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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6935 USB 2300 UTC 8 Feb 23
« on: February 08, 2023, 2304 UTC »
2300 UTC On sudden with "Up Up and Away"-Fifth Dimension, followed by Yeah Man DJ chat "Wacky Wednesday"
2303 UTC "Happy Together"-Turtles
Thanks for the shoutout Yeah Man!
2310 UTC "Dedicated to the One I Love"-Mamas and the Papas
Dinner music this evening provided by the Yeah Man!
2357 UTC OFF
Thanks for a the 1960's blast YM!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6955 AM 2151 UTC 8 FEB 2023
« on: February 08, 2023, 2208 UTC »
2207 UTC "Have You Ever Loved A Woman"-Eric Clapton live (S9+ here with very nice audio)

2233 UTC Unid folk/pop song-OM singer (S6 peaks and mostly above the noise)
2236 UTC "Starship Trooper"-Yes
2246 UTC "Your's Is No Disgrace"-Yes
2256 UTC "I've Seen All Good People"-Yes
2303 UTC Robot 72 SSTV

2304 UTC "Roundabout"-Yes
2313 UTC Easypal image (App wasn't on!)
2314 UTC "Long Distance Runaround"-Yes
2317 UTC "Heart of the Sunrise"-Yes
2327 UTC Robot 72 SSTV

2329 UTC Unid song
2337 UTC OM with "Cluck Cluck Cluck"
2345 UTC Robot 72 SSTV

2346 UTC "Bloody Well Right"-Supertramp

0327 UTC Unid jazz piano tune (S7 peaks and fades to the noise floor....excellent audio)
0332 UTC OM DJ chat (Rough copy with the high noise level)
0342 UTC "Theme from The Sting"-unknown artist on piano (I believe the songs actual name was "The Entertainer")
0428 UTC OFF
Thanks for the entertainment this evening Bud!

0302 UTC "Eye In the Sky"-Alan Parsons Project in progress. (S8 and solid above the noise and nice audio)
0305 UTC IS and YL with possible ID in Chinese repeated. The IS is an old bit of music called "The Oriental Riff"
(I tuned in too late to engage Audacity...looks like I missed a cool show!)

2154 UTC I have a solid carrier here, but only traces of very weak audio (possibly peskies).
2159 UTC CW
2200 UTC OM with mention of radio station for every day of the week, into unid song about the days of the week!
2202 UTC OM over the music with ID WEEK Radio
2213 UTC "Tuesday's Gone With the Wind"-Lynyrd Skynyrd
2256 UTC "Eight Days A Week"-Beatles
2259 UTC OFF
(Haven't heard this one in a few years! I'm going to kick back and enjoy the show! Recorder running!)

Tip of the hat to you Stan Weekly!  8)

2126 UTC "American Woman"-Unid cover (I have the frequency as 6927.1 AM)
2127 UTC OM DJ chat with mention of a caller in New York, followed by a hard rock tune-Judas Priest
(Signal peaks to S9 with moderate fading and very nice audio)
2131 UTC OM DJ with time check, into another hard rock tune-OM singers
2133 UTC OM chatting over the top of the music
2135 UTC "House of the Rising Sun"-The Animals
2139 UTC Advertisement or spoken word jingle, into an instrumental tune from the 60's I forgot the name of
2142 UTC OM DJ with "You're listening to the Secret Sound, Borderhunter Radio"
(Good to hear Borderhunter Radio again! It has been a long time!)
2146 UTC OM DJ chatting...from somewhere in Europe...email borderhunterradio@hotmail.com ?
2147 UTC OFF

The op, who is from europe mentioned 21460 khz, so this is a relay of an old show somebody recorded back some years ago! Thanks to the relayer!

I had this directly as a weak carrier then an OM speaking then OFF
0230 UTC Back up again with OM speaking! I'll have to listen closely to the recording later. I have it as 6959.9 AM
0234 UTC I believe I caught an ID....can't tell if the other voice is a YL or OM?
0236 UTC Not hearing anything now, but the carrier is still up
0237 UTC Music?
0240 UTC Definitely music but it is low in the noise
0258 UTC Still hearing threshold music with some fair peaks
0259 UTC Getting some solid music now, but some QRN started up at 0300 UTC

Here is my recording of direct reception....not much of a recording, but you can hear the basics of my report above!
Recording is from 0230-0245 UTC
Here is my recording of direct reception using USB to minimize band noise...0320-0335+ UTC
Here's a snip and paste of my decode of the CW at 0323 UTC using CW Decoder app:

I'm figuring the chance of an eQSL is not good, so how about some of that Spicy Carrot soup?  :P

0046 UTC Electronica at S7 with het from Indy on 6931 AM
0057 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV followed by "Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum"

0115 UTC OM with ID, into "Sweet Leaf"-Black Sabbath
0131 UTC Thanks for the shoutout OM!

0216 UTC "Setting Sun"-Brian Lucas Project

0027 UTC S9 carrier with some very undermodulated music here.
0028 UTC Modulation much better now with "Roadhouse Blues"-The Doors  8)
0033 UTC OM with an advertisement for Unisex stereo? Sounds like a commercial station.
0034 UTC OM said something about "Brought to you by UAI Upper Atmosphere Ionization"?, into unid funky pop tune OM singer
0036 UTC Silence, but the S9 carrier is still on
0038 UTC "Cool AM" ID, into an instrumental version of a song...more ID's as Cool AM Radio
0041 UTC "Karn Evil 9"-ELP

Here's my recording from 0027-0041 UTC:

2344 UTC Rock tune solid above the noise
2345 UTC Some kind of parody advertisement?
2346 UTC Unid punk rock tune
2349 UTC Sounded like a YL with a WEAK Radio ID?, followed by another punk rock tune
2354 UTC YL gave an email address I didn't catch
0007 UTC OM with ID, into more punk rock
0012 UTC OM with echo ID, then OFF

Now that was some serious rocket fuel punk rock....thanks to the relayer!

2253 UTC Unid indie tune at tune in with the usual kicking S9 signal here!
2255 UTC ID, into another unid indie tune-OM singer (Windows needs to get Shazam back!)
2258 UTC ID, into unid tune-YL singer
2339 UTC Thanks for the info DJDW! Yes, you do a good job IDing the songs, and the posters help out too! Sadly, the Windows Shazam extension insists on taking control of the browser, so I've declined to use it.
2341 UTC OFF

Thanks for another round of new tunes! Always some gems to be found!

QSLs Received / Re: WRKO Shortwave eQSL
« on: February 04, 2023, 2251 UTC »
Also received this eQSL! Awesome broadcast, great tunes, and love the graphics on the QSL! THANKS WRKO Shortwave!

1457 UTC "Something Stupid"-Frank & Nancy Sinatra
1459 UTC OM with ID "WRKO", into "The River Is Wide"-The Forum or The Grassroots?
1501 UTC OM DJ, into "Gimme Gimme Good Lovin"-Crazy Elephant
1503 UTC OM DJ "JJ Jefferies", into "Love Potion #9"-Searchers
(Very nice S9 signal with awesome AM audio!)
1505 UTC OM DJ, into "It's Your Thing"-Isley Brothers
1508 UTC DJ chat, into "The Boxer"-Simon & Garfunkel
1513 UTC "It's Only Love"-BJ Thomas
1516 UTC DJ chat, into a song I forgot the name of
1522 UTC "Here, There, and Everywhere"-Beatles
1535 UTC "Nothing But A Heartache"-The Flirtations
1547 UTC "I Love You More Today than Yesterday"-Spiral Staircase
1552 UTC "Where Do You Go to My Lovely"-Peter Sarstedt
1558 UTC "Wishful Sinful"-The Doors

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I was 14 at the time and the songs still sound great!

North American Shortwave Pirate / KOLD 4030 USB 0417 UTC 4 FEB 2023
« on: February 04, 2023, 0418 UTC »
0417 UTC "I Feel Love"-Donna Summer (Very nice S7 peaks and excellent audio)
0418 UTC OM DJ chat with ID "KOLD"....mention of next song by Happy Monday?
0420 UTC Unid song
0424 UTC OM DJ chat "We're live...Happy Monday...KOLD", back to song, then again during song with mention of "Posting on the HFU and Discord" and "I'm Freakin Cold"
0428 UTC OM with KOLD...into a funky percussion heavy tune-OM singer
(Hey KOLD op....it's -5 degrees here with wind chills to -26 degrees!)
0433 UTC OM DJ over the song with mention of reports and requests
0438 UTC "We're outta here....one more", into unid punk tune-YL singer (OM DJ over the top with Have a good night)
0441 UTC "See ya guys" and OFF

Thanks for the late night show KOLD!

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