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Thanks again Ballsmacker team!

QSLs Received / Radio Azteca via AARS Marathon #4 eQSL
« on: June 09, 2023, 2016 UTC »
Thanks once again AARS! It is appreciated!

QSLs Received / Radio 48 via Sycko Radio eQSL 7 JUN 2023
« on: June 07, 2023, 2218 UTC »
Very pleased to receive this one in addition to the other 2 posted! Thank you Radio 48 and Sycko Radio for the show and the fine eQSL!

QSLs Received / Radio Azteca Marathon eQSL 3
« on: June 04, 2023, 1433 UTC »
Thanks again All Azteca Relay Service! Hope to hear some more from the secret archives!  8)

1423 UTC "More Than A Feeling"-Boston (Mix version?)
(S8 peaks with moderate to heavy fading amidst light noise...very nice audio at peaks)
1428 UTC Audience applause intro to a live version of "Somethings Happening"-Peter Frampton
1434 UTC "Show Me the Way"-Peter Frampton (Some deep fading now)
1438 UTC A song I forgot the name of...Peter Frampton (Signal down to S5)
1444 UTC "Custard Pie"-Led Zeppelin
(Signal is mostly at or just above the noise floor)
1449 UTC Techno dance tune
1451 UTC Techno dance version of Phil Collin's "In the Air Tonight" (Very tough copy here now)
1454 UTC Techno dance version of KISS "I Was Made For Lovin You"
1457 UTC Unid song-OM singer (Song is deep in the noise)
1459 UTC "Not To Touch the Earth"-The Doors
1503 UTC Unid song-OM singer

Errands to run here...thanks for the Sunday morning tunes whoever!  :)

2044 UTC Unid live song-OM singers (S6 peaks with light fading...mostly above the noise and sounding good!)
2049 UTC OM DJ..."pops and crackles", followed by another unid live song-OM singers
2106 UTC "Heaven Beside You"-Alice In Chains live

2139 UTC "Ghost Chickens In the Sky"-Bob & Tom Band  ;D

2143 UTC OM DJ with "Cluck Cluck Cluck"

Dinner time...thanks for the entertainment TCR!

0130 UTC Unid music just above the noise floor...S6 peaks with light fading
0150 UTC Signal is stronger and clearer now with S7 peaks...excellent audio
0158 UTC Signal has dropped down to S4...carrier is still there, but only threshold traces of audio
0203 UTC Signal has recovered...S7
Thanks for the entertainment! Sorry I couldn't be more detailed in my report, but I do not have Shazam and this music is obscure!  8)
The playlist is reminiscent of Radio Nowhere on their 6974.9 AM broadcasts...just sayin...
Here's my recording from 0130-0215 UTC:

1120 UTC Hearing an unid song at or just above the noise floor. S6 peaks with light fading
1122 UTC Deep voiced OM with ID ...? Radio", followed by what sounds like a soul tune-OM singer
1126 UTC Faded down to the noise floor
1141 UTC OM with street rap voice, then an ID I couldn't make out, then low audio again
1156 UTC Nice fade-up with "Do It Again"-Steely Dan (Some looped sections of the song noticed here)
1200 UTC "Everyday People"-Sly & Family Stone
1202 UTC OM with "Radio 48" ID, into "Jumping Jack Flash"-Rolling Stones (Looped opening audio)

Thank you for the ear opener this morning! Time to head out for some errands...

0130 UTC Unid song at or just above the high noise floor
0133 UTC Different song now
0135 UTC OM talking now...no luck on the copy
0144 UTC Mr Sycko said something but didn't catch it
0153 UTC Audio up a bit with "Highway to Hell"-AC/DC
0201 UTC Nice fade up with "Dream On"-Aerosmith
A couple of Aerosmith songs after the first one
0213 UTC Mr Sycko talking
0215 UTC Nice fade up with "White Wedding"-Billy Idol followed by "We Didn't Start the Fire"-Billy Joel
0222 UTC "Don't Fear the Reaper"-Blue Oyster Cult
(Moved to 6955 AM at 0223 UTC...better signal now, but the noise is still brutal)
0226 UTC Mr Sycko with my first clear ID of the show, followed by "Living On a Prayer"-Bon Jovi
0230 UTC ID, then the signal dropped down into the noise...carrier still there but weak  :(
0243 UTC Mr Sycko chatting now
0244 UTC OFF I think...no carrier now

Thanks for the Wednesday evening entertainment Sycko!

0107 UTC OM talking in Portuguese
0109 UTC Unid pop song
(Signal peaks to S7 with moderate fading amidst moderate noise...very nice audio at peaks)
0113 UTC OM talking followed by another unid song...sounds like a relay of a commercial station

0433 UTC I have a solid carrier here with maybe some imaginary threshold audio...music?

0127 UTC On just after Yeah Man QRT'd with ID and talk about safety in a nuclear attack. Stay away from the windows! The number one cause of death in a nuclear attack is projectile glass.
0132 UTC Talk now about Richard Weaver...the chapter titled "Life Without Prejudice"
0133 UTC Jammer on now with "Mellow Yellow" audio clip played twice, then OFF.
(So far 77LJS has been solid 100% copy here...S8 peaks amidst light noise)
0136 UTC "Mellow Yellow" jammer again then OFF after repeating an audio clip
Today's discussion is on various things related to communism
0144 UTC Closing ID..."The hour is exceptionally late", then OFF (Mellow Yellow jammer again at the end)

Thanks again for today's narrative 77LJS!

0019 UTC Funky Jazz music (S9 peaks and sounding good!)
0028 UTC Yeah Man on the microphone!
0039 UTC Hope you had a good Holiday weekend too YM! Thanks for the shoutout!
0121 UTC Shoutout to Pigmeat
0127 UTC OFF

Kicking back and enjoying the tunes! RIP Tina  :'(
Thanks for the show YM!

0020 UTC Azteca Interval Signal
0021 UTC Bram Stoker with ID in Spanish and postal address for reports (Show #7)
0025 UTC Odd music...Peruvian scat singing?  ;D
0029 UTC Bram Stoker...commercial free...talking about letters didn't get on number 6..."Mail Scrotum"...Andy Yoder didn't get a rejection card...Neil Wolfish says we were QRMing Radio Tunisia...report from Dr Love at Solid Rock Radio
0034 UTC Parody phone call to Ajax Liquor store
0038 UTC "DX Party Wave Merry-Go-Round" show..."CHU will broadcast full frontal nudity to take away listeners from WWV"
0045 UTC Bram Stoker..Top 10 reasons why there are so many religious stations on the air
0046 UTC "Ask Dr Radio"
0050 UTC Talking about the Santa Fe Railroad
0055 UTC IS followed by "Sheba"-Johnny & Hurricanes
0056 UTC Bram Stoker with show #8
0058 UTC "Mail Scrotum"...rejection rejection card
0100 UTC Cantilever bra ad
0107 UTC Unid song...strange OM vocals with harmony singers
0111 UTC Pirate Bloopers
0113 UTC Camel cigarette commercial followed by the DX program...mention of Lorena Bobbitt and Voice of the Lad
0118 UTC Off air quotes from Dr Gene Scott
0119 UTC Top Ten reasons why Gene Scott is on the air
0123 UTC Ask Dr Radio
0126 UTC Azteca IS then "Sheba", followed by Bram Stoker with show #9
0129 UTC "Mail Scrotum"...somebody got a rejection card
0137 UTC Parody Beatles song?
0142 UTC DX program...1-900 DX hotline...
0149 UTC Today's Top 10 list that Glenn Hauser has lost it
0152 UTC "Editorial Comment" followed by Dr Dickie's Dildos
0155 UTC Ask Dr Radio...."what is the ionosphere anyway and how does it work"
0159 UTC Show #9 finished

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