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1833 UTC Hearing a turkey gobbling randomly  ;D (It must be an appeal for clemency!)
1849 UTC Still gobbling!

Able to catch a couple of partial decodes...Robot 24 on the first 2 and Scottie 2 on the 3rd...traces of music, OM and YL

0038 UTC Tuned in to an unid blues/rock tune in progress (S6 here amidst a high noise level)
0040 UTC Different blues tune-OM singer
0046 UTC OM with ID..."Two Dog Radio", followed by another blues tune-OM singer
0131 UTC "Going Down"-cover of the Jeff Beck tune
0134 UTC "Born Under a Bad Sign"
0137 UTC OM said something, followed by more blues
0305 UTC Time to hit the sack!

Thanks for a long enjoyable night of the blues Two Dog!

2350 UTC Unid blues tune-OM singer (S7 peaks amidst the noise...excellent audio)
2355 UTC Waterfall pic, followed by more blues rock
0001 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV

0008 UTC LeeRoy's mystery song  8)
0024 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV

2313 UTC Tuned in to a cover of "Mainline Florida"-Joe Bonamassa live (S8 peaks with light fading)
2318 UTC Unid tune by Joe Bonamassa
2326 UTC Martin 1 SSTV

2331 UTC Audio cutting out...
2333 UTC OM with "OK", then music back again...fixed!
2339 UTC JB with a bit of a Frampton lead  8)
2342 UTC Nice bit of a Jimmy Page lead too!
2346 UTC "Happy Trails"-Van Halen
2347 UTC OM with ID, then OFF

Thanks TCR!

2047 UTC Huge S9+15 signal here with "Cruel Summer"-Bananarama. NOT the Chinese station!
2047 UTC "Cruel Summer" repeated (Excellent audio with light fades)
2057 UTC "Nights Are Forever Without You"-England Dan & John Ford Coley
2100 UTC "Stop!"-Erasure
2103 UTC Unid techno dance tune
2106 UTC Unid pop tune
2109 UTC "Axel F"-Harold Faltermeyer
2112 UTC Unid techno dance tune
2118 UTC "Good Thing"-Fine Young Cannibals
2132 UTC "Let's Groove"-Earth, Wind, and Fire
2149 UTC OM with ID "Mix Radio International on shortwave"
(The Chinese station is breaking through during the fades)
2153 UTC Signal dropped down to S8 with increased fading
QSY'd to 6875 AM (Good move!) "Girls On Film"-Duran Duran
2159 UTC Mix Radio International ID's by OM, then YL
2207 UTC "Shattered Dreams"-Johnny Hates Jazz
2214 UTC "Call Me"-Blondie

Dinner music supplied by MRI this evening  8)

Thanks for the broadcast! The AM sound quality is amazing MRI! Here's my recording from 2047-2147 UTC:

1557 UTC Nice S7 peaks here directly with moderate fading and excellent audio! Unid rock song-OM singer
(Good to hear you again Cupid!)
1559 UTC Signal dropped down to the noise floor  :(
1600 UTC Sounds like the op is talking, then another pop song
1602 UTC Signal back up! Seems to be a lot of QSB today
1609 UTC "Human Touch"-Bruce Springsteen
1617 UTC Thanks for the shoutout Cupid! Followed by "The Way to Your Heart"
1622 UTC ID by OM, then OFF

Thanks for the broadcast Cupid Radio! Here's my recording of the show:

0232 UTC Unid rock tune (S7 peaks with light fading and moderate noise level)
0235 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV, followed by more rock music (some peskie QRM noted)
0242 UTC OM talking over light music...no clue what is being said
0245 UTC Rock tune started, then deep fade...threshold audio now
0251 UTC Grunge rock tune with an OM in unid language
0253 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV (OTHR QRM now on the frequency)
0300 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV
0303 UTC Sounds like the Phantom of the Opera intro
0310 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV
0315 UTC I hear a dorg borking  8)

Thanks for the entertainment on this Saturday evening OHR!

Tip of the hat to Radio 48 and Mix Radio International! Thank you as always!  :)

0119 UTC Unid death metal sounding tune (S5 peaks with light fading and high noise level...excellent wideband sideband audio)
0121 UTC YL with Radio 48 ID, followed by another metal tune segue into a reggae rap tune
0127 UTC YL with "You're listening to Mix Radio International Worldwide", then reggae music continues
0129 UTC OM with Radio 48 email, then YL speaking
0132 UTC Techno
0138 UTC Signal mostly at the noise floor...band has gone long long long...
0140 UTC Back up over the noise with some Arabic sounding reed instrument over electronica
0146 UTC YL with ID, followed by an R&B dance tune with autotune vocals
0158 UTC Mostly above the noise floor still
0202 UTC OM with Radio 48 ID, followed by funky rap music
0226 UTC Signal up to S7 now with a bit of flutter fading and a rock tune
(My apologies for not having access to Shazam!)
0229 UTC Motel 6 parody ad
0230 UTC OFF

Thanks for the entetainment this evening!

QSLs Received / Re: Sternradio (Star Radio in English) eQSL - Nov. 17
« on: November 18, 2023, 2312 UTC »
Also received this attractively designed eQSL along with full data in the email...THANK YOU STAR RADIO! It is appreciated  8)

2232 UTC Eerie sounding classical electronica music-OM singer (S9+ peaks with light fades and excellent audio)
2240 UTC Synth voiced OM speaking in German, followed by a spooky OM voice singing over an electronica ballad in German
2244 UTC OM with "100 hz"..."17000 hz" (each with a tone), then OFF at 2245 UTC

Thank you for another show Star Radio! Here's my recording of the show:

2215 UTC A funky indy R&B tune-YL singer (S9+ with awesome audio!)
2219 UTC DJDW chatting about the last song (From the Buccaneers soundtrack)..."stress from acid reflux"
2221 UTC "North American Scum"-Emily Kokal & Maya Folick

2027 UTC OM with prerecorded ID "WREC Radio Free East Coast"
2028 UTC Spoken word phone call skit with OM talking about "I work on race cars"
2031 UTC Parody song "I Gave My Wife a Cherry" lyrics
2039 UTC PJ Sparx with mention of "1st Anniversary Show"
2041 UTC "Yabba Dabba Doo Now"-Weird Al

0235 UTC Weak here also but slightly stronger than 6960 AM with "Soldier Boy"-Shirelles?
0246 UTC "Any Major Dude"-Steely Dan
0249 UTC "Space Oddity"-David Bowie
0254 UTC "Snoopy vs Red Baron"-Royal Guardsmen (Up to S5 peaks with light fading and high noise level. There's a aerosol ute in there also)
0257 UTC "Captain of Her Heart"-Double
0301 UTC "Private Idaho"-B-52's
0323 UTC "One Tin Soldier"-forgot who does this...

Thank you for the military rank themed show tonight Ballsmacker! Tough prop this evening, but 4030 USB is punching through!

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