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Tuned back to 4065 and hear urban jazz, good signal, good audio, no ID yet, R8 & dipole. At 0026 Dick Weed came on IDing as CJ Jamal, playing natl anthem of Russia now. 

FM Free Radio / 87.9FM, 11:52am Sat 23 Sept 2017 in Blevidere IL
« on: September 24, 2017, 0012 UTC »
When leaving the annual hamfest at the Boone county fairgrounds in Belvidere IL, I tuned to 87.9 and I heard oldies music from the 1950's and 1960's. The signal was good and I kept hearing it while driving east on US20 (to avoid a $3 toll on I-90) and it finally faded out by the time I got to Marengo about ten miles east of Belvidere. There were several ads for national advertisers but the was no ID at the top of the hour. The program source was apparently either satellite or internet. If this is a pirate it must have at least 100 watts. 

S-on with former ussr natl anthem, DJ=Dick Weed said that he'd be back, good signal & good audio, R-2000 & dipole.
Suddenly stopped at 2317utc, is he off? I'm doing email and watching TV at same time.
Back on at 2333utc. Off again at 0001utc after saying "goodbye."

S-on with "testing 1 2 3 can anybody hear me?", Wolverine ID, old big band tune, R-2000 & dipole. At 0034 switched to Drake R8 which has wider bandwidth, has finer freq resolution and feeds a 20 watt amp and big speaker. (edit) seems to be songs with the word "night" in them.
(2nd edit) SSTV/FAX at 0153utc, off at 0155utc. Good program, thanks.  

poor sig, light static, sounds like punk or heavy metal rock, R-2000 & dipole.

North American Shortwave Pirate / TCS 6870 am 0058 utc 5-13-17
« on: May 13, 2017, 0059 UTC »
Tuned in at 0058utc, good signal for an AM pirate, Hear bubble gum music, said Crystal Ship bubblegum express, R-2000 & dipole.
(edit) as of 0111 fading away under low noise level.

Longwave Loggings / LF beacon logs from Thurs 19 Jan 2017
« on: January 21, 2017, 0228 UTC »
On Thursday evening after 10PM CST (0400utc Fri 20 Jan 2017) I tuned around between
100 and 500 kHz on a Drake R8 using a 7mhz dipole. These are what I heard:

212, 1khz tone, unid.
216, 1khz tone, unid.
223, YYW, Armstrong, Ont, Can.
229, 1khz tone, unid.
235, 1khz tone, unid.
245, YZE, Gore Bay, Ont, Can.
248, UL, Montreal, QC, Can.
257, YXR, Earlton, Ont, Can.
278, NM, Matagami, QC, Can.
329, YHN, Hornepayne, Ont, Can.
332, QT, Thunder Bay, Ont, Can.
335, YLD, Chapleau, Ont, Can.
341, YYU, Kapuskasing, Ont, Can.
351, YKQ, Fort Rupert / Waskaganish, QC, Can.
356, IUL, Laport, IN, USA.
362, SB, Sudbury, Ont, Can.
366, YMW, Maniwaki, QC, Can.
371, both 1k and 400hz tones, unid.
389, EN, Kenosha-Codee, WI, USA.
397, 400hz tone, unid.
413, YHD, Dryden, Ont, Can.
417, HHG, Huntington, IN, USA.

BTW, FYI, several years ago the beacon on 368 known as OH was shut down.
It, or at least the shed, is still there along with the metal fence surrounding it.
One wood pole is still in place along with an upfeed wire and insulator.
The longwire antenna used to be stretched across the northeast corner of the
parking lot of the Northwest Community Hospital complex in Arlington Heights, IL.
That lot has been replaced by a Parking garage. You can see the beacon shed
on google earth. It is on the south side of Kirchhoff road where Ridge street ends.
Also the 75mhz antennas have been removed. It is 3 miles (5km) due west of me. 

(edit) On Friday 27 Oct 2017 I drove over that way to attend an estate sale and the shed, pole and fence
were gone and a landscaping crew was raking new soil on that plot of land and possibly seeding it.
Only a matter of time until it is gone from google earth.

(edit) On Wed 27 Dec 2017 at 11pm cst or 28 Dec at 0500utc google earth still shows fence and shed.
(edit) On Fri 16 March 2018 at 8 pm cdt or 17 Mar at 0100 google earth still shows fence and shed.
(edit) On Fri 26 May 2018 google earth shows it all gone but if you then click on google maps it's still there.
(edit) On Fri 26 Oct 2018 google maps shows it gone but both show some grayish brown covering on the new lawn.

6925am, 1-8-17, 0540utc, poor/weak, dance music, heard ID as Liquid Radio, didn't get email address because of poor reception. R8 & dipole.
(edit) Just got an email from Liquid Radio. liquidradionline.com

Shortwave Broadcast / The Mighty KBC, 6145am, 0107utc, 1-1-17
« on: January 01, 2017, 0118 UTC »
Fair/poor sig with semi rapid fading, played "ballad of the green beret", old style jingles from the 60's, R8 & dipole. (edit) OOPS, I had a feeling this was not a pirate. Thanks, everybody.

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Verdad, 4055am, 12-20-2016, 0500utc
« on: December 20, 2016, 0519 UTC »
Just signed online. I have been listening to 4055am for about a half hour, weak signal, at first thought it was a tropical band station but seemed to be English language gospel music. At 0511utc they played "glory glory halleluia" which a foreign stn is unlikely to play. Still listening. RF-4900 & dipole. (edit) Woman speaking at length about something but audio so bad it's impossible to understand anything she's saying. At 0523utc organ music with singing. (2nd edit) preacher preaching but audio so crappy I can't understand a word, which is probably just as well.  

Heard ID from DJ, fair sig, R8 & dipole. Now hearing what sounds like Jimi Hendrix, signal decreased to poor/weak.
(important edit) OOPS! It's Radio Free Euphoria. My mistake. At first I thought it was RFW. Sorry.
(edit) Freq drifted up to 6932 as of 0124utc.

North American Shortwave Pirate / unid, 5150 am, 0251 utc, 9-24-16
« on: September 24, 2016, 0254 UTC »
Fair sig with some static, hear old tune from circa 1970, I don't know name of tune but refrain at end goes: "I'm getting closer to my home", RF-4900 & dipole.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID, 6935am, 0230utc, 9-3-16
« on: September 03, 2016, 0232 UTC »
fair/poor sig, punk rock tune, RF-4900 & dipole. (edit) various comedy clips, a bit of rap music. (2nd edit) somebody put a lot of effort into this program.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID, 6930usb, 0210utc, 09-03-2016
« on: September 03, 2016, 0216 UTC »
Light jazz-rock, fair/poor signal, light databurst QRM de nearby utility stn, RF-4900 & dipole. (edit) dance music at 0217utc after minute of dead air.

Tuned in at 0225utc, weak sig with throbbing FM of carrier but punk rock in AM. Not the usual programming on this freq. (edit) Switched from Drake R8 to Panasonic  RF-4900, sig still has throbbing freq modulation, stn playing heavy metal now (dazed and confused), sig fading in and out. (2nd edit) storms approaching, must shut down, sorry.

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