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Good signal in New Hampshire, S8

2025z Radio Olah ID
2026z James Brown - Cold Sweat Parts 1 & 2
2033z His amp meter peaked 60w on those James Brown screams at the end of Cold Sweat...
2035z Off, sorry I missed most of the show

Fair signal in New Hampshire, S3-S5 with low noise levels so far

2208z Shout-out to Skipmuck
2210z The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
2216z Guns N' Roses - November Rain
2222z Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
2226z Cupid Radio ID (thanks for the shout...)
2226z Creed - Higher
2231z Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight
2235z Kings Of Leon - Wait For Me
2238z Aerosmith - Crazy
2243z Bruce Springsteen - Tougher Than The Rest
2248z Andreas Johnson - Glorious

2250z Good to hear you again Cupid - Signal is still holding up nicely, peaking S5

2254z Within Temptation - Ice Queen
2301z Rammstein - Engel
2305z Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

Nice signal in New Hampshire tonight, S9 - Playing year-in-review (100 tunes)

0026z Radio Free Whatever ID
0040z DJ Dickweed wishing everyone a Merry Christmas (and a shout-out to Mom - Hi Mom!)
0046z ID, "Flagship of the Pirate Radio Armada"
0100z RFW ID, still sounding good here - S9+10 (When you're tired of listening to Christmas music)
0114z Maybe he won't be able to get to all 100 tunes :)
0128z DJDW cured his snoring using a DIY snore-stopper he saw described on Youtube (with a few difficulties)

2358z Very weak tonight in New Hampshire, S3-S4 and down in the noise
0006z Captain Morgan ID

Great signal in New Hampshire, S9

2343z DJ Dickweed talking about playing Christmas music (not)
2353z DJDW explains why he's really not much interested in Christmas hype
2354z Thanks for the shout DJDW
0002z "Flagship of the Pirate Radio Armada"
0009z DJDW says no love goo on the walls of his new bunker (watches xxx videos elsewhere now) so you're free to visit without such concerns...
0013z Still S9 here in NH

0034z Bye for now DJDW, thanks for the show - Still S9

2221z Great signal in New Hampshire on 4070, S9+10

Good Signal in New Hampshire on 6950, S6-S8 - Theme: Doctor

0003z Betty Hutton - Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
0006z Ray Charles - I Don't Need No Doctor
0009z Beatles - Doctor Robert
0011z Mary Wells - The Doctor
0014z Stones - Dear Doctor
0017z Jackson Brown - Doctor My Eyes
0020z Little Feat - Rock And Roll Doctor
0023z Steely Dan - Doctor Wu
0026z Joe Cocker - I'll Be Your Doctor
0030z SSTV

0034z Moved to 4015, signal pretty much the same, S6-S8 - Theme: Right and Wrong...

0035z Ethel Waters - Brother You've Got Me Wrong
0037z Big Bill Broonzy - Out With The Wrong Woman
0040z Peggy Lee (w Benny Goodman & His Orchestra) - Why Don't You Do Right?
0043z Nat King Cole - Straighten Up And Fly Right
0046z Billie Holiday - I've Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
0048z Chuck Willis - It Ain't Right To Treat Me Wrong
0051z Lucky Millinder - The Right Kind Of Lovin'
0054z B.B. King - Everything I Do Is Wrong
0056z Miller Sisters - There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong
0059z Carl Perkins - You Can Do Me No Wrong
0101z Platters - It Isn't Right
0104z Impressions - It's All Right
0106z Byrds - It Won't Be Wrong
0108z Blind Faith - Well All Right
0113z Dr. John - Right Place, Wrong Time
0116z Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong
0119z Joe Jackson - Right And Wrong
0124z Bryan Ferry - The Right Stuff
0129z Spin Doctors - Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
0133z SSTV and off

As per usual, thanks to Wolverine for the tunes and Shazam for the IDs

2337z Good signal in New Hampshire, S8

2317z Good signal in New Hampshire, S7

Good signal in New Hampshire, S9 - Christmas blues tunes from the Captain

2312z Taking Care Of Business cover
2314z ID and into Christmas blues tunes from the Captain
2318z Yes, He's back and S9+ with "Merry Christmas Baby"
2332z Off again...

1958z Weak to Fair in New Hampshire (on 6284) - Lots of QSB S2-S5
2013z Off or faded to nil

Good signal in New Hampshire, S7-S9 - Looks like we're getting a "Time" themed show...

1910z Burry Cookie ID by Peter Lorre, "Relay by the Pirate Radio Operators Network"
1915z Zombies - Time Of The Season
1919z Asia Only Time Will Tell
1924z Koto - Time
1931z Silent Circle - Time For Love
1936z Southside Johnny - The Time
1940z Peter Lorre signing off with SSTVs of Peter Lorre and Burry's products (Call field field contains "Radio Illuminati")

1950z Al Stewart - Time Passages (CT Yankee request, nice...)
1956z The Doors - Love Me Two Times (thanks)
2000z Jim Croce - Time In A Bottle (CT Yankee request #2)
2002z Off - Great show, Thanks RI

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WENO 6930 usb 2225 am 7 Dec 2019
« on: December 07, 2019, 2241 UTC »
Good signal in New Hampshire, S9

2240z, 2243z WENO ID
2245z "Welcome to the voice of ENO"
2250z "Broadcasting from lower earth orbit"
2255z "WENO says: Thanks for listening"
2300z "Brian Eno at the helm at a beach far away from you"

Good on 4015 in New Hampshire, S7

0047z Billy Holiday - God Bless The Child
0048z Helen Forrest - My Sister And I
0051z Kitty Kallen - My Heart Belongs to Daddy
0054z Dinah Washington - Mellow Mama Blues
0057z Frances Faye - I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
0059z Baby Face Lewis - Grandma And Grandpa
0102z Wynonie Harris - Grandma Plays The Numbers
0105z Ruth Brown - Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean
0108z Ernie K-Doe - Mother-In-Law
0110z Shirelles - Mama Said
0112z Blenders - Daughter
0114z James Brown - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
0116z Creedence - Fortunate Son
0118z The Band - Rag Mama Rag
0121z Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
0128z Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Teach Your Children
0131z Sly and the Family Stone - Family Affair
0134z Grateful Dead - Mama Tried
0137z Grateful Dead - Me and My Uncle
0140z Paul Simon - Mother and Child Reunion
0143z War - Me and Baby Brother
0147z Eric Clapton - Motherless Children
0151z Ry Cooder - Little Sister
0155z Stone Coyotes - Mama Take a Look At Me Now
0158Z SSTV and Off

Thanks Wolverine for the tunes and Shazam for their IDs

Good copy in New Hampshire, S5

2151z Roger Miller - King of the Road
2153z Sam the Sham - Wooly Bully
2157z Mr. Bojangles (cover)
2201z Perry Como - Round and Round
2205z Dionne Warwick - Walk On By
2210z Radio Harmony ID
2215z Stevie Wonder - For Once In My Life

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