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QSLs Received / Re: Locomotive Radio eQSL
« on: November 29, 2023, 1906 UTC »
Also received this fine tribute QSL here! Thank you Locomotive Radio!

QSLs Received / Boombox Radio eQSL 25 NOV 2023
« on: November 29, 2023, 1249 UTC »
Thanks for the broadcast DJ LT, and also the awesome eQSL!  8)

2223 UTC YL with spoken word childrens skit? I have this as AM!
2224 UTC Children's song now
2226 UTC YL with ID "Locomotive Radio" repeated several times
2227 UTC SSTV that didn't decode. Started it manually using ScottieDX mode..got a partial
2231 UTC Unid rock tune
2235 UTC YL with "Locomotive Radio" ID
2236 UTC Signal is at the high noise floor along with some peskies
2241 UTC YL with ID's
2242 UTC OFF

Great hearing you again Locomotive Radio! I wish propagation was better today...here's my recording of the show:

2252 UTC Unid rock tune, now on 6980 AM
2255 UTC YL with "Locomotive Radio recognizes the loss of Geordie Walker. He died November 27, 2023 from a major stroke"
(Sorry to hear that!)  :(
2315 UTC OFF
Thanks again Locomotive Radio! Didn't know you had moved to 6980 and missed part of the show...
2318 UTC Moved to 6975 AM (Much clearer now without the peskies!)
2330 UTC YL with obit announcement for Geordie Walker
0049 UTC YL with ID, followed by more of this hard rocking artist
0108 UTC YL with obit announcement for Geordie Walker, followed by a ScottieDX SSTV (Rough decode here)

0115 UTC OFF after drum music

Thank you for the tribute to a band I was not familiar with...good stuff!

2153 UTC Monkey noises, followed by winds howling, then a loud heartbeat
2155 UTC Other animal noises followed by mechanical noises and CW (I'll review my recording later on)
2157 UTC Classical music now (S8 peaks with excellent audio)
2202 UTC Sounds like music from a south asian country
2206 UTC Unid genre of music...nice funky beat!
2208 UTC Unid language choral singing
2209 UTC Music with an aboriginal Aussie sound to it
2211 UTC Caribbean steel drum music (Solid S9 now)
2214 UTC "Johnny B Goode"-Chuck Berry  :)
2217 UTC Some kind of looped electronica, followed by flute music
2220 UTC OFF

Thank you for an interesting mix of music and sound effects! I tried to decode the CW but it makes no sense, as I'm poor at Morse Code! Here's the recording of the CW:
Here's my recording of the show:

I posted the CW audio clip in the HFU Discord chat and the sleuths there uncovered the program as part of the Voyager 1 Golden Record! Now that is really cool!  8)

2013 UTC "Trick of the Light"-The Who (S9 peaks with moderate fading and light noise...excellent audio)
2016 UTC Pause, then carrier OFF at 2017 UTC

I had the frequency as 6879.8ish AM (A major flare ongoing!)

1342 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singer (Threshold signal fading in and out of the noise)
1407 UTC Heard an OM with "Cluck Cluck Cluck"
1432 UTC SSTV, then OM with "Hasta la vista baby", then OFF

2128 UTC Sounds like a synth voiced OM and YL saying something in a foreign language...repeated many times

Here's my recording from 2128-2133 UTC:

0100 UTC Unid acoustic finger picking blues guitar tune (S7 peaks with light fading and excellent audio)
0104 UTC The artist talking live over the music
0106 UTC Artist talking about Signature pickups..."use them on all my resonators"
(Sounds like Justin Johnson-Long Black Veil?)
0122 UTC "Love Me Two Times"-Doors cover by Justin Johnson (Segue into "Roadhouse Blues", then back to "Love Me Two Times)
0156 UTC "House of the Rising Sun"-cover by Justin Johnson
0218 UTC Noise level has increased quite a bit, but signal still solid

Thanks for the Justin Johnson stream KDOG! Woof Woof...

QSLs Received / Re: Radio 48 via Mix eQSL - Nov. 25/26
« on: November 27, 2023, 0005 UTC »
Also received here...thanks Radio 48 and Mix Radio International!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 2323 UTC 26 NOV 2023
« on: November 26, 2023, 2340 UTC »
2323 UTC Hearing an OM repeating something intermittently (every couple of minutes) and still going at 2338 UTC. Also heard this earlier around 1933 UTC. I can't make out what is being said.
2347 UTC Again

Here's the spoken word at 2327 UTC:

0056 UTC Testing 1-2-3 can anybody hear me (S9+ here this evening!)
0100 UTC OM with "Wolverine Radio", followed by unid WW2 era tune
0103 UTC "I've hit Rock Bottom" lyrics-OM singer
0105 UTC "All she wants to do is Rock" lyrics-OM singer
0108 UTC "I'm a Rocking Mama" lyrics-YL singer
0111 UTC "Rock Me All Night Long"-OM singer
0113 UTC "Good Rockin Daddy" lyrics-YL singer
0116 UTC "He likes to Rock" lyrics-YL singer
0118 UTC "Got to Rock awhile" lyrics-OM singer
0120 UTC "This little girls gonna rock" lyrics YL singer
0122 UTC "Jailhouse Rock"-Elvis Presley
0124 UTC "Rock Around the Clock"-Bill Haley & Comets
0126 UTC "Rockin Robin"-Bobby Day
0129 UTC "Rock Steady"-Aretha Franklin (Signal has dropped down to S7 but still solid above the noise)
0132 UTC "Rock Me On the Water"-Jackson Browne (Bit of flutter to the signal now)
0136 UTC "Rocky Mountain Way"-Joe Walsh
0141 UTC "If You Can't Rock Me"-Rolling Stones
0145 UTC "Roots, Rock, and Reggae"-Bob Marley & Wailers
0148 UTC "Rock Lobster"-B-52's
0155 UTC "Rock With You"-Michael Jackson
0158 UTC "Rock This Town"-Stray Cats (Still above the noise at S5)
0202 UTC "Rock The Casbah"-The Clash
0205 UTC "Rock Me Baby"-B B King

Thanks for a rockin' Saturday night Wolverine!

0050 UTC Tuned in to "Hand of Doom"-Black Sabbath (S7 with light fading and moderate noise)

2303 UTC "Mellow Yellow"-Donovan (I have it on 6930.1 USB with a solid S8 signal)
2306 UTC OM talking now live...
2308 UTC OFF

Thanks for stopping by Renegade Radio! It has been quite a long time! Here's my recording of the last 4 or so minutes:

2020 UTC Fading in and out of a very low noise floor, with occasional peaks to S5...sounds good!
2025 UTC S7 peaks now! Unid rap tune with "Party and Bulls**t" lyrics repeated

1947 UTC Techno dance music hitting S9+ peaks here, with light fading and excellent audio
1949 UTC Boombox ID, followed by unid slow R&B rock ballad
2007 UTC Hard rocking techno dance tune-OM singers
2010 UTC Hearing some OTHR during the fades...mostly solid S9

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