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Thank you for the excellent program and eQSL VOTIROIS and a tip of the hat to Cloudsplitter for the relay! I really look forward to hearing more programs!

0129 UTC ID followed by a blues tune (S8 peaks with moderate fading and noise...sounds great!)
0132 UTC ID and email address, followed by more uptempo blues-OM singer
0151 UTC YL with ID and email, followed by more great blues music!
0203 UTC OFF

Thank you for the blues tunes on this hot and humid summer night Cap'n!

1854 UTC Unid blues song (S8 peaks with light noise)
1855 UTC "I Want to be Loved"-OM singer
1857 UTC Blues/Rock tune with tasty lead guitar licks
1901 UTC Unid blues tune-OM singer
1904 UTC Blues tune with lead guitar and OM singer
1911 UTC Stevie Ray Vaughan tune
1923 UTC OFF
(No ID's or announcements heard from tune-in)

Thanks for the blues show on this quiet 4th of July afternoon!

1838 UTC "Danger Zone"-Kenny Loggins (Fading in and out of the noise...mostly deep in the noise)
1840 UTC "Hooked on a Feeling"-Blue Swede (Suddenly it's S9 peaks with excellent audio!)
(Presumed to be "Good Times Radio" per playlist! It's been a long time since I heard this!)
1843 UTC "Happy"-Pharrell Williams (Deep fade into the noise)
1847 UTC OM with ID..."Good Times Radio...", followed by "Saturday In the Park"-Chicago
1851 UTC Faded back in with "Feelin Stronger Every Day"-Chicago
1855 UTC "Make Me Smile"-Chicago
1858 UTC "Carry On My Wayward Son"-Kansas
1903 UTC Possible OM with ID?, followed by "My Sharona"-The Knack (Deep fade into the noise near the end)
1910 UTC Faded back up to S8..."Good Girls Don't"-The Knack
1912 UTC OFF

Thanks for the show GTR! It would be nice to acquire an eQSL from your station...Please?  :)

0142 UTC Unid pop/dance tune (S9+ peaks!)
0156 UTC George Carlin monologue  ;D
0213 UTC Pause? OFF

Thank you for the entertainment!

QSLs Received / WDOG 31 meter band test eQSL
« on: June 19, 2024, 2138 UTC »
Thank you for the rarer than dog feathers test eQSL and the always awesome playlists T. E. Magnetron! It is appreciated!

2137 UTC "Soak Up the Sun"-Sheryl Crow (S5 peaks with deep fades and moderate noise)
2141 UTC OM with WDOG Shortwave ID, followed by "Sunny Afternoon"-Kinks
2147 UTC "Summer in the City"-Lovin' Spoonful (Dogs barking during part of the song...They must be thirsty!)
2151 UTC Signal faded back up with "Sun King"-Beatles
2152 UTC WDOG op speaking but the signal is fading in and out of the noise
2153 UTC "Dock of the Bay"-Otis Redding
2155 UTC "Summertime Blues"-The Who
2158 UTC "Running Down a Dream"-Tom Petty (Hitting S7 now and solid above the noise)
2203 UTC "Good Day Sunshine"-Beatles
2205 UTC OM with ID, followed by an unid song (David Bowie?), then into a deep fade
2213 UTC Still in a deep fade...bits of threshold music now and then (I figure the signal is bouncing over me)
2218 UTC Bit of a fade up now...unid pop song
2219 UTC Shoutouts to me and hflstnr...THANKS!  :)
2220 UTC "See ya back on the 43 meter band later...have a good night", then OFF

Good to hear you on your 31 meter band test on this hot end of Spring day! Here's my recording of the test from 2142-2220 UTC...some nice solid peaks:

2313 UTC "Dear Prudence"-Beatles (S7 with light fading and light noise)
2315 UTC Bank of America commercial...parody?
2316 UTC "Glass Onion"-Beatles
2318 UTC "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da"-Beatles
2322 UTC YL with ad, OM with ad(cut), followed by "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"-Beatles
(YL speaking during part of the song...no luck on the copy...again later in the song...heard mention of "radio", so likely an ID! Something like "?? Radio ??...how you doing out there"
2327 UTC "Happiness Is a Warm Gun"-Beatles
2329 UTC YL with ID, OM with advert, followed by "Martha My Dear"-Beatles
2332 UTC Advert for a telescope that fits in your pocket and takes pictures, followed by an OM talking about technicolor
2337 UTC "How Deep Is Your Love"-Bee Gees
2341 UTC YL with ID over the end of the song, repeated, followed by an OM with "read the label"
2342 UTC "Eye In the Sky"-Alan Parsons Project (Signal now a solid S8...very nice listenable audio!)
2346 UTC OM speaking about geometry over instrumental music
2347 UTC "Dancing in the Dark"-Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band
2350 UTC OM with advert, followed by "Don't You Forget About Me"-Simple Minds
2355 UTC YL with ID, followed by YL with advert
2356 UTC "Alive and Kicking"-Simple Minds
0001 UTC YL with repeated ID, followed by a faux advert
0002 UTC "That Smell"-Lynyrd Skynyrd
0007 UTC Easypal picture followed by "Dreams"-Fleetwood Mac

0012 UTC "You Don't Know How It Feels"-Tom Petty & Heartbreakers
0015 UTC YL with ID, followed by Easypal picture (I turned off the app! Turned it back on but too late to get a decode...signal was in the green)
0018 UTC OFF

Thank you for the Sunday evening entertainment! I'll have to listen back on my recording for that ID...just couldn't make out the what the YL was saying!  8)

Listened back several times and it does sound like "This is June Bug Radio for the win...how are you doing out there"...looking at the Bug Radio pic posted below, I'll go with Bug Radio! Here's my recording of the final ID:

0000 UTC OM with ID, followed by an old bluesy 1930's tune-YL singer
0003 UTC "Talk of the Town"
0018 UTC "A Town Without Pity"-Gene Pitney
0021 UTC "Talk of the Town"-Chrissie Hynde & Pretenders
0024 UTC "Rock This Town"-Stray Cats
0035 UTC "When Love Comes to Town"-U2 with BB King
0043 UTC "Lucky Town"-Bruce Springsteen
0051 UTC "This Town"-Neil Young & Crazy Horse  :)
0054 UTC "Burnt Out Town"-Tom Petty
0057 UTC "Living In a Ghost Town"-Rolling Stones

2254 UTC Unid rap tune...lyrics "I've got the power" (S8 peaks with moderate fading and excellent audio)
2259 UTC OFF

0300 UTC Music just above the noise...brief bit of Carnival music (Entry of the Gladiators?)
0302 UTC Faded out or OFF
0303 UTC I have a very weak carrier here now, so maybe USB to AM?
0304 UTC Nothing at all now
0307 UTC I have the weak carrier again...no detectable audio
0309 UTC Some threshold audio...no luck on the copy
0310 UTC USB now and solid above the noise...unid music...autotune vocals?
0311 UTC Nothing now

2358 UTC Testing one two three...IS (S9+ and solid above the high noise)
0000 UTC Unid 1920's song
0008 UTC "I Won't Be Home No More"-Hank Williams
0011 UTC "Bring It On Home"-Sam Cooke
0014 UTC "I'll Take You Home"-Drifters
0016 UTC "Subterranean Homesick Blues"-Bob Dylan
0018 UTC "2,000 Light Years From Home"-Rolling Stones
0023 UTC "Can't Find My Way Home"-Blind Faith
0027 UTC "In Them Old Cotton Fields Back Home"-CCR
0030 UTC "Darling Be Home Soon"-Joe Cocker (Hitting S9+20 now!)
0034 UTC "Can't Go Home"-Brewer & Shipley
0037 UTC "Go Back Home"-Stephen Stills
0040 UTC "Take Me Home Country Roads"-Toots & the Maytals
0044 UTC "Ain't Nobody Home"-?
0047 UTC "Sweet Mama Hurry Home"-Leon Redbone
0049 UTC "She's Leaving Home"-unid cover
0052 UTC "Home at Last"-Steely Dan  :)
0058 UTC "Johnny Come Home"-Fine Young Cannibals
0101 UTC "Long Way From Home"-Vaughn Brothers
0105 UTC "Sonny Came Home"Shawn Colvin

Thanks for the always interesting playlist!  8)

0139 UTC On with a funky blues tune-OM singer (S8 peaks with moderate noise...excellent audio)
0142 UTC Scratchy sounding audio effect
0143 UTC Unid 60's sounding tune-OM singers
0145 UTC Maybe sounds from a chicken coup outer space? Followed by "Gotta Get Away"-Rolling Stones
0152 UTC "Stupid Girl"-Rolling Stones
0154 UTC Possibly an OM said something brief? ,followed by "A Long Long Time"-Rolling Stones
0157 UTC YL and OM with spoken word I didn't catch, followed by "Who's Driving Your Plane"-RS
0201 UTC OM with sound effects and an ID I didn't catch, followed by "Dandelion"-RS
0204 UTC OM with ID over sound effects...missed it again  :(
0212 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Child of the Moon"-RS
0216 UTC OM with ID..., then OFF

Thanks for the early Stones tunes tonight! Checked back on the recording and the OM says "Ultimate Radio Universe on all channels", as Chuck54 posted!
I ran the recording again and caught 2 clear ID's as "Ultimate Universe Radio"...time to rename the thread!

Here's my recording of the show from 0149-0216 UTC (I was mistuned for the first 10 minutes...)

2238 UTC Tuned in to an unid instrumental jazz piano song (S9+ with superb audio)
2241 UTC Pause
2242 UTC "Time Has Come Today"-Chambers Brothers
2247 UTC Pause, or OFF

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