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2303 UTC Ambient music
2308 UTC OM with high pitched voice...."Where's Zekey"
2311 UTC OM with "Where's Zekey"
2317 UTC OM with "I just had sex with Zekey...he's hung like a stud field mouse". I did notice an echo in the background...hmmm
2319 UTC Back to ambient music after a pause (There was a hum audible during the silent period)
2336 UTC OM with what might have been "Zekey-ekey?...My stud field mouse", then OFF

0254 UTC Music at or just above the noise floor. Unid psychedelic guitar song fading in and out.
0310 UTC SSTV that didn't kick in until it was half over



Not hearing anything after the last SSTV

QSLs Received / WRKO Shortwave eQSL 25,26 FEB 2023
« on: February 26, 2023, 0457 UTC »
Thanks for the entertainment again this evening WRKO Shortwave! Ear Candy for us oldtimers who remember when!  8)

0109 UTC "White Room"-Cream (Solid above the noise with excellent USB audio)
0112 UTC OM with "Outhouse Radio" ID, into "Born To Be Wild"-Steppenwolf
0115 UTC "Fortunate Son"-CCR
0117 UTC "Ramblin Gamblin Man"-Bob Seger System
0119 UTC "Heartbreaker"-Led Zeppelin
0124 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singer
0129 UTC "Wild Thing"-Troggs
0132 UTC "Spirit In the Sky"-Norman Greenbaum
0135 UTC Unid song
0139 UTC "Fire"-Crazy World of Arthur Brown
0144 UTC "Ride My See Saw"-Moody Blues
0147 UTC "Somebody to Love"-Jefferson Airplane
0150 UTC Unid rock tune
0154 UTC "Dear Mr Fantasy"-Traffic
0159 UTC Unid song...Status Quo?
0203 UTC OM with ID, into an unid pirate song  :)
0206 UTC Another pirate song
0209 UTC Unid pirate song (Some xmtr glitches during this one)
(Signal down to the noise floor or slightly above now. Was S7 for most of the show)
0220 UTC Bagpipes intro to unid song

0233 UTC "Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum"  8)
0235 UTC UNID YL singing intro to another pirate song
0239 UTC OFF after SSTV

Thanks for the good tunes this evening OHR!

Latin American Pirate / Radio Antares 7400 AM 0356 UTC 25 FEB 2023
« on: February 25, 2023, 0359 UTC »
0356 UTC Fair to good signal here directly with a song ending, OM with spoken word, into an unid song-OM singer
0401 UTC OM? with spoken word Portuguese, into another Unid song-OM singer (sounds similar to an Aerosmith song)
(I don't recognize any of the songs so far this evening)

0517 UTC "Amie"-Pure Prairie League
0518 UTC PK chatting followed by "Ride A White Horse"
0522 UTC PK chatting followed by "Hold On I'm Coming"-Sam & Dave
(Nice S7 peaks with very good sounding audio!)
0525 UTC PK chatting followed by "Time Is Tight"-Booker T & MG's
0529 UTC PK chatting followed by "Going Up the Country"-Canned Heat
0532 UTC PK chatting followed by "Sugar Sugar"-Archies
0535 UTC PK chatting followed by "Papas On the House Top"-Leroy Carr
0538 UTC PK with ID followed by "Sylvia's Mother"-Dr Hook & Medicine Show
0542 UTC PK chatting followed by "Right Place Wrong Time"-Dr. John
0545 UTC PK chatting followed by "Midnight Rider"-Allman Brothers Band
0549 UTC PK chatting followed by "Pirates Lullaby"-YL singer segue into an unid pirate song-OM singer
0553 UTC PK chatting followed by "Take the Skinheads Bowling"-Camper Von Beethoven
0555 UTC PK chatting....this is Pigs Knuckles...have a good night....bye bye

Thanks for a clean fun show where I know all the songs! Thanks for the nightcap too at 0601 UTC! "They're Coming To Take Me Away"-Napolean XIV

0502 UTC Mostly a weak carrier with some threshold fade-ups of unid genre music

Thanks for the ID Shortwave_listener!

0107 UTC OM came on...."Let's do it", followed by an unid indie sounding tune. Signal solid above the noise with S7 peaks and excellent audio.
0110 UTC OM DJ chat "technical difficulties at the Sycko Radio studios"...on generator power...running about 24 watts
0113 UTC "Riding the Storm Out"-REO Speedwagon
Kicking back and enjoying the show!

Still listening here!

4185 USB sounding equally good here...solid above the noise
0349 UTC Thanks for the shoutout!

0406 UTC Still listening here but the noise level has increased...still good copy!

Thanks for the marathon show Sycko! Time to call it a night for me...much appreciated!

North American Shortwave Pirate / WWWW 6925 USB 2354 UTC 20 FEB 2023
« on: February 20, 2023, 2355 UTC »
2354 UTC "Can You Take Me Higher"-Creed (OM over the music with a WWWW ID)
2358 UTC WWWW DJ chat, into "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"-The Police

Latin American Pirate / Radio Antares 7400 AM 0550 UTC 20 FEB 2023
« on: February 20, 2023, 0552 UTC »
0550 UTC Solid above the noise directly with S7 peaks and light fading. Unid pop ballad
0553 UTC "Who Can It Be Now"-Men At Work
0558 UTC "Stuck On You"-Lionel Ritchie?
0603 UTC "Linger"-Cranberries
0632 UTC "Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now"-Starship
0651 UTC "Don't Dream It's Over"-Crowded House
0655 UTC "You're Still the One"-Shania Twain

Time for sleep...thanks for another evening of good music!

Latin American Pirate / Radio Antares 7400 AM 0348 UTC 19 FEB 2023
« on: February 19, 2023, 0351 UTC »
0348 UTC YL and OM with spoken word, into "Don't Dream It's Over"-Crowded House
(Excellent S8 signal with some light fading and above the high noise level! Hearing this directly!)
0352 UTC Unid pop ballad-YL singer?
0357 UTC YL with spoken word, into Unid indie pop tune
0401 UTC Unid pop tune-YL singer
0405 UTC OM with spoken word, into "Hungry Heart"-Bruce Springsteen
0408 UTC Unid rap song-YL singer with OM spoken word
0412 UTC Unid pop tune-YL singer
0417 UTC "Our House"-Madness
0419 UTC OM in Portuguese, followed by Unid Latin American ballad-OM singer and whistler
0427 UTC Unid pop tune with English vocals
0430 UTC "Glory of Love"-Peter Cetera
0435 UTC "Sussudio"-Phil Collins
0438 UTC "My Hometown"-Bruce Springsteen
0440 UTC OFF, then back on
0444 UTC Unid song-YL singer

Time to sleep here....thanks again for the music! I recognized a lot of them this evening! Possibly the best reception I've had of Radio Antares directly....here's my recording of direct reception from 0351-0446 UTC:

Latin American Pirate / Radio Antares 7400 AM 0004 UTC 18 FEB 2023
« on: February 18, 2023, 0005 UTC »
0004 UTC Music, then OM with ID at 0005 UTC, followed by Unid pop tune. Signal is a solid S7 with moderate flutter fading and band noise
0008 UTC YL with spoken word, followed by Unid pop tune (Frequency seems to be closer to 7399.9 AM this evening)
0120 UTC Tuned back in and still solid above the noise with "Sacrifice"-Elton John
0135 UTC "What's Going On"-4 Non Blondes
0356 UTC "Your Love"-The Outfield (Signal is much better now than earlier!)
0427 UTC "I'd Love You to Want Me"-Lobo
0450 UTC "Stuck With You"-Huey Lewis & The News
0454 UTC "Call Me"-Blondie
0458 UTC "I Don't Care Any More"-Phil Collins

Time for sleep! Thanks for the excellent music!

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Latin American Pirate / Radio Casa 8000 AM 2345 UTC 16 FEB 2023
« on: February 16, 2023, 2358 UTC »
2345 UTC I have a solid carrier directly with some threshold traces of music.
2355 UTC Definitely some music breaking through now, but too weak to ID
0003 UTC OM announcer now, but no luck on the copy
0004 UTC Music now...audio is getting stronger
0008 UTC OM announcer, then music
0013 UTC Unid song-OM singer
0016 UTC OM announcer in Portuguese
0017 UTC Music, but the signal is fading now
0020 UTC Only some bits of audio

This is the best I've ever heard Radio Casa directly and I've been trying for a couple years! Still, it is a a difficult listen! Here is a 15 minute recording from 0005-0020 UTC:

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