and exclaiming. Can't identify the language. Sounds Romance, but I don't think it's French, Spanish, Portuguese or Romanian. Maybe heavy slang. A mystery. 

Caught a classic rock program over WRMI. 5850 kHz, 04:50 UTC, 25 October 2021, SINPO 45444.

The playlist was like that of a pirate station: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Sunrise Superman and House of the Rising Sun. Took me back! The WRMI schedule shows The Overcomer Ministry at this time, which did start after the station ID at 05:00 UTC.

6960 kHz AM. SINPO 35332 in Northern Virginia on my DX-398

21:48 UTC Song: St. Elmo's Fire.
21:52 UTC Song: In the Air Tonight.
21:55 Male speaker with email address. (Not completely readable.)
21:55 Song: We Like to Party!, by Vengaboys.
21:59 Song: Hot, Hot, Hot, by Vengaboys.
22:02 Song: Irgendwo.
22:06 Male speaker with email address. (Not completely readable.)

Over to NA5B SDR in Washington, DC, for reception. Variable here. Noisy. S6. SINPO 35333.

02:00 SSTV
02:01 Music: "Time Will Make Us Forget Each Other".
02:03 Music: "Setting Sun". 
02:08 ID: "That works for me ... at Outhouse Radio". Off.

So I guess I'm tuned in to this station now. Had it mixed up with Syko Radio 6930 kHz at first. This station is now dominant with a strong and steady signal. SINPO 35444.

00:10 Song: "If It's All Right With You" by Catherine MacLellan
00:13 Male Speaker about Folk music.
00:14 Song: "A Place" by Ocie Elliott.
00:17 Song: "Another Page".
00:20 Song: "Paris" by Canyon City.
00:25 False Start. Dead air.
00:25 Song: "Cybele" by Yaz Williams.
00:28 Song: "Unfolding: by Luca Fogale.
00:32 ID: "KIND. KIND. Kindess Radio".
00:32 Song: "Ceremony".
00:35 Song: "Fireflies" by Arbour Season.
00:39 ID: "You're in tune with Kindnes Radio, KIND."
00:39 Song: "A Sea of Infinite Possibilities" by Graeme James.
00:43 Song: "Cold Hard Cash" by Jeremy Benjamin.

Thanks for the show and enjoyable music!

Fading in and then out. Good at times, poor at others. SINPO 25433. First logging of Sycko Radio in a long time.

23:55 Music. (I guess this is Techno Music? Not really sure what that genre sounds like.)
23:58 Song
00:02 Song

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