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0008 UTC Unid song with OM vocals sounding like Ozzy (S8 peaks and excellent audio!)...nope! Gary Numan
0012 UTC Unid song
0015 UTC OFF

2319 UTC Unid spooky techno song-YL singers...lyrics repeat the word "Halloween"
(S8 peaks here with light fading and excellent audio)
2321 UTC Unid song-OM singer...lyrics include "Creature from the Black Lagoon
2325 UTC "Spirits In the Material World"-Police
2328 UTC Unid song
2333 UTC Unid song...signal has dropped down a bit but recovered nicely at 2335 UTC
2336 UTC "Wicked Annabella"-Kinks
2340 UTC ID's for Truth Radio International
2341 UTC Monster Mash parody? Sounds like Bobby Boris Pickett
2343 UTC Unid song...sounds like a slow spooky surfing song
2348 UTC Unid song with pipe organ intro, then OM sounding like Vincent Price talking over orchestral waltz music
2353 UTC Unid C&W song-OM singer
2355 UTC Screams, laughs and an OM speaking in tongues, followed by "Monster Mash"-Bobby Boris Pickett
2359 UTC "Werewolf"-forgot who did this!
0003 UTC DJ Dickweed chatting now...same as was on 6955 USB earlier

Thanks to all the participants in this Halloween show!  8)

2230 UTC "Killing Moon"-Echo & The Bunnymen (One I can ID without Shazam!)
Signal is S8 peaks with light noise and fading
2234 UTC Off?
2236 UTC Back up with DJDW chatting "Halloween Spooktacular"
2237 UTC Unid song by "A Cloud of Ravens"
2240 UTC Signal dropped down a bit
2242 UTC Dead air again
2245 UTC Back again with laughter and Halloween Spooktacular (Started off from the beginning again)
2255 USB "Killing Moon"-Echo & The Bunnymen (Solid S8 now and sounding good!)
2301 UTC DJDW on the microphone
2302 UTC "Big Black Witchcraft Rock"-The Cramps
2305 UTC RFW jingle, followed by unid percussive song
2309 UTC DJDW IDing the songs, followed by a song by "Lucid Dementia"
2314 UTC RFW spoken word jingle, followed by unid song
2316 UTC DJDW chatting...until next time Do Whatever

2158 UTC Tuned in to "Time of the Season"-Zombies (S9+ and booming in here!)
2159 UTC YL talking about Billy getting abducted by the Tralfamadores, followed by Billy telling the story

2028 UTC "I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire" looped, followed by a Scottie 1 SSTV (Nice S8 signal here with excellent audio!)

Followed by repeated tones, then a spy numbers station IS "The Swedish Rhapsody" so called with numbers in German
2036 UTC OM and YL speaking...the OM sounds like Sam Kinison and Rodney Dangerfield
2038 UTC "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire"-looped over sounds effects

2042 UTC "I Feel Love"-(no vocals)
2046 UTC QSY'd to 6935 AM!

2144 UTC OFF after anthem
I remember this show from a few years back and need to go through my posts! Thanks for the rebroadcast!

1938 UTC OM and YL with political discussion. Sounds like a relay of a talk show. Mentions of Biden, Paul Ryan, Republicans, etc. S7 peaks with choppy fading
1953 UTC Off after giving details of the books author? Followed by a waterfall image:

1957 UTC Back on again with OM talking to an audience...mentions of Trump..."the rights of people to protect themselves from an overprotective government...
2001 UTC Music in the background now...pop song
2003 UTC OM talking to an audience...mention of Ben Carson?

1904 UTC On suddenly with Hawaiian numbers by OM...good to hear this one again!
1910 UTC OFF

Thanks for the broadcast! Sadly, I've had no luck deciphering these Hawaiian numbers since the broadcasts started. I have a good recording this time and maybe I'll take another shot at it!

Here's my recording of the broadcast:

1321 UTC "Monster Mash"-Bobby Boris Pickett & Crypt Kickers (S9 and sounding very nice...100% copy)
1324 UTC Bells tolling and OM with Radio Halloween ID and maildrop address, followed by an OM talking about a mansion built in 1820...ancestor fell from a high point..."she only walked at night...my baby, have you seen my baby"
1329 UTC "Those who heard the voice died within a year of hearing the voice...I won't be 25 until next week"
(Kicking back with breakfast and listening to "The Story of Halloween" by J Robert Eliot)
1340 UTC OM with "We hope you enjoyed our story"...Radio Halloween ID and postal maildrop for QSL
1341 UTC "Welcome To My Nightmare"-Alice Cooper
1346 UTC Screaming YL, cackling laughter, and howling, followed by "Witch Queen of New Orleans"-Redbone
1350 UTC OM with ID and Belfast QSL address...this is Tommy Pickles...Happy Halloween everybody...ID repeated
1351 UTC "Ghostbusters"-Ray Parker Jr.
1352 UTC OFF

1232 UTC "Now they'll all laugh at you" looped
1234 UTC OM with ID and mention of Halloween show, followed by "Monster Mash" (cut off)
1235 UTC YL talking about Monster Mash, followed by "Time of the Season"-Zombies
(Very nice S9+ signal with excellent audio)
1238 UTC OM talking about playing Monster Mash, but that was sabotaged by Montana, then an OM narrating a story about a flying saucer from Tralfamadore...100 feet in diameter...making the owl sound...the Tralfamadores have no voice boxes, they communicate telepathically
1242 UTC OM with ID..."We are the Voice of Tralfamadore", followed by an ad for butt plugs
1244 UTC ID by Montana and Billy Pilgrim...back to the story..."we're trapped in another moment of amber"..."don't believe in free will"
1248 UTC The flying saucer entered a time warp and Billy was transported...Grand Canyon...
1249 UTC "Tell Her No"-Zombies
1252 UTC OM with mention of Kilgore Trout..."before you kill somebody be sure he isn't well connected"
1254 UTC Hannah Wildhack with ID, then back to the story..."escape was out of the question"..."simulated Earthling habitat"...
1256 UTC Montana is missing
1257 UTC "She's Not There"-Zombies
1300 UTC OM with "Why don't you take a flying F*ck at a rolling donut"...James Franco...Montana Wildhack, a motion picture star....everybody on the planet wanted to watch the earthlings mate...Montana sleeps with Billy...It was heavenly...Gog...from the planet Margo...welcome to our show Gog...it's a beautiful planet....found a cure for cancer
1305 UTC "Social Media is a big thing on Margo"...what do you like to do for entertainment...The Godfarter...Gone With the Wind...fart noise...Gladiator Fartacus...fart noise...I brought you some Margolian Cheese...thank you for joining us today..."I'll fart you later
1308 UTC Montana with ID...I know you all want to meet me, followed by "This Will Be Our Year"-Zombies
1310 UTC Another story from Kilgore Trout..."a new sort of creature to add to the universe"...experimental creature...banquet in his honor at Waldorf Astoria...they would have free will...you are the only creature in this universe that has free will...everybody else is a robot...surrounded by machines
1318 UTC Montana Wildhack with "We've run out of time...Belfast mail drop address...dedicate this song to you
1319 UTC YL singing a song..."The Way I Feel Inside"
1320 UTC End of program

Thanks for the Sunday morning entertainment VOT!

0105 UTC Very tough copy here this evening...S6 peaks with traces of an OM talking  :(
0133 UTC Signal up a bit with "Witch Queen of New Orleans"-Redbone

2357 UTC All kinds of spooky Halloween sounds...nice S9+ here and sounding really good!
0001 UTC OM with "Wolverine Radio", followed by an old unid song-YL singer...lyrics "The Devil's Gonna Get You"
0005 UTC Unid song-YL singer..lyrics "As Long As You Live You'll Be Dead If You Die"
0008 UTC Unid song-OM singer...lyrics "He's A Vampire"
0010 UTC Unid song-OM C&W song
0012 UTC Unid song-OM singer
0014 UTC "Vampire Blues"-Neil Young  :)
0021 UTC "Monster Mash"
0035 UTC "Halloween Parade"-Lou Reed
0046 UTC "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"-Parody lyrics
0048 UTC Unid song with lyrics "It's the Night of the Vampire"
0053 UTC "Blood Suckin Son of a Gun"-Stone Coyotes

Thanks for the Halloween tunes!

2106 UTC Tuned in to an Unid Tool song
2113 UTC Another Tool song (Thought I heard an OM say something during the song around 2116 UTC?)
Signal is hitting S6 peaks amidst moderate and noise
2119 UTC Unid rock tune with long instrumental intro...OM singer...maybe another Tool song?
2135 UTC Waterfall image sound, followed by another unid song...sounds like Tool again
2142 UTC Martin 1 SSTV

2145 UTC "Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll"-BOC Live
2150 UTC Martin 1 SSTV

2152 UTC "Godzilla"-BOC live
2225 UTC TCR op chatting..."gonna run a little longer...everybody enjoy"
2226 UTC Martin 1 SSTV

2327 UTC "Happy Trails"-Van Halen
2329 UTC Chickens clucking and OM with ID, then OFF

Thanks for the long Halloween show Thunder Chicken!

1238 UTC Unid song-OM singer...title sounds like "Sugarman"
1241 UTC Unid song-OM singer...singer sounds like the same OM as the song at 1238 UTC
(Solid S9 signal and sounding really nice this Saturday morning!)
1243 UTC Unid song-same OM singer
1246 UTC OM speaking in different language...mentions of Rodriguez
1248 UTC Unid song-same OM singer
1250 UTC Unid song-Jesus Rodriguez
1254 UTC OM in Portuguese
1256 UTC Unid song-Rodriguez
1300 UTC Unid song-Rodriguez (Title is likely "I Wonder")
1318 UTC 77LJS op with ID..."thank you for tuning in and have a wonderful afternoon", then OFF

Thanks for the morning show! Surprised that I've never heard this artist before...he's really good!

0132 UTC Unid piano jazz tune (Fairly good signal for these parts!)
0137 UTC Horn or Sax solo now
0141 UTC Bud Bigly speaking now but I can only make out a few words
0142 UTC Sounds like Frank Sinatra
0222 UTC OFF after Dock of the Bay

Nice to hear you again B-Side!

0106 UTC "Addams Family" theme song (Signal is low in the noise this evening with choppy fading)
0110 UTC "Zombie"-Cranberries
0115 UTC "Love Potion #9"-Searchers
0117 UTC "Superstition"-Stevie Wonder
0121 UTC YL with ID and pinfall, followed by "Thriller"-Michael Jackson
0128 UTC (Really tough copy now with the signal at the noise floor)
0228 UTC I still have the carrier here with just a trace of music
0250 UTC SSTV but it would not decode

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