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SINPO 55344 on NA5B SDR, Washington, DC.

02:14 Music: "Prophecy Theme" by Toto.
02:18 Male speaker: "Five Earth minutes remain". "Attention. Attention. Attention. Attention". "These ships contain no visitors". Temperature of Earth is too low for them to survive. "Venus is more appropriate for our species. We will soon be your neighbor". "End of Message. End of Message".
02:21 Music: "A Gathering" by Brian Eno.
02:24 Male speaker.
02:24 Leave it to Beaver TV program introduction.
02:25 "We all had fun at the picnic". TV program sound with a child reading from a reader. Audio clip from Leave it to Beaver.
02:28 Signal is way down now, with some music.
02:29 Seems to be off.

Peskies / UnID Spanish 6900 kHz LSB 01:55 UTC 3 July 2021
« on: July 03, 2021, 0207 UTC »
SINPO 35333

01:55 Two-way communication in Spanish. Louder male speaker seems to be addressing "Paco". Mentions "calidad" (quality).
02:02 Mentions California.
02:09 Louder speaker says "Buenos noches".
02:11 Others, more distant, keep on talking. Guatemala mentioned twice.

Caught the tail end of the broadcast. SINPO 45344.

01:37 Male speaker: "Make every day count". Talk about UFOs.
01:38 ID: "Goat Herder Radio".
01:39 Song: "People's Parties" by Joni Mitchell.
01:40 Off.

Good reception this evening. SINPO 45444

02:22 Instrumental music with celesta.
02:23 Male speaker over music.
02:25 Music: "Within Attraction" by Yanni.
02:33 Male speaker: "Shoutout to HFU".
02:33 Music: "Nostalgia" by Yanni.
02:38 Male speaker. Shoutouts to HF Underground.
02:39 Music: "Swept Away" by Yanni.
02:48 Music: "Reflections of Passion" by Yanni.
Noise coming up but still very copyable.
02:58 Male speaker.
02:59 Off.

This is a great show! Thanks!

First try with my DX-398. I can hear it, but faint.
SINPO 15431 in Northern Virginia.

23:33 Male speaker with ID: "You're listening to the  ... Radio".
23:34 Music.

OK, I'll try switching to nearby NA5B KiwiSDR Web SDR in Washington, DC.
SINPO 45334 in Washington, DC.
23:36 Male speaker with shoutouts to HF Underground members.
23:37 Song: "Spill the Wine' by War.
23:42 Song "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones.
23:45 Shoutout to me! (Thanks, Yeah Man!)
"Yankee - Alpha - Hotel - Echo YEAH!"
23:46 Song: "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys.
23:50 Male speaker: "Wacky Wednesday".
23:50 Song: "Black Magic Woman" by Carlos Santana.
23:56 ID: "Yeah Man Radio on 6925. Bye everybody. Have a great week".
23:56 Song: "Suzie Q" by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Thanks for the show! Great music selection!

SINPO 25322

03:40 Fading in. ID "Pirate Without A Name".
03:40 Music with electronic sounds.
03:46 Shout-out to the HF Underground.
03:46 Music: Electronic Theme from Deliverance.
03:54 Shout-outs to HF Underground. Off.

Thanks for the show and shout-outs!

Radio Free Whatever 6960 kHz USB 23:56 UTC 27 June 2021 - 28 June 2021

Excellent reception in Northern Virginia. SINPO 45444.

23:56 Song: "Everything Has Changed" by Ben Coast.
00:00 Talk by DJ Dickweed, IDs of the previous songs and the Bunker Echo. ID: Radio Free Whatever.He says it's "hot in the bunker".
00:04 "Ripe as a banana that's been left out in the sun all day". He'll take a shower after the show.
00:04 Song: "Day to Day".
00:11 Song: "Ferry" by Moontype.
00:16 Song: "Too Cold to Hold" by Bass Drum of Death.
00:20 ID: "You're listening to Radio Free Whatever broadcasting live from somewhere under the Mikey Way".
00:20 Song: Milky Way" by Miami Horror.
00:25 Song: "American Cockroach" by Deep Valley.
00:29 Song: "Radium Girls".
00:32 ID.
00:32 Song: "Ice Cream" by Teenage Joans.
00:35 Review of songs played. ID: "This is Radio Free Whatever".
00:36 Song: "Spitfire" by The Prodigy.

Decent signal and I hear it. Electronic processing makes it difficult to copy. SINPO 35332

02:37 Electronic music.
02:38 Talk by a disguised/processed male voice..
02:38 Electronic music.
02:42 Talk by a disguised/processed male voice. Something about "...station..."
Reception improving.
02:52 Song: "Metropolis" by Kraftwerk.
02:55 Song: "When the Machines Rock" by Tubeway Army.
02:58 Talk by a disguised/processed male voice.
02:58 Song: "Crystal Japan" by David Bowie.
03:00 Talk by a disguised/processed male voice. Something about "...the machines...outside the ionosphere...earth station ... appropriate earth music..."
03:03 Music.
03:08 Different instrumental music.
03:11 Talk by a disguised/processed male voice.
03:12 Instrumental music with repeated phrases.
03:16 Talk by a disguised/processed male voice. Something about "...the ship..." Time pips.
03:17 Off.

Interesting and different show! Please eQSL.

Outstanding signal in Northern Virginia. SINPO 55444.

01:00 Song.
01:03 Song: "Peace Train".
01:06 ID: "Wolverine Radio".
01:06 SSTV image (unable to copy).
01:08 Off.

23:52 UTC Fade in for a bit of "Black Magic Woman" by Santana, then out. SINPO 15421.

20:00 UTC Can hear music in the background, but not rising above SINPO 15331 in Northern Virginia.

Skunk House Radio. 6930 kHz USB 23:25 UTC 21 June 2021. SINPO 45343.

Strong signal in Northern Virginia, but marred by atmospherics.

23:25 Song: "Hell" by Disturbed.
23:28 Song: "A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed.
23:31 Male Speaker. ID: "Skunk House Radio will come back when you least expect it and bite you in the rear".
23:31 Male speaker mentioned reception problems with noise.
22:32 ID: "Skunk House Radio Signing Off". "Catch you later".
22:33 Off.

Still, you were coming in through the noise pretty good at my QTH. Very copyable.

Captain Morgan Shortwave 6932 AM 00:06 UTC 21 June 2021.

Signal up and down in Northern Virginia. SINPO 35342 to 45343.

00:06 Song: "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" by Bob Dylan.
00:08 ID by male speaker: "... Captain Morgan ..."
00:09 ID by female speaker: "This is Captain Morgan Shortwave".
00:09 Song: "Early in the Morning" by Snooky Pryor and Mel Brown.
00:13 Song: "Me and You Last Night" by Guitar Shorty.
00:17 Song: "Tanqueray" by Johnnie Johnson.
00:23 Off? Nothing more heard.

Best Smooth Jazz. 12080 kHz USB  20:52 UTC  20 Jun 2021. SINPO 55455.

Exceptional signal in Northern Virginia!

20:52 Male and Female speakers. Larry and Pam getting remarried. Larry celebrating his 73rd birthday.
20:52 Music: "Worlds Outside" by Chris Botti.
20:55 Male and Female speakers. Web site: bestsmoothjazz.com.
21:00 Announcements: Donations to Best Smooth Jazz at the web site. Best Smooth Jazz store.
21:01 Song: "Cinco, Cinco Seis".
21:05 Telephone call-in from Michigan: Sam and Molly getting married.
21:06 Music "So Many Ways" by Brian Simpson.
21:09 Telephone call from Australia.
21:10 Music.
21:13 Talk about Cornwall.
21:14 Music
21:19 Talk about Dinky Toys.
21:20 Music
21:24 Song: "Things Go Better With Coca-Cola".
21:26 Female presenter: Shoutouts to listeners in Florida and on the Mississippi River.
21:27 Music
21:31 Male presenter: Shoutouts to Canada and East Yorkshire.
21:32 Music: "Rio Sol" by Lee Ritenour.
21:36 Celebrating Brian (Ian?) Wilson and his wife who are sponsoring the program
21:37 Shoutout to Sam and Molly on their wedding.
21:38 Music: "You and I" by Bobby Lyle.
21:42 Telephone call from the Dominican Republic.
21:42 ID: "Best Smooth Jazz from London, England".
21:43 Music.
21:46 Boris Johnson audio clip.
21:47 Music: "Today" by Dave Koz and Cory Wong.
21:49 ID: "You're listening to Best Smooth Jazz".
21:50 Music:

Wonderful jazz program!

(BTW, I see Shazam does not do well with instrumental jazz.)

6925 USB 01:20 UTC 20 June 2021. SINPO 44343.

Good signal, but significant QRN and intermittent interference.

01:20 Song: "I'm Beginning to See the Light" by Harry James.
01:22 Song: "Dream" by the Pied Pipers.
01:25 Music: "Northwest Passage".
01:27 Instrumental big band music.
01:30 Male speaker, interrupted by utility QRM. Mentioned a musical selection from 1946.
01:30 Instrumental big band music.
01:33 Song: "Cocktails For Two" by Spike Jones.
01:37 Song: "We'll Meet again".
01:40 Song with lyrics "I've been traveling miles around".
01:43 Abruptly off.

Good program of 1940s music!

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