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This topic has been moved to Spy Numbers.

http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php?topic=24643.0  While certainly mysterious, it is not a Mystery signal for this forum.

UNIDed 6955.07 kHz USB, 0206 UTC, November 6, 2015 with music.  ID at 0208 but audio broke up on ID.  S5 into the Mojave Desert of California.

(edit)  Sounded like an ID at 0212 UTC also, but again broken or distorted audio.  The music audio is nice and clean though.

(edit)  SSTV at 0232, and off after that.  I never did get an ID although I think it was sent several times.

SSTV image here:


Solar Centric Radio up with music at 0115 UTC on 6925.1 kHz, AM mode, November 02, 2015.  I saw it pop up and tuned to it to hear music.  No idea if it gave an ID before the music.  ID at 0121 UTC and then into theme songs for 80's TV shows.

S7 into the Mojave Desert of California.


Unknown station 6949.5 kHz AM mode.  Looking at the waterfall it looks like it came up at about 2011 UTC, but I did not tune to it until 2017 UTC.

Signal is about S4, mixture of talk and music but not very strong, so I am not making out much of the talk.

Off at 2021 UTC.

(edit) Back on at 2025 UTC

ID at 2042 of Solar Centric Radio

Off 2043.


WPOD, White Punks On Dope Radio, with sign on at 0110 UTC, 6925 kHz USB, October 26, 2015.

As normal nice signal into the Mojave Desert.


HF Beacons / Unknown dasher, 6939 kHz, 0430 UTC, 11 October, 2015
« on: October 11, 2015, 0445 UTC »
An unknown dasher faded up out of the noise about 0430 UTC, 11 October, 2015, on 6939 kHz.  This one has about a 1.55 second long pulse sent about every 3.1 seconds.  It is right down in the noise for me, fading up to fair occasionally.

This is not in sync with and appears to be unrelated to the unknown 6940 kHz dasher.


HF Beacons / Unknown dasher, 6940 kHz, October 10, 2015, 1200 UTC
« on: October 11, 2015, 0012 UTC »
I am reporting this at around 0015 UTC on the 11th of October, but this dasher has been on since at least 1200 UTC on 10 Oct.

Unknown dasher, 6940 kHz.  Dasher is a dash about 1.15 seconds long each 5.1 seconds.  I have heard it all day, so I would suspect in the south west someplace.


Have not yet heard an ID for this station, it came on air about 0203 UTC, October 10, 2015, on 6924.12 kHz AM.

Good music, but station is not too strong here, about S4 to S5.

0214 UTC, Jet Airliner, Steve Miller


HF Mystery Signals / MOVED: Pulsing Buzzer on 7487
« on: August 29, 2015, 1439 UTC »

HF Mystery Signals / MOVED: SSTV 6940 kHz USB 0348Z
« on: August 14, 2015, 1546 UTC »
This topic has been moved to Utility.  It is a STANAG 4481 FSK signal.


Solar Centric radio, 6949.4 kHz, AM mode, July 29, 2015, 0155, with martial music.  ID at 0200 UTC.

This station was on the air twice 3 nights ago, for an hour each time, but I see it did not get logged.

Audio is very good, but different tonight from the other night.  Op, if you see this, the audio tonight lacks low end, still pleasant but not as fat as the other night.  Tonight's audio penetrates better, so easier to understand.

Email address given at 0225 UTC.  It was said several times, but not spelled out.

Off air 0231 UTC.  There were a couple audio dropouts (not heard before on this station) and then off air, no announce.  Hope the radios are OK.



The last V24 transmission I received was on June 16, 2015.  I have continued to search and record spectrum, in the hopes V24 is only taking a little rest or has changed all of its frequencies at once, but it is beginning to look like V24 has gone the way of its sibling, M94, back in November of 2013.

For reference, V24 has missed days, even a week or two, of operation in the past.  It has also changed frequencies before.  However, it has never missed 5+ weeks or changed all of its frequencies at one time, so I suspect V24 is inactive for some reason.  Will it come back remains to be seen.

It might be worth noting, there had been some recent audio and transmission anomalies.  Cross talk heard in the audio had become more common, both jammer audio and Echo of Hope audio in the background of V24 had been a regular feature before my last reception.  Some signal amplitude steps and changes were hard to blame on propagation.  So I suppose it is possible they are revamping the systems, or have / are moving to new facilities.  Time will tell.

V24 Logs for June, 2015:

V24,   5715 kHz,   1330z,   June 05 2015,  Token, Fri
V24,   6310 kHz,   1430z,   June 05 2015,  Token, Fri
V24,   6215 kHz,   1330z,   June 06 2015,  Token, Sat
V24,   6310 kHz,   1430z,   June 06 2015,  Token, Sat
V24,   4900 kHz,   1500z,   June 08 2015,  Token, Mon
V24,   4900 kHz,   1500z,   June 09 2015,  Token, Tue
V24,   5715 kHz,   1330z,   June 10 2015,  Token, Wed
V24,   6215 kHz,   1330z,   June 11 2015,  Token, Thur
V24,   4900 kHz,   1500z,   June 11 2015,  Token, Thur
V24,   5715 kHz,   1330z,   June 15 2015,  Token, Mon
V24,   6310 kHz,   1430z,   June 15 2015,  Token, Mon
V24,   6215 kHz,   1330z,   June 16 2015,  Token, Tue
V24,   6310 kHz,   1430z,   June 16 2015,  Token, Tue

Nothing heard after June 16, 2015.


Like every night for the last couple weeks, there appear to be a pair of pirates on 14295 AM.  One station is on 14295.0 AM and is voice in Spanish with music, the bearing suggest Caribbean, but that is a weak maybe at best.  The other station is on 14295.16 AM and far too weak for me to get more than a carrier on, bearing suggest Europe.

These stations have been up pretty much nightly for the past couple weeks at least, maybe longer.


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