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Shortwave Broadcast / Various HF logs 11:15z - 13:38z 7-2-13
« on: July 08, 2013, 0558 UTC »
I've been up early some days lately and propagation was particularly good and storm noise low this morning.
I skipped over most of the Chinese broadcast logging's - there are so many of them!
11:15z  3260 khz NBC Sanduan West Vanimo  "I love hearing pidgen"
11:19z  3325 khz  Radio RI Palangka Raya Palang Karayu
11:22z  3385 khz NBC East New Britain  Rabaul  "More Pidgin"
11:25z  3480 khz Voice of The People  Kyonggi-do
11:29z  3925 khz Radio Nikkei Chiba-Nagura
11:36z 4755.5 khz PMA Cross Radio Pohnpei
11:38z 4835 khz ABC Northern Territory  Alice Springs - Blues music - English speaking Op - into Blondie tune
11:41z 4940 khz Voice of Strait  Fuzhou -  Chinese Language
11:44z 5020 khz Soloman Islands Broadcasting BBC Relay Hoiara
11:47z 5025 khz  Rebelde  Havana Cuba
11:51z 5925 khz CNR over Voice of Vietnam - Ran into a lot of this....
12:01z 6055 khz Nikkei 1 Nagura
12:06z 6010 khz Radio Bahrain Abu Hayan  some English language
12:10z 6015 khz North Korean noise jamming
12:15z 6050 khz PBS Xizang Baiding - Chinese language
12:20z 6055 khz Radio Nikkei Nagara
12:28z 6100 khz China Radio Int Bejing Chinese female speaking Russian Language
12:31z 6140 khz Radio Australia Kranji  English language
12:33z 6165 khz All India Radio  Delhi Khampur
12:37z 6400 khz Pyongyang Broadcasting  Kanggye Korean language
12:40z 6518 khz Korean Noise Jamming possibly over Voice of The People?
12:44z 7225 khz VOA Tinang Korean language
12:46z 7235 khz Radio Ethiopia Addis Abuba Gedja - Somali language - Interesting since I'm drinking Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee this morning.
12:53z 7285 khz Voice of Vietnam  Hanoi  in French language after 13:00z
13:32z 11680 khz KCBS Pyonyang Kanggye - Korean language
13:34z 11530 khz Voice of Russia Orzu Hindi language
13:38z 15585 khz Voice of Russia Moskva  Russian Language
Propagation was deteriorating rapidly through all bands after this time.. but really good morning SWL...

4:05 4:14 z tuned into very old time music - 20's - 30's ? , audio suggest old 78's or older cylinder recordings.
Signal S6 - S8 good audio levels for music, relatively good listening considering the fades and storm static.
4:14 - 4:17 z Male talking, possible ID? -low audio levels? - could not make out a word he said.
4:17 - 4:43 z Same genre music
4:43  4:44 z Op talking , same as before, some talk over music, ID? Off at 4:44z

I possibly have logged this station before but do not have my older logs, QLS's or recordings  anymore?

Shortwave Pirate / RTN 6940 AM 4:57z July-5-13
« on: July 05, 2013, 0500 UTC »
6940 AM  20 khz wide AM  S8 - S9+10

~4:40z fired up on 6924.6

~4:55z  neat, fast switch to 6940 AM  :)

Shortwave Pirate / RTN 6935 AM 4:27z 7-2-13
« on: July 02, 2013, 0434 UTC »
6935 AM  S8 to S9+10  20 khz wide

4:28 z  RTN ID E-mail address for reception report

Sonding great in Montana tonight RTN
I'll grab another "Moose Drool" and sit back and enjoy the show -
Thanks RTN!!!!!!

Shortwave Pirate / RTN test 6924.68 khz 3:10 z 3-2-13
« on: July 02, 2013, 0322 UTC »
Nice AM sig ~18 khz wide  S7 - S9  plenty of summer static

3:10 z tuned into Pleasant laid back music,  several numbers by so far sound like same (UNID by me) artist , male vocalist, a lot of electronic sounds.

NO ID's heard by me - Off at 3:19 z

Nice signal, music, and and modulation.

Shortwave Pirate / PPVR 6925 USB 4:54 ut 6-28-13
« on: June 28, 2013, 0505 UTC »
6925 USB
4:54 - 5:02 ut short test? transmissions whistle, PPVR ID's - no music so far.
5:02 - 5:13 ut nothing
5:13 ut - 5:21 ut  bits of music and talk? - breaking up really bad but S7 - S8 when it stays on a few seconds.
Technical problems PPV ?
5:24 - 5:26 ut more music - a little bit better , steady up to 10 seconds at times but still cutting out a lot.

QSLs Received / XFM E-QSL 6-21-13 broadcast
« on: June 27, 2013, 1828 UTC »
Very nice surprise in the email this morning.
Thanks! Redhat

Other / US Military Comm 6910khz USB 4:30 - 5:33 ut 6-24-13
« on: June 24, 2013, 1430 UTC »
6910 khz USB in the clear 4:30 ut - 5:32 ut then faded down into the noise.
Tuned into Military comm between air and ground.
Ground forces calling in KIA's & wounded - both enemy and friendly - grid numbers, captured AK weapons and possible IED materials, NATO round inventories, spotted Enemy patrols etc.

Spy Numbers / Numbers station 13750 khz USB 12:08 utc 6-24-13
« on: June 24, 2013, 1241 UTC »
13750 khz USB found in progress at 12:08 utc - ended 12:20 utc

Computer generated voice, female, numbers  0 thru 5 (in English) in groups of 8 separated by short pause.
Other pauses with speech and ending speech I could not make out. (English?)

This is the first time I've heard this one.

I have a 12 minute recording I'll listen to when I have time.

Also there was a weak AM carrier at 13750 khz but it was weak enough it did not interfere.

Shortwave Pirate / RML 6940 USB 3:22 ut 6-21-13
« on: June 21, 2013, 0340 UTC »
6940 usb  S7 - S8
Just caught the end of a Red Mercury broadcast around ~3:22 ut
"Release the Band" - 73's then off

Shortwave Pirate / Radio True North 6924.6 AM 4:30 ut 6/16/13
« on: June 16, 2013, 0458 UTC »
4:32 ut Billy Idol into Radio True North ID - Op chat E-mail address

Shortwave Vinyl Station

S9 - S9+10  nice wide Hi/fi AM

530 khz AM
5:40 - 5:55 ut
I've noticed CIAO the past few nights and tonight I have it at S7 - good enough copy to enjoy the laid back music.

BUT - Tonight I am also hearing some Spanish programming and music fading up in the background regularly -
I do not hear any time pips? -Still might be the Cuban station on 530 khz?

Interesting to note that the NDB's are rather week tonight as well...

5:55 - 6:05 ut  540 khz AM coming up and splattering the sig some - 530 khz now sounds stronger in Spanish - just recognized the word Cuba several times w male announcer talking...I suppose CIAO could be transmitting Spanish programming?

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6935 USB ~05:05 - 05:08ut 5-6-2013
« on: May 06, 2013, 0515 UTC »
6935 USB  3 khz wide  S5 - S7

One song broadcast of the Spinners Rubber Man Band came up right after WDDJ / Wolverine broadcast.

WDDJ was 3.8 khz wide - this was 3 khz wide and a bit weaker - Hmmmmmmm?

I missed the first few seconds -
4:37-4:41 ut Lenard Cohen Everybody knows..then off w/ no ID.

FYI  S8-S9+10  - good audio for 3 khz wide SSB

Looked at the waterfall - total time ~292 seconds

Back On
~5:10 ut Red Skies At Night - Same signal strength - same 3 khz wide.
  5:13 ut Dead Air or off again, No ID unless it was at the start of the tune.

6950 AM big wide AM sig  S7 - S9 excellent audio  some fades down to S6

2:14 ut on with nice UNID bluesy tune female singer
2:18 ut Radio Ronan Intro tune
2:21 ut RR SW ID - OP talking about Fleetwood Mac
into blues music now

Is this a RTN Relay???  - Thanks RTN - I thought that was your big wide beautiful AM sig :)

3:08 ut Signal bumping S9+10 now De-mod set at 12 khz - sounds great!
3:13 ut End  Radio Ronin Relay
3:14 ut Music w/  relay from Moscow? - De-Mod out to 18-20 khz now - Love the fidelity.....

4:20 ut  Thanks for the Shout out RTN - Was listening in the other room
on the Satelit 750 w/ whip antenna - Still S8 - S9+10 on the SDR -
nice bass from the SDR with the slight delay from the SDR processing mixing w/ the
sound from the analog Grundig 750 = nice reverb effect!

5:24 ut  RTN still rocking with nice mix - signal down a bit S7 - S9 but still sounding good..
6:15 - 6:18 ut signal back up S8 - S9+10 for Hotel California into The Who.

RTN Ids Setup for end of show - Thanks to HFU members for reports,
Waylon Jennings Good ole Boy -  Pirate Radio Song - RTN Id's - Off 6:35 ut

Thanks for the music RTN!! Great Show!!

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