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0115 UTC Horn fanfare IS...Bram with "Kulpsville Especial #4" (S9+ with light fades and excellent audio)
0119 UTC Ad for "Cantilever Bra"
0120 UTC Bram talking about programming
0123 UTC Music...new book on the market..."Psychic Band Guide for DXer's"
0125 UTC Survey why DXer's weren't coming to Kulpsville..."Top 10 excuses"...Glenn Hauser wasn't coming...Glenn Hauser was coming....Nookie night
0128 UTC "Scarfman" DX studs...serious dxtacy...
0130 UTC Bram giving Kulpsville schedule and events
0132 UTC "Albatross"-Fleetwood Mac and "Whammo Whiz Bag" Advertisement
0134 UTC Bram interview with Scarfman
0139 UTC "Bobs Erections" Antenna advertisement
0140 UTC Especiale #4 coming to an end...
0142 UTC "Top Dog Law" skit
0143 UTC Horn fanfare IS followed by Radio Azteca Kulpsville Especial #5
0146 UTC Electronica music, then Bram...Scarfman's DXtacy
0148 UTC "Legs"-ZZ Top then Bram with events not on the official schedule
0151 UTC "Cantilever Bra" commercial
0153 UTC Bram talking about Monique the Mail Woman...Gross but Tasteful Review Committee...Gerbil World Grand Opening...plug for Doctor Radio...
0158 UTC "Pyschic Friend Guide to World Band Radio"
0200 UTC DX program...Winter Olympics for DXers
0202 UTC "Albatross" with "Wham-O Whiz Bag"
0205 UTC "Top 10 reasons don't come to Kulpsville"
0207 UTC Antennas..."Bobs Erections"
0209 UTC Especiale #5 coming to an end
0210 UTC Good Byes and dramatic music, then Top Dog Law skit
0212 UTC Horn Fanfare IS, then "Sheba"-Johnny & The Hurricanes
0215 UTC Music and ID special #3
0216 UTC Baseball fan favorite song(pause during song)
0221 UTC Bram with first song played on Radio Azteca #1 program
0226 UTC Bram with ID dedicated to Tony ?, followed by Hawaiian song..."Aloha"
0229 UTC Bram followed by "I Like You Too"-OM singer
0233 UTC Radio Azteca, more fun than a room of horny teenagers
0234 UTC Piano song-OM singer Tom Lehrer?
0237 UTC Bringing program to a close...IS...Top Dog Law skit
0239 UTC AARS ID "Broadcast #16"....total of 48 programs... allaztecarelayservice@gmail.com...Bran Stoker the 2nd...73's
0240 UTC OFF

0125 UTC "I Will Survive"-Gloria Gaynor (S9 and sounding good!)
0128 UTC Yeah Man with "Wacky Wednesday" and a shoutout to me..thanks!
0129 UTC "Backstabbers"-O'Jays
0132 UTC "So Into You"-Atlanta Rhythm Section
0140 UTC "Strawberry Letter #23"-Brothers Johnson
0145 UTC "Patches"-Clarence Carter
0149 UTC "Boogie Nights"-Heatwave
0152 UTC "Don't Pull Your Love"-Hamilton, Frank Joe & Reynolds
0155 UTC "Beach Baby"-The First Class
0159 UTC OFF

Thanks for the mid week show Yeah Man!

North American MW Pirate Radio / UNID 1740 AM 0101 UTC 31 AUG 2023
« on: August 31, 2023, 0109 UTC »
0101 UTC Hearing some weak music fading in and out of the noise and then a deep fade
0107 UTC Some rising musical tones, then OM speaking (no copy), followed by a deep fade
0113 UTC Fade up of threshold music then fade out again

0202 UTC YL with "Now they won't laugh at you" looped, followed by YL with ID

QSLs Received / All Azteca Marathon #15 eQSL
« on: August 27, 2023, 0201 UTC »
Thanks again AARS!

2357 UTC Testing 1, 2, 3 Interval signal
0000 UTC Unid jazzy big band tune-OM singer (S9+ with high noise level tonight)
0003 UTC "Let The Good Times Roll"-OM singer
0011 UTC "Good Rockin' Daddy"-Etta James?
0013 UTC "Hey Good Lookin"-Hank Williams
0016 UTC "Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)"-OM singer
0019 UTC "You're No Good"-Unid YL singer
0021 UTC "I Got You (I Feel Good)"-James Brown
0024 UTC "Good Vibrations"-Beach Boys
0027 UTC "Good Lovin"-Rascals
0030 UTC "We Could Be So Good Together"-Doors
0032 UTC "Good Shepherd"-Jefferson Airplane
0037 UTC "Good Times Bad Times"-Led Zeppelin
0039 UTC "I've Seen All Good People"-Yes
0046 UTC "Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues"-Danny O'Keefe
0049 UTC "Let The Good Times Roll"-Cars
0053 UTC "Life's Been Good"-Joe Walsh
0101 UTC "Good Thing"-Fine Young Cannibals
0104 UTC Unid tune-OM singer
0109 UTC Unid tune-OM singer "Been So Good Up Till Now" lyrics
0113 UTC "Perfectly Good Guitar"-John Hiatt
0118 UTC Unid tune-OM singer

2126 UTC Unid instrumental music...funky beat and possibly looping? S9 but sounds distorted in AM
2133 UTC Seems to be LSB with a vestigial element on USB...wideband sideband? Techno music
2136 UTC Different music now...vocals over the electronica
2200 UTC 77LJS op without ID talking about Socialism, Communism, and Capitalism...Is the Russia of today a Socialist country? Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun (Chairman Mao said that)

0200 UTC OM with Hello Hello, then speaking about the noise and mention of the ? Radio Hour
0204 UTC Unid song-YL singer (aborted the song, then giving me a shoutout...THANKS! ID as FOXY AM USB  :)
0206 UTC Talking about Russia shooting down the plane...mention of a Michael Hasting
0208 UTC "A Star In the Ghetto"-Average White Band?
(Signal is hitting S7 peaks amidst high noise, but punching through with some nice USB audio)
0214 UTC Foxy op speaking about an ancient artist..."music has a delicate feel to it"..."Thank you for joining us here on Foxy AM "USB", followed by unknown instrumental music
0218 UTC Foxy op talking...mention of John Martin..."Unknown recording...recorded on a cassette tape..."One Way"?
0219 UTC "One Way"?-John Martin live (I did a google search and it's "One World" by John Martyn. There is a live version on Youtube, not sure if that's the one played)
(Your USB audio sounds very good!)
0224 UTC Shoutouts to HFU posters...thanks again! "Foxy AM USB", followed by Unid song
0229 UTC Foxy op chatting about next song, followed by "On The Turning Away"-Pink Floyd
0235 UTC Foxy op with shoutouts again...FOXYAM@PROTONMAIL.COM..."too busy to send a QSL...hope you had a wonderful evening...until next time"
0236 UTC Pause, then "Stand by for SSTV in AM mode"
0237 UTC Scottie 1 SSTV in AM mode, then OFF (Tough copy but I did get a noisy decode!)

Great to hear you again Foxy op! Thanks for the entertainment and I hope all is well! Here is my recording of the show minus the first few seconds and the SSTV at the end. I retuned during the earlier part of the show, which you can hear in the recording...

Thank you very much Radio 48 and MRI!  :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / WORK 6930 AM 0019 UTC 22 AUG 2023
« on: August 22, 2023, 0020 UTC »
0019 UTC Old blues tune-OM singer (S8 peaks with light fading and noise)
0021 UTC OM DJ speaking now...mention of "Working Man" and "WORK
0022 UTC OFF

Was hoping to hear more! Here's my recording of the show:

Maybe this is a heads up for a Labor Day show?  8)

0107 UTC "I'll Never Love This Way Again"-Live version? (S9 peaks with light noise and excellent audio)
0109 UTC Yeah Man with "Million Dollar Weekend", into "Let's Work Together"-Canned Heat Live version
0113 UTC Yeah Man with shoutout to me and myteaquinn...THANKS!
0114 UTC "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is"-Chicago Live version
(There is an echo or reverb on the music and the spoken word between songs)
0117 UTC "When I Need You"-Leo Sayers Live version
0121 UTC Yeah Man with "Live versions from the 70's"..."turn down the reverb a little bit", then shoutouts to HFU posters, and "Charlie on the southside needs to make a delivery"
0123 UTC "I Know I'll Never Love This Away Again"-Dionne Warwick (Cut song short), followed by "Let's Get It On"-Marvin Gaye Live version
0131 UTC "Tell Me Something Good"-Chaka Khan & Rufus
0139 UTC "Jim Dandy" for Jimmy D

2102 UTC Unid pop song-OM singer (S8 peaks with light noise and excellent audio)
2104 UTC Unid instrumental pop song (Sorry but I don't have Shazam here!)
2107 UTC Unid pop song
2111 UTC "Don't Come Around Here No More"-Tom Petty & Heartbreakers
2125 UTC "Love Me Tomorrow"-Chicago (Rock solid S9 now)
2133 UTC "Being With You"-Smoky Robinson
2142 UTC "We Built This City"-Starship
2147 UTC "Learning to Fly"-Pink Floyd
2151 UTC "Listen to Your Heart"-Roxette
2157 UTC "Baby What A Big Surprise"-Chicago
2200 UTC Donald Duck voice with ID "Filibuster Radio"
2204 UTC "Up Where We Belong"-Jennifer Warnes & Joe Cocker
2210 UTC "I'm A Man"-Chicago
2216 UTC Donald Duck voice with DJ chat and "You're listening to Filibuster Radio"
2222 UTC Donald Duck voice over the song...not sure but I think he said "I gotta go", then OFF

Thank you Filibuster Radio! My first time hearing you!

QSLs Received / All Azteca Relay Service Marathon #14 eQSL
« on: August 19, 2023, 0947 UTC »
Tip of the hat once again to AARS! THANK YOU!

0200 UTC "It's commode hugging time in the valley", followed by drums (S9+ here with light fading and pesky on LSB)
0202 UTC Bram with Program # 40...anniversary program
0203 UTC ZZ top bumper music, then Bram talk, followed by Mail Program...talking about Monique's protruberances ...people getting too serious about their reception reports
0209 UTC Drum music, Bram, then bumper music
0210 UTC "Top 10 List"..."Top 10 New Sports Team Names We'd Like to See"...San Francisco 69ers...Nebraska CornHoler...New York Yankers...Montreal Exposures
0212 UTC Bumper music
0213 UTC Bram mentioning 10th Anniversary program followed by Radio Azteca Story Time...George Washington crossing the river...rallied the troops...house of ill-repute in the woods...we can give you warmth...we have 32 men without Peters...you gotta be shittin me!
0218 UTC Message for Colonel Anderson...bumper music...Gerbil story
0221 UTC Topless protest against Redwood logging...electronic breast warmer bra
0226 UTC Latin American music
0228 UTC Bram talking "you could have been looking for topless woman in the woods"
0229 UTC Radio Azteca horn IS, followed by Top Dog Law skit
0230 UTC Radio Azteca horn IS, music, then Bram with "Special Program" for Winterfest
0233 UTC Fake ad for penis mug, then music, followed by Bram talking...mention of Kulpsville
0236 UTC Thanks to Dolly Parton, Glenn Hauser...10 minutes alone with Lad from Voice of the Night, followed by Bram's take on the Kulpsville program schedule  ;D
0242 UTC "Animal Stories"...dogs for the Dept of Defense...lyrics in Cowboy songs..."I've been flushed from the bathroom of your heart"
0251 UTC Music, followed by "Top 10 List"...Top 10 reasons why folks didn't go to Kulpsville
0254 UTC Bram with "Cantilever Bra" and Doctor Dicky's Assortment Pack" ads, followed by Bram giving a rundown of the Radio Azteca programming
0258 UTC Radio Azteca horn IS, then "Top Dog Law"
0300 UTC Horn IS, followed by music, then Bram mentioning "Sheba" by Johnny & the Hurricanes..."Gross but tasteful music"..."Music and ID Special"
0303 UTC First piece of music we ever played...folk/C&W tune-YL singer
0308 UTC Bram...from the National Lampoon..."Deteriorata"?
0313 UTC Bram with QSL info, followed by some odd Asian music..."ban of constipated violin players"
0315 UTC Song for the DXer's out in the woods with lyrics "I like a nose full of snot"..."I Like You Too"-OM singer with gruff voice
0319 UTC Bram...The National Anthem of the Great White North" Lyrics "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK"
0321 UTC Bram....didn't that make you want to strip and hug a tree...then music with lyrics "Sometimes you Win Sometimes You Don't"-OM singer..."Ain't Nothing Wrong With the Radio"
0325 UTC Bram playing "My Music"...time for another classic...time for an international favorite (song with accordion and OM singer and yodeling)
0333 UTC Bram with QSL info...this has been the Radio Azteca music and ID special, then horn IS
0334 UTC OM with AARS ID...marathon 14... allaztecarelayservice@gmail.com
0336 UTC OFF

Thanks again AARS!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 0115 UTC 16 AUG 2023
« on: August 16, 2023, 0117 UTC »
0115 UTC Hearing music right at the noise floor (Some S7 peaks just above the noise, but tough copy. Don't recognize the song)
0124 UTC "Radio Gaga"-Queen
0130 UTC Still hearing music in the noise
0142 UTC Definitely Radio Gaga being played repeatedly! On a loop it would seem...slowing down and speeding up?
0144 UTC Sounds like peskies talking over the music now
0148 UTC No audio heard now
0151 UTC Still have the carrier
0155 UTC I am hearing very weak music deep in the noise now


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