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0109 UTC Unid song OM singer
0111 UTC OM with ID?, into "What's Going On"-dance mix
0114 UTC Pop tune YL singer
0115 UTC "Frito Bandito", into "Ghostbuster" dance mix
0117 UTC Spoken word "Chinese Baby" skit followed by some kind of yodeling tune
(So far, the signal is S7 and solid above the noise)
0121 UTC OM with ID "WANK", into AIDS weight loss skit, then unid fingerpicking tune
The whipped cream aerosol ute is getting loud...
0126 UTC OFF or faded out?

Thanks for the Monday Tuesday evening show! A new one for me...thanks WANK!

Here's the link to my recording..would love a WANK eQSL if you're doing the deed!
After listening back on the recording, it seems clear to me OM is saying "WANK..the Anchor".... :-\

Thanks for catching the error Harry! LOL! I'm in retirement mode now, and such things are no longer of primary concern! That and I was very tired last night....

Shortwave Pirate / WTF Worldwide 6945 AM 0107 UTC 9 MAY 2022
« on: May 09, 2022, 0108 UTC »
0107 UTC Unid rock tune at S7 with light fading and solid above the noise
0109 UTC Different unid rock tune
0111 UTC Unid song YL singer....indie pop tune
0115 UTC OM with ID "From the east coast of the US...WTF Worldwide"
Signal up to S9 now and punching through nicely!
0122 UTC OM with ID
0200 UTC "Something For the Pain"-She Drew the Gun (Second time I heard this song tonight....cool!)
0209 UTC OM with "Hope you got those filters opened up on the low end"
(Listening with the 6 khz Collins filter running the audio into a Grove SP-200 Sound Enhancer speaker)

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6933 USB 0222 UTC 8 MAY 2022
« on: May 08, 2022, 1146 UTC »
Not sure about this one...WDOG seemed to have closed down at 0220 UTC.
0222 UTC OM came on with "CQ CQ Is anybody using this frequency", followed by "Come And Join Us On the Airwaves"-The Ham Band. The signal strength was different than at WDOG sign off.
0226 UTC OM with "CQ CQ CQ, hello CQ CQ CQ", then OFF

Can anybody confirm that this was still WDOG or was it somebody else? Here's the link to my recording. It's missing the spoken part before the song.

Shortwave Pirate / HELLIFINO RADIO 6915 USB 0110 UTC 8 MAY 2022
« on: May 08, 2022, 0115 UTC »

0113 UTC Blues tune at or slightly above the high noise level
0121 UTC Heard op talking but tough copy, into SSTV

0136 UTC I hear the Outhouse op chatting, then SSTV

1522 UTC Music fading in and out of the noise....tough copy
1525 UTC YL? with possible ID? Followed by an open carrier
1526 UTC Carrier OFF

Guess I missed most of it! Here's a noisy 2-1/2 minute recording from 1523-1525+ UTC.

0049 UTC Unid rock song OM singer (S7 and beating the noise)
0052 UTC Silence then back on in AM (weaker)
0053 UTC OFF

QSLs Received / Amiga Computer Generated Radio via TRI eQSL
« on: May 07, 2022, 0011 UTC »
Another fast eQSL! Thank you TRI for the QSL and the relay of another old one I haven't heard before!

2357 UTC Spy thriller music
2359 UTC OM with ID "Amiga Computer Generated Radio", into electronic keyboard music
(Signal is S8 peaks with light fading amidst T-storm static)
0003 UTC A more rocking tune now segue into a steady bass drum beat
0008 UTC Synth voiced OM with ID and talk....(storm static is making for tough copy)
0015 UTC Signal is still holding up above the noise with computer music that is kinda hard to describe!
0018 UTC Synth voiced OM with ID and postal address, then a repeat of alternating zero's and one's
0025 UTC The whipped cream ute is getting stronger....music is still on top
0030 UTC Synth voiced OM with ID and postal mail address, then more computer generated music (Signal has improved to solid above the noise!)
0035 UTC Peskies are loud now
0037 UTC YL? said something, then OFF

Thanks for the relay of the old show TRI!

Shortwave Pirate / "WABC" 6925 USB 0104 UTC 5 MAY 2022
« on: May 05, 2022, 0106 UTC »
0104 UTC "Let It All Hang Out"-? Solid above the noise here with S8 peaks
0107 UTC "Tell Her No"-Zombies
0109 UTC Singing jingle ID...?...,into Unid instrumental 60's tune
0111 UTC "Time Won't Let Me"-Outsiders
0114 UTC Singing jingle...WABC?..., into "Take A Letter Maria"-R.B. Greaves
0117 UTC A song I do not recognize
0119 UTC ID again, into "Tell It Like It Is"-Aaron Neville
0122 UTC "Yesterday's Gone"-Chad & Jeremy
0124 UTC "WABC" ID, into unid instrumental tune
0127 UTC Unid instrumental
0129 UTC "Hello Stranger"-Barbara Lewis
(Great playlist! Brings back some great childhood memories!)
0132 UTC A song I do not recognize
0133 UTC WABC New York ID string, into an OM DJ chat followed by "It's Your Thing"-Isley Brothers
0136 UTC ID jingle and "Top 100", into "My Cherie Amour"-Stevie Wonder
0139 UTC OM DJ with mention of how many La-La's in the last song, into traffic report, etc
0143 UTC "Sweet Caroline"-Neil Diamond
0146 UTC OM DJ with advert for Bayer Children's Aspirin, followed by weather report
0147 UTC Advert for Vics Formula 44
0148 UTC "Color Him Father"-The Winstons
0152 UTC OM DJ chat with Motorola Color TV advert...."Top 100 Sixty Nine", into "The Boxer"-Simon & Garfunkel
0157 UTC OM DJ chat....weather report (The whipped cream aerosol ute QRM is loud)
0159 UTC WABC news
0201 UTC "Honky Tonk Woman"-Rolling Stones
(Too tired to post anymore, but not too tired to listen for a bit longer!)
0208 UTC OFF

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I was 14 years old in 1969......

Shortwave Pirate / WTF 6925 USB 0039 UTC 4 MAY 2022
« on: May 04, 2022, 0041 UTC »
0039 UTC I was parked on the frequency when music came on suddenly. Unid alt/pop song....signal is holding it's own with the noise and whipped cream aerosol ute.
0044 UTC Unid alt/pop song
0049 UTC Another unid alt/pop song...
0053 UTC OM with quick ID...."WTF", into another song I do not recognize.  8)
(You are welcome Harry! Thank you for IDing that song at 0056 UTC! It's bookmarked here now.)
0110 UTC Music stilll sounding good here! Noise level is still high. I learned a new genre name for music...psyche pop!
0122 UTC Some kind of data xmsn? Repeated and OFF

2253 UTC Spoken word audio with YL, brief music bridge, then OM with spoken word. Fading in and out of the noise with some nice S7 peaks amidst a noisy band.
2257 UTC Strong data transmission/ute burst over the spoken word for about 30 seconds
0025 UTC 3 May 2022 Finally! A clear ID as Fox News and foxnews.com

Shortwave Pirate / The Dog House? 6950 LSB 1032 UTC 1 MAY 2022
« on: May 01, 2022, 1037 UTC »
1032 UTC Unid song ending, into "Alley Cat"-Floyd Cramer
1035 UTC Black Magic Woman"-Santana
1038 UTC Unid Doo Wop song-OM singer
1041 UTC "To Sir With Love"-Lulu
(So far the signal has been solid above the noise with S5 peaks and clean audio)
1044 UTC "Walking After Midnight"-Patsy Cline
1046 UTC "Betty Davis Eyes"-Kim Carnes
1050 UTC Signal dropped to the noise floor "Time Has Come Today"-Chambers Brothers
1054 UTC "Venus"-Frankie Avalon (Back up to S5 peaks)
1057 UTC "What Is Life"-George Harrison (Signal dropped down to the noise floor again)
1101 UTC Unid song....too low in the noise to ID...Yodeling?
1104 UTC "Because"-Dave Clark Five
1107 UTC "I've Been Waiting For A Girl Like You"-Foreigner
1111 UTC Deep in the noise again
1115 UTC "Bad to Me"-Billy J Kramer & Dakotas?
1118 UTC Possibly "Beyond the Sea"-Bobby Darin?
1120 UTC SSTV Scottie2
1122 UTC OFF

Thanks for the early Sunday morning tunes!

Here's my recording from 1032-1112 UTC:

QSLs Received / The Voice of Influenza via TRI eQSL
« on: April 30, 2022, 2307 UTC »
That was quick! THANKS TRI! First time hearing this old station!  8)

2243 UTC Fading in and out of the noise with "Good Vibrations"-Beach Boys

2208 UTC "Can't Stand Losing You"-Police (Tuned in mid-song...punching through noise at S8)
2209 UTC "Message In a Bottle"-Police
2214 UTC OM with ID "Lime In the Coconut Radio"....reverb on the voice, into "I Shot the Sheriff"-Eric Clapton
2219 UTC OM with ID, into "Walking On the Moon"-Police
2224 UTC "Don't Stand So Close To Me"-Police
2228 UTC OM with ID, into "Knocking On Heavens Door"-Eric Clapton
2232 UTC OM with ID "broadcasting from Jamaica", into "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"
2236 UTC OFF

Thanks for the tunes!

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