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Fair signal into New Hampshire, S4 and about even with the noise

2127z Dionne Warwick - Do You Know The Way To San Jose
2130z Eric Burdon - Sky Pilot
2141z. 2144z Op talking but no copy, signal has faded down into the noise

2008z Tough copy in New Hampshire, S3-S5 and in/out of the noise

Fair signal in New Hampshire, S5 with some choppy UTE QRM

2024z Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restuarant (live)
2041z Radio Gaga ID - Signal up to S7 now
2041z Ace - How Long Has This Been Going On?

1819z Weak in New Hampshire - S3 and down in the noise

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6930 USB 2340 utc 23 Nov 2019
« on: November 23, 2019, 2344 UTC »
2340z Good signal in NH - S7, a couple of songs clips and off

2311z Only S3 in New Hampshire and down in the noise
2313z Op talking, but no copy
2314z The Black Keys - Lonely Boy
2331z Anthem and Off...

1922z Weak in New Hampshire, S2 and a bit below the noise level
1924z Op talking but not getting much

Only S4 in New Hampshire but that's abve the noise (so far)

0007z Wait 'Til The Sun Shines Nellie
0009z Wishing And Waiting For Love
0012z Wait 'Til This Happens To You
0015z Waitin' For The Train To Come In
0019z How Long Must I Wait For You?
0021z (Tired Of Waiting For You Baby)
0023z You Gotta Wait ('Til Our Wedding Day)
0025z Ruth Brown - I'll Wait For You
0028z Fats Domino - Wait And See
0030z Kinks - Tired Of Waiting For You
0032z Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For My Man
0037z Hendrix - Wait Until Tomorrow
0041z Neil Young - I've Been Waiting For You
0042z Grass Roots - I'd Wait A Million Years
0045z Robin Trower - I Can't Wait Much Longer
0050z Stones - Time Waits For No One
0057z Bob Marley - Waiting In Vain
0101z Tom Petty - The Waiting
0105z Eric Clapton - She's Waiting
0110z John Mayer - Waiting For The World To Change
0113z SSTV and off

2230z Weak here in New Hampshire, Jazz music S4 with lots of QSB down into the noise
2241z Off

Weak here in New Hampshire, S3 and in/out of the noise

2226z Radio Johnny Tobacco ID

edit by Ray : date

Good signal into New Hampshire, S4 and nicely above the noise.

2139z Sweet Caroline cover and then Lenoard Cohen - Suzanne
2144z Mike Radio ID
2148z Hello Mike Radio... ( www.mikeradio.nl )
2158z Shutting down to re-tune antenna, back soon
2201z Back with Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
2213z ID, reports to: mikeradio@live.nl
2216z Signing off with The Allman Brothers

Thanks Mike Radio, good to hear you again

Halloween sound effects, fair signal, S5 and mostly above the noise

0003z Cab Calloway - The Nightmare
0007z Cyril Smith - With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
0009z Tommy Dorsey - As Long As You Live You'll be Dead If You Die
0011z Anita O'Day - The Walls Keep Talking
0014z Haunted House Boogie?
0017z Dinah Washington - My Man's An Undertaker (He's Got A Coffin Just Your Size)
0019z Skip Manning - Devil Blues
0022z Chance Halliday - Bury Me Deep
0024z Elites - Jack The Ripper
0026z Spellbinders - Casting My Spell (On You)
0029z Devotions - Devil's Gotten Into My Baby
0032z Rough Traders - Voodoo Child
0036z Presidents Of The U. S. of A. - Ghosts Are Everywhere
0039z Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks
0041z Short Stack - Werewolves
0047z Johnny Cash - Ain't No Grave (Can Hold My Body Down),  thanks Johnny
0049z Jamie T - Zombie
0053z Swingrowers - Midnight
0056z SSTV's and off, thanks Wolverine and Happy Halloween

Thanks to Shazam for the tune ID's

Sounding good in New Hampshire, S7 and nicely above the noise

2245z "Broadcasting live from TrumpTown..."
2254z RFW ID and playlist

2156z Fair signal in New Hampshire, S5 and mostly staying above the S7 noise peaks
2201z Moved up to 6275
2216z Signal holding up nicely at S5-S6, it that you Johnny?
2217z Merle Haggard - Going Where The Lonely Go
2224z ID, Radio Johnny Tobacco
2225z Shouts to HFU posters... helloooo Johnny :)
2235z Alan Jackson - Livin' On Love (especially for SkipMonkey)
2238z Heather Myles - Love Me A Little Bit Longer
2245z Johnny Cash - Home Of The Blues
2250z JT playing Skip's request (The Archies - Sugar, Sugar :) )
2257z Hank Williams - There's A Tear In My Beer

2307z JT signing off soon, Thanks for the show Johnny
2308z Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again
2311z Off

2214z Good signal in New Hampshire, S9 and well above the noise
2225z DJ Dickweed recalling his trip to Detroit, Radio Free Whatever ID
2231z ID, S9+ now
2236z Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open The Door
2247z DJ Dickweed found an abandoned pair of Bose studio speakers, replaced his old Radio Shack speakers in the bunker, big improvement

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