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2345 UTC Tuned in to "Sweet Home Alabama"/"Fat Bottom Girls" mashup (S7 with moderate noise and light fading...fairly solid above the noise)
2347 UTC "Electric Funeral"-Black Sabbath
2351 UTC OM with Bork Bork Bork Radio   :)
Then OFF...

2145 UTC Unid C&W song-OM singer followed by Soviet Anthem (S9 with light fading and excellent audio)

1942 UTC Ambient music (S9 peaks with excellent USB audio)
1943 UTC "Does the ionosphere ever dream?"
1944 UTC OM said "What if Triton was just a receiving station for HF from planet Earth?"
1946 UTC OM said "Doom Scroll" over the music and again every so often
1952 UTC Thanks for the shoutout!
1954 UTC OM said "Secret transmission is over...hope the message has been received...over and out
1955 UTC OFF

Glad to hear you again Doom Scroll!

QSLs Received / Re: Boat Anchor Radio eQSL 18 FEB 2024
« on: February 18, 2024, 1834 UTC »
Also received the same eQSL for my 2-3 minute carrier and threshold audio reception! Thank you Boat Anchor Radio! Hoping to hear you again!  8)

0303 UTC Mostly a carrier with threshold music
0304 UTC Possibly an OM said something...nothing heard now, but the carrier is still up
No joy...signal not making it here.

0242 UTC Unid electronica rock tune-OM talking over the music (S9 peaks with moderate fading and noise)
0248 UTC OM and YL with ID "Sternradio", followed by mechanical sounds, then electronica music
0252 UTC Choppy fading now...low modulation?
0254 UTC "Transmitter is smoking" (Spoken word modulation is excellent!)
0255 UTC Unid music...S9 carrier peaks but the music is hard to hear  :(

North American Shortwave Pirate / WDOG 7380 USB 0138 UTC 18 FEB 2024
« on: February 18, 2024, 0139 UTC »
0138 UTC On sudden with "Fade Into You"-Mazzy Star (song cut)
0140 UTC "Lithium"-Nirvana (S9+ and sounding good!) Dogs barking  :)
0142 UTC "Fade Into You"-Mazzy Star
0146 UTC "Flagpole Sitta"-Harvey Danger
0150 UTC "Morning Glory"-Oasis
0155 UTC "Criminal"-Fiona Apple
0203 UTC OM DJ says the transmitter is warming up...hope it don't catch on fire like that other station, followed by "One of Us"-Joan Osborne
0208 UTC OM DJ chatting...maintaining a transmitter takes some skill, followed by "Self Esteem"-The Offspring
(Signal dropped down a bit but still solid above the noise)
0212 UTC OM DJ chatting about the last song
0218 UTC OM DJ "yammering"  :) "Have a good evening...leave you with Mr Pearl Jam
0219 UTC "Evenflow"-Pearl Jam
0224 UTC "Are Friends Electric"-Mix version
0229 UTC Dogs howling and an OM speaking with applause (Guido Sarducci?)
0231 UTC OFF

Good to hear free radio on the old school pirate band! Heard a lot of good stuff here in the 1980's!
Thanks again for the 90's blast Mr Magnetron! You handled the jammer in a professional manner!  8)

0002 UTC "Are Friends Electric"-Tubeway Army (Solid S9 and sounding good!
0003 UTC OM with ID, into "When I Come Around"-Green Day
0006 UTC OM DJ chat...1990's...alternate rock, into "Cannonball"-The Breeders
0010 UTC OM DJ chat...1990's...last decade of real rock and roll, followed by a song I forgot the name of
0012 UTC "Hand In My Pocket"-Alanis Morrisette
0016 UTC OM DJ chat (Well said WDOG op!)
0019 UTC OM DJ chat (Says he needs to have Happy Wanker on the program...Wanker says the op sounds like Guido Sarducci), into "Loser"-Beck
0027 UTC "No Rain"-Blind Melon
0031 UTC Unid OM with ID?
0035 UTC OM DJ chatting about Wolverine and Ballsmacker, followed by "Linger"-Cranberries
0039 UTC OM DJ chatting about other ops...Mix, TRI...Undercover Radio
0043 UTC OM DJ chatting about Sternradio...transmitter is always on fire...is that the German way?, followed by "What I Got"-Sublime...(There is also a group named Sublemon...never heard any of their music though)
0049 UTC OM DJ chatting...no regulations on IDing in free radio....not gonna tell you who we are
0056 UTC There seems to be some problem with the song playing...sounds like it's stuck in a loop (jamming?)
I hope you didn't break your transmitter!  :(
Nope! QSY'd to 6960 USB
0100 UTC OFF suddenly...hmmm...QSY'd back to 6955 USB!  :) Jammer back again and QSY'd to 6960 USB
0106 UTC Some moron is jamming 6960 USB now
What a mess...
Thank you for the 90's tunes WDOG! I was enjoying the show until the loser with a transmitter started jamming
0118 UTC Back on with a familiar 90's tune, then shortly after that the asshat jammer showed up again
0120 UTC Back on and quickly the jammer was back
0126 UTC QSY to 6960 USB...moving to 7350-7400 soon
0127 UTC Jammer on 6960 USB...QSY to 6955 USB and jammer followed

Also received the same here...thank you!

QSLs Received / Pirate Radio Boston test transmission eQSL 16 FEB 2024
« on: February 17, 2024, 2118 UTC »
Thank you very much for this awesome eQSL for my threshold posting!  :)

2110 UTC Tuned in to "Little Things"-Bobby Goldsboro (S9+ with excellent audio!)
2112 UTC OM DJ chat, followed by "Love Has Made a Fool of You"-Bobby Fuller Four
2114 UTC "Sweet Pea"-Tommy Roe
2120 UTC "Love Is Strange"-Ian and Sylvia
2123 UTC "The Love Machine"-Elvis Presley
2134 UTC "My Old Car"-Lee Dorsey
2139 UTC "People Get Ready"-Impressions (With Curtis Mayfield?) 2 versions played!
2148 UTC "Night Train"-James Brown

Thanks for the relay of the old Laser Hot Hits!

1411 UTC Unid German metal song-OM singers (S7 here with moderate noise and fading...excellent audio)
1441 UTC Unid anthem in German
1444 UTC OFF

Here's my recording of the broadcast:

I shazamed the following songs from my recording. None of the German punk rock songs could be ID'd
"Gebert Einer Nation-Laibach"
"Ich du wir weh (RMX By Fukkk Offf)-Rammstein"
"Panzerlied Version 3-Elbert Hasselmann"
"Geburt Eine Nation-Laibach"
"Die Fahne Hoch (Horst Wessel Lied)-Horst Wessel & Musickkorps der Infanterie Regiment "Grossdeutschland"

0606 UTC Jazzy swing music-YL singer (Solid S7 signal with a bit of flutter fading)
0607 UTC OM speaking over the song with ID...I didn't quite catch it...will check the recording later! "Broadcasting to North America"  8)
0609 UTC Unid jazzy blues song-OM singer (Bad Blood-Champion Jack Dupree)
0613 UTC Unid jazzy blues tune-OM singer and harmonica (Tobacco Road-Eric Burdon & War)
0616 UTC Bluesy rock song-OM singer (The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair-Led Zeppelin 22/6/69 "Pop Sundae" BBC Sessions)
0618 UTC Sounds like an anthem (God Save the Queen-Queen)
0619 UTC OM with "Good Night Folks"

Thanks for the early morning broadcast whoever! I'll post my recording later on this morning after I listen back on it and use the Shazam browser extension to ID the songs.
Here's my recording and I've notated above the Shazam ID's for all but the song playing at first tune-in:

0501 UTC I'm hearing what sounds like very distorted music...no carrier to speak of...no luck tuning in on this old NRD-515. I suspect this might be an FM signal as I can't fine tune in USB or LSB. Somewhat less distorted in AM with the 6 khz filter. It is at best a fair signal...mostly in the noise and thin sounding audio
0508 UTC Definitely a song
0523 UTC Some minor fadeups where the AM signal is clearer, but still distorted

I moved this to European after reading a couple of earlier posts calling this NBFM. Curious!
I am hearing this directly from across the pond...

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