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YHWH with intro music on 15655 kHz AM mode, October 11, 2014, 2103 UTC.

(edit)  Off air 2208 UTC.


YHWH up with intro music at 1448 UTC, October 11, 2014, on 9610 kHz, AM mode.

(edit) BC station came up on freq at 1458 UTC.  Sounds like possibly CRI, selected the 270 Rhombic and that did null the BC station, typical for CRI.

(edit) YHWH off air at 1559 UTC.


YHWH up with intro music at 0314 UTC, October 11, 2014, 9605 kHz AM.

After YHWH completed on 5800 kHz he moved here and started up a new broadcast.

(edit) Off air 0431 UTC.


Tuned to in progress YHWH, on 5800 kHz, AM mode, October 11, 2014, 0210 UTC.

(edit)  Off air at 0312 UTC.


YHWH up 5830 kHz, AM mode, October 6, 2014, with short transmissions at 2008 UTC and 2052 UTC, each about 5 mintues long.  I assume he was testing, so may have to keep an eye on this freq this evening.


YHWH up on 11595 kHz, AM, at 1642 UTC, October 5, 2014.

Yesterday at this time he was up on 15 MHz.


Tuned to in progress YHWH on 7340, AM mode, October 4, 2014, 0310 UTC.


Tuned to in progress, YHWH on 9610 kHz, AM mode, September 27, 2014, 0225 UTC.

(edit) Off 0300 UTC


In the mobile I tuned across YHWH on 7345 kHz.  The last few nights he has been on 7340 kHz, but tonight is 5 kHz up.

7345 kHz, AM mode, September 26, 2014, 0235 UTC.

(edit) Off at 0335 UTC.  He signed off on 7345 kHz and without dropping the carrier tuned down to 7340 kHz, the program restarted, and ran aobut a minute before leaving the air.

His message is getting more and more anti-US as time goes on, kind of an interesting shift recently.  Possibly it is not more anti-US, but definitely more vehement and radical in his statements.  A year ago it was all love and peace, now there is quite a bit of "warmongers will not be included you filthy pigs".  Kind of incongruent with his "good by, and I love you" sign off.


HF Beacons / DRNK, 6902 kHz, 0240 UTC, September 22, 2014
« on: September 22, 2014, 0250 UTC »
DRNK beacon turned on 0240 UTC, 6902 kHz, September 22, 2014.

I saw it come on air at 0240 UTC.  I had one of the SDRs centered on 6950 kHz, watching the waterfall covering the 6900 to 7000 kHz range for pirates.  There was nothing on 6902 kHz, had been nothing for the last 45 minutes I had the SDR turned on, a short bit of high speed CW was sent on 6902 kHz, then into the dashes and IDs as seen from DRNK before.  Unfortunately I was not recording, so I have no idea what the high speed CW was saying.

I have not seen this beacon for several days now, no sign at all.  But it is certainly there tonight, although maybe not as strong as in the past.


YHWH mixing up the frequency a bit tonight.  Up with intro music at 0255 UTC on 7340 kHz, AM mode, September 20, 2014.

(edit)  Sign off 0404 UTC.  At 0400 a BC station came up on freq, made it hard to get YHWH even when YHWH is 20 over here.


YHWH up with intro music at 0252 UTC, September 18, 2014, on 9610 kHz AM.  There is a digital signal that is on his more regular 9600 / 9605 kHz, so it looks like he moved up 5 kHz.

(edit)  Through the show he periodically would unkey / drop the carrier.  I think he does this to see if another station is on freq, as I have seen him do it and them move when another staiton comes up.  Tonight he went off air at 0324 UTC, after a BC station came up on freq, I have not seen YHWH come back on another freq yet.


YHWH up with sign on 0300 UTC, September 16, 2014, on his standard frequency of 9605 kHz, AM mode.


YHWH up with intro music on 9605 kHz, AM mode, September 10, 2014, 0258 UTC.


HF Beacons / Possible new beacon, DRNK, 6902.1 kHz, 9 September 2014
« on: September 09, 2014, 1350 UTC »
For the past couple weeks I have been getting what might have been a new beacon on 6902.1 kHz at night.  The signal has been very weak, right in the noise floor, and really not detectable by ear, mostly I can just tell something is there on the waterfall in Argo.  However Saturday night (Sep 6) and again last night (Monday Sep 8 ) it came up nicely out of the noise, and put in quite a good signal for an hour or two each night before fading away again.  The night between them, Sunday, the signal was almost undetectable most of the time, with only an occasional dash rising out of the noise floor.  The dasher appears to be night only, I have never detected any sign of it before sundown or after sunup.  It was well after local dark for me, not just sunset, before it came on.  Of course that could be conditions, but based on the way it turned on Saturday night I don’t think so, one moment it was not there, the next it was there S3 or so, and stayed at that signal level until is slowly faded out a couple hours later.  Possibly the band going longer caused it to go away for me?

The dashes are about 0.75 sec long and happen every 3.95 seconds.  About every 2 minutes there is an CW ID sent “DE DRNK DE DRNK”.  At longer intervals there is a longer CW ID sent, it looks like about every 20 minutes or so but I have only caught a couple of them, so not sure yet.  The longer ID goes something like “DE DRNK DE DRNK DE DRNK DE DRNK DE DRNK MOJAVE DESERT VB 13.0 VB 13.0 VS 00.0 VS 00.0 TMP 81 TMP 81 U 004 K”.

I have video of the signal that I will put up on YouTube later today.


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