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UNID station, 6925 kHz, USB mode, about 0230 UTC, 7 January 2017.  Very weak at first but came up a bit.  By 0232 I could hear the start of Crazy Train, Ozzy Osbourne.

Then at 0235 it was either covered by or changed to a digital signal, maybe FAX.

SSTV at about 0239 UTC, too weak to get a decode but some mode that resulted in a short SSTV, so maybe not one of the Scottie or Martin modes.  (Edit, was Robot 24 mode)

And apparently off after the SSTV.

(edit)  Here is the image, I had to go back to the recording and clean it up a bit before I could get a decode on it.


Someone transmitting only the looped opening rifs of YHWHs music, Days of Hard Night, noticed at 0158 UTC, December 31, 2016, on 6925 kHz USB.  Ended at about 0201 UTC.  Never heard anything else.  About S6 here in the Mojave Desert.


Wolverine with "Testing 123, can anybody hear me" sign on at 0130 UTC, 6950 kHz, USB mode, 18 December, 2016.

Nice signal into the high desert tonight, and sounds good on the house sound system.  Mrs T says Hiya Wolverine, and thanks in advance for the show!

(edit) Possibly a California bound theme, maybe specifically San Francisco, since I think every song has mentioned San Fran.


Spy Numbers / MOVED: Numbers station 6.739 USB 0348
« on: December 11, 2016, 1622 UTC »

Former YHWH up 7405 kHz AM, started at 0313 UTC, Dec 10, 2016.

(edit)  Either off mid sentence, or a very deep, sudden, and long fade at 0335z.


Someone posted a plan to transmit on Amelia Earhart's frequencies from one of the islands she may have crashed on.

Details, few though they are, here :  http://www.antiqueradios.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=311243

It looks like this is not very well thought out.  The times of transmission will be at 1900 UTC (1400 EST and 1100 PST) on Dec 14 and Dec 15, 2016.  The frequencies used will be the 3105 and 6210 kHz that Amelia Earhart used.

Whoever planned this does not have a deep grasp of propagation.  Those frequencies, by that time of day, will have essentially shut down, as there will be a daylight path from the island to the US and those freqs are regional, at best, during the day.


HF Beacons / Possible new beacon 4096.86 kHz Nov 12 2016 1345 UTC
« on: November 12, 2016, 1511 UTC »
A possible new addition to the 4095 / 4096 cluster of beacons.  This morning I saw a short duration ditter, about 0.15 sec long dit about every 0.95 second on 4096.86 kHz.  I noticed it about 1345 UTC on Nov 12, 2016.

The ditter was very weak, and had long fades to completely gone.  It is possible it is cycling on and off like a few other beacons do (Shorty on 7998.3 kHz and the two unnamed beacons on 2008.4 and 2016.7 kHz), but really it was too weak for me to be sure.

Here is a shot of it, note that in this shot the other 4095/4096 beacons are not present, there was some odd propagation this morning as these beacons are normally seen here quite well:

40 minutes later Viking and Haystack faded up out of the noise, and the new beacon could still be very faintly heard.  As this was right about sunrise and it was a bit cloudy, the Inyo-Whooper is not seen, it is a daytime only beacon and turned on a while later.

And 30 minutes later Inyo-Whooper was on solid, but no sign of the new beacon...if it is one.


So far unided station, 6940 kHz USB, started at 2245 UTC, November 6, 2016.  Good signal in the Mojave Desert.


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