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Poor sig at or below noise floor, heard laughter and singing, old cigarette ad ending in "sold American", this station seems to be always on, perhaps it's legal.

Barely hear audio, poor sig, possible old radio programs with ads from that era, have to tune in with usb due to utility qrm on lower side, R2000 & dipole.

S-on with old USSR natl anthem, fair sig, R2000 & dipole, Edit: various soft pop tunes most of which I don't recognize, but fairly ok tunes. dickweeddj@gmail.com

Old rock and roll tune, weak, fading in and out, hear saxophones in swing type R&R tune "lets have a party", now hearing blues, nice program. At 0147 twilite zone music and ID "Captain Morgan Shortwave", off at 0149utc. captainmorganshortwave@gmail.com

Just barely hear "beer barrel polka" below noise floor. R8, dipole. Thanks S. McArdle for the ID. Edit: At 0254 still below noise floor here in NE Illinois. Thanks for audio clip.

Poor/weak, generic pop music, slow talking couldn't understand much, now another pop tune, at noise floor, better using usb mode, R-2000 & dipole. Edit, heard him mention my post on the air, tried various pronunciations of my name. 2nd edit: He sounds like he's had a few drinks. It would be nice if he said the name of his station a few times.  

hard rock rap music, reading posts from this site. Oh jeez, now he's playing "baker street" and I had to tune away. That tune has that sax riff that gets stuck in the head. I hate it.

S-on with old USSR natl anthem, then talk, poor sig.

At 11pm tonite Thurs 31 Oct 2013 WBEZ Chicago will run (I think) the infamous 30 Oct 1938 broadcast by the Mercury theater starring Orson Wells. You can hear them at wbez.org or if you're here in Chicagoland you can tune in WBEZ on 91.5FM or WBEQ Morris IL on 90.7FM. That's midnight Fri EDT, 11pm Thurs CDT, 10pm MDT, 9pm PDT or 0400utc Fri 1 Nov 2013.

Poor, dance music, announcements sound European but I doubt if it is. Thanks to everybody for the ID of the station. Off at 0131utc.

FM Free Radio / Has anyone ever been an SCA pirate?
« on: September 30, 2013, 0051 UTC »
Has anybody ever put an FM transmitter in their car, put their recorded program onto an FM subcarrier of either 67 or 92 kHz, put the subcarrier into the FM transmitter, parked outside of a place of business such as a fast food place and heard their program on the loudspeakers in the place of business? I had thought of doing that but never got around to doing it. Now of course it's too late because background music has gone to satellite, cable and internet delivery.

North American Shortwave Pirate / unid 6950am 0330utc
« on: September 15, 2013, 0332 UTC »
poor, at noise floor, somebody talking, saying too many people in world. Anybody else hear this? Now hear pop/rock.

S-on with a Grateful dead tune, fair/poor with some static, additional tunes that I can't ID. Becoming weaker, (edit) now stronger, J Airplane "Volunteers of America", off at 0137utc. Good show, thanks.

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925 LSB 0100 unid so far
« on: May 26, 2013, 0108 UTC »
Symphonic rendition of a Pink Floyd tune, now on another symphonic tune. Was good, now fair. I went over to 6955 upper for a moment and came back and heard nothing. Hope they didn't ID while I was gone. (edit)You are right, it was a pink floyd tune.

S-on with testing 123 can anybody hear me, big band swing, this program has songs about the wind. SSTV/FAX at 0236, off at 0238. Thanks for a nice program Wolverine Radio. That must take a lot of work.

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