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2359 UTC Testing 1,2,3 Can Anybody Hear Me (S9+ signal with light fading)
0000 UTC OM with "Wolverine Radio", followed by 1920's/30's music-OM singer with lyrics "Cocktails For Two"
0003 UTC More 1920's/30's music-YL singer with lyrics "Last Two Weeks In July" (looked it up...Artie Shaw with vocal refrain by Helen Forrest
0006 UTC 1940's sounding big band jazz-OM singer with lyrics "Two Timing Baby"
0009 UTC 1950's sounding tune-OM singer
0012 UTC "Two Lovers"-Mary Wells
0015 UTC "Love Me Two Times"-Doors
0018 UTC Unid song-OM singer....sounds like Little Feat
0021 UTC "Just the Two of Us"-Grover Washington Jr with Bill Withers
0025 UTC "Goody Two Shoes"-Adam Ant
0029 UTC Unid song-OM singer (Tom Petty?)
0031 UTC "Two Lights In the Nighttime"-Bonnie Raitt

0038 UTC Unid 30's sounding tune-OM singer
0041 UTC Unid song-OM singer...lyrics with Happy Birthday lyrics
0043 UTC Unid song...sounds like Hank Williams...Birthday lyrics
0046 UTC "Happy Happy Birthday Baby"-YL singers
0048 UTC "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen"-Neil Sedaka
0053 UTC "Birthday"-Beatles
0055 UTC "Happy Birthday Blues"-OM singer

QSLs Received / All Azteca Relay Service Marathon #13 eQSL
« on: August 12, 2023, 1821 UTC »
Thanks for the latest eQSL! It is appreciated, as always!  8)

0147 UTC Drums, then Bram with program #37
0149 UTC Bram and Mail Program with mention of bumpersticker "Honk if you love Glenn Hauser"...Rock 105.7 decal
0151 UTC Oregon listener who likes to listen to pirate radio with noise from power lines...girl scouts baking over a hot oven...Gerbil McNuggets
(Getting some QRM from 6930 USB, so I switched to 6935 USB)
0154 UTC Rabbit shooting from a moving trolley....did not hear from George Zeller, Jesse Jackson, or Dolly Parton
0156 UTC Brought to you by ? Custom Fit Condom...across from WalMart
0157 UTC Radio Azteca Story Time...lady rents an adult video..."Head Cleaner"
0159 UTC DXpedition...Reverend Billy Bob Chillipecker...call and reply chants
0202 UTC "Actual Stuff" Rugby team sponsorship by a brewery in Australia...collect a drug debt...victim jumped from a window
0207 UTC Funky music followed by "Top 10 List"...Top 10 signs that you're a burnt out DXer
(I switched back to AM)
0209 UTC Music, then Bram with "Radio Azteca, about 4 resistors short of a circuit, then "Legs"-ZZ Top
0210 UTC "What do you give a Chinchilla for constipation"..."Ask Doctor Radio"...WMLK...wrap your longwire around a Gerbil
0213 UTC Latin American vocal tune
0214 UTC Bram with bloopers
0218 UTC Belfast address for QSL
0220 UTC Radio Azteca Interval Signal followed by a Preacher parody, then IS again
0221 UTC "It's commode hugging time in the valley"
0222 UTC Bram with program #38, followed by Mail Program...more fun than finding a Baby Ruth floating in your swimming pool...illegal to chain an alligator to a fire hydrant...Dick Dale for bumper music
0227 UTC Latin American vocal music
0228 UTC "Top 10 List"...Top 10 Clandestine Stations...Radio Looking For a Piece International...La Voz del Sid Vicious
0230 UTC Radio Azteca, more fun than watching girls on trampolines
0231 UTC Guest editorial, followed by bumper music, then Latin American music
0233 UTC "Actual Stuff"...rearrange the letters in George Zeller...Australia corporation selling hard core pornography...gun toting Granny chased down a rapist...9mm pistol...smell of "good and plenty" and cucumber for arousal...(noise level has picked up a bit)
0240 UTC Music, followed by Bram, then Latin American vocal music
0242 UTC "Radio Azteca Story Time"...trials...African judicial system...bare breasted native girl waving here arms...a nervous titter running through the gallery
0245 UTC Latin American vocal music, then Bram with bloopers
0248 UTC Latin American version of "Volare"
0249 UTC "Never stick you're arm up anything when you're in Amish country"
0250 UTC Radio Azteca horn IS
0252 UTC Drum music, followed by Bram...program #39
0255 UTC Mail program...postal attack on Monique...Chris Lobdell...what did Monique do to the old man who had their hands strapped to their side...Monique's former employment....she was in the movies briefly...college girls on a trampoline...peanut butter story...Bram hand delivered a QSL...first time reporter Lee Reynolds...Radio Azteca a total of 46 different programs
0302 UTC Music, then "Top 10 List"...Top 10 Top 10 Lists...
0307 UTC Radio Azteca Story Time...about a cattle man visiting a brothel with a whip..."thunder I want a woman"
0310 UTC "Radio Azteca, more fun than an armpit farting contest", followed by "Actual Stuff" (Signal dropped down a bit)
0312 UTC "Complex group of bacteria that occupy the gut"..."bowel diseases"..."damage to a longwave antenna installation"...second marriage after bride and groom both have a sex change operation
0317 UTC Bram talking about DXpeditions
0320 Bram with ID, followed by Mexican horn music, then Bram with bloopers
0322 UTC Program #39 comes to a close
0323 UTC Good Night...then Radio Azteca horn IS
0325 UTC "AARS ID"...marathon #13
0326 UTC OFF

1928 UTC Jazzy piano music ending in applause, so live (S8 peaks with light noise and light fading...excellent USB audio)
1932 UTC Intro applause, then more instrumental jazz

0001 UTC Unid 40's sounding tune with mention of Making Whoopee at the end-YL singer (Signal is right at or just above the high noise level here)
0002 UTC Unid 40's sounding jazzy big band tune
0005 UTC OM DJ chatting...sorry about the over modulation...be strong...take care of yourself until next time
0006 UTC OFF

Thanks for the test! Wish I had tuned in earlier here!
Here's my recording of the last 5 minutes:

QSLs Received / All Azteca Relay Service Marathon #12 eQSL
« on: August 08, 2023, 1519 UTC »
Thanks again AARS...great graphics on this one!  8)

2229 UTC Unid genre of pop music instrumental tune (S9 peaks with light fading)
2232 UTC A different song now...cool sounding!
2241 UTC Another song...I'll call this "surf music meets psychedelic big band"
2246 UTC Another song...nice riffs and a wailin' sax too!
I'm going to kick back and listen rather than post vague details like "Clarence Clemons meets Frank Zappa"  :)
2257 UTC OM said you won't find these tracks on Shazam...Gave info on the band members
2258 UTC Back to more music
2314 UTC OM said wrap up with the final tune of the recording
2321 UTC OFF

Thanks for the unreleased music...really cool!

0000 UTC Radio Azteca IS (What time is it? It's commode hugging time in the valley)
Solid S9 signal with light fades and light noise
0001 UTC Bram with program #34 "Bend over backwards and do everything you can do to fix America's butt crack problem"
0003 UTC Phantom of the Opera music, then funky music, followed by mail program...mention of Monique...#2 QSL whore...gerbil stamps...Radio Ortega...has anyone ever mailed a live gerbil...letter from Alberta
0009 UTC Music...Radio Azteca, the station that whips it good, then Hillbilly music
0010 UTC "Actual Stuff"...Plastic cows in Chicago...you rural Americans are so crude with your humor
0011 UTC "The Flushing Report"...busted a sewer main...raw sewage into the river
(I'm getting strong QRM from 6930 USB, so I switched to 6935 USB from AM)
0015 UTC "5 people have jobs worst than yours"..."mammary flash" story
0017 UTC Cartoon theme music followed by "Radio Azteca, about as useful as steel belted toilet paper"
0018 UTC "You Are My Sunshine", then Top 10 list...Top 10 DXer's phobias
0021 UTC Music (Switched back to AM here)
0022 UTC "Radio Azteca Story Time"...spied a pirate ship...led his crew into battle...2 pirate ships...vanquished the pirates...Red Shirt...the crew won't see me bleed"...10 pirate ships approaching...."bring me my brown pants"
0024 UTC Rumba music followed by "Ask Doctor Radio"...numbers stations...measurements of Cuban women...What a banana plug is...What is inductive coupling
0026 UTC "Radio Azteca, more confusing than amateur night at a drag queen bar"
0027 UTC End of program #34....tour of Radio Azteca studios
0028 UTC Good night folks...good night everybody
0029 UTC Radio Azteca IS
0031 UTC Bram, then ZZ Top tune...Program #35...3MTA3 license plate turned down...talking about George Zeller and the Winterfest
0035 UTC "Actual Stuff"...OM killed by flashlight in his mouth when he hit the floor..."Goat-A-Gram"...bra theft
0038 UTC Drums, then Top 10 List..."Top 10 Disney DXer Movie"...Alice in Hauser Land...The Scarf Man of Notre Dame...Jeff White and the Seven Dwarves"
0041 UTC Tour of the Radio Azteca compound...Al the Security Guard...your own medicine man, RF Burns...Secretarial Pool...chickens clucking....social intercourse...what our salty mail woman Monique is up to"
What we give our chinchilla for constipation..."
0044 UTC Our Board of Directors is sitting (gunfire)...Billy Bob chilipecker, our spiritual advisor
0046 UTC "Radio Azteca transmitter building"..."I'm Glenn Hauser"...what are you really here looking for?
0048 UTC Music, followed by Ask Doctor Radio...6955 frequency and never hear anything...
0051 UTC Latin American music with vocals...QSL address...program #35...
0053 UTC Sign off announcement, then IS
0054 UTC "It's commode hugging time in the valley"
0055 UTC "Program #36"...never stick your tongue into an electrical device
0057 UTC Mail program...airwaves full of BS again...once in awhile there is a Baby Ruth amidst the turds...like to get one of those Goat-A-Grams...where did we find Monique the Mail Woman...made her a lucrative offer...West Virginia story...gerbils running out of Doctor Radio's office...
0102 UTC "Glenn Hauser vs Gene Scott", followed by Radio Azteca Story Time...billionaire and mural on the library wall...Custers last stand...Holy Cow...look at all those F**king injuns"
0105 UTC Radio Azteca Editorial by "The Angry Man" about music on shortwave
0107 UTC "Actual Stuff"...workers sacrificed a calf and a ram to visiting dignitaries...crocodile attack...skills requisite to be a professional nose picker..
0109 UTC "The Flushing Report"...girl died from a hairball in her stomach..."Hair" sung by unid artist
0112 UTC ? deep fried his gerbils...
0113 UTC "Sheba"
0114 UTC "Top 10 List"..."Top 10 DX bumperstickers we'd like to see"...DXers do it with frequency...half of the dxers in the world are below average...honk if you love Glenn Hauser
0117 UTC How do you write zero in Roman numerals..."Ask Doctor Radio"...coxswain...Who is the Crooked Man calling and what does he want?...
0122 You've been listening to Radio Azteca program #36, then sign off statement
0123 UTC Radio Azteca IS, then AARS ID...marathon program #12... allaztecarelayservice@gmail.com
0124 UTC OFF

Thanks again for the rebroadcast AARS! Great reception this evening!

2300 UTC OM narrating a story about Alice in Wonderland

2110 UTC Sounds like an OM doing stand-up comedy. Signal is right at the noise floor with tough copy.

2128 UTC "Man of Constant Sorrow"-Soggy Bottom Boys

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6930 USB 1626 UTC 6 AUG 2023
« on: August 06, 2023, 1627 UTC »
1626 UTC Tuned in to an unid pop/folk song-OM singer ending (S8 peaks with some deep fading, light noise and nice audio)
1627 UTC "Head Over Heels"-Tears For Fears
1631 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singer
1635 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singer
1639 UTC OFF sudden

Thanks for the broadcast whoever!

I missed this last night and the noise is brutal tonight...some weak audio and nothing since 0247 UTC  :(

0224 UTC Music ending, OM DJ talk, followed by "New World Man"-Rush (S7 peaks and mostly above the noise)
0228 UTC OM DJ talk but didn't catch the ID, followed by "Snowbird"-Ann Murray (Excellent audio)
0231 UTC OM DJ talk, followed by unid song-OM singer
0234 UTC OM with ID...sounded like CQEW...followed by an unid song-OM singer (Switching to Glide?)
0241 UTC OM talking
0242 UTC "Analog Kid"-Rush
0251 UTC OFF

Good to hear you again CQEW!

0037 UTC "Heart of Glass"-Blondie (Different version) (Fading in and out of the noise..excellent audio at S8 peaks)
0039 UTC "Down Under"-Men at Work (Different version)
0044 UTC "Steppin' Out"-Joe Jackson
0048 UTC "We Will Rock You"-Queen (Short version)
0050 UTC "What's Up"-Four Non-Blondes (Different version)
0052 UTC WRMI just signed on! (Demo Radio now on 5060 AM)
0055 UTC "Cars"-Gary Numan (Signal comparable to 5050 AM)
0058 UTC OM with "Demo Radio" ID and "? all your favorite songs", followed by an unid song
0101 UTC "Two Princes"-Spin Doctors (Different version)
0104 UTC "1979"-Smashing Pumpkins (Noise level is really bad now)
0108 UTC OM with "Oh No, Demo Radio", followed by a song I forgot the name of by Green Day
0118 UTC Took me a while on this one..."Take The Money and Run"-Steve Miller Band (Different version)
0119 UTC "Go Your Own Way"-Fleetwood Mac (Different version)
0123 UTC OM with ID followed by "The Boys Are Back In Town"-Thin Lizzy (Longer version)
0128 UTC "Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard"-Paul Simon
0131 UTC "Free Bird"-Lynyrd Skynyrd (Different version)
0135 UTC "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"-Cyndi Lauper (Different version)
0139 UTC "Just What I Needed"-Cars
0142 UTC OM with ID over the intro to "Closing Time"-(Forgot who does this)
0146 UTC OM said something, followed by "Baba O'Reilly"-The Who
0153 UTC OM talking over the music
0158 UTC "Black Hole Sun"-Soundgarden (Different version)
0203 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Sultans of Swing"-Dire Straits (Different version)
0209 UTC OFF

Thank you for the alternative and live versions of these well known songs Demo Radio! 8)
Also appreciate you replaying the opening songs I missed by tuning in late! Here's my recording of the show...the noise was heavy at times, but some decent peaks:

0118 UTC Tuned in to "If You Want to Be Happy"-Jimmy Soul (S9+ with light fades and well above the noise...sounds great!)
0123 UTC "Expressway to Your Heart"-Soul Survivors
0126 UTC "Soul Finger"-Bar-Kays
0129 UTC "Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes"-Paul Simon
0134 UTC "Soul Deep"-Box Tops
0136 UTC "Who Will Save Your Soul"-Jewel
0143 UTC "Heart Full of Soul"-Yardbirds
0146 UTC "Soul Man"-Sam & Dave
0152 UTC "Stoned Soul Picnic"-5th Dimension
0155 UTC "Somebody's Been Sleeping"-100 Proof (Aged in Soul)
0159 UTC "Soulful Strut"-Young-Holt Unlimited
0205 UTC "Do the Hustle"-Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony
0212 UTC "You're My Soul and Inspiration"-Righteous Brothers
0218 UTC "Soul Provider"-Michael Bolton
0222 UTC "Soul Power"-James Brown

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