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16 July 2012

About S6 here, and fady

0020 Repeated "Hello Radio" IS
0025 Alert tone, talk about the bunker "reinforced concrete", song with just a bass line
0028 OM ID as Bunker Radio
0029 Punk tune "I Want Some Wing Tips"
0032 Talk about exiting the bunker
0034 "Dallas"-like song, ID by Tom, "...broadcasting on shortwave...because there IS nothing left..."
0036 Punk song
0041 OM ID, "...maybe some day we'll see you..", "Hello Radio" repeated
0042 off

Thanks for the show, Bunker Radio!
Your QSL would be appreciated.

Audio:    http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?1j1i71y1xczmmd4

QSLs Received / Radio Whatever QSL
« on: July 15, 2012, 1527 UTC »

Thank you Radio Whatever!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Stone Circles 6930 USB 0059
« on: July 15, 2012, 0111 UTC »
15 July 2012

0059 OM talk, very weak
0107 A brief fadeup to music
0108 OM talk over psychedelic (?) music
0113 Song with a male vocal?
0115 OM talk over music - it sounds like the Shortwave Druid
0124 Fragment of Celtic music
0128 Pretty certain I heard mention of "Stone Circles"
0130 SC now inaudible due to 6925USB.

Signal built through the program, but still tough copy.
Thanks for the show, SC!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925USB *1151 - 1202*
« on: July 14, 2012, 1210 UTC »
14 July 2012

1151 On with YL song I can't remember title
1154 BTO - "Let It Ride"
1157 Guess Who - "These Eyes"
1159 Hollies - "Long Cool Woman"
1202 Who - "Happy Jack"
1203 off mid song

There was no clear ID; there was some OM talk over music, and I'll see if I can dig that out.
S7 here near the start, but deteriorated towards the end.


North American Shortwave Pirate / Hot Legs Radio 6950.9AM 0204
« on: July 14, 2012, 0212 UTC »
14 July 2012

0204 First noted carrier here
0206 unid song
0209 Blondie - "One Way or Another"
0212 unid song - girl group? - taking some ute QRM on the USB, CW on the LSB
0217 Go Go's - "We Got the Beat", Blondie - "Call Me"
0224 Hot Legs Radio ID and off

Still weak here, but seems to have nice audio.

Thanks HLR!

14 July 2012

0138 LP IS
0141 Stones - "Memory Motel"
0148 J Garcia Band - "Money Honey"
0156 Dylan - "Mozambique"
0159 Who - "My Wife"
0203 LP IS
0206 off

Started out with a smokin' S9+10 signal, down after a bit to a very respectable S8.
Thanks for the show!

Audio:    http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?abdsbyv7ekrbask

The posting name was chosen on the spur of the moment.  If you would like to be known by another name, please let me know and I will remedy that!  

11 July 2012

Cleaning out audio files, I found a station playing song frags between these times, including
BGs - "Nights On Broadway"
J Cash - "Walk the Line"
S Dan - "Dirty Work"
Dylan - "Maggie's Farm"
J Taylor - "You Gotta Friend"
S Dan - "Reelin' in the Years"

good level here, and audio is available

13 July 2012

Seems to be a program of live Neil Young....and Bob Marley....and more in blocks

0203 1st heard with unid music
0208 brief OM talk, Neil Young - "On the Way Home"
0212 another NY track I could barely hear and not ID
0212 OM talk, NY - "Old Man"
0226 NY - "Helpless"
0233 NY - "Heart of Gold"?, "Cowgirl in the Sand"
0241 Whoa!!  All of a sudden I'm hearing "Is This Love" by Bob Marley...something changed.  More live Marley followed
0252 poss ID given; at first I thought it sounded like ROR, but on review I don't think so.  After the ID, "Your Cheatin Heart"
0321 Recheck was playing a 60's female singer (Connie Francis, Brenda Lee; really hard to tell) it's Patsy Cline - "Crazy"
0325 OM ID "You are listening to ...."  couldn't get it
0341 Clear OM ID "You are listening to Stream of Harmonics"
0342 2 SSTV images, both Scottie 1

Seems to be the "Stream of Harmonics" station lightkeeper logged a short time back.
Very weak and right at the floor, but an interesting show.  Very mellow and laid back presentation.  I'm getting the impression that if you appreciate musical diversity, this is a place to be!
Will review the audio tomorrow.

Thanks Stream Of Harmonics!
Your QSL would sincerely be appreciated.

Audio (Last 10 minutes with ID plus SSTV):  http://www.mediafire.com/?4pseeo8f2l33dxg

12 July 12

0121 On at this time with LP IS
0123 unid sx: "Congratulations"?
0127 Bowie - "Diamond Dogs"
0133 Band - "Ophelia"  (Thanks!)
0137 Who - "Magic Bus"
0144 LP IS
0146 off w/o ID

About S7-S8

Thanks for the show!

9 July 2012
Recorder Catch, receiver on 6925.030 USB

Heard a lot of interesting stuff in this period; a veritable Closet Full of Curiosities.  Here is the timeline.  All is presented in one post as I have no way to tell if this all came from the same op...

    BID = Grumpy Old Pirate Back in the Day "rant"
    RTA = Grumpy Old Pirate Right to Bear Arms "rant"

0232 "Feedbacky" strange noise
0233 BID/RTA
0238 SSTV-like noise
0239 SSTV-like noise
0240 BID/RTA
0243 RTA
0310 Some OM Talk
0313 BID/RTA
0314 Music start
0318 OM talk: "I told you to play some bluegrass"
0321 Begin Spooky Noises
0323 BID/RTA mixed with Spooky Noises
0329 End Spooky Noises
0334 BID/RTA; at 0335 ment email grumpyoldpirate@gmail.com

N.B. I sent a report to this addy and it hasn't bounced.

0336 Begin Spooky Noises
0338 End Spooky Noises
0341 Begin Spooky Noises with embedded Windows Alert sound
0344 End Spooky Noises

Audio:    http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nf209asnu5vtcbn

Rather than edit out dead air, I left it in place.  The recording begins at precisely 0230 so that any interested party can index into the file.

Note: Grumpy Old Pirate BID/RTA previously also heard here 7 July 2012 at 2225z.

Thanks!  Very interesting broadcasts!  Very interesting night!

North American Shortwave Pirate / TurtleHead Radio 6925USB 0453
« on: July 09, 2012, 2114 UTC »
9 July 2012

Recorder Catch, receiver on 6925.030 USB

0453 Started to hear some weak music here.
0500 Poss THR ID followed by more music
0504 "Pretty definite" THR ID
0505 seemed to go off

Thanks THR!
Would appreciate your confirmation of this...(Thanks Colonel TH)

QSLs Received / Toynbee Radio QSL
« on: July 08, 2012, 2118 UTC »

Thank You, Toynbee Radio!

7 July 2012

2351 Came on with two songs I could not ID (Mickey and Ludella and Dead Kennedys per TR)
2357 Some talk by a low-voiced op.  This started with "Attention, Attention, Attention".  A few minutes of prophetic and dire warnings including ments of "mental control...sheep...transmitting thoughts...the future is...IBM, Microsoft, and US Cellular...there is time."

ID given at the end 3 times, and it sounds like "Toynbee Radio" to me.  Off at 2359.

Abt S8 here.  Thanks!

45 seconds after apparently off, the song "Viva L'Amour" repeated several times.  I don't know if this was related or not.
Per Toynbee Radio, these tones do not belong to him.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925USB 2210 - 2215*
« on: July 07, 2012, 2222 UTC »
7 July 2012

The opening two lines from "Viva L'Amour" played over and over.  No talk to 2215 off.  About S6 here; this belongs in another category?

Let every good fellow now join in a song.  Viva la compagnie!

Audio:    http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xo9dfzxd1hhi5i5

Also back on 0035 - 0038z at S9+5.  Seemed to be USB with some carrier.

North American Shortwave Pirate / KADS 6925 *0516 - 0547*
« on: July 07, 2012, 1605 UTC »
7 July 2012

Recorder Catch, RX on 6925.0 USB, seemed to be around S6 to S7 here

0516 Spoof commercials alternating with IDs.  Some of the commercials included:
    - Sleepy Bear Coffee, "the most stimulating thing you can do with your mouth"
    - Door Stoppers
    - Disposable Car
    - Go Far Travel Brokers
    - Convergence Airlines, "NY to Paris in 5 minutes"
    - Winner Golf Balls, "you'll never lose again"

Several IDs such as "You are listening to KADS, All ADs Radio.  All ads all the time.  No news, no music, no talk.  Just ads."  "If you like what you're hearing, go out and buy something."

0525 Played a block of music
0547 off

I cannot find any recent reference to this.  In 1966 Gordon McLendon ran a station with this call, which ran only commercials.  It was a flop.  This does not appear to be rebroadcast of that operation, but I am not certain if this is a new pirate or a relay of an older pirate.  Any help would be appreciated.

Really enjoyed the show, and would likewise appreciate your QSL.

Audio (sorry for the off-tuning):    http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?o89oe1vmuw2ytar

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