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Heard some music for a couple of minutes through the local inverter noise here...couldn't ID the tune, but seems to be gone at 1705 UTC.

Abu making it through the noise here at 0000 UTC with C&W tune and talking en Espanol for the listeners and assorted banditos in Abu Dhabi land. Moderate fading with fair copy. :)
0030 UTC Now at S7 here with solid audio and more C&W tunes...good copy!
0037 UTC Shoutout to "Smolsie" :) and mention of the "Underground"
OFF at 0119 UTC after playing "I Walk the Line" twice, "I Won't Back Down", and a couple of shoutouts to "Skipmuckie" ;D

"Running Down a Dream"-Tom Petty ending at 2303 UTC, into "Friend of the Devil"-Grateful Dead
2313 UTC email address shortwaveghost@outlook.com then Stevie Ray Vaughn tune
Solid S7 AM signal here with excellent audio...much better than my last logging :)
2319 UTC ID "Ghost Shortwave", then "You Shook Me"-Muddy Waters perhaps?
2337 UTC I'm measuring frequency as 6925.3 at the moment

Soviet Anthem at 0005 UTC
0007 UTC DJ Dickweed with MILF Day....testing new hardware tonight so it might blow up
Just after the end of Blue Skies Mine-Midnight Oil, DJ Dickweed ID'd tunes, and the a couple of UH-OH's....then said to stand by....hope it didn't blow up dude!
0024 UTC Yep, we still hear ya!
0136 UTC Despite all the problems, you are still S7 here Dickweed! Don't burn down the bunker with that new hardware.... 8)

Signal is at or just above noise floor here with occasional S2 peaks since tune in at 2000 UTC. Mostly man announcer chatting, mostly poor copy.
2008 UTC "Ghostbusters"-Ray Parker Jr.
2041 UTC Signal still just above the noise here with occasional S3 peaks. Erratic fading...
2049 UTC Man giving frequencies...maybe Hobart op?
2050 UTC Barbara Streisand tune
2058 UTC Clear "Radio Spaceshuttle" ID by OM
2100 UTC OFF

Better reception today than the other 2 times I've logged this :)

S3 with peaks of S4 here at 0250 UTC with Euro pop/dance tracks and nice audio!

Thump thump! Characteristically sounding Liquid Radio dance beat just above threshold here :)
0142 UTC ID by man announcer I think ;)

Other / UNID 6660 LSB 0049 UTC MAY 9, 2015
« on: May 09, 2015, 0116 UTC »
Hearing a solid but weak signal here playing easy listening music on 6660 LSB with an uptempo "Rockin Robin"-Michael Jackson at 0114 UTC. Seemingly off at 0114 UTC. Assume this to be some bored pesky playing some tuneage for the tunas ;D

0056 UTC "Highway Star"-Deep Purple (Seemed to be a man talking over the music near the end of the song)
0100 UTC "Son of a Bitch"-AC/DC ???(Again, man talkover at end of song and between this and next song...can't make out what was said)
0104 UTC UNID sounds like Motley Crue
0108 UTC UNID hard rocking tune by Aerosmith (Thanks JoeFLIPS!)
(Solid S8 signal here)
0116 UTC Man announcer with ID...something Rock Radio, followed by "Saturday Night Special"-Lynyrd Skynyrd
0121 UTC UNID hard rock tune
0126 UTC Man announcer with ID, into another hard rocking tune
0129 UTC Joe Walsh tune
0132 UTC "Run For the Hills"-Iron Maiden
0136 UTC UNID Rock tune
0139 UTC OFF

Much appreciated for the relay of LLR Rock Radio whoever you are! Thanks Chris L for the ID on this one.... :)

EDIT{0100 UTC "Son of a Bitch"-AC/DC ??? Please excuse my ignorance on this one...the song is actually named "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth! }

Bubble gum tuneage! S9+ here with some modest fading....listen while I play my Green Tambourine 8)

0341 UTC Tuning up sound, then UNID music
0345 UTC Different song now with S4 peaks amidst noise with rapid fading
0348 UTC Man announcer then song
0352 UTC Man announcer, then music....thought I heard my name during a voiceover!*
0356 UTC Man announcer chatting, then song at 0357 UTC
0413 UTC "Paranoid"-Black Sabbath (Finally I got one!)
0416 UTC "Centerfold"-J Geils Band
0419 UTC "Walking After Midnight"-(Patsy Cline)
0423 UTC "El Condor Pasa"-Simon & Garfunkel
0435 UTC "Whip It"-Devo
0438 UTC "Imagine"-John Lennon
0457 UTC "Games Without Frontiers"-Peter Gabriel (Thanks for the assist RTN!)

*Listened back Saturday morning and the RTN op said something anyway, not sure what...maybe you're right Dickweed!...must be those late night voices I hear :-\

S7 with hard rocking tune, silence between songs and still going strong with heavy rock tune at 0235 UTC
0240 UTC Same song as one played before
0242 OFF?
0244 UTC Something back now...a bit weaker
0246 UTC Hearing a couple of howls and now flute music
Don't know about the Indonesian part DJ Dickweed, but those loon calls are enough to further unbalance my Yin and Yang
(Eclectic mix of tunes whoever you be!)

0201 UTC Suddenly, Jimi Hendrix came up on the frequency with S3 signal and above the noise :)
0206 UTC UNID song by the Kinks (Rosie Won't You Please Come Home per a knowing individual in the IRC Chat ;D)
0209 UTC A little bit of music, then lost the audio :(
0214 UTC Signal back with UNID rock tune (S4 here :))
Somebody came up on the frequency after Eldorado closed down! Nice signal whoever you are :)

Strong open carrier here amidst some distant static bursts
0014 UTC Heavy rock tune (Death Alley Driver-Rainbow per IRC chat :))
0028 UTC No I don't have a gun....
0031 UTC "Distant Early Warning'"-Rush
0038 UTC Awesome live version of Godzilla-Blue Oyster Cult  :)
0044 UTC Pink Floyd

UNID with girl group tune...S7 here with excellent audio! Sounds like Courtney Love...
0100 UTC More Courtney...
0103 UTC Must be Courtney night! Despite her personal misgivings, she has one of the most sultry voices of the girl grunge scene of the 90's
0110 UTC Another tune from Ms Love...
0112 UTC OFF abruptly
0114+ UTC Back on again with some more  :)
0119 UTC Some more Courtney....
0123 UTC OFF? Or pause for station unidentification? ???

The Monday night entertainment was greatly appreciated! Not up on my Hole and Garbage tunes, but the lady has a nice voice! Thanks :)

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