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Been listening to music on 3905 AM for over a half hour, fair signal S5 in New Hampshire and good copy when the USA SSB QRM subsides.

Heard an ID around 2335z, "This is eighties radio" but not too sure

2342z Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love
2350z Cover of Banana Boat Song
2353z Cover of Jamaica Farewell
2354z Ad for a Dublin clothes store
2357z Gave an FM frequency, maybe a relay of a commercial FM station
0000z Irish/Dublin/European news
0003z Mix: Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Dance To The Music, Horse With No Name, California Dreaming...

Good signal in New Hampshire, S8 but noise is peaking at S9

0008z Supremes - Come See About Me
0012z Madonna - Sorry
0017z Neil Diamond - I Am I Cried
0027z America - You Can Do Magic
0031z WILD ID
0040z James Taylor
0044z Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

Good signal in New Hampshire, S6 with low noise levels (so far)

2321z Radio Free Whatever ID with DJ Dickweed
2336z ID, sounding good with good music in lieu of...
2350z DJ Dickweed is on 75 meters cause he wants to have a big beefy signal in his home territory (the upper right quadrant of the US)

Great signal in New Hampshire, S9+10 - Freq is 5130

2305z Doors - Roadhouse Blues
2309z "This is rock and roll radio, stay tuned for more rock and roll"  Still KWAK/Zeke?
2310z Black Crowes Hard To Handle

OK, Thanks Treehouse...

Good signal in New Hampshire, S7 and about even with the noise

0003z Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time
0006z Grace Jones - La Vie En Rose
0025z "Welcome to the vault" and off...

Sounding great, keep up the good work

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6905 USB 2340z Aug 14, 2020
« on: August 14, 2020, 2342 UTC »
Fair signal in New Hampshire, S6 and the noise level is only S3-S4 so pretty good copy

2341z Changes In The Night?
2344z Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
2347z Janet Jackson - When I Think Of You
2351z ID? into Sounds Of Blackness - Optimistic
2356z Guess Who - Hang On To Your Life
0000z Hall & Oates - Out Of Touch
0014z Mariah Carey - Anytime You Need A Friend
0016z Alabama - Take Me Down
0020z ID? into Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting
0023z Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again
0028z ID WWI something? and Off

Down in the S8-S9 noise here in New Hampshire - tough copy

0129z The Band - The Weight
0134z Playing For Change - All Along The Watchtower (with Captain Morgan ID)
0138z Playing For Change - Gimme Shelter, Higher Ground

Good signal in New Hampshire, S8-S9 and mostly above the noise

0119z Afro Celt Sound System - Life Begin Again
0123z Radio Nova ID and SSTV
0125z Off, Thanks for the show Nova

Good signal in New Hampshire, S9+ and nicely above the noise

0112z Taj Mahal - Strut
0115z Op says lightning is approaching so he's signing off...

Sorry I missed the show Zeke, maybe next time

Good signal in New Hampshire, S9 which is about even with the static level

0048z Captain Morgan ID
0051z Kung Fu Fighting
0055z Sly - Hot Fun in the Summertime
0057z ID into Lime in the Coconut

Good signal in New Hampshire, S5 and a bit above the static levels

2340z Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone
2345z Vault ID
2346z The McCoys - Hang On Sloopy

Fair signal in New Hampshire on 6984.9 AM, S4 and about even with the static levels

2304z Doors - Light My Fire
2311z ID, "This Is The Vault"
2311z Byrds - Mister Tambourine Man
2320z Vault ID into ELO - Evil Woman
2324z Who - Won't Get Fooled Again
2333z Cover of It's All Over Baby Blue, Van Morrison?
2337z Stones - Get Off Of My Cloud
0045z Still sounding good in NH, S5-S6

Fair signal in New Hampshire, S4 and down in the static a bit.  Also some UTE QRM on frequency now and then

0031z Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
0059z Off, Thanks for the show Fox

Contact at: radiofox48@hotmail.com

Fair signal in NH, S8 which is about even with the noise here tonight

0032z Springsteen - Born In The USA
0036z Chicago - Saturday In The Park
0040z ION ID into Elton Jonn -  Philadelphia Freedom
0049z James Brown - Living In America
0054z John Mellencamp - Rockin' In The USA

Good signal in New Hampshire, S6 with storm static peaking S7

2120z Judy Collins - Clouds
2122z Zeke on the mike, checking out the system - got the summertime blues
2132z Dire Straits - Soldier Of Fortune
2139z "In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm Zeeky"

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