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2107 UTC Interval Signal on windwood instrument?
2108 UTC YL with numbers in unid language (FM?)
2110 UTC YL with 5 digit numbers in English
2111 UTC Switched to USB
2112 UTC YL with phonetics in possible FM?
2113 UTC YL with 5 digit numbers in English
2115 UTC YL with 5 digit numbers in English using USB now
Seems to be changing modes or delivery every minute!
2116 UTC OFF

0122 UTC "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys"-Traffic (May be our unid friend from a little while ago here?)
0125 UTC "Hey Hey My My (Out of the Blue)-Neil Young live  :)
0129 UTC OM DJ chat (Yep! Back again for more fun....)
0130 UTC "Hey Hey My My (Out of the Blue)-Neil Young version from "Rust Never Sleeps"
0133 UTC OM DJ chat..."Just poked my self in the eye"...(talking about Zekey?)..."Any requests here?"
0135 UTC "This is a story about the little man in the boat"
0136 UTC "Spill the Wine"-Eric Burden & War
0142 UTC OM DJ chat...mention of Springfield, Massachusetts 8)
0143 UTC "Hold On I'm Coming"-Sam & Dave (Dog heard barking over the song!)
0146 UTC OM DJ chat...mention of Zekey...gonna play this one for him
0146 UTC "Uncle Ernie"-The Who, into "We're Not Gonna Take It"-The Who ("You know where to put the cork Zekey") 
0154 UTC OM DJ chat
0155 UTC "Heart of Gold"-Neil Young live at the BBC
0159 UTC OM DJ chat..."poked myself in the eye now I feel like a pirate"
(The audio is fine!)
Hey Pig Knuckles op....how about "Ramble Tamble" by CCR?
0200 UTC "Ramble Tamble"-CCR (Thanks Mr. Knuckles! Good rockin tune!)
0208 UTC OM DJ chat, into "Come and Get You're Love"-Redbone (OM DJ over the top with "Pigs Knuckles Radio" ID)
0213 UTC OM DJ chat, into "Green Onions"-Booker T & MG's
0216 UTC OM DJ chat "This is Pigs Knuckles"...Bye Bye", then OFF

Thank you for an amazing and interesting broadcast Pigs Knuckles op! AWESOME! 8)
I'll post recordings of this and the earlier show later on...thanks again!

Here's my recording of the show:

0045 UTC Unid folk song-YL singer (Heard a dog barking during the song)
0049 UTC "Look What They've Done to My Song"-Melanie
(Signal is hitting S7 peaks with light fading amidst light band noise)
0054 UTC Unid folk song...sounds like a cover version of "Amie"-YL singer
0056 UTC "Amie"-Pure Prairie League
0100 UTC OM DJ chat with playlist..."First song was Nickel Song"..."Let's Play Some Mountain"
0101 UTC "Mississippi Queen"-Mountain
0104 UTC OM DJ chat
0106 UTC "Crimson & Clover"-Tommy James & Shondells
0109 UTC OM DJ chat...talking about Radio Star..."We'll go with Albuquerque" for Skippy the Monkey"  :)
0110 UTC "Albuquerque"-Neil Young (Thanks!)
0114 UTC OM DJ chat...talking about 10 meters and gray lining...I think you guys are the best
0115 UTC "Theme from Underdog"
0116 UTC OM DJ and phone ringing...."Bye Bye", then OFF
Hey Unid op...how about "Albuquerque" by Neil Young? Or maybe "The Treasure" by Stephen Stills & Manassas?

Thanks for the entertainment and the request! Here's my recording:

Latin American Pirate / AD149 Radio 6934.9 AM 0024 UTC 1 FEB 2023
« on: February 01, 2023, 0028 UTC »
0024 UTC Stronger signal than earlier! Bit of flutter fading but hitting S7 peaks over an S3 noise floor. Playing pop tunes
0031 UTC Signal dropped a bit, but still better than previous broadcast. Hearing this directly
0052 UTC Martin 1 SSTV

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 0220 UTC 31 JAN 2023
« on: January 31, 2023, 0223 UTC »
0220 UTC I have a solid carrier here but no detectable audio...anybody else have this with audio?

0059 UTC Bits of music in the noise here
Very high noise level tonight on 43 meters....really tough copy  :( Also a loud peskie on LSB
0112 UTC Hearing weak jazz music now using USB
0121 UTC Signal now audible in AM...low in the noise, but the piano is coming through rather well

0231 UTC Uptempo Blues tune-OM singer (S8 peaks well above the noise with some light fading....sounding good!)

0026 UTC Guitar rock-OM singer just above the noise floor here
0132 UTC OM with ID, into some slow blues

2052 UTC DJDW on the microphone chatting about the programming
2055 UTC Checking out the bunker echo
2056 UTC Indie tune (S9 peaks with light fading and excellent USB audio)
2059 UTC ID, into unid grunge rock tune
2105 UTC Shoutouts...thanks!
(Good to hear my audio clip of you over the air!)
0000 UTC OFF

Thanks for the entertainment!

0428 UTC Music at the noise floor...instrumental?
0436 UTC Signal up a bit and can tell the music is jazz
0440 UTC Signal peaks to S6 now and mostly solid above the noise...piano jazz
0449 UTC OM DJ chat? Then back to the music
0452 UTC Deep in the noise now  :(

2156 UTC Music just above the noise here...blues tune?
2202 UTC QSY'd to 6950 USB...more blues rock music
2212 UTC Somebody came up over the unid repeating the word "Skyman" periodically
2217 UTC Signal up to S7 peaks now with some serious lead guitar instrumental blues
2221 UTC OM came up on frequency repeating "Infected Mushroom Head"
2223 UTC I recognize the lead guitar riffs from "Dazed and Confused"
2227 UTC Robot 72 SSTV

2245 UTC Martin 1 SSTV

2210 UTC Martin 1 SSTV

2312 UTC Cluck Cluck's and ID by OM, then OFF

Thanks for the show TCR!

Latin American Pirate / AD149 Radio 6934.9 AM 0022 UTC 27 JAN 2023
« on: January 27, 2023, 0026 UTC »
0022 UTC Back on again and solid above the noise with a bit of flutter to the signal. Hearing this directly and using USB for the best clarity amidst the band noise. OM singer with a ballad in Spanish
0027 UTC Different song now-OM singer
0031 UTC Signal strength dropping down now and the flutter fading is getting worse
0102 UTC Martin 1 SSTV then OFF

Thanks again AD149! Seems that the gray line reception during the earlier broadcast was stronger....

2313 UTC Seems to be a relay of a commercial talk station in Spanish...OM speaking
(I'm having good luck with the audio using USB...S5 peaks amidst moderate band noise...possible mention of La Voz Capital? I'm hearing this directly)
2319 UTC Mention of Argentina
2330 UTC Music now...unid song in Spanish-OM singer
2340 UTC Martin1 SSTV now, but it is weak...lost the lock on the sstv....no decode
No audio since the failed SSTV...carrier still on!
2347 UTC Music now...pop song-OM singer
2349 UTC OFF? Carrier gone also

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