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0130 utc on Brookfield WI sdr with fair S9+10 signal, various comedy bits including AT&T and ROTC ads, at 0145 various annoying sound effects, ad for "humanoids from the deep" movie starring Doug McClure, old spooky rock & roll tune from 1960's, various spooky music selections, at 0212 ad for movie "girls for rent" rated R, at 0221 creepy C&W tune "do you think I'm psycho, mama" then more sound effects, Sycko Radio ID at 0227, off at 0235, nice program, thanks.   

0014 utc on Brookfield WI sdr with S9+10  very wide signal with vestigial lsb, soft pop music, at 0023 "knowing me knowing you" by Abba, nice tunes, thanks, at 0036 said "texasradioshortwave@protonmail.com" then jazz instrumentals, at 0104 said "Mix Radio International" then played old record "you'd be surprised" then jazz tunes, at 0139 "yellow rose of Texas" then multiple MRI announcements then off at 0150. Thanks for the good music.     

S-on with an old Jefferson Airplane tune, fair S9 to S9+10 signal on Brookfield WI sdr, some strange distortion in audio, at 2347 "Ruby baby" by Dione and the Belmonts from 1963, more tunes, off at 2354 after audio troubles, came back on around 0000 with better audio, at 0021 DJ spoke with muffled audio and couldn't understand a word he said, at 0025 said "Worldwide Basement Radio" with better audio,     

S-on with "testing 1 2 3 can anybody hear me" at 0057 utc on Brookfield WI sdr with good S9+20 signal, at 0100 DJ said moving to 4015 usb, now good S9+10 on 4015 usb, at 0105 switched to Traverse City MI sdr with better S9+20 signal, old song "night on the water" then "milk and water" and other songs with the word "water" in them, nice program, thanks. At 0200 echo ID then SSTV/FAX.     

2308 utc on Brookfield WI sdr with fair S9 signal, techno dance music, DJ = Zeeky, 2318 two males talking politics, 2331 song "8 miles high" by The Byrds, at 2342 ID'd as Shroomer Radio, more techno pop music, at 0010 good S9+10 signal, at 0014 tuned in locally but only poor S9+20 peaks over constant S9+10 neighborhood noise, at 0027 heavy metal tune "you shook me all night long" by ACDC, thanks for the tunes.     

Came on with comedy bit with audience laughter, fair S9 signal on Brookfield WI sdr, at 2236 "don't eat that yellow snow" then at 2243 "St. Alfonso's pancake breakfast" both by Frank Zappa, at 2245 some kind of wideband data QRM, moved up to 6955 and played more Frank Zappa songs, at 2311 "dancing fool" spoof of disco, at 2334 SSTV/FAX, more Zappa, at 0002 SSTV/FAX then more Zappa, at 0030 SSTV/FAX, at 0033 song "happy trails to you" and Thunder Chicken Radio ID then off, great to hear Frank Zappa again. I have mixed feelings about him because I was IBEW and he was anti union. To be fair he had a few run ins with the teamsters. Thanks for the broadcast.     

Saw carrier on waterfall of Brookfield WI sdr with weak noisy S7-S9 signal, jazz with applause then comedy bit by people with British accents, at 0031 back to music, at 0038 back to spoken words then more jazz, at 0211 woman singing slow song with jazz music, off air at 0232 utc, thanks for the tunes, tough copy, pirates should use ssb unless they have about 1,000 watts, 

Saw it come on the waterfall of Brookfield WI sdr with fair S9 signal and rock music, later on blues and rap music, at 2358 song "stand by me", at 0010 "Chantilly lace" by Big Bopper, signal down to S7 at 0042,   

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6915 AM 0030 UTC 19 NOV 2023
« on: November 19, 2023, 0033 UTC »
0030 on Brookfield WI sdr with fair/poor S9 to S9+10 signal, urban contemporary music, off suddenly at 0036, 

Tuned in at 0033 on Traverse City MI sdr with fair S7 to S9 signal, heavy metal tune playing,

2301 on Brookfield WI sdr with fair/poor S7 signal, Frank Zappa tunes including "dirty love", at 2319 song "dynamo hum" (or is it Dinah Moe?) and signal improved to good S9+10+, at 2325 dental floss song, at 2337 SSTV/FAX of big angry chicken holding DNA helix, at 2340 heavy metal, excellent program, thanks. I'll have to play my Zappa LP's soon.   

Saw on waterfall on Brookfield WI sdr with weak S7 signal, electronic music, at 2236 SSTV/FAX, followed by electronic music with singing by woman, at 2255 SSTV/FAX,   

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6955 USB 0116 UTC 3 OCT 2023
« on: October 03, 2023, 0119 UTC »
Tuned in on both Barrington Hills IL and Traverse City MI sdr's with weak signals, rock music from 1960's and later, at 0143 song "Suzie Q" by CCR, off around 0153. Thanks for the tunes even though I could barely hear them. 

0145 in Traverse City sdr with S9 to S9+10 signal, song: "I fought the law and the law won", talk about war in Ukraine, at 0202 "Get Smart" theme then off.   

North American Shortwave Pirate / WDOG 6965 AM 0007 UTC 19 FEB 2023
« on: February 19, 2023, 0019 UTC »
Tuned in at 0007 on Barrington Hills IL sdr with fair S8 signal, song: "I ran so far away", at 0019 switched to Traverse City sdr with S9 to S9+20+ signal, at 0028 dogs barking along with music, at 0029 De La Soul "dance all dance all(?)", at 0033 "Jenny (867-5309)", at 0040 "I think I'm turning Japanese", at 0047 "video killed the radio star", still good signal at 0124utc, thanks for the nice variety of songs from late 70's thru 90's.     

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