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Making it into Central lower Michigan decent signal, I'm going to give him a 35443+.

But playing music and trying to send a SSTV at the same time at 0250 just didn't work. The SSTV of Joe Satriani's "Live in San Francisco" cassette cover came over well before then, but SSTV doesn't 'play well' with other audio at the same time -- maybe that was a 'whoops'?

I am presuming the CW and the one SSTV was the ID? He seems to be just playing this album/tape....

Right at the noise floor mostly with occasional peaks to almost good intelligiblity here in central lower Michigan.

A bit sketchy signal on the north coast but the ID I heard was ‘Sky Radio’ — a europirate or someone relaying them? The ancmts sounded Dutch to my ear. …

Sugar Sugar and Doobie Brother’s ‘listen to the music just before that ID. …

Making it to south central Michigan on 4185/u ok. 44443+.
A bit stronger and you’d overcome my local noise but as it is — that’s poking through.

“Reproductive” and “Fixing Motorcycles” …. Indie rock I can’t say I’ve heard of but good for Dickweed that he actually announces titles!

Caught the very end of the broadcast with a live announcement and ‘Let’s stick together’. ….

Weak but decent. 34+3 in south central lower Michigan.

Zappa tunes here in central lower Michigan since before 0200. Nothing resembling an ID yet ….

35443+ … a titch noisy ….

Making it to central lower Michigan as well decent signal,
Those 'spooky sound effects' were often 'waterfall' images
of ghosts, pumpkins or space aliens ... if I could figure out how to post an image
here I would .....  can someone explain what to put between the  tags?

at 2115 I'm giving it a 35443+ sinpo ....

73 from Mid Michigan

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925am hammered by ute FOXY-AM
« on: September 23, 2021, 0043 UTC »
Noticed this as I tuned away from Mix Radio International which was banging in on 9640/U.

THIS was way down in the mud ... and the music was better modulated than the voice, but there is an ID at the end .... I've listened twice now and it is TEASINGLY close to being decipherable.
GOT IT on the third try, foxyam @ protonmail. com 
ID at s/off "My transmitter is about to catch fire at 0033:30 23/Sep ....

I and others in Michigan have been hearing "555" sent in Morse code repeatedly since at least 2300 (it is still going at 0145 but starting to fade a bit).

There is apparently some sort of 'carrier' at 6960 but the code is clearly at 6961.

Does anyone have a clue about this?

Banging into South Central Lower Michigan too ….

4554+4 ALMOST 4+  but a nice steady S-9 signal popping to +2 dB every once in a while.

Making it into the Thumb of Michigan just barely, but the clean audio helped make this readable despite the weak signal.

Thanks for the show Redhat!

    4185/AM X-FM Radio ID at :22 between songs, sounded like it was
       the usual great audio, but weak to the point I couldn’t really
       tell for sure, but hey, if the modulation weren’t so good it
       probably wouldn’t have been so easy to understand!
          "Metric" ending at :27 w/outtro and ID and mention of NYE
       and email at :29, and read my FRN report before going back
       to music.
          3+543+3+ 0520-0540 1/Jan SDRplay +SDRuno +randommwire
                                                            --Zichi MI2

I've got the same 2k Hz whistle as John Poet (but I'm only a few miles from him) -- easily notched

Tuned in at 2300 in Williamston MI  3+4+44+3+ (ALMOST O=4) Sounds nice with the bandwidth opened
up to 4 kHz ....

73 and thanks for the show  --Zichi MI


    6954/U Argyle Radio w/Music and no IDs (ID based on FRN and the
       'pattern' behind the last photo w/three SSTV photos that
       also didn't really help (can one post photos here without linking to
       an FTP site? How!)
         Fair-good 2102-2112* 31/Oct SDRplay +SDRuno +MultiMode +ANC-4
       +randomwire                                        --Zichi MI

    6925/U Underdog Radio -- music and SSTV show. Weak at first, w/
       “Ramblin Man” on tune in, and at :40 into a SSTV image – in
       the mud. They continued with music, still way down in the
       mud at :41 and mostly just flirting with the noise level,
       but slowly getting better as it got later. Format consisted
       of music alternating with SSTV and ‘Underdog’ theme song.
       Most of the tunes were not something I recognized, but I
       did hear “Riders on the Storm” (The Doors) at :05
         At “s/off” they did a flurry of SSTVs some of which actually
       decoded at :23, :25, :26 and :27. Apparently per HFU they
       continued after this, but I tuned away!
          2+44+32+ 0035-0128 6/Oct SDRplay +SDRuno +ANC-4
       +randomwire                                       --Zichi MI

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