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0200 UTC Odd chanting...sounds Gregorian, but they're chanting "OMMMMM" or maybe "OHM"  8)
(S8 peaks with light fades and light static crashing)
0204 UTC Same chanting with droning musical accompaniment (in a loop)
I don't think Shazam would get this one  :)
Interesting Mantra you got going here...
0219 UTC OFF

Thanks for the mind numbing!

0058 UTC Signed on right after the end of Wolverine SSTV, with WDOG theme music, followed by "Magical Mystery Tour"-Beatles (S9 here)...spoken word with British accent
0104 UTC "Fool On the Hill"-Beatles
(I believe this is the Magical Mystery Tour film soundtrack/audio clips from the film?)
0117 UTC "Flying"-Beatles
0124 UTC "I Am the Walrus"-Beatles
0135 UTC "Blue Jay Way"-Beatles
0147 UTC "Your Mother Should Know"-Beatles
0149 UTC "Magical Mystery Tour"-Beatles
0150 UTC "Hello Goodbye"-Beatles
0151 UTC "Strawberry Fields"-Beatles (WDOG CW ID over the song and later in the song the WDOG singing jingle)
0155 UTC "Penny Lane"-Beatles
0158 UTC "Baby You're a Rich Man"-Beatles, followed by "It's All Too Much"-Beatles
0212 UTC OM with spoken WDOG ID, followed by "Hey Bulldog"-Beatles
(Last couple tracks from Yellow Submarine)
0215 UTC WDOG singing jingle followed by dogs howling, then "Are Friends Electric"/"Love Shack, etc mix
0220 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Beatles memories!  8)

QSLs Received / Mystery Science Radio via CSR eQSL 16 MAY 2024
« on: May 17, 2024, 2132 UTC »
Thank you for the show and the always appreciated eQSL!  8)

0121 UTC Tuned in to "Cherry Bomb"-John Mellencamp (S8 peaks with light noise and moderate fading)
0123 UTC "Against the Wind"-Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band
0128 UTC "Main Street"-Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band
0131 UTC "One Toke Over the Line"-Brewer & Shipley
0134 UTC "For What It's Worth"-Buffalo Springfield   8)
0137 UTC "The Weight"-The Band
0141 UTC First few notes of "Amie"-Pure Prairie League, then OFF

Thanks for the oldies!

QSLs Received / Radio Vixen International eQSL 5 MAY 2024
« on: May 05, 2024, 2213 UTC »
Thank you Radio Vixen International! My second time hearing this tip of the hat to the late great Al Fansome and I hope it becomes a tradition!

2350 UTC Same screechy sound as on 6955 USB, only this one has some electronic music mixing with the screechy sound
2358 UTC Easypal sound now...app not running here!
0004 UTC OM over the screechy cicada sound/electronic music with "Cicadas are my friend"  8) Also a different phrase but I couldn't quite get it.
0017 UTC OM with "Cicadas have more brains than ?"
0021 UTC Shoutouts to the posters! Thanks!  :)
0023 UTC Something about cicadas in the studio
0024 UTC Something about "they are hungry"?
0025 UTC "All the cicadas are dancing to the RF..."
0028 UTC OFF

Thanks for the tribute to the Cicadas! Coolest thing I've heard in quite some time! None of them heard here in Skipmuck town yet  :)

0326 UTC Unid pop song just above the noise (High noise level and Russian beacon QRM)
0328 UTC Signal jumped up to S7 peaks and solid above the noise
0331 UTC Another unid pop song-OM singer
0333 UTC Faded out or OFF?
0334 UTC Hearing music again right at the the noise floor (either spoken word lyrics or an OM talking over the music?)
0338 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singer
0342 UTC OM DJ chat but the noise is too high for copy, followed by another unid rock tune-OM singer
0345 UTC Another rock tune (Good tunes but I don't recognize them....possible the same band? I'll Shazam the recording tomorrow...)
0349 UTC OM with ID..."Listening to Robin Hood Radio"  :)
0350 UTC Pop song-OM singer
0353 UTC SC2 120 SSTV (COOL!), followed by a 90's sounding grunge rock tune-OM singer...S7 peaks again

0402 UTC Unid alt-rock tune-OM with spoken word lyrics
0404 UTC Unid alt-rock tune
0411 UTC OM DJ chat, but the noise level is heavy

Prop is really lousy this evening  :(
Time to hit the sack here...good to hear you again Robin Hood! It's been awhile!  8)

Edit: Shazamed my recording this morning and here are the songs played
"Radio"-Thanks! I Love It
"Meatwood Flac"-Thanks! I Love It
"The Weeping Bogeyman"-Guided By Voices
"Pure and Clean"-Alpha & Omega
"Me and the Bean"-Spoon
"Lines in the Suit"-Spoon
"Detroit Has a Skyline"-Superchunk
"In a Jar"-Dinosaur Jr
"220 Years"-Hot Water Music
"Don't Touch My Bikini"-The Halo Benders
"Who Makes Your Money"-Spoon
"Pumpkin Eyes"-Silver Scooter

Utility / UNID Russian (Military?) 6930 USB 2208 UTC 8 APR 2024
« on: April 08, 2024, 2210 UTC »
2208 UTC Hearing weak music just above the noise floor. Can't ID the song-OM singer
(Seems to be the same song (or artist) repeating...is this North America or Europe?)
2239 UTC Still going with signal solid above the noise at S7

Thanks for the info CT-Yankee! I tried to Shazam my recording several times with no success. I wonder if this is related to the Russian utility station heard recently on 6930 USB? I will move this post to European.

Here's my recording from 2209-2225 UTC:

Not sure if this belongs here or in Utility...or Clandestine!

2356 UTC "Testing one two three" Interval Signal (S9+ amidst moderate noise)
0000 UTC "Last Night On the Back Porch(I Loved Her Best of All)"-Unid artist
0006 UTC "My Last Affair"-unid YL singer
0010 UTC "At Last"-Glenn Miller?
0012 UTC "Blame It On My Last Affair"-unid artist
0015 UTC "I Got the Last Laugh Now"-OM singer
0023 UTC "Save the Last Dance For Me"-Drifters
0026 UTC "The Last Time"-Rolling Stones
0029 UTC "Last Train to Clarksville"-Monkees
0035 UTC "Home At Last"-Steely Dan
0040 UTC "Suddenly Last Summer"-Motels
0044 UTC "Last Night"-Traveling Wilburys
0048 UTC "Mary Janes Last Dance"-Tom Petty & Heartbreakers
0057 UTC "Last to Die"-Bruce Springsteen

QSLs Received / BBC Top 20 1969 rebroadcast eQSL
« on: March 24, 2024, 0217 UTC »
Thank you very much BBC guy! Great tunes from a great time to be a teenager!  :)

2356 UTC "Testing 1, 2, 3, Can anybody here me" Interval Signal (S9+ peaks with heavy noise this evening)
0000 UTC OM with "Wolverine Radio", followed by "Last Night on the Back Porch"-?
0003 UTC "Happy Days and Lonely Nights"-YL singer
0006 UTC Unid big band song-OM singer (Lyrics "Good Night Sweet Dreams")
0009 UTC Unid big band song-?
0012 UTC Unid big band song-OM singer (Lyrics "Blues In the Night")
0015 UTC Unid big band song-YL singer (Lyrics "Night and Day")
0018 UTC "Rock Me All Night Long"-OM singer
0021 UTC Unid song-B.B. King
0023 UTC "In the Still of the Night"-Five Satins
0026 UTC "Another Saturday Night"-Sam Cooke
0029 UTC "Here Comes the Night"-Them (A young Van Morrison!)
0032 UTC "Let's Spend the Night Together"-Rolling Stones
0035 UTC "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"-Band
0039 UTC "Wild Night"-Van Morrison
0042 UTC "Such a Night"-Doctor John
0045 UTC "Spirit in the Night"-Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band
0050 UTC "The Heart of Saturday Night"-Tom Waits
0054 UTC "Night By Night"-Steely Dan  8)
0057 UTC "Because the Night"-Patty Smith Group
0101 UTC "Just Another Night"-Mick Jagger
0106 UTC "Touch the Night"-Neil Young  8)
0110 UTC "Night In My Veins"-Chrissie Hynde & the Pretenders
0114 UTC "The Whole Night Sky"-Bruce Cockburn

0035 UTC Tuned in to the end of "Light My Fire"-Doors, followed by Yeah Man and "Million Dollar Weekend" ID, into "Mustang Sally"-Wilson Pickett
0039 UTC "Million Dollar Weekend" jingle, followed by YM, then "Green Eyed Lady"-Sugarloaf
(S8 peaks here with light fading and noise)
0046 UTC Yeah Man on the microphone...thanks for the shoutout! Have a beer for me! Followed by "Spill the Wine"-Eric Burdon and War
0051 UTC YM with "6850 tonight", into "Satisfaction"-Rolling Stones

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