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2334 UTC Instrumental ambient music Shazam says is "Moss Garden"-David Bowie
2336 UTC OM with heavy reverb ? , into "Sweet Home Alabama"-Lynyrd Skynyrd
(S9 here with excellent USB audio)
2341 UTC OM said something, into "Alaska"-Little Hurt
2344 UTC OM with ID "WTF Radio Worldwide....one state at a time", into "Arizona"-Mark Lindsay
2347 UTC "Arkansas"-Chris Stapleton
2350 UTC "California Dreaming"-Mama's & Papa's
0030 UTC "Destination Bangor Maine"  8)
0035 UTC "Massachusetts"-Bee Gees  8)
0044 UTC "Mississippi Queen"-Mountain (The late great Leslie West October 22, 1945 – December 23, 2020)
0046 UTC "Misery"-Beatles LMAO!
0055 UTC I made it till the end of Part 1 Thanks for a unique show WTF!  :)

Dead tired now and you just woke me up WTF! I'll do my best to keep my head off the keyboard....at least until the Bee Gees with Massachusetts? LOL!

Hey CT-Yankee......"Nutmeg contains myristicin, a natural compound that has mind-altering effects if ingested in large doses."  ;D
Thanks for the offer of the nutmeg brownie, but here in Massh**echusetts, such confections are legally accessible at various local "wacky marts"  :-\ I'll stick with the sugar buzz from the pecan pie I picked up for the weekend!

2325 UTC OM talking and carribean style music..OM with "Happy Monday radio station"
2329 UTC Unid instrumental music....pop tune
2332 UTC OM talking over a dance tune...."on the positive side....nothing negative", Shazam says it's "Day 36"-The Red Fetish (doubtful)
2335 "A Thousand Small Spaces"-The Physics House Band (doubtful)
2337 UTC YL speaking now...tough copy with the Link ute on the high side
2342 UTC Shazam giving different ID's.....
2346 UTC Sort of a low key disco/dance instrumental....occasionally with OM speaking over the music
2359 UTC OM with ID, but I didn't quite catch it....mentioned "broadcasting on ?? khz"
0003 UTC "Get Up"-Happy Music Channel
0005 UTC OM mentioned "six thousand nine hundred & thirty kilohertz"
0009 UTC Animal noises over the music now....
0011 UTC OM with ID "Happy Monday Radio", followed by more animal noises....lots of monkees....
0012 UTC Faded out or OFF

Thanks for the Happy Monday tunes!  :D

QSLs Received / Some Radio eQSL
« on: April 04, 2021, 2010 UTC »
Wow! Reminds me of the Rolling Stones cover of Goats Head Soup, only a bit more gory! Thanks Some Radio! The show was hilarious!  ;D

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 1928 UTC 4 Apr 2021
« on: April 04, 2021, 1928 UTC »
1928 UTC Music and then a spoken word skit...mention of the Easter Bunny...talking about Nougat and mention of ? Cottontail
1934 UTC A pop song that Shazam won't hit on
1936 UTC "Jackie Frost"....infernal sunshine ruining another masterpiece...a bunny's gotta hop before he can walk

QSLs Received / Throwback 90's eQSL 1720 AM
« on: April 04, 2021, 1341 UTC »
Thank you very much Throwback 90's! It is greatly appreciated!  :)

Shortwave Pirate / Some Radio 6935 USB 2203 UTC 3 Apr 2021
« on: April 03, 2021, 2205 UTC »
2203 UTC "Arkane"-Kosmovoid
2205 UTC "Rock and Rolled Killed My Mother"-Hi Fi Guys
2208 UTC OM with ID and chat, but didn't quite catch it....then a dog barking...."FCC here to shut down your"....more barking
2210 UTC "Cigarettes, Whisky, and Wild, Wild Women"-Red Ingle
2213 UTC Goat noises and OM talking
2218 UTC OM chatting.....a real backwoods laugh!
2219 UTC "In the Middle of the House"-Rusty Draper
2221 UTC OM chatting....op has one freaky voice!
2225 UTC OM yelling at the dogs.....goat noises
2229 UTC OM with ID..."you're listening to Some Radio"
2230 UTC "Where the hell the dogs go?"...goat noises and dogs barking over some odd percussive beat, then some instrumental music with goats bleating over it that shazam will not ID
2239 UTC Lyrics about "See the Monkey's Play"
2243 UTC OM with the gruff voice ID'd again as "Some Radio" with goats bleating in the background
2245 UTC Song with lyrics "You Are Special, You Are My Friend"
2249 UTC Signal is at noise level now
2253 UTC OM talking but the noise is heavy duty now
2255 UTC Nada on the copy now, but the gruff voiced guy is talking
2256 UTC Signal back up again with OM talking
2257 UTC "Slide Her Under the Door"-Moses Longpiece
2301 UTC Goat bleating and religious chanting
2304 UTC "Deny Jesus Christ" and religious ceremony
2310 UTC "Mind Eraser, No Chaser"-Them Crooked Vultures
2313 UTC "Star Star"-Rolling Stones
2327 UTC Chimes music that Shazam says is "Fears"-Lil Kay$
2319 UTC Tone, then OFF

Now that was one massive production! My head is reeling!  8)

0137 UTC "Ready, Steady, Go"-Paul Oakenfield
0146 UTC "Popeye Twist"-The Tornado's
0150 UTC "Telstar"-The Tornado's

Shortwave Pirate / Two Dog Radio 6930 USB 0045 UTC 3 Apr 2021
« on: April 03, 2021, 0047 UTC »
0045 UTC "Sad But True"-The HU
0048 UTC "Who Let the Dogs Out"-The Doggies
0052 UTC OM with ID and email, into "Thunder Kiss '65"-White Zombie
0055 UTC "My Curse"-Killswitch Engage
0108 UTC "Let the Bad Times Roll"-The Offspring
0113 UTC "Set Me Free"-Pop Evil
0119 UTC "Broken As Me"-Papa Roach
0123 UTC "Long Live Rock"-Halestorm
0129 UTC "Wasting Time"-Teenage Wrist
0140 UTC "Think You Got It"-Relent
0211 UTC "Through the Fire and Flames"-Dragonforce

Latin American Pirate / ROCV tentative 6205 AM 2330 UTC 2 Apr 2021
« on: April 02, 2021, 2337 UTC »
2330 UTC Hearing what sounds like Venezuelan pop tunes....best in USB to avoid ute QRM

Shortwave Pirate / Unid 6925 USB 2245 UTC 2 Apr 2021
« on: April 02, 2021, 2248 UTC »
2245 UTC First tuned in....at 2246 UTC Shazam says "Give Me You"-Mary Blige
2251 UTC "You Are"-Charlie Wilson
2255 UTC OM speaking now...maybe part of the song intro?
2256 UTC Possibly an ID "Free Radio"?

Shortwave Pirate / Foxy AM 6925 AM 2155 UTC 2 Apr 2021
« on: April 02, 2021, 2208 UTC »
2206 UTC "Down By the River"-Buddy Miles (Signal started off at S7 and dropped into the noise at 2208 UTC...too bad....that was a great version of a classic!)

QSLs Received / Nowhere Radio eQSL
« on: April 02, 2021, 2102 UTC »
Wow! That is an awesome eQSL! THANK YOU!  8)

Shortwave Pirate / Nowhere Radio 6874.9 AM 0007 UTC 2 Apr 2021
« on: April 02, 2021, 0008 UTC »
0007 UTC Carrier then music at 0008 UTC...deep in the noise but fading up to threshold.
(Fairly Solid S6 carrier but lightly modulated....can't pull the song ID out of the noise)
0018 UTC Signal faded up a bit, but Shazam not hitting on the song....sounds like ambient instrumental music
0028 UTC Sounded like an ID...hard to tell
0030 UTC I still have the carrier but it's deep in the noise here
0038 UTC Faded back up, but still nada on the music ID
0044 UTC Nice signal now with "Moon Tan"-New Standards Men (Per Shazam)  :)
0050 UTC Moon Tan still playing...sort of a long droning new age composition
0052 UTC Maybe a different song now....techno beat with ambient music...faded out again, but carrier still there
Thanks for the broadcast whoever you are! Lost the signal completely....I'll listen back on my recording in the morning and post it.  8)

I checked back just before hitting the sack and the signal was very good, so I listened some more!
0125 UTC "Way Out"-sunnata
0128 UTC "Armure"-ÂGE ⱡ TOTAL
0143 UTC "Reflecting Infinity"-Verticals
0147 UTC "Ye Unnaithaine"-S. B. Balasubrahmanyam
0151 UTC "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom"-Parry Gripp
(The last song was followed by a long industrial/ambient spooky composition that 30 clicks of the Shazam button wouldn't ID)
2204 UTC "Adversus"-Northern Lights
2211 UTC "Crossing the Borders"-Verticals
2213 UTC YL with an ID that was difficult to understand, but it went something like this..."This is Nowhere Radio(?), broadcasting from somewhere in the Midwest"..."Please send your reception reports...?...@yahoo.com"
Unid song after that and the signal had again pretty much faded deep into the noise.

1-Here's a link to the ID that I can't quite figure out!

2-Here's a link to my first listening session...tough copy but some threshold fadeups at times:

3-Here's a link to my second listening session...quite listenable!:

If the op sees this, I would greatly appreciate the correct email address to send my report to! THANK YOU! I sent a test email to nowhere.radio@yahoo.com and it didn't bounce.....hmmm

I must say I had never heard any of these musical compositions other then that little ditty by Parry Gripp....interesting music to start off the Holiday weekend!  8)

2242 UTC Right at the noise floor here with "Let's Go All the Way"-Sly Fox  :)
2251 UTC "My Favourite Waste of Time"-Owen Paul
2259 UTC "Manic Monday"-Bangles

QSLs Received / CrAzY 80's~Radio (via Sycko Radio) eQSL
« on: March 30, 2021, 1817 UTC »
Harry asked me to post this for him  8)

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