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S9 signal tonight into Ohio with strange music.

S9 signal into Ohio tonight. Music and shout outs to listeners. Thanks for the show Rave on Radio!

- Thanks for the shout out ROR!!!!

Nice S9 signal into Ohio tonight. Thanks for the show Boom Box Radio!

S3 signal tonight into Ohio.

The Doctor Who show is S9+10 tonight into Ohio. Nice mix of music, thanks for the show!

- Sign off at 00:00 UTC with "Good Night Sweetheart"

Booming country western music at S9+20 into NE Ohio. Off at 00:45 UTC. Great program, thanks for the show!

S9+10 of blues music tonight into Ohio.Thanks for the show Captain!

S9+10 signal into Ohio. Thanks for the show!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Radio Strange 6950 AM 1415z
« on: October 13, 2013, 1425 UTC »
RSO7 ID at 14:24 UTC with music following. Good S8 signal here

S5 signal into Ohio with little fading

S8 signal into NE Ohio this morning, but with some fading. Thanks for the show!

Radio GaGa ID at 23:41 UTC. S9 signal into NE Ohio tonight with "Rubber Band Man"

- Special event station tonight. Thanks for the show!

S9+20 signal into NE Ohio this morning CW ID at 13:10 UTC

- Rebroadcast of 2006 & 2009 programs. Thanks for the show!

S9+10 signal tonight into NE Ohio. Audio seems a little distorted

Old time tunes booming in at S9+20 here in NE Ohio. Started off with "testing 123, can anyone hear me?" Thanks for the show Wolverine!

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