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0054 UTC "WTF" jingle, into "What's New Pussycat"-Tom Jones
(I was parked on the frequency....S9 peaks and sounding good!)
0057 UTC OM with "This is WTF Radio Worldwide", back into Tom Jones
0100 UTC Comedian with story about putting enough money in the juke box to play What's New Pussycat 7 times at a diner while waiting for their food followed by It's Not Unusual to the relief of the other customers
0104 UTC OM with ID, into "It's Not Unusual"-Tom Jones  8)
0106 UTC WTF Worldwide jingle, into Unid song OM singer
0111 UTC OM with ID, into an unid indie song with autotune vocals OM and YL's?..lots of whistling
0127 UTC "King of the Road"-Roger Miller  :)
0146 UTC "Even Flow"-Pearl Jam
0148 UTC OM with "Thanks for listening.....send your reports of reception with "WTF?" in the subject line to ballsmacker@protonmail.com with "WTF?" in the subject line (?) followed by unid alt rock music
0153 UTC Spoken word comedy skit
0154 UTC OFF
Kicking back and enjoying the show!

Thanks for a the very entertaining show WTF! You were spot on frequency and sounding like a local here with the Grove SP-200 Sound Enhancer!

Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 9500 USB 2150 UTC 18 MAY 2022
« on: May 18, 2022, 2237 UTC »
2234 UTC Solid above the noise with S3 peaks...sounds like a light Bruce Springsteen song
2236 UTC Sounds like an in-store advert...OM
2238 UTC Instrumental "If You Could Read My Mind"
2242 UTC Waterfall image data (Wasn't set up for it), then OFF

Thanks for those links Charlie_Dont_Surf! I'll have to head over to archive.org and do the TYFSOK dance!

Here's the link to my recording.....Would very much appreciate a K-Mart Radio eQSL!  8)

Shortwave Pirate / FOXY AM 6925 AM 0019 UTC 18 MAY 2022
« on: May 18, 2022, 0020 UTC »
0019 UTC CW and OM talking....
0021 UTC OM with clear ID and then more CW
0022 UTC Caribbean dramatic music...Cuban jazz?
(So far the signal is S8 and solid above the noise)
0025 UTC OM with ID above the song...requests at foxyam@protonmail.com
0026 Unid genre of jazz
0029 UTC OM with spoken word and then "That does it for todays news on FOXY AM", into unid indie folk rock tune YL singer
0035 UTC OM with email address and shoutouts to HFU posters (THANKS FOXY!)
0036 UTC OFF

Thanks for the show this evening FOXY!

Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB 2242 UTC 17 May 2022
« on: May 17, 2022, 2324 UTC »
2322 UTC Unid music right at the low noise level
2324 UTC Faded out?
2326 UTC Funky music (signal is just above the  low noise level now)
(From reading the postings it looks like Siouxsee & Banshees on all songs)
2333 UTC S7 peaks now and sounding good!
2340 UTC Signal had faded quite a bit but is back up now
2348 UTC Another song...S3 and mostly above the noise
0003 UTC Still listening! Signal is S3 still
0005 UTC Fast CW over the music still going at 0006 UTC, pause then more CW
0007 UTC Music only now
0011 UTC Interval Signal on Celeste....I used to know what this is....Hearing an OM in between intervals
0013 UTC OM "Testing"..."Checking out our new radio"..."sounds like a numbers station music"...
0015 UTC OFF

Thanks for the test whoever! It works!

2212 UTC OM speaking but nada on the copy....lots of T-storm static
2213 UTC OFF
2214 UTC Music now, but low in the noise
2218 UTC Ambient electronica sci-fi music
2231 UTC Sounds like percussion electronica now
2251 UTC Thought I heard an OM say something briefly, but it could have been something in the music?
2303 UTC OM with ID "ROCK RADIO SHORTWAVE"...repeated
2310 UTC OM again
2325 UTC Somebody keying up over the frequency
2331 UTC Just had some local thunder here....unplugged

Thanks for the music Rock Radio Shortwave!

1113 UTC Blues tune OM singer (Signal not moving the S-meter, but the noise floor is very low this morning)
1115 UTC OM with ID "Outhouse Radio", into another blues tune with OM singer and harmonica
1122 UTC OM with ID, into more blues
1131 UTC OM chatting then more blues tunes (Signal has dropped down to the noise floor
1148 UTC WWV audio clips

Shortwave Pirate / Re: The BONG 6942 AM 0106 UTC 15 May 2022
« on: May 15, 2022, 0116 UTC »
0115 UTC The ute is overwhelming on 6942 USB, but I have weak audio using LSB
0118 UTC SSTV but no decode here...started as Robot 36 before it stopped
(The T-storm static is really bad here)
0123 UTC Music coming up to noise level but can't tell what's playing
0129 UTC Still monitoring but no joy here
0140 UTC Now even the carrier is weak.
Thanks for trying but only fragments came through this evening. Between the ute and the storm static, it's a no go.  :(

I believe 6942 is possibly the worst frequency to use in the 43 meter band.
Link-11 (Also known as ALLIGATOR, STANAG 5511, TADIL-A, MIL-STD-6011, and MIL-STD-188-203-1A) is a Tactical Data Link standard (formerly known as Tactical Digital Information Link (TADIL) used by NATO and the US Military for Maritime Tactical Data Exchange.

0053 UTC Unid pop song YL singer (S8 peaks and mostly solid above the noise)

0037 UTC Caught the tail end of an SSTV in the noise, followed by unid music deep in the snap crackle and pop

0050 UTC I can make out some kind of spoken word but nada on the copy
0152 UTC Tuned in to "Midnight Rider"-Allman Brothers Band with a solid S7 above the noise signal!
0154 UTC SSTV-Scottie1
0200 UTC OFF

0002 UTC "Play That Funky Music"-Wild Cherry (S9 and solid....great audio!)
0005 UTC "Love Potion #9"-?
0008 UTC Mention of ballsmacker.net
0014 UTC "Count Me In"-Gary Lewis & Playboys

2309 UTC Unid big band blues tune
2311 UTC  YL with ID/ Twilight Zone theme, into a different blues tune OM singer

Shortwave Pirate / Re: CHIL 9500 USB 1331 UTC 14 May 2022
« on: May 14, 2022, 1420 UTC »
1415 UTC Tuned in to nice finger pickin bluegrass music with YL singer
1419 UTC Unid folk music tune (Signal mostly solid above the noise, with some fades to the noise floor....very nice audio)
1428 UTC "House of the Rising Sun"-Animals segue into "Here Comes the Sun"-Beatles
1431 UTC OM with ID "You are tuned to CHIL Worldwide"
1432 UTC "Help" Beatles
1434 UTC "A Horse With No Name"-America
1449 UTC "Runaway"-Del Shannon

1446 UTC "Puff the Magic Dragon"

I found 2 threads for this....one in the Broadcast Announcements and the other in Shortwave Pirate. I merged them!

Time to head outside and finish up a chore before it gets too hot...mid to high 80's here forecast. Too hot too early! Thanks for the Saturday morning 31 meter show CHIL!

2354 UTC Unid indie tune mostly solid above the high noise here...cool song!
2356 UTC DJDW running down the tunes played, mentioning the high noise, then giving the mixlr website for the stream
0001 UTC An old RFW prerecorded ID....
0011 UTC DJDW chatting with playlist, mixlr stream..."hot and it's not even summer yet"
0013 UTC Song by a band named "Nickel Man"?

QSLs Received / Micro Dot Radio via TRI eQSL
« on: May 13, 2022, 2327 UTC »
Thanks again for a warp speed QSL!  8)

2309 UTC "The End"-Doors (Signal mostly above the noise with S7 peaks and moderate fading....excellent AM audio)
2317 UTC OM DJ chatting, but tough copy now with the static crashes
2320 UTC Signal has dropped down now. I can hear music but too low in the noise to ID
2321 UTC Signal bounced back up to S9 now! I still don't know what the song is....
2323 UTC "Mama Kin"-Aerosmith
2328 UTC Sounds like some early synthesizer music
2331 UTC OM and laughing and other noises....YL with TRI ID?
2332 UTC OFF

Thanks for another old show TRI! Wish propagation had been better....

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