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After WJAN QRT'd, I had to run an errand...I had left the SSTV app running and came back to find this:

Also received the same cool eQSL for the March 29th show...THANK YOU NAPRS! I was out of the hobby when Anarchy 1 aired the original shows and it's great that these are being kept alive!  8)

0145 UTC "I Only Want to Be With You"-Dusty Springfield
0147 UTC OM with WJAN ID's followed by "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"-The Tokens
0150 UTC OM with mention of low power and ID, into "Little Honda"-The Hondells
0153 UTC OM with "apparently the Honda only has 2 gears", then ID followed by "Double Shot of My Baby's Love"-Swinging Medallions
0156 UTC OM DJ chat about the previous song, followed by "Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)"-John Fred & His Playboy Band
So far the signal has been peaking at S7 with light fades and strong crackling band noise)
0200 UTC OM DJ chat talking about the last song..."looking through the catalog here"...mention of the turntable and ID, followed by a song I don't recall-OM singers
0203 UTC OM DJ says "That was "Say I Am" by Tommy James & the Shondells",,,thank you for all the signal reports...see ya all later...bye"
0204 UTC OFF

Good to hear you again WJAN! I would very much appreciate the elusive WJAN eQSL!  :)

0014 UTC Orchestral Music at S9 here
0016 UTC OM with "You are tuned to Anarchy Radio"..followed by laughter
0018 UTC OM talking American history...mention of glaucoma and arthritis
0021 UTC Reggae music now
0024 UTC OM with mention of "Bob Marley" and "The Herdsman"? followed with ID
0025 UTC Different OM talking about armed soldiers with Blackhawk helicopters..."The enemy...they called out the army"
0027 UTC "Earth First" and mention of the Redwoods...last virgin forest
0029 UTC Mention of the book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes"..."Grow More Pot"..talking about growing hemp
0040 UTC Orchestral music again, followed by an OM talking over the Star Spangled Banner
0045 UTC Rap song-OM singer
0048 UTC This is Captain Anarchy..you are tuned to Anarchy One, followed by YL speaking
0050 UTC Speech by Noam Chomsky (Professor of Language at MIT)
0105 UTC Captain Anarchy speaking followed by Beethoven's Symphony #9
0108 UTC Captain Anarchy with postal address
0110 UTC Classical orchestral music
0112 UTC "This is an outpost of freedom for our times" followed by a Rock beat-OM spoken word
0126 UTC OM with ID and "That was Will Rogers", followed by more spoken word
0138 UTC OFF

2037 UTC Smooth jazz instrumental music at S8 with light fading and excellent audio!
2040 UTC YL with ID, followed by jazz version of "Tequila"
2047 UTC Instrumental version of "Ghost Riders"
2113 UTC YL with sign off ID

Thanks for the tunes ION! Enjoyed the show! Love that "After Dark" song especially!

QSLs Received / Re: ION Radio eQSL 26 Mar 2023
« on: March 28, 2023, 2036 UTC »
Also received here...THANK YOU ION!

0611 UTC I'm hearing this directly! Unid music is fading up over the high storm static noise. I do not recognize the music, but it sounds orchestral. Recording this for my archives...some long fades below the noise, then back up again.
0620 UTC Not hearing anything over the T-storm noise (massive lightning storms along parts of the Gulf Coast)
0631 UTC Music heard again weakly over the noise
0636 UTC Song playing now has vocals
0642 UTC Nice signal peak
0649 UTC Best yet! Solid S7 now with excellent audio. Ambient piano and flute sound
0654 UTC I heard an OM say something, then back to music
0657 UTC Choral Song with a YL singer

QSLs Received / Voice of Laryngitis "Aliens" relay via NAPRS eQSL
« on: March 28, 2023, 0203 UTC »
Thank you very much NAPRS! Done up with the classic VOL QSL's of old! Awesome!  :)

Their first go around was the summer of 1975. She was born in October of 1958. That makes her 16. It was reported in "Rolling Stone" in June or July of '75 and they never lie. I spent a week at the beach with nothing but that copy of Rolling Stone to read.

It was the week after "Jaws" opened, the restaurants and stores were practically giving stuff away because they had no customers, just characters like me hanging out on the piers trying to spot penguins going at with great white sharks. I met a student from CalTech doing the same. I told him about this thing called shortwave radio, and then we got on the subject of whaling. Probably the most interesting individual I ever met.

According to Rolling Stone, it was Elvis who was the one you are speaking of...

Thanks for a change of pace! Don't hear much of Glen on pirate radio...he was quite an accomplished guitar player!

And chaser of jailbait. He was shacking up with Tanya Tucker when she was 16 and he was old enough to be her Dad.

She was already 18 years old when she met and dated him....the music industry was a hotbed for older musicians and younger women. Just ask the ghost of Jerry Lee....

2021 UTC Mostly a carrier here with some music fading up to just above the noise floor...nice bottom end on the audio during the fade-ups!
2037 UTC Signal is mostly above the noise now with some dark rock music

2232 UTC Tuned in to "Gentle On My Mind"-Glen Campbell in progress...S9 peaks and sounding good!
2233 UTC "Galveston"-Glen Campbell
2236 UTC OM DJ with spoken word I didn't catch into "Wichita Lineman"-Glen Campbell
2240 UTC Live intro to "Rhinestone Cowboy"-Glen Campbell
2243 UTC OM DJ with spoken word, into "All I Want Is You" Glen Campbell
2247 UTC "Sing"-Glen Campbell
2251 UTC OM with a singing ID "Glen Campbell Radio", into "Walls"-Glen Campbell
2254 UTC "Angel Dream"-Glen Campbell
2257 UTC OM with singing ID, into "Times Like These"-Glen Campbell
2300 UTC "Wichita Lineman"-Glen Campbell
2304 UTC OFF

Thanks for a change of pace! Don't hear much of Glen on pirate radio...he was quite an accomplished guitar player!
Here's my recording from 2233-2304 UTC:

1759 UTC Tuned in to "Carry On My Wayward Son"-Kansas in progress
(Signal is fair to good with some moderate fades and excellent audio...a short xmsn break at 1802 UTC)
1803 UTC "Carry On My Wayward Son"-Kansas (again)
1808 UTC "Point of Know Return"-Kansas
1811 UTC A song by Kansas I don't know the name of
1815 UTC OFF

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Fluffernut via NAPRS eQSL 25 Mar 2023
« on: March 27, 2023, 0143 UTC »
Also received the same here for the 26-27 March repeat! Thanks NAPRS!

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