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16.10 UTC Igor Talkov - Nostalgia
16.13 UTC breaks, no audio, then song again
16.19 UTC Igor Talkov - Love You
16.22 UTC Igor Talkov - You Wore Late
16.25 UTC Igor Talkov - Tanya
16.30 UTC Igor Talkov - Pure Ponds
16.37 UTC new song, male singer

weird modulation, best in USB

12.15 UTC Deep Purple - Child In Time, IDs within the song
12.21 UTC Station ID by OM: This short test of program here of RADIO MARINA from the North of the Netherlands here in the "freshing woods"?, wow
12.23 UTC Golden Earring - Why Do I
12.28 UTC The Babys - A Piece Of The Action

good reception in NW Germany. I made a nice recording, also with more details than mentioned here, so if the OP should be inerested, drop me a line please!

15.10 UTC E Nomine - Lord's Prayer
15.13 UTC a child is talking
15.13 UTC News headlines
15.14 UTC Keep the frequency clear ID

weak here only, long skip

at 15.30 totally jammed out by a Dutch powerhouse

13.25 UTC Jean-Michel Jarre + Armin Van Buuren - Stardust
13.32 UTC QSY to 6255 kHz, techno sound
13.42 UTC ID Afterburner48 afterburner48@gmx.net, music alike Darude style

weak here in NW Germany

10.37 UTC Candy Dulfer & David A . Stewart - Lily Was Here
10.40 UTC announcement and ID by Jorge in Spanish
10.41 UTC another nice song

weak in NW Germany

08.10 UTC Announcements and IDs, Micky More & Andy Tee - I'm Back
08.28 UTC Gizelle Smith - Dust (extended)
08.32 UTC DJ announced schedule, viel Spass
08.37 UTC Montana Sextet - Heavy Vibes (L.A. Remix)
08.43 UTC station announcement by OM and phaser, Midnight Star - Feels So Good
08.44 UTC Michale Jackson feat. Siedah Garrett - I Just Can't Stop Loving You
08.48 UTC Alex Lewis - You Are The One
09.13 UTC Studio 54 Music & Ga - Heart To The Ocean
09.15 UTC final words to close down, Olaf & Olli, e-mail speedwingradio@gmx.net
09.15 UTC Paul Hardcastle - Rain Forest
09.17 UTC station name spelled, e-mail by woman
09.18 UTC IDs in Italian and in ?
09.20 UTC sign off and carrier gone

fairly well today in NW Germany

15.14 UTC too weak signal, announcement something with "48"
15.15 UTC techno sound
15.37 UTC ID by woman, but illegible, instrumental sound
16.07 UTC station ID again (but illegible), Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin Van Buuren - Stardust
16.09 UTC Stan Dart - La Silla (Paranal)

still too weak to identify here, maybe someone can help?

Thanks to my DX friend Johnny, who clarified my question!

21.05 UTC soul music
21.08 UTC Earth, Wind & Fire - September

weak in NW Germany

06.25 UTC continuous IDs in CW morse

fair in NW Germany, RS was 37

Jorge, thanks a lot for providing this beacon for us! Please eQSL to my addy!

QSLs Received / Mix Radio International-BSJ Show eQSL 25 Sep. 2021
« on: October 09, 2021, 1508 UTC »

Thanks a lot MRI, for the Youtube link also! You made my day!
I'm glad you enjoyed my report and video files!

20.30 UTC Boney James - Sundance
20.31 UTC Kim Pensyl - Quiet Café
20.35 UTC male DJ talks, e-mail given, Host Rod Lucas@hotmail.com?
20.35 UTC Steve Oliver - Calling You
20.40 UTC Jeanetter Harris - Square Biz
20.44 UTC announcer, show trailer, male DJ, then female DJ...
20.45 UTC male DJ: ...on MIX RADIO Int. Shortwave,  Joe McBride - Lakewood
20.49 UTC Phone-in, greetings to Larry,
20.50 UTC Nils - Casablanca, Station ID MIX RADIO by YL
20.53 UTC female and male DJ both making a great show
20.53 UTC Cal Tjader - Shiny Stockings
20.56 UTC Vincent Ingala - Disco Sax
20.58 UTC DJ is talking, then female DJ, nice conversation
21.00 UTC Brian Culbertson - Feel The Love
21.05 UTC DJs are talking, Hello's, names given
21.05 UTC Sergio Mendes & Bossa Rio - Garota De Ipanema
21.09 UTC Gabriel Mark Hasselbach feat. Miles Black - Feel So Good
21.12 UTC DJ talks about some stations (e.g. in L.A.) doing jazzy music
21.12 UTC Dave Stephens - On A Clear Day
21.15 UTC station IDs by female announcer in between the song
21.18 UTC male announcer about smooth jazz show, website of Dave Stephens
21.19 UTC greetings and thanks this station for BC on shortwave
21.20 UTC Cindy Bradley - Imagine That

WOW, outstanding crystal clear USB signal here in Europe, SINPO 44444!!!!
Unbelievable! Super great Jazz sounds tonight! Great show! Thank you so much!

Please eQSL to my addy. And I would appreciate a playlist, this was an awesome collection!
Thanks a lot in advance!

QSLs Received / Offshore History Radio - eQSL 29.Aug 2021
« on: September 06, 2021, 1556 UTC »

Thank you very much OHR!

02.02 UTC Deep Purple - Black Night
02.05 UTC Announcer, jingles
02.05 UTC Motörhead - Ace Of Spades
02.08 UTC SuperHeavy - Miracle Worker
02.12 UTC station ID, The Who - I Can See For Miles
02.17 UTC Alice Cooper - Unfinished Sweet

direct reception in NW Germany, SINPO 23322

Thanks for the great rock tunes! Please eQSL to my addy!

19.12 UTC classic spheric rock
19.16 UTC ID jingle HOT Radio
19.23 UTC music, illegible
19.25 UTC again HOT Radio jingles
19.25 UTC The Blizzard & Daniel Van Sand feat. Julie - Made For You (Club Mix)
19.31 UTC HOT Radio jingle again, into Ofra Haza - Yerushalayim
19.36 UTC close down

weak but audible in NW Germany

07.03 UTC Dawn - Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose
07.05 UTC English talk by OM
07.06 UTC music

weak in NW Germany

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