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Hello folks,
there will be DX meeting in Southern Sweden organized by the
Malmö Kortvagsklubb MKVK (Malmoe Shortwave-Club) and a bunch
of DX enthusiasts will hit their receiver knobs to listen to Free Radio.
There are also some foreign enthusiasts on site and all participants
would be delighted to catch some US Free Radio stuff during the night from
Saturday 17th, 16.00 UTC to Sunday 18th 08.00 UTC. Most of the guys
will stay up all night hunting for shortwave and mediumwave signals. Thanks
for any sign of life from you! There also will be some activity from Europe!

QSLs Received / The Fox - Winterfest Radio 2018
« on: March 04, 2018, 1907 UTC »
Thanks a lot Reynard for the very fast eQSL reply!
Highly appreciated!

QSLs Received / Radio Illuminati eQSL 10/6
« on: October 10, 2017, 1622 UTC »
Thank you so much, AC, for another great Illuminati eQSL!

QSLs Received / Dr Detroit relay #9 on Radio Illuminati eQSL
« on: August 14, 2017, 0557 UTC »
Thanks a lot for this very fast and nice eQSL, Dr Detroit and AC!

23.02 UTC OM talks about Japanese invasion to Oahu, speech
23.10 UTC OM about victory... they fight...
23.11 UTC pray....brave men overseas,.... our people
23.12 UTC material support of our armed forces
23.14 UTC speech ends with "mighty god", off
23.16 UTC air raid sirens, OM talks about war, Winston Churchill
23.17 UTC speech about crocodile?!, strange dramatic music, 1937
23.18 UTC German speech, OM in English over it, Hitler. Czechoslovakia
23.21 UTC German speech, about war, and Heil Hitler, German...

wow, directly here in NW Germany, SINPO 23222

Latin American Pirate / Radio Pirana 6930 AM 2257 UTC 24 Mar 2017
« on: March 24, 2017, 2306 UTC »
22.57 UTC Enterhaken song in German "Piraten Piraten"
23.00 UTC VNV Nation - Radio
23.11 UTC music, but deep fading
23.15 UTC address given enterhaken@gmx.net, schönes Wochenende
23.16 UTC German rock song
obviously not from Europe, heard in NW Germany, SINPO 13211

13.22 UTC Billy Idol - White Wedding (Remix)
13.27 UTC Styx - Mister Roboto (Remix)
13.30 UTC Slade - Cum On Feel The Noize (Remix)

via K2SDR, very good signal and excellent audio, SINPO 44444

QSLs Received / Skippy Radio eQSL
« on: January 12, 2017, 1135 UTC »
Thanks a lot, Sammy Squirrel, for this nice eQSL! You made my day!

23.42 UTC Christmas song
23.43 UTC song Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer by OM
23.45 UTC station ID ... Radio by OM, music "pa-ra-pa-pa-ram" Little Drummer Boy
23.49 UTC faded out here

via K2SDR web receiver, SINPO 33333, distorted audio, later vanished

North American Shortwave Pirate / X-2 6935 USB 2131 UTC 4 Dec 2016
« on: December 04, 2016, 2139 UTC »
21.37 UTC music
21.39 UTC CW ID, X-2 given out
21.42 UTC music, illegible
21.53 UTC male singer
21.56 UTC strange screaming tones
22.00 UTC Gigi D'Agostino - BlaBlaBla
22.04 UTC CW ID, music again
22.17 UTC music
22.19 UTC CW ID again and off

via K2SDR tonight, weak, but audible, SINPO 23222
Thanks for the show and please eQSL to my e-maill address!

23.46 UTC turkey gaggling
23.47 UTC OM talking... needless to say
23.48 UTC Adam Sandler - Thanksgiving song
23.53 UTC phone cell tones, YL "oh yes, oh yes..." turkey gaggling
23.54 UTC Dee Dee Sharp - Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) by Shazam, maybe wrong
23.56 UTC old voiced OM with ID Old Turkey Radio, e-mail tent., illegible here
23.57 UTC talk by OM and YL
00.00 UTC talk and laugh, faded away again

faded into Germany, weak, SINPO 21221-22222, Ute-QRM
Thanks for the show and please eQSL to my e-mail address  

22.07 UTC comedy and music detected, cow? moo
22.15 UTC cow is mooing again
22.17 UTC very tent. Pink Floyd song Sheep??
22.19 UTC carrier vanished, off?
22.23 UTC back again very strong now! Cows mooing and music
22.25 UTC Frank Zappa - Jumbo Go Away as background music
22.27 UTC music and moo, The Phantom Surfers - Nantucket Sleighride
22.30 UTC Cheech And Chong feat. The Bloaters - Bloat On (by Shazam)
22.32 UTC organ sound and moo
22.35 UTC piano new song by Alice Cooper - Mary Ann and moo
22.38 UTC OM with station ID, Voice of Porcupine?! into siren's wailing
22.40 UTC moo and air raid sirens again, ID The Love Cow?!
22.51 UTC "revolution" mentioned by OM, "time has been mesured"
22.53 UTC "through the darkness of space"...
22.55 UTC OM announcer, ladies and gentlemen...
23.13 UTc now the carrier is audible in NW Germany too, but now audio yet
23.17 UTC Beatles - Come Together , now audio made it into NW Germany!
23.20 UTC off

very weak on K2SDR, SINPO 22222, later up to 33433
Thanks for the show anyway, maybe you can verify my post with an e-QSL?!

18.27 UTC AC/DC - Thunderstruck
18.32 UTC David Bowie - China Girl
18.48 UTC The Doors - Riders In The Storm
18.53 UTC new record, but stopped then
18.54 UTC Beethoven rap sound, OM is singing

via K2SDR, fair to nice signal, SINPO 34433

QSLs Received / Radio Merlin International eQSL
« on: November 02, 2016, 1855 UTC »
Thanks a lot Paul Watt for this nice eQSL for the US relay!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925.5 AM 1813 UTC 28 Oct 2016
« on: October 28, 2016, 1815 UTC »
18.13 UTC music detected, but audio illegible for more details

via K2SDR today, SINPO 22222, not very stable

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