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0052 UTC Rock tune solid above the high noise level here...instrumental
0056 UTC Different unid rock instrumental music
0120 UTC OFF?
0127 UTC Back up with SSTV and music

2342 UTC Rock tune-OM singer
2345 UTC Electronica/rock song...Depeche Mode?
(Signal is S9 peaks with light fades and excellent audio)
2349 UTC OM with NAPRS ID and email address followed by a Scottie 1 SSTV

2351 UTC Announcer with ID and postal maildrop address, into "London Calling"-The Clash
2354 UTC "The Guns of Brixton"-The Clash
2357 UTC OM with ID "This is Radio Fluffernut and this is the announcer", then talking about the next 2 songs
2358 UTC Unid electronica sounding circus music?
0001 UTC Unid instrumental pop tune
0004 UTC OM DJ with ID...."gonna play 2 songs from 1979", then gave artist details..."The Cars"
0005 UTC "Candy-O"-The Cars
0008 UTC "Dangerous Type"-The Cars
0012 UTC OM DJ with ID and Merlin Ontario maildrop address, followed by an unid pop tune
0016 UTC Unid song-OM singer
0019 UTC OM DJ with ID and maildrop address..."song by the Pretenders"
0020 UTC A song by Chrissie Hyndes and the Pretenders I don't recognize
0023 UTC Two OM talking, into a song about radio...lyrics "Listen to Radio"-YL singer
0024 UTC OM with NAPRS ID and email, followed by ScottieDX SSTV, then OFF at 0029 UTC

Thanks for running this again!  :)
Here's the link to my recording:

2336 UTC "Yellow Submarine"-a bluegrass sounding cover version with hillbilly singers  :)
2339 UTC A jazzy cover of "In the Court of the Crimson King"

2037 UTC OM talking about "scanning the skies for mushroom clouds"...and something about blindness not being good for post nuclear survival, then OM with ID and "Remember, we are all behind enemy lines"
2038 UTC OFF

2008 UTC "Sir Duke"-Stevie Wonder (S9 peaks with light fading and excellent audio)
2012 UTC Unid song with some jazz organ
2015 UTC "Tubthumping"-Chumbawumba
2019 UTC "Kryptonite"-Three Doors Down
2036 UTC "Winchester Cathedral"-New Vaudeville Band
2040 UTC Tuned over to 6925 USB for a couple of minutes and came back to "White Bird"-It's a Beautiful Day  8)
2044 UTC "Everywhere"-Fleetwood Mac
2059 UTC "I Can't Quit You Babe"-Led Zeppelin

1945 UTC "My Sharona"-The Knack (S9+ here with the usual excellent audio)
1947 UTC "Good Girls Don't"-The Knack
1950 UTC Pause
1953 UTC "Saturday In the Park"-Chicago
1957 UTC "Feeling Stronger Every Day"-Chicago
2001 UTC OFF

Thanks GTR! Congratulations on your new Madonna CD!  :)

1159 UTC I hear an OM talking deep in the noise
1206 UTC Music, but too weak to ID
1209 UTC Signal picking up a bit now....Seals barking!  :)
1212 UTC S8 now with 2 OM talking, then cuckoo clock sound
1213 UTC "Celebrate 1984?", followed by Battle Creek, MI postal address and then music and OM talking about old 1984 address...mentioned a New York address with 14711 zip code
1214 UTC "Discover the undiscoverable"..."Long lost soundtrack to the alien autopsy".."Lets begin our search for aliens on the Voice of Laryngitis"
1216 UTC "Armed Forces of the United States of America have the situation well in hand"..."The stars are actually the homes of supreme beings"
1217 UTC Music-Unid blues song OM singer
1221 UTC OM with ID and talk of aliens and UFO's..."Have you ever been abducted by aliens?
1223 UTC Lots of "la la la's" followed by 2 OM talking...."standard recognition"..."designed to enhance your shortwave experience", followed by a pop song..."majority of ? on the shortwave bands come from aliens"
1227 UTC "Dits and Dahs....listening to morse code can be very tedious...my antenna's longer than yours..."
1229 UTC "Here is an important message from your government....weather balloon crash near Roscoe New Mexico..."
1235 UTC Mentions of Radio Marti and Cubans
1238 UTC Interview with OM "This is Marty and this is My Radio"..."pass the message"..."backward coded message"
1243 UTC "Cuban alien intruder"..."unzip your antenna from your receiver"...secret soundtrack to the alien autopsy..."
1244 UTC Alien voice talking and mention of Belfast mail drop address...3 first class stamps
1245 UTC "Reverend Billy Bob Huxley"..." Tell you about a very personal experience I had"
1248 UTC "You must blow your nose"
1249 UTC Parody of "I've Been Working on the Railroad"
1250 UTC OM with ID and quest for aliens..."can you tell me where Area 51 is?"...OM giving directions
1254 UTC "Important message from your government"...sound effects...no need to panic
1255 UTC "Hold onto your monkey", followed by a Talking Heads sounding song parody
1258 UTC VOL ID and mention of Area 52...
Just kicking back and listening over coffee cup #2!
1308 UTC Star Trek skit
1309 UTC "You've been listening to Voice of Laryngitis show #?...Genghis Huxley...the year is 1998"..."Any aliens out there hearing this broadcast...Box 1 Belfast NY"
1314 UTC "Genghis Huxley...The Voice of Laryngitis...the best damn station you'll ever hear"..."Alien autopsy soundtrack"..."what you doing with that chainsaw"...."put my liver back man"
1317 UTC Seal barking..
1318 UTC OM with NAPRS ID and email address, followed by ScottieDX SSTV

Thanks for the relay of VOL! Here's a link to my recording:

I've been tuned in since 2310 UTC when I noticed a carrier...hearing directly some imaginary audio at best. Pretty sure I heard an OM talking in Portuguese but I haven't heard anything else

2226 UTC Been tuned in for the last 20 minutes listening to the indie tunes...S8 peaks here and as always, sounding
2228 UTC Thanks for the shoutout DJDW!

1200 UTC A very weak carrier here with no trace of audio  :(

0109 UTC A song I forgot the name of in progress...signal is at or just above the noise floor with some auroral flutter. Tough prop this evening!
0113 UTC "It Don't Come Easy"-Ringo Starr
(The deities of propagation are not smiling this evening...signal has degraded to where I can't make out the music at all)

2316 UTC Unid song mostly above the noise floor with light to moderate fading and excellent audio
2320 UTC YL with Spanish numbers followed by OM with ID WBOG...music continues
2322 UTC Unid song
If I'm able to ID a song I will post it!  :)
2329 UTC YL announcer chatting about music
2335 UTC Unid rap song
2352 UTC YL announcer chat, followed by unid song-YL singer(A blast of ute QRM during the song and again at 2355 UTC, obliterating reception)  :(
2358 UTC OFF

Thanks WBOG! It was nice until the wideband ute started up....
Here's my recording of the show:

2148 UTC "Eye of the Tiger"-Survivor (S9 peaks with light fading and excellent audio)
2152 UTC "Danger Zone"-Kenny Loggins (Audio cut a few times during song)
2156 UTC "Hooked On A Feeling"-Blue Swede (Audio cuts during the song)
2159 UTC "Happy"-Pharrell Williams (Audio cuts during song)
2203 UTC OFF

Now That's What I Call Movies....

0307 UTC Tuned in to "Radar Love"-Golden Earring in progress
0308 UTC PK chat...says he "has to work in the morning"....also "poked myself in the eye", followed by "Take the Skinheads Bowling"-Camper Van Beethoven
(Signal is hitting S9 peaks with a fluttery fade)
0311 UTC PK chatting with shoutouts to HFU posters...THANKS PK!
0312 UTC OFF
0313 UTC PK signed back on to give a shoutout to Harry Smith  :)

Thanks for the show PK! Propagation is kinda odd this evening, but you punched through nicely!

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