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Just caught him. 6950 kHz USB. SINPO 25342

01:24 Unknown musical sounds.
01:24 ID "The Pirate Without a Name. 73's".

I also posted about this station in the SWBC forum. I first heard it on 12 June 2021 and have logged  it since. I've since noticed that the SWL community is picking up on it. I also initially thought it to be a religious broadcaster, but apparently it is in support of a Yourba independence movement in Nigeria.

Glen Hauser's bulletin appears to have the most information about the broadcasts. Apparently it is Radio Yoruba broadcasting via Woofferton on 9890 kHz. See http://www.hard-core-dx.com/article.php?story=20210614181502456&mode=print

Ron - Calif.

I looked at the Koiki Media page, but I don't see any mention of a shortwave broadcast on 9890 kHz. Just various Internet platforms.

I have found that other SWL sites are picking up on this station. Glen Hauser's report for 13-14 June 2021 states it is Radio Yoruba, transmits from Woofferton and was launched on 6 June. It is in support of a Yourba independence movement.

I must say that in all the years I've been DXing I've never before been in on the ground floor of a new service like this. Now, the question is, do they QSL? :)

Heard the SSTV transmission at 02:30-02:32 but could not decode.

Signal slipping back into the noise at 02:38.

6955 USB 02:20 UTC 14 June 21. SINP 15331.

It's there, but barely audible.

00:22 Song: "Country is My Rock" by Trent Tomlinson.
00:32 SSTV signal. Too weak to decode.
00:42 SSTV signal. Still to weak to decode.
00:45 Song.

6931 kHz AM 00:12 UTC 14 June 2021. SINPO 25332.

Propagation again coming and going.

00:12 Song: "Colors" by Black Pumas.
00:14 Song" "One More Night" Michael Kiwanuka.
00:22 Song: "I Need You" by Jon Batiste.
00:24 Male speaker talking over song.
00:27 Song: "Round Here" by Counting Crows.
00:31 Song: "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield.

Thanks for the program!

5185 AM 23:22 UTC 13 June 2021. SINPO 35333.

Roller coaster propagation. Signal will rise to a listenable level, then deep fade to noise, the back up, then fade again.

23:22 Song: Deja Vu.
23:24 Male speaker.
23:25 Song: Debt Collector.
23:28 Song: Don't Know Yet.
23:30-23:40 Music continuing but cannot copy.
23:47 Song: Lemon Glow.
23:54 Song: Real Love Song.
23:57 Song; Time Frame.
00:01 ID: "... Doctor Detroit ..." Male speaker.
00:02 Song: Ghostcity.

WREM 6960 kHz USB 01:50 UTC 12 June 2021. SINPO 35332.

Signal fading in and out in Northern Virginia. The program consisted of songs by R.E.M.

01:50 Song.
01:53 Song: "Get Up" by R.E.M.
01:55 ID: "WREM".
01:55 Song: 'The Great Beyond" by R.E.M.
01:59 Song.
02:04 Song: "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight" by R.E.M.
Good fade in and best point of reception.
02:11 Male speaker: "Next up on ..."
02:11 Song.
02:15 Fading out.

Thanks for the program!

Shortwave Broadcast / UnID 9890 kHz AM 22:15 UTC 12 June 2021
« on: June 13, 2021, 0147 UTC »
UnID 9890 kHz AM 22:15 UTC 12 June 2021. SINPO 45343.

Good signal in Northern Virginia, but with noise.

22:15 Christian broadcaster. Male speaker in English with African accent.
22:23 Song, then male speaker in vernacular.
22:25 Alternating with the same song followed by the male speaker.
22:30 No discernible ID. Might have mentioned Zambia, but not on Voice of Hope's schedule.

UnID WRMI? 9955 kHz AM 04:15 UTC 9 June 2021. SINPO 55333.

04:15 Female presenter with news and talk about Israel, the Palestinian situation and Jordan.
04:25 Abruptly off.

This frequency is WRMI until sign-off at 04:00 UTC. Nothing in the WRMI schedule about a program on 9955 kHz past 04:00 UTC. I listened again on 10 June, but nothing on this frequency after 04:00.

WEZL 6933 USB 00:25 UTC 10 June 2021. SINPO 35343

Good signal in to Northern Virginia, but marred by noise.

00:25 Song.
00:26 ID: "WEZL, the Easy One".
00:27 Song: "World Don't Owe Me" by Catie Curtis.
00:30 ID: "WEZL, the Easy One".
00:31 Song: "Angel".
00:35 ID: "WEZL, the Easy One". He's listening to remote receivers.
00:39 ID: "WEZL Radio".
00:39 Song" Watching the Apples Grow" by Stan Rogers.
00:41 Song: "Forty-Five Years" by Stan Rogers.
00:44 Strange music.
00:45 Talk by a male speaker.
00:49 Song.

Enjoyable program! Interesting selection of music from your collection.

Mix Radio International 6865 kHz USB 00:02 UTC 7 Jun 2021. SINPO 55444.

Excellent reception in Northern Virginia.

D-Day remembrance program co-produced by Mix Radio International and CoolAM Radio. Allied and German wartime music with period news bulletins of 6 June 1944 from CBS, NBC and Deutschlandsender Berlin. Excellent program! It was great to hear these clips on shortwave, as they might have been heard in 1944.

Other / N1S 14225 kHz USB 04:57 UTC 6 June 2021
« on: June 06, 2021, 1617 UTC »
Special Event Station N1S at the USS Nautilus, Groton, CT, working contacts for Museum Ships Week. SIO 333.

WEZL  6930 USB 00:17 UTC  6 June 2021. SINPO 34332

Very weak at first in Northern Virginia, then improving.

00:17 Song.
00:19 Talk by a male speaker.
00:20 Song: "Machine Gun Kelley".
00:27 Music: "Jerusalem Ridge".
Reception now improving.
00:34 Talk by a male speaker. Mention of WWVA in West Virginia. "Live in the shack tonight".
00:35 ID: WEZL. Talk about Mary McCaslin.
00:36 Song by Mary McCaslin.
00:38 Song by Mary McCaslin.
00:40 Song: "Ballad of Weavervlle" by Mary McCaslin.
00:43 ID: "WEZL Radio. Hope you enjoyed the show". He'll try to get those QSLs out.
00:45 Song: "Turning Away" by Mary Black.
00:49 End of program.

Thanks for the show!

UNID 6936 USB 00:05 UTC 1 June 2021. SINPO 25242.
Not hearing this broadcast as well as are others.

00:05 FDR's Day of Infamy speech.
00:10 Country style patriotic song with lyrics "...America's Free and It Will Always Be..."
00:13 Recitation by a male speaker "...lay down my life for my friend..."
Appears to have long pauses between sections.
00:24 Song: "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen.
00:32 Off?

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