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0433 UTC I have a solid carrier here with maybe some imaginary threshold audio...music?

I was wondering what that music was, Skip? Donovan should've been bombed for that damned song. He was probably bombed when he wrote it.

I wonder if the LJS op has a copy of "101 Ways to Spot a Communist"?

I always wondered what Mr. Leitch meant when he said "I'm just mad about 14"...musta been smoking banana peels or maybe saffron with the teenyboppers when he wrote that...I still hear this song on the classic rock stations...go figure

0127 UTC On just after Yeah Man QRT'd with ID and talk about safety in a nuclear attack. Stay away from the windows! The number one cause of death in a nuclear attack is projectile glass.
0132 UTC Talk now about Richard Weaver...the chapter titled "Life Without Prejudice"
0133 UTC Jammer on now with "Mellow Yellow" audio clip played twice, then OFF.
(So far 77LJS has been solid 100% copy here...S8 peaks amidst light noise)
0136 UTC "Mellow Yellow" jammer again then OFF after repeating an audio clip
Today's discussion is on various things related to communism
0144 UTC Closing ID..."The hour is exceptionally late", then OFF (Mellow Yellow jammer again at the end)

Thanks again for today's narrative 77LJS!

0019 UTC Funky Jazz music (S9 peaks and sounding good!)
0028 UTC Yeah Man on the microphone!
0039 UTC Hope you had a good Holiday weekend too YM! Thanks for the shoutout!
0121 UTC Shoutout to Pigmeat
0127 UTC OFF

Kicking back and enjoying the tunes! RIP Tina  :'(
Thanks for the show YM!

That's interesting, Skip. Last night when RFW was being jammed, I could either hear Zeke complaining about his jammers, or an off air recording of him going on about it? Zeke has a distinctive accent that stands out, there's no mistaking him when he opens his mouth. I tuned past it at first thinking it was the Mushroom Man?

I wonder if it was him or one of his ham pals who follow him around having fun? He was awfully quiet this holiday weekend.

I missed the jammer last night, as I was recording the entire Azteca re-broadcast. Going through the logs today, it appears that the jammer bouncing around the band might have been under the influence of the fabled mushrooms. Lots of odd hijinks going on lately, but nothing really out of the ordinary for pirate radio on the 43 meter band overall. I do wish that utility station that covers 6925-6928 would find another home...it is blocking a traditional part of the band and causing a pile up on the remaining available frequencies.

2148 UTC "Radio Free Whatever Relay Network" ID, into an unid indie pop song-YL singer
2151 UTC RFW ID, followed by music and what sounds like an off air recording of DJDW, then OFF at 2152 UTC

I am curious as to who was doing the re-broadcast...
Here's a recording of the last 3 minutes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uPMJ4atorwqXzKQbji7AuWbXFAz9fJ1x/view?usp=sharing

0020 UTC Azteca Interval Signal
0021 UTC Bram Stoker with ID in Spanish and postal address for reports (Show #7)
0025 UTC Odd music...Peruvian scat singing?  ;D
0029 UTC Bram Stoker...commercial free...talking about letters didn't get on number 6..."Mail Scrotum"...Andy Yoder didn't get a rejection card...Neil Wolfish says we were QRMing Radio Tunisia...report from Dr Love at Solid Rock Radio
0034 UTC Parody phone call to Ajax Liquor store
0038 UTC "DX Party Wave Merry-Go-Round" show..."CHU will broadcast full frontal nudity to take away listeners from WWV"
0045 UTC Bram Stoker..Top 10 reasons why there are so many religious stations on the air
0046 UTC "Ask Dr Radio"
0050 UTC Talking about the Santa Fe Railroad
0055 UTC IS followed by "Sheba"-Johnny & Hurricanes
0056 UTC Bram Stoker with show #8
0058 UTC "Mail Scrotum"...rejection rejection card
0100 UTC Cantilever bra ad
0107 UTC Unid song...strange OM vocals with harmony singers
0111 UTC Pirate Bloopers
0113 UTC Camel cigarette commercial followed by the DX program...mention of Lorena Bobbitt and Voice of the Lad
0118 UTC Off air quotes from Dr Gene Scott
0119 UTC Top Ten reasons why Gene Scott is on the air
0123 UTC Ask Dr Radio
0126 UTC Azteca IS then "Sheba", followed by Bram Stoker with show #9
0129 UTC "Mail Scrotum"...somebody got a rejection card
0137 UTC Parody Beatles song?
0142 UTC DX program...1-900 DX hotline...
0149 UTC Today's Top 10 list that Glenn Hauser has lost it
0152 UTC "Editorial Comment" followed by Dr Dickie's Dildos
0155 UTC Ask Dr Radio...."what is the ionosphere anyway and how does it work"
0159 UTC Show #9 finished

2337 UTC Unid indie rock tune-OM vocals (S8 peaks with light noise and excellent audio)
2338 UTC "Light a cigarette and pour another shot of vodka", followed by another unid
2346 UTC Cool grunge tune!
2349 UTC DJDW says the last song is "Celebration" by the Dirty Nil. Thanks for the shoutout!

QSLs Received / POPDEFECT Radio via TRI eQSL
« on: May 29, 2023, 2242 UTC »
Another big thanks to TRI!

2205 UTC Unid punk song (S7 here with light fading and sounding good!)
2212 UTC OM with an ID I didn't catch...thought I heard FM mentioned, followed by "Pirate Radio"-Mojo Nixon
2215 UTC OM DJ, followed by "We Want the Airwaves"-Ramones
2219 UTC ID...followed by the theme from Peter Gunn, then a spoken word skit about an FCC raid..."True Crime Story"..."stay off the airwaves"
2225 UTC FCC...radio and television the only entertainment in the US not protected by the 1st amendment
2226 UTC Comedy protest folk song-OM "Free Radio Burlington"
2233 UTC YL talking about homeless people and a pirate radio station she started
2247 UTC OM talking about previous story...gave a YL's name as co-founder of Free Radio Santa Cruz, followed by an unid punk rock song
2252 UTC OM talking with another pirate radio station that got raided
2315 UTC YL, then music, followed by News announcement about the raid on Radio Free Santa Cruz...mention of "Democracy Now" program
2335 UTC OFF

Thanks for that pirate piece of history TRI!  8)

QSLs Received / ION Radio eQSL for 29 MAY 2023
« on: May 29, 2023, 2136 UTC »
Thanks once again ION! Awesome eQSL and I guess I need to reacquaint myself with the basics....starting with Ohm's Law  :)

2016 UTC Hearing some folk sounding music just after ION Radio signed off...signal strength is lower than ION
2029 UTC Back on again but very weak..hearing some bongo like percussion and vocals
2031 UTC YL then OM speaking now....no luck on the copy
2035 UTC A strong buzzing noise on top of the unid

1933 UTC Sounded like chimes, followed by a jazzy instrumental tune (S8 peaks with light fades and excellent audio)
1938 UTC YL with "India Oscar November" ID, followed by music, then a Ronald Reagan Russia joke
1940 UTC Unid OM with spoken word story...mention of "Morticia"...not sure what the story is about
1947 UTC Instrumental music riff, followed by ID by YL, then some jazzy psychedelic music with YL singer
1958 UTC YL with ID, followed by some ambient music, then OM DJ chatting...WLIK?
2000 UTC Unid jazzy mood music...nice melody!
2004 UTC Ambient psychedelic rock music (NICE!)
2015 YL with sign off announcement, then OFF

Without Shazam, I am totally clueless as to the song titles or artists...very melodic tunes!

QSLs Received / Re: WORT (Batman) relay by TRI - May 29
« on: May 29, 2023, 1926 UTC »
Also received the same during the show...THANKS TRI!

1842 UTC Tuned in to an episode of Batman in progress
1843 UTC Audio drop out, and back up again
(S8 peaks with light fades and nice audio!)
1845 UTC Theme music...not sure if TV audio
1847 UTC Batman theme song
1848 UTC OM talking about the records played for the show
1850 UTC Batman song (sounds like surf rock!)
1852 UTC Another Batman theme song (jazzy...maybe Al Kooper?)
1857 UTC Another version
1900 UTC A Robin theme song..."The Boy Wonder"
1903 UTC Another Batman song
1915 UTC Playlist given by OM
1916 UTC "You're listening to "Turning the Tables" on WORT...Madison
1920 UTC OFF

Thanks TRI! That brings back some great memories...Biff Bang Boom! Wish I still had the Batman trading cards!

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