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1613 UTC Unid song by a YL singing in French S9 amidst light noise)
1614 UTC OM with 77 LJS ID and shoutouts and mention of Francoise Hardy, followed by another song by her
(1618 UTC OM with shoutout to me...thanks!)
1631 UTC OM DJ chat with shoutouts, mention of Transmitter A, and "have a beautiful weekend", followed by a "couple more songs"  :)

We need more Yť-Yť music on the funny bands! Great tunes!

0204 UTC Mostly a weak carrier here with threshold traces of music at best  :(
0214 UTC Hearing an OM speaking now, but no chance on the copy
0224 UTC Still at or below the noise floor...no joy here

2343 UTC Found this on 7503 AM with a fair signal amidst light fading and a bit of flutter fading. I was checking to see if the Latin American station posted was on (It wasn't!). YL and OM in unid language. First time hearing this station!
2353 UTC Very brief bit of music then back to the YL speaking
2355 UTC I'm getting splatter from WBCQ on 7490 AM...Pretty much wiped out 7503...

2259 UTC A brief snippet of "Come and Get It"-Badfinger, followed by "Bad Moon Rising"-CCR
2300 UTC "Wildfire" Interval Signal
2302 UTC YL with Ballsmacker ID and pinfall (Solid S9 here with excellent audio)
2303 UTC Unid song-OM singer
Did I miss a day here?  ;D
2308 UTC "Come and Get It"-Badfinger (Getting some light fading now)
2311 UTC "Bad Company"-Bad Company
2315 UTC "Two out of Three Ain't Bad"-Meatloaf
2317 UTC OFF

Interesting to hear Ballsmacker at 2300 UTC on a Thursday evening...I agree with Badfish Al  8)

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0136 UTC 15 FEB 2024
« on: February 15, 2024, 0139 UTC »
0136 UTC A synth voiced OM repeating the phrase "I am not a robot"
0141 UTC Still repeating the phrase! (S8 peaks amidst light noise)
0146 UTC QSY to 6926 USB, then back to 6925...moving around a bit now
0148 UTC OFF

Good one!  ;D

0239 UTC Mostly right at the noise floor, but I can hear a deep voiced OM talking over music
0242 UTC Pop song now?
0244 UTC Faded out or OFF?

North American Shortwave Pirate / WENO 6925 USB 0057 UTC 14 FEB 2024
« on: February 14, 2024, 0059 UTC »
0057 UTC Unid pop tune-OM singer (S8 peaks with light noise)
0103 UTC OM with "WENO" ID, followed by an unid tune
0107 UTC OM with ID
0123 UTC OFF
Kicking back and enjoying the tunes! I'll use the Shazam Browser extension to ID the songs on my recording later on. Here's my recording of the show:

Shazam was only able to ID the following:
"Now and Then"-Timmy Sean
"Party Seacombe"-George Harrison
"Watching Rainbows"-Beatles (I never heard this one before!

Thanks for the broadcast WENO!

Latin American Pirate / Re: AD149 Radio 6934.9 AM 2356 UTC 13 FEB 2024
« on: February 14, 2024, 0014 UTC »
0001 UTC Pop tune in Spanish just above the noise here on 6934.9 AM. This is AD149 Radio...

2106 UTC Unid anthem, followed by OM and YL in German and English..."transmitter is smoking", followed by an unid gothic electronica tune. (S7 peaks with uneven fading)
2112 UTC Unid electronica tune-OM singer(!) in German "sternradio vor" lyrics
2116 UTC Techno rock tune-OM singer...I think the lyrics mention "Crazy"?
2121 UTC OM with ID, followed by YL with German language numbers
2121 UTC Techno dance tune...OM speaking over the music
2131 UTC OM with email address given phonetically in German, followed by YL
2132 UTC Unid electronica song (getting some deep fades)
2138 UTC Signal a solid S8 now
2151 UTC OM in English "we now conclude our broadcast day", then YL and OM again
2153 UTC Unid Anthem
2155 UTC OFF

Thanks for the entertaining music! I'll post my recording after I upload it to google drive and use the Shazam browser extension to ID some songs...
Here's my recording of the show...I was able to Shazam the recording and ID the following songs:
"Now You Will Pay"-Laibach
"Sternradio"-And one
"Eighties"-Killing Joke
"Killing Fields (live 2008)"-Funker Vogt
"Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood"-Combichrist
"Red Alert"-Epsilon Minus
"Rivers"-Skinny Puppy


1707 UTC "If You Could Read My Mind"-Gordon Lightfoot
1709 UTC OFF
(S8 peaks with deep fades)
1711 UTC On again with an OM giving an ID three times (Radio ? Radio), followed by a live song
1714 UTC OM over the music with ID..."Direct from the college of knowledge, Radio Fusion Radio"
1715 UTC "Operator"-Jim Croce
1719 UTC "Patience"-Guns N Roses
1721 UTC OM over the music with email address radiofusionradiopirate@gmail.com
(Unusual fading pattern)
1726 UTC "Into the Mystic"-Van Morrison
1729 UTC "Catch the Wind"-Donovan
1732 UTC "About A Girl"-Nirvana Unplugged
1736 UTC "Sweet Child of Mine"-acoustic live version(cover?)
1742 UTC "Summer of 69"-acoustic live version...Bryan Adams unplugged?

Good to hear RFR again! It's been a long time!
Got some errands to run...thank you for the great tunes RFR!

1237 UTC Hearing this with a fair to good signal direct across the pond! Op is giving shoutouts to listeners with an unid dance song playing in the background. Some nice S7 peaks with moderate fading and some local QRM...excellent audio!
1244 UTC OM chatting, but the QRM is getting stronger
1247 UTC Listening here in USB to avoid the QRM and signal is clearer
1248 UTC OM with "Cupid Radio" ID...then DJ with "I don't know what happened...", then unid pop music
1253 UTC SSTV in the noise...had to trigger manually(very poor decode here)...followed by more pop music
1255 UTC OP talking now but the noise is too high for copy
1301 UTC Signal has improved greatly! Thanks for turning the beam westerly! Music and Cupid op chatting  :)
1303 UTC S7 peaks now and I can copy the talking! Followed by a dance tune
1310 UTC Cupid op talking..."thanks for tuning in"...followed by a pop song
1317 UTC OFF

Thanks for the broadcast Cupid Radio!

0343 UTC Unid cover of "War Pigs" (S7 peaks and mostly solid above the noise...sounds good!)
0345 UTC OM speaking, but missed the copy, followed by a cover of "Brain Damage/Eclipse"
0350 UTC "Crazy Train"-unid cover (at or just above the noise floor now)
0355 UTC "Stairway to Heaven/Gilligans Island theme"-unid cover (Not sure, but it doesn't sounds like Roger & The Goosebumps)
0359 UTC OM speaking but the noise killing the copy

0218 UTC "Back In the Saddle"-Aerosmith (S9+ and sounding good!)
0221 UTC OM said "If it's way too loud, your way too old", followed by "Walk This Way"-Aerosmith
(0224 UTC Big drop in signal down to S5)  :(
0232 UTC "Toys In the Attic"-Aerosmith (Just above the noise floor)
0234 UTC "Sick As a Dog"-Aerosmith
0239 UTC OM DJ chat, followed by "Sweet Emotion"-Aerosmith
0247 UTC "Dream On"-Aerosmith
0255 UTC "Last Child"-Aerosmith
0314 UTC Hearing the WTF theme instrumental right at the noise floor
0316 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Aerosmith!  8)

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