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Latin American Pirate / AD149 Radio 6934.9 AM 0003 UTC 2 NOV 2023
« on: November 02, 2023, 0005 UTC »
0003 UTC I'm hearing some weak music in the noise...bit of flutter to the signal. OM singer

2213 UTC Unid music (audio cuts)
2214 UTC "Back In Black"-AC/DC
(S7 peaks amidst moderate noise)
2218 UTC "You Shook Me All Night Long"-AC/DC
2221 UTC "Can't You See"-Marshall Tucker Band (cut at end, then part of an unid song)
2226 UTC "Bubblegum Bitch"-MARINA
2229 UTC Odd kids song with different lyrics to the tune of "London Bridge Is Falling Down" (cut), followed by an unid rock song with lots of hoo hoo's, then back to the odd kids song
2234 UTC "A Pirates Life For Me"
2242 UTC ID by OM over spooky sounds "Radio Free East Coast"
Time for dinner...will be listening!
2313 UTC "Bad Moon Rising"-CCR
2321 UTC PJ on the microphone..."1995 Halloween show"...(Thanks for the shoutout!), then OFF

QSLs Received / Witch City Radio eQSL 31 OCT 2023
« on: November 01, 2023, 0247 UTC »
Thank you for the awesome eQSL! I've lived in Massachusetts all my life and never had the chance to visit Salem! Are there still witches living there?  :)

0210 UTC OM talking about "no new exorcist films"
0211 UTC Unid tones now  :)
0216 UTC "Thriller"-Michael Jackson

2358 UTC Screaming sounds
0000 UTC OM with ID, followed by an old tune-YL singer "The Devils Gonna Get You"
(S9+ and armchair listening!)
0045 UTC "I Heard It In the Graveyard"  8)

2340 UTC Hearing some music low in the noise...rock tune?

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 1800 UTC 31 OCT 2023
« on: October 31, 2023, 1801 UTC »
1800 UTC Sounds like "In Search of" with Leonard Nimoy narrating a story about Bigfoot
(S8 peaks with light fading and excellent audio)
1805 UTC Pause or OFF?

2130 UTC Exorcist theme on electronic keyboards
2133 UTC OM over the music with "This is KRST Cursed Radio", followed by an OM and YL talking...talking about a case of possession in Connecticut?
(S7 peaks here and sounding great!)
2136 UTC OM with ID over the story (Story is a repeat of the OCT 27 show on 6960 USB)
2139 UTC Martin 1 SSTV with OM giving ID over the top

2141 UTC Tone continued, then pause at 2142 UTC
2142 UTC Martin 1 SSTV's

2151 UTC OM talking about the deepest hole...dropped a microphone in the hole and hear is what they heard (Groans and screams)
2153 UTC Deep voiced spooky hell singing
2155 UTC Spooky sounds
2157 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Halloween curse KRST!  8) Here's my recording from 2131-2142 UTC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eoztD7kNsZtwlBYUezmAmHQj_EM2Zq4b/view?usp=sharing
Any chance of an eQSL?

2105 UTC Hard rock tune-OM singers (I forgot the name of this one)
(Signal is hitting S9 peaks with excellent USB audio!)
2107 UTC "Pet Cemetary"-Ramones
2110 UTC OM on the microphone IDing the last 2 songs...shoutout to me...Thanks PJ Sparx! Good to hear from you again OM!
2112 UTC Unid hard rocking grunge tune
2116 UTC An odd song with flatulance...Happy Birthday?
2117 UTC "You are tuned to Radio Free East Coast Halloween Birthday show"...(Happy Birthday PJ!)
2118 UTC "Happy Birthday"-childrens chorus
2119 UTC "Happy Birthday"-OM singer...beer garden version/polka or Mexican band?
2121 UTC Unid pop song with autotune vocals
2124 UTC Pause, then PJ on the microphone..."have to take a break to eat dinner...going to play Radio Enterhaken...relay" Shoutouts again to the HFU
Thanks for the Halloween appearance and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  8)
2214 UTC Tuned back in to "No Woman, No Cry"-Bob Marley & Wailers
2215 UTC PJ chatting...can't get to the Enterhaken show...going to sign off...shoutouts to all the posters. Thanks again! Happy Halloween...signing off
2217 UTC OFF

Here's my recording from 2105-2126 UTC:

2000 UTC Unid instrumental music...electronic keyboards? (Solid S9 with light fades and excellent audio)
2003 UTC OM and YL with "This is Ion Radio" IDs...AM mode on shortwave"
2004 UTC CBS Mystery Theater presents...I'm E. G. Marshall...make yourself comfortable...
2005 UTC Story begins..."Frankenstein Revisited", followed by an long Budweiser commercial
2008 UTC Quaker State Oil and "Aluminum Jelly" commercial
2009 UTC Opens on a conference in a Madison Avenue bar...Frank and Tommy talking about Frankenstein, "Countdown to Midnight"...mention of "The Voice" and "Klaus"
(Time to kick back and enjoy the show!)
2020 UTC YL with ID, followed by a Kellogg Special K commercial, then General Motors Corporation PSA
2023 UTC Story continues
2023 UTC YL with ID, then back to the story
2055 UTC "And now a preview of our next show"..."Until next time...pleasant dreams?"
2057 UTC Advertisement...followed by YL with "Thanks for listening to ION Radio"..."This is ION Radio signing off"
2058 UTC OFF

Thank you ION Radio! I have never heard this story before and it was a good listen on this cold, rainy afternoon!  8)

1904 UTC On suddenly with Hawaiian numbers by OM...good to hear this one again!
1910 UTC OFF

Thanks for the broadcast! Sadly, I've had no luck deciphering these Hawaiian numbers since the broadcasts started. I have a good recording this time and maybe I'll take another shot at it!

Here's my recording of the broadcast:

1321 UTC "Monster Mash"-Bobby Boris Pickett & Crypt Kickers (S9 and sounding very nice...100% copy)
1324 UTC Bells tolling and OM with Radio Halloween ID and maildrop address, followed by an OM talking about a mansion built in 1820...ancestor fell from a high point..."she only walked at night...my baby, have you seen my baby"
1329 UTC "Those who heard the voice died within a year of hearing the voice...I won't be 25 until next week"
(Kicking back with breakfast and listening to "The Story of Halloween" by J Robert Eliot)
1340 UTC OM with "We hope you enjoyed our story"...Radio Halloween ID and postal maildrop for QSL
1341 UTC "Welcome To My Nightmare"-Alice Cooper
1346 UTC Screaming YL, cackling laughter, and howling, followed by "Witch Queen of New Orleans"-Redbone
1350 UTC OM with ID and Belfast QSL address...this is Tommy Pickles...Happy Halloween everybody...ID repeated
1351 UTC "Ghostbusters"-Ray Parker Jr.
1352 UTC OFF

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