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Shortwave Broadcast / KBS and VOA Funny Games!!
« on: December 17, 2013, 1019 UTC »
5875 / 5885   BULGARIA. KBS World Radio - Kostinbrod. So….this is interesting! KBS is running DRM on 5875 for German 1900-2000 and in // 5885 with German on AM! Respectable signal on 5885, respectable hash on 5875. BUT…. what's even more interesting is that VOA-Tinang is running Korean on 5875 (!!) under the DRM hash at 1900-2100, and can be quite clearly heard here through the hash. However, I suspect that in Europe it would be impossible to hear VOA because of the would-be strong DRM signal. From 2000, VOA is in the clear. Both KBS outlets are listed as the Bulgarian site so I'm "assuming" that's correct, although HFCC is currently listing KBS on 5885 in English, which it is NOT! Dec 16.

73 de Rob VK3BVW

9955   USA.  R. Ciudad Global via Okeechobee, FL. New service on Sats only at s/on 1200. The station is  based in Colombia. Full Spanish ID at s/on including this brief English ID as:

"This is Global City Radio, Radio Ciudad Global, the first international station from Colombia. Radio Ciudad Global is an international radio initiative from Colombia. Contact us at Radio Ciudad Global at gmail dot com."

Then programming continued in Spanish with Colombian and regional news, produced in Bogotá. Occasional music interludes. Then a documentary program on "La Guerra de la Radio" (The Radio War) produced by Señal Radio Colombia, complete with excerpts of old radio broadcasts. Fair reception considering that Australia is not really in the line of fire for this broadcast. Final ID and s/off at 1229 on Dec. 14.

Here is the link to the broadcast excerpt as recorded here in Melbourne, AU last night:


73, Rob VK3BVW

Shortwave Broadcast / MICRONESIA: The Cross Radio - Recorded Excerpt
« on: December 14, 2013, 1120 UTC »
The Cross Radio with its 1kW transmission- Recorded Excerpt


73 de Rob VK3BVW

Shortwave Broadcast / The Voice of Russia Mystery Continues…..
« on: December 08, 2013, 1041 UTC »
Rumours of the Voice of Russia's demise have been circulating for months now. Virtually nothing has come out of the state broadcaster itself, but rather mumblings have been published in other external news sources. So…..here's another one - but with a somewhat different slant. This one claims that VoR is wanting to INCREASE its Kurdish language service, not decrease it or close the service down! It really makes me wonder what the REAL facts are about VoR's future!

Read about it at:




3945   VANUATU.  R. Vanuatu - Port Vila. A fair signal with Bislama programming and mainly talks at 0915. Later, local islander music noted at 0949. R. Nikkei 2 faded in around 0945 but was generally under Vila until later in the evening. Dec 6.

Other logs can be found at:


73 and have a great weekend everyone


A PDF document of over 220 new frequency observations made over the past month. Feel free to download it from the MEDXR blog.


73 Rob VK3BVW

Shortwave Broadcast / AIR on 11740 - Not a great freq change!!
« on: November 28, 2013, 2107 UTC »
11740   INDIA.  AIR - Panaji (Goa). S/on 1317 in Dari, NF ex 11670. This creates a mess for 15 minutes because NHK-Kranji in Vietnamese and CNR 2 are also here. It's just mud till the NHK s/off at 1330, then marginally better, Nov 28.

Numerous other freq changes at the link below.


73 Rob VK3BVW

Shortwave Broadcast / LATEST New Frequency Discoveries!
« on: November 28, 2013, 1238 UTC »
Many more new frequencies found in the past week. Several "interesting" frequency choices, too!  ;)




Shortwave Broadcast / BBC Seychelles Closing Down
« on: November 23, 2013, 0451 UTC »

Shortwave Broadcast / Still MORE New Frequency Changes for B13
« on: November 22, 2013, 2032 UTC »
9390   FRANCE.  R. Algerienne - Issoudun. Qu'ran at 2017, powerful NF for B13, but slight co-channel QRM from VOA-Ban Dung in  Korean on Nov 20. Suddenly off at 2058 in the middle of a song. Then a minute later fires up again next door on 9395 kHz with the same song. ID 2101 then news. Don't know why they make this move 5 kHz up - they'd be better to sit on 9395 and avoid VOA altogether. Also, VOA signs off at 2100 anyway!

Another 34 new frequencies also discovered over the last few days. The list is at:


73 and have a great weekend everyone


Shortwave Broadcast / Laos, PNG, Bangladesh and more….
« on: November 21, 2013, 1141 UTC »
6130   LAOS.   Lao National Radio - Vientiane. First noted at 1233 with Lao commentary, then into a lovely lilting traditional Laotian ballad at 1239. PBS Xizang was there underneath, but Vientiane was much stronger, Nov 18.

Other DX items also listed at the MEDXR Blog:




Shortwave Broadcast / BOOK REVIEW: Good Morning Hanoi
« on: November 15, 2013, 2241 UTC »
I've just finished reviewing a fascinating book that provides insights into the operations of the English section of the Voice of Vietnam in 2003/04, along with interesting stories of Vietnamese life and customs. A great read! You'll find it at my MEDXR Blog:


Have a great weekend everyone!


Shortwave Broadcast / More New Frequency Allocations
« on: November 09, 2013, 2115 UTC »
During Nov 7 and 8, I discovered more new frequency operations for the international broadcasters ….. and I'm sure that there are many more still waiting out there for me!   ;D  There are several other observations that may be of interest as well.


73 and have a great weekend everyone.


Shortwave Broadcast / Voice of Kuanghua, Radio Dialogue and others
« on: November 05, 2013, 0758 UTC »
A list of stations monitored recently that are not regularly heard at my location:




Shortwave Broadcast / B13 New Frequency Lists
« on: November 02, 2013, 1112 UTC »
A long list of new frequencies noted over the past four days. The list has been broken up into three parts. Let me know if this has been of any interest to you guys. If so, I'll keep posting as more NFs are discovered.

73 and have a great weekend

Mount Evelyn DX Report www.medxr.blogspot.com





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