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0107 UTC Tuned in to an S9+ Scottie DX mode SSTV in progress. Partial decode

0112 UTC ScottieDX SSTV repeated

Thanks for the tones! It's been a long time!  8)

Latin American Pirate / Re: UNID 9214.7 AM 2300 UTC 21 JUL 2024
« on: July 22, 2024, 0200 UTC »

I am also quite curious on this broadcast! Good catch on this dxace1 and thanks for alerting me with your post!
Radio Cidades has also used this frequency in years past.

0014 UTC Tuned in to "Be Bop a Lu La"-Gene Vincent (Fair signal with S7 peaks amidst high noise and fading...audio sounds great at peaks)
0016 UTC "Got My Mind Set on You"-George Harrison
0019 UTC "I Can't Leave You Alone"-George McCrae
0022 UTC "Nice and Slow"-George McCrae
0027 UTC "Rock Your Baby"-George McCrae
0031 UTC "You Don't Know"-George McCrae
0035 UTC OFF

Thanks for the broadcast whoever! Here's my recording of the show:

Would very much appreciate an ID on this! My reception, and recording were directly heard.

2311 UTC Unid song-Johnny Cash? (S8 peaks and solid above the noise with light fading)
2314 UTC OM with ID..."you're tuned to Radio 69"(?), followed by a pop tune-"Thank You For Being a Friend"-OM singer
2319 UTC "Drift Away"-Dobie Gray"
2323 UTC OM with ID..."?? the government...this is Radio 69", followed by "I Go Crazy"-Paul Davis
2327 UTC Signal has dropped a bit into the static crashes
2328 UTC "Love Is In the Air"-OM singer (Signal picked...now S9 peaks...audio sounds good!)
2331 UTC OM with ID-"Radio 69", followed by "It's A Beautiful Morning"-Rascals
2333 UTC "That's Life"-Frank Sinatra
2336 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singer
2340 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Lady"-Kenny Rogers?
2344 UTC "Sugar Sugar"-Archies  8)
2347 UTC Spoken word skit...OM and YL
2350 UTC "5:15"-The Who
2355 UTC OM with ID..."?? the ionosphere", followed by unid song-OM singer and piano
2358 UTC OM with ID, followed by a song I forgot the name of
0001 UTC Getting some audio drop outs now
0003 UTC "Never Gonna Give You Up"-Rick Astley ( :D Rikrolled!)
0006 UTC Unid song-OM singer
(I see your post brotherstair! Yes, signal is sounding great now!)
0009 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"-Starship
0014 UTC "You Are a Pirate"
0016 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Stand By Me"-Sam Cooke
0022 UTC OM ID..."overcomer ministry...this is your host brotherstair", followed by unid song-OM singer
0024 UTC Another unid rock song-OM singer...(audio sounds a little bit distorted on this song)
0033 UTC "Joy to the World"-Three Dog Night? Or a cover?
(Static crashes are really bad now)  :(
0036 UTC "Rocking in the Free World"-Unid cover (not Neil Young)
0041 UTC OM with ID, followed by "In the Ghetto"-unid cover-OM singer
0044 UTC "Never Been to Spain"-unid cover-OM singer
2348 UTC "Don't You Forget About Me"-Simple Minds
0052 UTC "Time For Me to Fly"-REO Speedwagon or cover?
0056 UTC ScottieDX SSTV (I had to start it manually, so a little late on this one for me!)
0100 UTC OFF

Thank you for the evening entertainment Radio 69! It was good to hear you again! I have no clue who the vocalist was on many of these songs...cover versions? Here is my recording of the show:

Is it possible to acquire a Radio 69 eQSL?  :)

0133 UTC Unid punk rock tune (S8 with light noise and sounding good!)
0137 UTC OFF

2359 UTC Wolverine Radio interval signal (S9+ and sounding good!)
0000 UTC 1930's tune
0014 UTC "High School Confidential"-Jerry Lee Lewis
0016 UTC "Eight Miles High"-Byrds
0019 UTC "High Flying Bird"-Jefferson Airplane
0022 UTC "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher"-Jackie Wilson
0025 UTC "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"-Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
0028 UTC "High Time"-Grateful Dead
0033 UTC "High Time We Went"-Joe Cocker
0037 UTC "Too High"-Stevie Wonder
0042 UTC "Rock and Roll High School"-Ramones
0045 UTC "The Tide Is High"-Blondie
0049 UTC "Back in the High Life"-Stevie Winwood
0053 UTC "A Higher Place"-Tom Petty
0057 UTC "High Flying Bird"-Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Thanks Wolverine!

Kicking back and enjoying the tunes on this hot and humid summer evening! Great to hear music I am familiar with...thanks WTF! (S9+ and sounding great!)
0149 UTC "Atlantis"-Donovan (Haven't heard this on the radio in ages!)  8)
0156 UTC "You are tuned to the maritime service of WTF"  :)
0159 UTC "Popeye the Sailor Man" theme song
0220 UTC WTF theme music
0224 UTC OFF

Thanks for the maritime service WTF!

Thank you for the excellent program and eQSL VOTIROIS and a tip of the hat to Cloudsplitter for the relay! I really look forward to hearing more programs!

0205 UTC Blues tune at or just above the noise floor...some S6 peaks
0209 UTC OFF?

7200 LSB has been the watering hole for malcontents in amateur radio for a long time. Sometimes it's funny, but mostly it's garbage....  :D

0129 UTC ID followed by a blues tune (S8 peaks with moderate fading and noise...sounds great!)
0132 UTC ID and email address, followed by more uptempo blues-OM singer
0151 UTC YL with ID and email, followed by more great blues music!
0203 UTC OFF

Thank you for the blues tunes on this hot and humid summer night Cap'n!

2313 UTC Unid jazzy r&b instrumental tune (S9 peaks and sounding really good!)
2316 UTC Different instrumental tune
2323 UTC "Walk On"-Neil Young  :)
2332 UTC "Out in the Country"-Three Dog Night
2335 UTC OM with ID..."This is the Voice of the Independent Republic of Indian Stream", repeated, then "Relayed by Cloudsplitter Radio", then email address shortwavemaildrop@gmail.com ...end of transmission"
2337 UTC Unid cover of "Free Bird"
2339 UTC OFF

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_Indian_Stream  8)

Now that was cool! Thanks VOTIROIS and also Cloudsplitter for the relay!

1732 UTC Unid pop song directly across the pond (S5 peaks with moderate fading and light noise...excellent audio!)
It is good to hear you again Cupid Radio! Getting some S7 peaks! Some fades down to the noise floor.
1735 UTC DJ chat, but signal just faded into the noise
1738 UTC Signal has not faded back in yet  :(
1744 UTC Brief audio with DJ chat, followed by threshold music

1854 UTC Unid blues song (S8 peaks with light noise)
1855 UTC "I Want to be Loved"-OM singer
1857 UTC Blues/Rock tune with tasty lead guitar licks
1901 UTC Unid blues tune-OM singer
1904 UTC Blues tune with lead guitar and OM singer
1911 UTC Stevie Ray Vaughan tune
1923 UTC OFF
(No ID's or announcements heard from tune-in)

Thanks for the blues show on this quiet 4th of July afternoon!

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