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Latin American Pirate / AD149 Radio 6934.9 AM 0022 UTC 27 JAN 2023
« on: January 27, 2023, 0026 UTC »
0022 UTC Back on again and solid above the noise with a bit of flutter to the signal. Hearing this directly and using USB for the best clarity amidst the band noise. OM singer with a ballad in Spanish
0027 UTC Different song now-OM singer
0031 UTC Signal strength dropping down now and the flutter fading is getting worse
0102 UTC Martin 1 SSTV then OFF

Thanks again AD149! Seems that the gray line reception during the earlier broadcast was stronger....

2313 UTC Seems to be a relay of a commercial talk station in Spanish...OM speaking
(I'm having good luck with the audio using USB...S5 peaks amidst moderate band noise...possible mention of La Voz Capital? I'm hearing this directly)
2319 UTC Mention of Argentina
2330 UTC Music now...unid song in Spanish-OM singer
2340 UTC Martin1 SSTV now, but it is weak...lost the lock on the sstv....no decode
No audio since the failed SSTV...carrier still on!
2347 UTC Music now...pop song-OM singer
2349 UTC OFF? Carrier gone also

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6955 USB 0145 UTC 26 JAN 2023
« on: January 26, 2023, 0146 UTC »
0145 UTC Sound of gunfire and screaming....repeated a few times  :)
0149 UTC Back on again for a couple of shots and screams, then off again

Latin American Pirate / AD149 Radio 6934.9 AM 0045 UTC 25 JAN 2023
« on: January 25, 2023, 0047 UTC »
0045 UTC Checked back and back on again with another broadcast! UNID song-OM singer in Spanish? Signal is again hitting S7 peaks, but there is a moderate amount of flutter fading.
0052 UTC Unid SSTV mode...another one right after it, but the band noise is too strong. No decode on either MMSSTV or Black Cat SSTV  :(
Thanks for trying AD149!
0108 UTC Partial decode using Martin 1 mode! I tuned in using USB

2136 UTC On suddenly with unid ambient "shoe gaze" music with chanting like OM vocals
2142 UTC Sounds like a Bollywood R&B song
2146 UTC Sounds like a electronica bossa nova tune-Sting?
2152 UTC Unid song by Sting
(So far the signal has been a solid S9 here....sadly, I have errands to run. Thanks for the esoteric tunes!)

0432 UTC Dramatic sounding ambient music? (S5 peaks and mostly solid above the noise floor)
0436 UTC Unid hard rock song-OM singer...mostly long instrumental breaks with psychedelic guitar
0452 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV, followed by another unid rock tune

0501 UTC Kid talking..."C'mon, time to eat...let's go"...(sounds of pigs grunting)
0503 UTC Unid rockabilly sounding tune-OM singer and harmonica
0507 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV, followed by an unid bluesy rock tune-OM singer (same singer and harmonica as at 0503 UTC?)

0513 UTC Outhouse DJ chatting, followed by spoken word intro to unid rock tune...."this song goes out to hogmeat" over the song
0518 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV, followed by an unid blues rock tune-OM singer

(Noise it getting stronger here....some fades)
0528 UTC Unid blues ballad-OM singer
0533 UTC "Country Roads(Take Me Home)"-John Deutschendorf Jr
0536 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV, followed by unid hard rock tune-OM singer

0543 UTC "The Eagle and the Hawk"-John Deutschendorf Jr (His best song!)
0602 UTC Op with ID "Leeroy's One Dog Salvage"
0612 UTC "Setting Sun"-Brian Lucas Project
0617 UTC OFF

Thanks for the entertainment this late evening/early morning!

0249 UTC Music fading in and out of the noise
0259 UTC OM speaking....sounds like the B-Side op!
0300 UTC Sounds like some piano jazz now...signal is really tough here this evening
0308 UTC Signal coming up a bit now...definitely jazz
0314 UTC OM DJ chatting now with clear ID
0328 UTC Emerson, Lake, and Palmer tune

Tough copy tonight, but some nice peaks! Thanks B-Side!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6948.3 AM 0217 UTC 19 JAN 2023
« on: January 19, 2023, 0218 UTC »
0217 UTC Carrier and maybe a touch of undermodulated music?
0219 UTC Definitely music...soul tune with YL singer fading in and out now
0221 UTC Different song now...rock tune OM singer?
0225 UTC Faded out or OFF?
0226 UTC Back again but right at the noise floor
0229 UTC Nothing heard and no carrier noted

Whoever you were, here's what it sounded like in the Skipmuck radio room:

0422 UTC Music at or just above the noise floor directly. Tough copy with the QRM on the low side, best in USB. Unid jazz tune
0436 UTC Different jazz tune now
(Signal is solid above the noise here since 0440 UTC)
0451 UTC OM talking now...not sure if part of a song intro or DJ?
0452 UTC OFF

Thanks for the late night jazz show!
Here's my direct recording of the last 11+ minutes using USB to avoid some wide band noise on the low side:

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6945 AM 0208 UTC 18 JAN 2023
« on: January 18, 2023, 0209 UTC »
0208 UTC Weak music just above the noise floor. Some QRM from the Link-11 in the lower passband. I recognize the song from the early 60's but forgot the name! High noise level tonight...
0220 UTC A song that sounds like the late great Roy Orbison, then OFF midsong at 0221 UTC

North American Shortwave Pirate / WJAN 6925 USB 0208 UTC 11 JAN 2023
« on: January 11, 2023, 0209 UTC »
0208 UTC "Psychotic Reaction"-Count Five (S7 peaks and sounding good!)
0210 UTC OM with song ID and DJ chat
0211 UTC "Just A Little"-Beau Brummels (Off suddenly at 0212 UTC)

Thanks for the test! Signal was good and the audio was excellent!

0250 UTC Caught this as I was closing down the radio room for the evening...sounded like an advertisement from a commercial station followed by OM's with spoken word. Faded out at 0303 UTC (or OFF?).

Here's my recording:

Threshold audio now

0043 UTC Music and spoken word loop followed by some blues music (S8 and sounding good!)
0054 UTC OM with ID and email address captainmorganshortwave@gmail.com
Loving the second dose of the blues this evening!  8)
0113 UTC Music and spoken word loop again...."You're listening to the pirate because commercial broadcast ?"
0116 UTC Blues tune....signal is still pounding in at S8!

Thanks for the shows CM! Here's my recording for this posting:

2316 UTC Just signed on with Twilight Zone theme and YL with ID, into a familiar song I forgot the name of
2322 UTC "You are listening to Captain Morgan's mid-winter program. Winter is half over so hang in there Skipmuck"
(Thanks for the advice CM! I believe I will!)
As always, kicking back in the radio room....and enjoying the blues!
2334 UTC Still banging in here at S8 with some light fading
0001 UTC OFF

Thanks for a very enjoyable show this evening....wishing you a Happy New Year 2023!

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