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0056 UTC Testing one two three, can anybody hear me IS (S6 peaks with light fading and high noise level)
0100 UTC Sounds like a 1920's blues tune (lyrics "I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You") John Fogerty did a version of this
0103 UTC Unid song-YL singer with lyrics "When that Man is Dead and Gone"
0106 UTC Unid  jazz song-OM singer
0108 UTC A 1960's girl group song I don't recognize
0111 UTC "Dead End Street"-Kinks
0114 UTC "And When I Die"-Blood, Sweat, and Tears
0117 UTC "Don't Want to Die In Georgia"-Brewer & Shipley
0122 UTC A song I do not recognize...lyrics "A Time to Die"?
0125 UTC Unid song-OM singers
0128 UTC "John Barleycorn Must Die"-Traffic
0134 UTC "Dead Flowers"-Rolling Stones
0138 UTC "Freddy's Dead"-Curtis Mayfield
0142 UTC A song I do not recognize
0145 UTC "Dead Skunk"-Loudon Wainwright III  ;D
0148 UTC A song I do not recognize
0152 UTC Another unid tune Got it! "Dead Mans Party"-Oingo Boingo
0200 UTC Unid tune-YL singer

Thanks for the tunes!

0002 UTC "Ambulance Blues"-Neil Young (acoustic live!)
Signal is hitting S7 peaks with light fades and light noise...excellent audio
0006 UTC YL with Radio 48 ID, then spoken word skit...a sharpshooter
0009 UTC YL with Mix Radio International Worldwide, followed by an unid autotune vocal R&B tune

2248 UTC Also heard here with carrier and OM saying something
2250 UTC OM clearly said WUBR...dusting off the winter transmitter

2238 UTC Tuned in to a jazzy Christmas song on piano (Awesome S9 signal with excellent audio!)
2239 UTC OM DJ with ID..."Black Hole Radio?", followed by "Oh Christmas Tree" jazzy piano instrumental
2246 UTC OM with ID..."Black Coal Radio"...coal given phonetically...op signed off

2117 UTC Tuned in to "Put the Lights on the Tree"-Sufjan Stevens (S9 +10 with excellent audio!)
2118 UTC Charlie on the microphone, followed by "Merry XMAS Everybody"-Slade
2121 UTC Charlie speaking...mention of Andre from Cool AM, followed by a Cool AM audio clip, followed by "Little Red Rooster"
2126 UTC Charlie with email address...."saying goodbye, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year
2127 UTC OFF

Happy to have caught at least a part of the program...always good to hear Pirate Radio Boston! Merry Christmas Charlie Loudenboomer!

0203 UTC "Last Chrismas"-WHAM! (S5 peaks and mostly above the noise)
0204 UTC "Let It Snow"-Dean Martin
0206 UTC "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"-Gene Autry
0231 UTC "Blue Christmas"-Elvis Presley (Nice S7 peaks!)

Going to just kick back and enjoy the Christmas tunes...thanks Ballsmacker! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you!
The USB audio sounds excellent btw...

0200 UTC Signal is right at the noise floor...rough copy here with the flutter fading and the heavy noise

0149 UTC "Roll Over Beethoven"-Beatles (Right at the noise floor with some fade ups over the noise)
0151 UTC OM with spoken word now, but no luck on the copy
0153 UTC Audio fade up with "Hold Me Tight"-Beatles

2341 UTC Tuned in to an unid song in USB (S6 peaks with light fading and heavy noise...excellent audio)
2342 UTC Synth voice OM said something but no luck on the copy, followed by "Wish You Were Here"-Pink Floyd
2347 UTC "Goodbye Blue Sky"-Pink Floyd
2350 UTC "Layla"-Derek & The Dominoes
2357 UTC Unid rock song-OM singer
0001 UTC "Jessica"-Allman Brothers Band
0007 UTC "Mama Told Me Not to Come"-Three Dog Night
0011 UTC OFF

I listened back on my recording of the show and the ID at 2342 UTC was "WWWW".Thank you for the broadcast WWWW!

2150 UTC Tuned in to unid classical music (Peaks to S7 with light fading and moderate noise...mostly above the noise with excellent audio)
2154 UTC Pause for a minute
2155 UTC Unid rock song-OM singer
2201 UTC Unid grunge rock song-OM singer
2204 UTC Signal up to S8 now
2220 UTC OM talking but the noise level making for rough copy on the spoken word, followed by "Bad Company"-Five Finger Death Punch

North American Shortwave Pirate / WJAN 6925 USB 0115 UTC 22 DEC 2023
« on: December 22, 2023, 0116 UTC »
0115 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singer in progress at tune in (S8 peaks with light fading and moderate noise...very good audio)
0116 UTC "Dirty Water"-Standells  8)
0118 UTC "California Sun"-Rivieras
0120 UTC Live OM DJ chatting..."WJAN come to you in living color"
0121 UTC I forgot the name of this top 10 song from the 60's-YL singer
0124 UTC OM DJ chat....that was the Toys...Lovers Concerto...(Joe seems to be manning the turntable!)
0125 UTC "Ramblin Gambling Man"-Bob Seger System, segue into "Everybody's Somebody's Fool"-Connie Francis
0128 UTC OM DJ chat....put up a new loop antenna
0129 UTC "Back Door Man"-Doors  8)
0132 UTC OM DJ chat (Thanks for the shoutout WJAN guy!)..."try out the new antenna....gonna sign off...bye"
0134 UTC Scottie 1 SSTV and OFF

Always great to hear you WJAN! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you! Here's my recording of the show:

2357 UTC Tuned in to an unid song by Waylon Jennings (S8 peaks with light fading and noise...excellent audio)
2359 UTC OM with ID..."WFZY...coming to you from the Ohio Valley?....Thank you for tuning in", followed by Unid song about Big Balls-OM singer
0002 UTC "Can't Get Enough of Your Love"-Bad Company
0005 UTC Unid country rock tune-OM singer (lyrics "Pretty Little Lie" repeated
0009 UTC Unid country rock tune-OM singer "There's No Hope In My Heart" lyrics
0012 UTC "F***" the FCC"-Steve Earle (Great lyrics!)
0014 UTC OM with "WFZY...you all take care and 73", then OFF

Good to hear you again WFZY! Here's my recording from 2359-0014 UTC...made slight frequency adjustments twice during the show:

2232 UTC "What the World Needs Now"-Tony Bennett (S8 peaks with light fading, moderate noise, and excellent audio)
2234 UTC "Baby Don't You Quit Now"-Tony Bennett
2238 UTC "That Night"-Tony Bennett
2240 UTC "They All Laughed"-Tony Bennett
2242 UTC "A Lonely Place"-Tony Bennett
2243 UTC (77LJS op says they were broadcasting from ? on the 100 foot vertical) during the song
2246 UTC 77LJS op with shoutouts to the HFU posters! THANKS!, followed by "Whoever You Are, I Love You"-Tony Bennett
2251 UTC "Theme from the Valley of the Dolls"-Tony Bennett
Classic Tony Bennett! "I've Got to Be Me"...1969  :)
2254 UTC "Dream A Little Dream of Me"-Tony Bennett
2257 UTC "Save the Last Dance For Me"-Tony Bennett
2301 UTC 77LJS op with shoutouts to Ray Lalleu and Happy Wanker
This evenings dinner accompanied by the music of Tony Bennett, courtesy of 77LJS!
2326 UTC "Fever"-Tony Bennett
2329 UTC Op said something about Buddy Rich, then live song with mention of "Gene Krupa Trio"
That was Willie Smith on Alto Saxophone! You are welcome...the OM gave his name in the intro to the song!
2342 UTC Op says to the listeners..."You make it a pleasure to transmit....until next time", then OFF

Thank you for the Tony Bennett tunes! My second favorite crooner after Frank Sinatra!

2157 UTC Easypal waterfall pics over the ambient music (S9 peaks and sounding really good!
2159 UTC SC 180 SSTV, followed by more ambient music
2204 UTC SC 180 SSTV, followed by more ambient music
2211 UTC ScottieDX SSTV, followed by ambient music
2216 UTC ScottieDX SSTV, followed by ambient music
2225 UTC Different ambient music
2226 UTC B/W 12 SSTV, ambient music, then OFF at 2227 UTC

Thank you for the Winter Solstice show Doom Scroll!  8)

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