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Tuned in at 0010 utc on Brookfield WI sdr with S7 to S9 signal, hear punk rock tunes, at 0018 utc SSTV/FAX, at 0020 punk rock tune that began with air raid siren, at 0029 read names of people posting in HFU including my name, Outhouse Radio ID, still on at 0105 while watching "60 minutes", faded out at 0110, thanks for the tunes.     

Tuned in on Normal IL sdr with fair S5 to S7 signal, FDR speech about sending planes, ships and other military good to Europe, at 0047 said slowly "W,F,D,R, good night". Thanks for the bit of history.

Tuned in on Normal IL sdr, poor/weak S3 signal, male talking at length about something, occasional ID "(something) Radio", possibly another pirate doubling on freq, at 0013utc Rolling Stones "brown sugar" with S9 signal, at 0019utc Stones "gimme shelter",   

Saw it on waterfall of Normal IL sdr with S3 signal, hear very weak music with singing,

Tuned in at 0106utc on Barrington Hills sdr with S9+10 signal, Beach Boys "Barbara Ann", at 0113 "Maybeline", Ballsmacker ID then at 0115 "Gloria" sung by the late Laura Branigan, at 0117 tuned in locally with noisy S9+20 signal over horrible S9+15 neighborhood noise, at 0120 Dolly Parton "Jolene", at 0131 "Suzy Q" by CCR, at 0134 "along comes Mary", seems to be a theme of women's names, at 0137 gave email address of ballsmacker@protonmail.com then a tune by the late Michael Jackson, at 0146 has mostly faded away, thanks for the nice tunes.       

Came on with "testing 1 2 3 can anybody hear me?" Said moving to 4015, at 0102utc heard "testing 1 2 3 can anybody hear me?" on 4015 then Wolverine ID then swing tune about Santa. At 0147utc switched to Brookfield WI sdr with slightly better reception, wide variety of xmas tunes, thanks for the show. at 0202utc echo ID then SSTV/FAX. 

Tuned in at 0025utc on Barrington Hills IL sdr, heard weak guitar xmas music under S5 noise level, DJ made announcement that I couldn't hear then off. Came back on a few min later at S7 level, hear song "mama told me not to come", at 0056 2 dog radio ID then Moody Blues "ride my see saw",   

Came on at 2257utc, tuned in on Barrington Hills IL sdr, weak S7 to S9 signal, sign on with "Abraham, Martin and John" then song "grooving", off at 2305 after ID. 

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 2342 UTC 2 OCT 2021
« on: October 02, 2021, 2347 UTC »
Tuned in on Normal IL sdr at 2342utc, fair signal, mournful guitar solo repeated twice, now blues guitar tune, quick SSTV/FAX then blues guitar,   

Tuned in at 0048 on Normal IL sdr, fair S9 signal, song: "have you ever seen the rain",

Tuned in at 0004utc on Normal IL sdr, fair signal S9 to 10 over S9, hear woman singing old blues tune with piano, various other tunes with the word "morning" in them, at 0016 black swing tune "morning noon and night", song: "good morning little school girl", Wolverine ID, song: "early in the morning", severe utility interference for a minute at 0023utc, at 0026 Joni Mitchell "Chelsea morning", at 0035utc Normal IL sdr down to S9 but Barrington Hills IL sdr up to 10 over S9, at 0044utc echo ID then SSTV/FAX, thanks for the nice program, Wolverine. After SSTV/FAX more pop tunes with the theme of "happy birthday", Wolverine ID, song: "happy birthday sweet sixteen", at 0111utc echo ID then another SSTV/FAX, thanks for the additional tunes.           

Tuned in on both Normal IL sdr and Barrington Hills IL sdr, weak but clear signal on both, hear what can only be described as country metal music, SSTV/FAX at 2217 followed by more of the same type of music, many old British heavy metal tunes by Black Sabath, at 2231 SSTV/FAX, alternating tunes and SSTV/FAX throughout broadcast, at 2259 the Doors "this is the end" which was featured in "Apocalypse now",     

Tuned in at 0035 on Normal IL sdr, see carrier on waterfall, weak noisy signal, barely hear audio, signal improving at bit, hear instrumental dance music, occasional static crashes, storms down in central IL, fired up receiver locally and barely detect carrier in ssb mode, too much digital hash in neighborhood, BTW, why does anybody bother to come on while Wolverine is on?   

Tuned in at 2349utc, fair signal,  Hollies "long cool woman", then silence. At 0001 repeat of "long cool woman" with occasional UTE QRM, at 0006 SSTV/FAX, another SSTV/FAX after song, long R rated version of song "Gloria", another SSTV/FAX, at 0045 several SSTV/FAX, at 0052 song "we gotta get out of this place", off at 0056 after final SSTV/FAX. Nice music, thanks.       

Was sitting on 6935, fair/good sig at my location, heard "testing 1 2 3 can anybody hear me", at 0005 swing tune from 1930's or 40's, variety of tunes with the word "stop" in them, at 0024 "stop in the name of love" the Supremes, also tried kiwi sdr's in Dixon IL and Normal IL and good signal there too, at 0101 echo ID then SSTV/FAX     

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