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0145 UTC "Eye of the Tiger"-Survivor sign on....S8 peaks with light fading and excellent audio. I think I know the playlist tonight  ;)
0149 UTC "Danger Zone"-Kenny Loggins (Yep, it's our old friend Good Time Radio!)
0151 UTC Audio off, but carrier still up
0153 UTC Carrier off then up, then the playlist starts again with "Hooked On a Feeling"-Blue Swede
I'd like to request "Happy" by Pharrell Williams?  :)
0156 UTC "Happy"-Pharrell Williams (Thanks for the request  :) )
0157 UTC OFF  :( and back up again!  8) and off again
Technical difficulties it would seem

0042 UTC Tuned in to an odd version of "Sweet Child of Mine" at S8 peaks with light selective fades and awesome audio
0053 UTC It took me a few minutes to realize I was listening to a cover of the Green Day song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"  8)
0054 UTC OM whispering an ID I didn't quite get...(recorder is running and will check back on it), followed by a Tears For Fears cover I forgot the name of
0059 UTC "We Are the Champions"-chanting cover of the Queen song with piano and orchestra
0103 UTC OM whispering over music
0104 UTC "Kashmir"-Chanting choral cover version
0109 UTC "Nights In White Satin"-(I see on the posts most of these songs are by "Gregorian")  8)
0114 UTC I heard the "Karma" in the ID that time!
0119 UTC "Forever Young"-choral cover
0128 UTC "One"-choral cover of U2 song (Took me awhile to figure that one out!)
0130 UTC "Imagine"-choral cover of John Lennon's classic
0134 UTC OM with ID "This is Karma" over the music
0135 UTC OFF

Now that was an interesting take on popular music! Much appreciated!
Here's my recording of the show from 0052-0135 UTC:

2334 UTC OM DJ with British accent, into unid 60's pop song-OM singer
2336 UTC OM DJ with mention of Cliff Richards, followed by "First of May"-Bee Gees
2354 UTC "Where Do You Go to My Lovely"-Peter Sarstedt  :)
0000 UTC "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"-Marvin Gaye
0002 UTC OM with ID, then restarted previous song
(This is where the first broadcast ended)
0009 UTC "Sorry Suzanne"-Hollies
0012 UTC British accented OM ID's last song, into "Windmills of Your Mind"-Noel Harrison
0018 UTC "The Way It Used to Be"-Englebert Humperdinck
0021 UTC I do not recognize this song...must have been a European hit
0024 UTC BBC DJ with rundown of the Top 20
0026 UTC "Where Do You Go to My Lovely"-Peter Sarstedt
0030 UTC "Boom Bang a Bang"-Lulu
0031 UTC DJ says Bye Bye, followed by instrumental music

Thanks for Part 2 of the show! Here's my recording from 0002-0032 UTC:

2246 UTC Solid above the noise directly here with "Only You"-Platters
2252 UTC OM with possible ID, followed by "Sea of Love"-Phil Phillips?
2300 UTC "Come Softly to Me"-Fleetwoods
2302 UTC OM with possible ID
2306 UTC OM with a clear "TRX"
2309 UTC "Ain't That a Shame"-Fats Domino
2311 UTC OM and YL DJ's chat
2317 UTC "Ain't That a Shame"-Fats Domino or cover version
2322 UTC Singing jingle..."We're a lot of memories....ABC 50's", then OM with "Radio TRX..TRX Radio" ID
2332 UTC ABC 50's and Radio TRX ID's

Thanks for the broadcast TRX! You made it direct across the big pond this evening! Here's a 45 minute recording of my direct reception:

2212 UTC Unid song...sounds like Michael Stipe...R.E.M.?
(S9 peaks and nice audio)
2215 UTC Synth voice with "Where's that whiny bitch Zekey", followed by "Losing My Religion"-R.E.M.
2220 UTC Synth voice with ID "Uranus Radio", repeated in unid language, followed by "Low"-R.E.M.
2225 UTC Synth voice with "Where's that whiny bitch Zekey", into unid song by R.E.M.
2229 UTC Synth voice in English and Spanish, followed by more R.E.M.
2234 UTC Synth voice with ID
2238 UTC OFF

QSLs Received / Radio Atlanta 1964 via TRI eQSL
« on: March 11, 2023, 1527 UTC »
Thanks TRI! Classic tunes from the old days  :)

1504 UTC On suddenly with music and OM DJ chat
1505 UTC "Big John"-Jimmy Dean
1507 UTC OM DJ chat, into "I Wanna Be Your Man"-Rolling Stones
1509 UTC OM DJ chat, into a song with lyrics "Barbara My Love"-OM singer
(Signal peaks to S9 with light selective fading)
1513 UTC Unid song-OM singer with lyrics "One, One, One Grain of Sand"
1515 UTC OM DJ with mention of "Radio Atlanta", into "Twisting the Night Away"-Sam Cooke
1518 UTC OM DJ with ID and mention of "200 meters" and DJ chat
1519 UTC Unid instrumental tune
1521 UTC OM DJ with ID, followed by a song I forgot the name of-OM singer
1523 UTC OM DJ with "The only cargo we have on Radio Atlanta is music", into "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine"-Jimmie Rodgers
1526 UTC "Crazy"-Patsy Cline
1529 UTC "Baby I Love You"-Cover by ?
1531 UTC OM DJ with live time check, "You Mean Everything to Me"-Neil Sedaka
1534 UTC OM DJ with "Good Ship Atlanta", into "My Boy Lollipop"-Chordettes Unid YL
1536 UTC OM DJ, into "Love My Life Away"-Gene Pitney
1538 UTC OM DJ, into a song I forgot the name of...
I'm going to kick back and enjoy the rest of the show...great tunes from when I was a kid  :)
1604 UTC OFF

Thanks for the relay...my first time hearing Radio Atlanta! Here's my recording:

1400 UTC OM with "pirate radio" looped, followed by YL singing with sound effects
1402 UTC Techno music then OM with ID as "Black Swan Radio"
1404 UTC OM with mail drop address..."enclose 3 32 cent stamps"
1405 UTC Black Swan Radio looped ID, followed by dramatic movie theme music and techno rock music
(I am not familiar with this genre, so no clue on the songs played...sorry!)
1420 UTC OM with fake ad for Red Cock, followed by more techno rock with OM vocals
1425 UTC OM with "Black Swan Radio with the Lords of Acid", followed by previous songs played"
1426 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singers
1433 UTC OM with ID and "I'm the Naked DJ" followed by mail drop address....thanks for listening to BSR "Black Swan Radio", then OFF at 1434 UTC

Thanks for the show Black Swan Radio! Here's my recording of the show:

QSLs Received / No Name Radio eQSL 11 MAR 2023
« on: March 11, 2023, 1347 UTC »
Thanks No Name Radio!

1241 UTC Jazz music (Very nice sounding S9 signal here)
1245 UTC Different jazz music
1249 UTC "Just My Imagination"-instrumental jazz version
1254 UTC Unid jazz music
1259 UTC "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing"-instrumental jazz version
1303 UTC "All Night Long"-instrumental jazz version
1308 UTC "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"-instrumental jazz version
1313 UTC "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"-instrumental jazz version
1322 UTC "My Girl"-instrumental jazz version
1327 UTC "What's Going On"-instrumental jazz version
1331 UTC OFF

Thanks for the morning jazz show! Station name per QSL received!

0433 UTC "Fly Like An Eagle"-Steve Miller Band
S7 peaks and mostly solid above the band noise, with some strong ute QRM...very nice audio
0438 UTC "Jet Airliner"-Steve Miller Band
0442 UTC Unid country rock song-OM singer
0447 UTC Unid hard rock song-OM singer (lyrics "realize your living in the golden years")
0452 UTC Blues rock song I don't recognize-OM singer  :(
0457 UTC A pirate song-OM singer (lyrics "Black Matilda")
(The ute QRM is gone)
0500 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV

0502 UTC "Rock'n Me"-Steve Miller Band
0505 UTC "Hey Joe"-Jimi Hendrix
0509 UTC "Mony Mony"-Billy Idol cover I think
0514 UTC "Rebel Yell"-Billy Idol

Thanks for the late show WMPQ! Time to crash.....

0351 UTC "What'd I Day"-Ray Charles (Not sure if same station as earlier?)
0356 UTC Outhouse op says, yep, it is!
0359 UTC Op says last song, into "Rebel Rouser"-Duane Eddy
0401 UTC "Bye Bye", and OFF

QSLs Received / Re: Ball Smacker eQSL 11 Mar 2023
« on: March 11, 2023, 0255 UTC »
Also received the same here...thanks Ballsmacker! That was a tough one!

0206 UTC Tuned in to "Summertime Blues"-Eddie Cochran
0208 UTC Pinfall and YL with ballsmacker.net website info, into "Where It's At"-Beck
(Awesome S9+ signal here this evening!)
0214 UTC "Eight Days a Week"-Beatles
0216 UTC YL with ID and pinfall, into "Little Red Corvette"-Prince
0221 UTC "Cherry Cherry"-Neil Diamond
0224 UTC YL with special theme email for eQSL
(I must admit I am totally stymied thus far!)
0225 UTC "Car Wash"-Rose Royce
0227 UTC "Take the Money and Run"-Steve Miller Band
0230 UTC "What I Like About You"-Romantics
0233 UTC "Wake Me Up Before You Go"-Wham
0237 UTC "Rock and Roll Part 2"-Gary Glitter
0240 UTC "Love Shack"-B-52's
I emailed a suggestion on what the theme might be, but I'm doubtful it's correct  :-\ Got it right!  :)
Signal is still S9+ at 0320 UTC and I'm just kicking back and enjoying the show!
OFF at 0346 UTC after "Private Eyes"-Hall & Oates, SSTV, and closing ID and IS

Thanks for the entertainment and the eQSL!

0127 UTC "Sweet Emotion"-Aerosmith
0128 UTC OM with "Cold Country Canada" ID...mention of the HFU, then pause
0129 UTC "Paranoid"-Black Sabbath
0132 UTC CCC op with some shoutouts and "We'll be back in a short"
0133 UTC "Gimme Shelter"-Rolling Stones (Cut mid song with "We'll be back in a short")
0139 UTC "More Than a Feeling"-Boston
0142 UTC Thanks for the shoutout CCC! "We'll be back with more music....Cold Country Canada"
0145 UTC "Slow Ride"-Foghat
0148 UTC OM with "We're gonna shut it down...You never know when we'll show up"...Cold Country Canada...Capital City", then OFF

Good to hear you again CCC! Here's a link to my recording of the last 14 minutes of the show:

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