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2118 UTC ID by YL, playing nice rock and soul oldies

SINPO 23322 in Germany. Will post a report to them asap tomorrow.

22.20 UTC music detected in Germany directly
22.21 UTC male announcer, much echo... radio, song about ?
22.24 UTC Loudon Wainwright III - Dead Skunk
22.25 UTC male DJ talks a lot about something... Gremlin?
22.27 UTC ID?, song by Robert Earl Keen - The Road Goes On Forever
22.34 UTC talk by OM, about radio station and "John" and doctor
22.36 UTC song about "Barbeque"?! by OM
22.40 UTC male speaker, deep fading now unfortunately
22.41 UTC Everly Brothers - Wake Up Little Susie
... I only briefly caught this song, then faded out

I had to use Shazam to identify the records...

Quite weak signal from the US, deep fading and noises, SINPO 22222
I have to check my recording later about more details,
done, Skunk Hole with Patrick on the mike.
Thanks for the show and please eQSL to my address, OM!

12.05 UTC Therapy? - If It Kills Me
12.07 UTC ID: This is Germany callling, SRG, postal address given:
SRG, P.O.Box 2702, NL-6049 ZG Herten, The Netherlands
12.10 UTC many IDs and jingles, e-mail: skylineradiogermany@web.de
12.11 UTC comedy skit in German, much talk, sometimes illegible
12.15 UTC Mary Slim - All I Want
12.19 UTC jingles, by DJ Jan Hendrik
12.20 UTC Volbeat feat. Johan Olsen - For Evigt
12.25 UTC End Of Green - Dead End Hero
deep fade out now
12.47 UTC VNV Nation - Radio
here not very good, SINPO 23222 only, most likely long skip?!

22.10 UTC station ID by female announcer, music
22.15 station ID again by YL
Switched to 6955 USB

22.22 UTC Rock music, most likely The Rolling Stones
22.26 UTC ID by OM, .... Pirate Radio, REO Speedwagon - Keep On Lovin You
22.29 UTC ID by OM again about Pirate Radio, ZZ Top - Legs
22.34 UTC new song
22.36 UTC Classic Pirate Radio Relay Service ID by YL, music
22.38 UTC ID by YL and e-mail given @gmail.com, jingle
22.39 UTC lots of rap style and announcements, K2000
22.42 UTC another great professional K2000 jingle, talk by OM about pirates
22.44 UTC comedy skip announcement, into comedy song about pirates paradise
22.50 UTC old K2000 mailing address in MA, K2000 promotion trailer by OM
22.51 UTC woman talks, then OM with strange voice
22.59 UTC desaster, still much talk now, radioplay?
23.05 UTC K2000 IDs again, trailer music, about broadcast, SSTV mentioned
wow, directly in NW Germany, SINPO 23332!
Thanks a lot , CPRRS for this great appearance! Please e-QSL to my addy!   

11.28 UTC dynamic drums instrumental music
11.30 UTC off

Fairly good reception, SINPO 34443, nice audio in NW Germany

22.43 UTC ID by YL, into music

SINPO 22322

last edit at 2250

23.10 UTC OM is talking fast
23.15 UTC talk, no peskie!
23.23 UTC talk in Spanish now, nueve ocho (98), talk
23.29 UTC la situacion, ID?
23.31 UTC about largo, OM is talking fast again, motor sound
23.32 UTC tranquillo
23.37 UTC announcer again, maybe ID?

direct reception in NW Germany, maybe European?
strange, still audible here but sounded like pesky indeed

QSLs Received / Radio Parade Inetrnational
« on: December 15, 2018, 1904 UTC »
Thanks to OP Alex for this fast and nice e-QSL!


North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6870 AM 2307 UTC 19 AUG 2018
« on: August 20, 2018, 0815 UTC »
I caught this on my Perseus SDR recording in NW Germany

23.07 UTC TX on and carrier detected, no audio yet
23.13 UTC now some audio came up
23.14 UTC talk by OM, much talk lateron, conversation OM,YL
00.00 UTC TX off, carrier gone

I'm not sure if this was a pirate here, SINPO 13211
Maybe someone can help me out?!

QSLs Received / Radio Illuminati eQSL
« on: June 21, 2018, 0657 UTC »
Thanks a lot, Azimuth Coordinator, for another great eQSL!

I wanted to insert my eQSL picture, but was unable... strange.
"Attachments and other options" did not work properly.

Hmmm, is this the right way of posting? If yes, it's the one and only I will post here :-(

PS: No luck with your explanation, I'm no imgur-member and have no such assortments
on the right. Anyway, thanks for trying to help me out.

20.15 UTC unid live free jazz sound, trumpets and drums
20.18 UTC applause, into mellow saxophone solo

Wow, open band to the US now, reception
directly here in NW Germany,  SINPO 12321,
I cannot identify the music, but audible anyway!
Please e-QSL to my e-mail address. Thanks!

QSLs Received / Seven Trees' Radio eQSL
« on: June 12, 2018, 1045 UTC »
Thanks a lot for this e-QSL, Frank!

PS: For your info: I deleted the name on the eQSL just for safety-related reasons!

13.08 UTC Sanford-Townsend Band - Smoke From A Distant Fire
13.14 UTC The Box Tops - Soul Deep
13.17 UTC Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love
13.20 UTC Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Head To Toe
13.24 UTC Billy Joel - Movin' Out
13.27 UTC sign off or fade out

via K1RA, Warrenton, VA KiwiSDR today, SINPO 44433, fading and noisy band

01.44 UTC Deep Purple - Black Night
01.50 UTC another tune, tent.
01.52 UTC e-guitar final and signal gone

another Perseus SDR catch tonight in NW Germany, SINPO 23222
fairly nice here first, later deeper fading

« on: May 16, 2018, 0754 UTC »
An Irish station: bluemoonradio188@gmail.com

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