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0027z Good signal in New Hampshire tonight, S8 and nicely above the noise

2337z Fair signal in New Hampshire, S5 and just a bit down in the noise

0147z WTF ID - Good signal in New Hampshire, S9+.  Was very weak earlier, down in the noise.
0154z David Bowie - Rebel Rebel
0202z Off in the midst of a tune, hope everything's ok

Thanks for the show

1331z Just a hint of a signal here in New Hampshire, hear someone talking down in the noise

Fair signal in New Hampshire, S3-S5 and mostly staying out of the S8 noise peaks

2140z "Moving to frequency 6305" - I don't hear him but there is someone on 6300, is that him?
2146z OK, that seems to be him on 6300
2148z Johnny Tobacco en Franšais
2153z Abu Dhabi Radio ID
2202z JT giving shout-outs to all us HFU posters, thanks Johnny
2214z Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again
2215z Off, thanks Johnny

Tough copy, down in the S8-S9 noise (also QRM from UTE above so listening in LSB)

1042z The Band - The Weight
0146z ID, Twilight Zone Theme (and off)

2230z Good signal in New Hampshire, S8-S9+
2238z Radio Free Whatever ID from DJ Dickweed and some info on recent tunes
2249z DJ Dickweed reminiscing about ladies pubes
2307z Static levels are starting to come up but still S9+ so great copy
2310z "She Wants To Feel My Hemi" - yeah... mopar forever
2327z "Flagship of the Pirate Radio Armada", Ahoy Radio Nerds!

2342z Damn, lightning moving in - time to displug things.  Thanks for the show DJDW, still S9+ here

Fair signal in New Hampshire, S5-S7 and mostly staying above the noise

1946z Dionne Warwick - Message To Michael
1948z Joe Walsh - Walk Away
1952z Radio Olah ID, signing off..

Op's note: We now have a frequency agile ssb transmitter, maybe we'll try it later tonight.

Thanks Olah, sorry I missed the show.  Perhap's I'll hear you later (If you do get drunk enough).

Fair signal in New Hampshire, S6 and down in the noise enough to make copying the Op difficult

1648z ZZ Top - Sharp-Dressed Man
1650z Spy numbers... Spot for "Generic Heavy Water Beer", Voice of Laryngitis ID from Billy Bob
1653z The story of "The Radio Pusher"

2011z Big signal on Twente SDR, S9+
2013z ID (missed) and shout-out to Antonio
2018z Tom Petty - Learning To Fly
2023z Now shout-out to Jari :)
2012z Signal dropping on Twente SDR, S6-S7 - tough to copy through the noise

Weak in New Hampshire and way down in the noise

0053z I can hear the op talking... off or faded to nil

Fair signal in New Hampshire, S5

1252z Sousa marches
1301z ID but didn't catch it, and off

Fair signal in New Hampshire at S6 but the static levels are already peaking at S9, we must have some local thunderstorms on the way

1923z The Clash - Police And Thieves
1928z SSTV

Fair signal in New Hampshire, S6-S7 but a bit down in the static which is peaking S8

2223z KAOS ID into The Monkees - I'm A Believer
2227z Billie Holiday - Nice Work If You Can Get It
2235z Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA
2240z Bruce Springsteen - I'm Goin' Down
2244z Off - Thanks KAOS

Good signal in New Hampshire, S8 with S9 static peaks

0030z Hurts So Good
0031z KAOS ID, mention of Firecracker 500 and Off

See you later...

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